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So MajiGaku is Coming Back?


Well then, this calls for some reminiscing, doesn’t it? And in that regards, here are almost all of my Majisuka Gakuen Fan Videos I put together. Almost, because I have a few that YT just couldn’t take, like that Dance video I did when BEGINNER just came out. Ah, good times…

And so, I hope you all, (in case of new fans) see why we, veterans kind of have mixed feelings when it comes to more MG seasons. I mean come on, nothing beats the Kami 7 beating the crap out of each other! Remember when Rena Gekikara completely raeped Acchan? Or how Acchan and Mariko-sama Sado had that best of final Boss fights ever? Or how frikkin over-powered BLACk-san was, so much so that even Acchan was spared a one-on one fight with her because come-on, there is no way even the five could have won had she not been given that one weakness more HAX than Kyptonite! BTW, I want that Rosary! Or how about that awesome tension between Yuko’s Superman to Acchan’s Batman? Legendary! And let’s not forget about Nezumi’s awesome character development from S1 to S2! Great times!

Even to this day I have yet to watch every single episode of S3! I only watched the interesting episodes and even those posed a great challenge to not skip through 70% of the content! Majisuka was great mostly partly due to the cast but then again, the term Kami7 had a very different weight to it back then so…

Anyway, more videos after the jump. And to those that watched them before, thank you very much, especially on that Nezumi x Jurina Joker video. I mean 500?!! WOW

Author: Black Gekikara

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7 thoughts on “So MajiGaku is Coming Back?

  1. MG1 in a fan’s PoV was… “AWESOME!”

    In a critic’s PoV was… “At least they’ve tried their best. Still it was good in some parts”

    MG2 in a fan’s PoV was… “AWESOME!x2”

    In a critic’s PoV was… “While they fixed some of the errors but also created a whole lot more… still at least they tried to improve…”

    MG3 erm… MP in a fan’s PoV was… “The F. is this… the F. is that… what is with that protagonist?! The F are these new faces with… 0 acting skills?! The F is going on! Why, why, why, naze?”

    In a critic’s PoV was…”Wait, did you say something about a drama? I didn’t know I was watching one… So this is a Dorama as well… Well it looks like they can get away with anything nowadays… but after HanaKimi 2011, I think anything can happen… -_-”

    Majisuka 4… hm… how about a little “No, thank you. I think I’ve had enough…”

  2. Ahh you will be the ruin of me! If I ever become an actual wota, you will be the sole person to blame! After watching several of your videos (the Center x Nezumi one was *so* good ><) I was persuaded to try watching MajiGaku despite knowing absolutely nothing about AKB48 or SKE48… and finished the first two seasons in two days. I don't even usually like such characters, but Nezumi was really well done! It was great to see her go from a sadly pretty small-time manipulator in season one to the full-blown mastermind of season two, and her character development and gradual humanisation with Center was much welcomed as well. Gekikara's change was nice too, her two sides of the psychopath and the trying to be a good girl were both cool and cute~ I also liked Sado a lot in season one, so it was a pity that she didn't have more screentime in season two, but I suppose that's understandable since she graduated. Not sure about whether I'm going to watch season three judging by how it seems to be completely different, but hopefully season four at least will carry on in the vein of the first two!

    • I accept all the responsibility when the time comes ^^ But really, stop trying to resist, this is one train you should be aboard! A fandom like this will never come again. Everything has it’s time and this is the time of Idol and AKB is at the top so if you miss this, then the time of Idols is passing by you.

      Any way, I can’t blame you for skipping the 3rd season! Even with Nobunaga, Annin, Messi and Yagi, that show was just too painful to watch! Even Yasusu saw the error of his ways and is returning to a school setting with the 4th.

      But even so, all these new characters will always be compared to the likes of BuraGeki and Rappappa and if neither of the Big Names make it into this 4th instalment, I am pretty sure it will receive the same treatment as the 3rd, no matter the setting.

      Gone are the days when Senbatsu members were rewarded with TV show roles, now though…


  3. Hahaha… Well, my barriers are gradually being broken down. I watched some of the AKBINGO Danso segments the other day too, which was quite fun. Rena and flower-seller Mayuyu did surprisingly well (read: were incredibly good-looking)! My friends are into idols too – though generally the male Korean ones, boo to them – so it definitely feels like the age of idols. ^^
    Are there any things you’d recommend a beginner to read or watch to get a handle on the different members?

    I was considering watching the third season, but since it seemed completely separate from the first two it didn’t seem worth it, as you said. Hopefully they’ll be wiser about the casting and writing of the fourth one. ><

    • I can’t recommend TV shows enough, to those who want to know the members. AKBINGO, Nemousu, Ariyoshi and good old Shuukan AKB. There is also a very old show pre – dating even AKBINGO, called AKB48+10! It was a show focused solely on TeamB but sadly, only four members are left from that cast. But Yukirin sometimes took over as host when Cap Cindy was absent so her fans and Team B fans should enjoy it.

      For other teams, their respective shows are recommended as well. They show the members’ personalities well.

      Also the stages are great for the less popular members that don’t make it to the TV shows.

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