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[Detective Mode] Case: Yukirin’s Back


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So, I am sure all Yukirinians out there have noticed, and some of us quite recently, like a year or so ago, but Yukirin has these two dark spots on her back between her shoulder blades.

And so, it wasn’t until last week, while re-watching sourced vid, that began thinking and wondering to myself what those two things actually are! Moles? Um, yeah, I love Yukirin like no other but even I don’t think she can be that lucky, to have such unique birth-marks in such a convenient place.

So I asked myself, what if they aren’t birth-marks? And if they aren’t birth-marks then what are they and why? First though I had to answer the first question. To do that I visited her older photos to see if they are indeed birth-marks and I just completely missed them all those years or if I indeed have a case on my hands. I couldn’t find a lot of pics with her back facing us but here is what  I found….

05 (2) 08 (6) 108 (4) 158
15333163 wakamama015 Yukirin_PB001_078

I found zero marks on her back!! I mean if they were removed with Photoshop, Why?! And that is some dedication to get to all the pics, I mean those are different sources with different photographers with different views on beauty! I doubt none of them found those two little things to make Yukirin’s back immaculately attractive and unique!

And so, I began my investigation! Imagine my surprise when just this week, I finally cracked the case! Yeah, and when I did, I was almost too embarrassed to publish my finding because I should’ve known this for more than a year now! Then again, the curiosity of Yukirin’s back just hit me recently as well so…

Any way, it wasn’t until I found the potential culprit that I finally knew what those two marks on Yukirin’s back really are! Prepare thy selves for the reveal of the Century! What exactly are those marks on Yukirin’s back and where did she get them?

If ur body is ready hit the jump. Most of you probably already even know but just haven’t connected the dots (pun not intended) together…


Author: Black Gekikara

Love, Eat and sleep Yuri Hail Yukirin, Batman and Zack Snyder Long Live Horror

17 thoughts on “[Detective Mode] Case: Yukirin’s Back

  1. In Japan it’s common to remove moles via Photoshop, no matter if they’re pretty or not. Some magazines keep them in, some remove them. They look like two totally normal, even though dark, moles to me.

    • Case Status: Re-opened.
      Reason: More Evidence Needed
      Solution: Revisit Older Live Concerts!
      Conclusion: Soon!

      • Joke or not, it did give me an excuse (like an excuse is needed) to put on her Guam dvd from 4 or 5 years ago and they’re there. Understandably the dvd focuses on her front rather than her back so you can only see them in some brief seconds when she’s moving which makes the picture not so great http://imgur.com/tapn6hd

        Rather than moles, I’d say they are dark freckles. The difference being that moles stand out from the skin whereas freckles are part of the skin itself and are flat so from some angles and under some light conditions they aren’t as apparent as moles would be.

        Well that’s a less fun answer than Acchan did it, but factual nonetheless 😉

  2. Nice conclusion, Acchan bite marks, lol. That brings back awesome and sweet memories.

    In a more technical approach to the origins of said moles, they do not have to birth marks. First of all moles are areas of the skin which have a higher concentration of melanin. Of course some are product of genetics while others can arise from exposure to sun light and others are product of melanoma. If hereditary, it is not necessary for them to appear at birth, solar exposure? She spends a lot of time under heavy lights and in bikini making it a possibility. Though I would love for them to be “love bites” from Acchan the shape and distance between them does not match, neither does the colouration.

    So, as much as I would love to support your hypothesis, it is not plausible. Most like their origin is from exposition to sun light or hereditary. Though sometimes melanin randomly concentrates forming moles. We can strike out melanoma, there is no sign of discolouration on the edges or bulging of the skin.

    To sum everything I said in this long winded discourse:
    a) The marks are indeed moles.
    b) Variable hypothesis on the origin of the moles can be considered.
    c) Not bite marks because Acchan caressed her back with her teeth. (So wanting it to be the cause, lol.)

    • Let me just ask, to be sure, you know. Um, you do know this was all a joke post about AtsuYuki, right? Because it seems to be that some think this was a serious post about Yukirin’s back!

      • I thought I followed the joke well… Terrible fail… Oh well. As they say, even monkeys fall from trees. 😛

      • But I did love your Biologu lesson, though I don’t think that is the case here. Something gotten from exposure to the sun wouldn’t be that, concentrated to two tiny spots I don’t think.

        Any way the joke was about Vampire Acchan sucking blood from Yukirin through her back for better secrecy.

        Do I need to write a fic about it? Hmmm

      • A draculina Acchan? Sounds enticing. I bet Yukirin’s blood would addictive effects for her. Lol.

      • Well, saying goes that vampire bites should heal (with licking) so the fact that Yukirin still has mark means Acchan is still drinking from her even now…O.O

      • O.O That surely enliven the picture for yours truly. I am truthfully yearning fro some AtsuYuki outside the realm of fiction and fantasy. In the depth of my mind, still lurks a desire for them.

        There are many couplings for Yukirin out there, but none have that aroma and exquisite taste that AtsuYuki produce. It is paradigm of exploring the limitless possibilities that come from walking the less travelled roads. There is mysterious and alluring pleasantry when those two come together. Perhaps I am a fool who wishes to believe the wondrous extravaganza that their paring conjures. Despite the existence of more known or public associations for her, to this simple mortal none bring a greater delight, enshrouded and veiled by a mist of myth, their is a greater aesthetics to them, a sense of romance that even words dare not mention.

        Draculina Acchan, that would encompass a story as romantic as it is erotic and rich. If go proceed with said endeavour, I am certain even Bram Stoker would be jealous of you.

      • What’s with the sudden Bringlish? LOL

        But I do know what you mean. The simple idea of AtsuYuki is wondrous already in and of itself! When Yukirin crushed the wall that was Kami 7 and became 3rd, and thus nearing Acchan, there had been this seed that was planted and was about to grow into something amazing but then Acchan went and left! Why Acchan!?!

        Like, can you believe how many projects they would have been in by now? I even bet she would be the one in Kurofuku with Acchan but alas, all we are left with is our fantasies! But if Yukirin does meet Acchan one of these days, I am going to explode! Which actually doesn’t seem that impossible. I am reading these translations of Sou-chan’s blog posts and it seems that she is spending time with Yukirin in private quite frequently. And we all know Souchan bumps into Acchan every now and then so…

        Ahh Fate,k Y U so cruel?!

      • Bringlish? Perhaps the influence of my neighbour, he is from Bristol and his wife is from Edinburgh.

        I coupled them since the first time I saw them together. Though I must admit the 3rd sousenkyou did boost them. If my recollection is just, it seemed to me that Acchan’s closest circle inside AKB turned to Yukirin after the former graduated. But I share the sentiment, if those two get a project together…
        Meanwhile, let us keep their fictional encounters alive!

        Though certain modification will have to take place for Draculina Acchan. Drinking blood from the back and near the dorsal spine is very uncomfortable and hard… I am certain something will come out to fix that inconvenience. Maybe those were only exploratory bites…

        Should I tackle this? Or would you like the honours?

      • Since I know 100% that there is no way you can have the same story idea as the one I am thinking of, there is nothing stopping us from doing it. Not that I am doing it. I just the idea.

  3. Well, I don’t care about the moles on the back. I’m more interested in a bit lower part of her back… I like delicious apples… 😛

  4. Acchan? Bite marks? Well as far as I’m concerned this means that it must be true!!! 😀

    case is closed!!!!

  5. this will explain
    you can see how Acchan stare at Yukirin

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