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Majisuka Gakuen 4? Wat Do?



Yes, it’s real and it starts apparently, as early as January!

I should be jumping for joy, after all, I have been crying for another season of Majisuka Gakuen but then reality hit me in the face when I remember the last season! Also when  I saw this pic and the listed favourites to helm the fourth Season of what was our favourite 48 Show. I realised that we shall never go back to the badass days when our girls took on challenging roles and brought out the hidden monsters within. Looking at the possible candidates to be the Next Atsuko/Parurin, I am ready to cry!

Nako, Naanyan, Mako, Miion, Sakura, Ikumin, Ryouha?! Really? Ikoma-kun maybe but there is no way those girls can pull off the Badassadness that is expected from them now! I just don’t see it!

There are way more suited options for this show like Sayanee, Milky, Aya, Madoka, all those options but these listed ones! And you know what’s frightening, is that they might actually go for one of these! Like, why?! Where are the days when roles were decided on the Sousenkyou Ranking?  Just come up with a new TV show if you are so desperate to promote your new Gens! Just don’t butcher what was a great series by warping it into some moe thing! Either let Majisuka Gakuen remain the badass show that it is supposed to be and cast Awesome characters or just create a new show!

Majisuka 3 was barely saved by Annin, Nobunaga, Yagi/Messi and yuri! It was 90% comedic inuedos which totally turned me off 50% of the time! I understand new fans wanting their new gens to be badass yankees like ours were back in the day but these New Gens just don’t have it!

Unless they takes other wild-cards from NMB, SKE and HKT, who are actually capable of frightening the be-Jesus out of us, I am really worried!

Do I sound a bit bitter about this? Well, maybe I am for  I am almost 100% sure there is 0.000000001% chance of Old Teams coming back at all, or even old character. You know, for a sequel it sure is no sequel. Can you imagine if TV shows like for example Buffy, or Supernatural got a new season and the characters and the story were completely different?! Heads would roll!

But alas, Just like how something gets more dilute the more water you add to it, Majisuka Gakuen seems destined for the same Fate! They don’t need to bring back old characters. I only wish for an actual gripping cast like the ones in the beginning!

On the other hand, if there is yuri, all might be forgiven. Might!! I just pray that if it’s Naanyan that she doesn’t bring her straight-curse from Sailor Zombie with her. Oh God, they better not start bringing in male characters! They better not!

Author: Black Gekikara

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5 thoughts on “Majisuka Gakuen 4? Wat Do?

  1. Okay, first of all! “here is 0.000000001% chance of …” Good job on putting in a reference from the first episode of NGE about the O9 system (Oh-nine)! I don’t care if it was intentional or not! 😀

    About Majisuka, well… Let’s see the possible cast…


    Nano? Nannyan? Just who the f*ck are these? Anyway… Mako? Really? Mion? (The one who always gets bullied in school? AKBINGO! Reference here!) Ikoma? Maybe… Sakura? Stop joking with me! Ryouha? as of the Kitagawa Ponkotsu Ryouha from SKE48? Are they out of their minds?! That Ryouha Who couldn’t even touch cute little fishes in a tank?! Might as well put Ego-chan in this one. Why? Well, because even she can pull of a Yankee role much better than… that Ponkotsu thing…

    Alright. First question: WHERE THE F. IS KAREN? SERIOUSLY‼ They don’t even put her in the Danso episodes of AKBINGO! (Not even when Shingeki no Kyojin was the theme, like WTF??‼)

    Second: Why not put someone into a Yankee role, who can actually pull that of. If you want to promote cute girls, then make a story that fits them. GEEZ‼

    Also there are a lot of girls who never had a chance to do the Yankee, even though they can totally do it like, I don’t know… Okada Nana anyone? She actually DID IT in the Danso Koshien, and she was really good in it! Or if we have to go with HKT48, then a really Tsun Tsun Moriyasu Madoka would fit better than some loli…

    Let’s not even talk about NMB48! Like if I even have to spell it out for you. There’s M.F. Keicchi‼ in Namba for F*cks sake! Also Akarin! She can be a real B*tch too. Much better suited for a Yankee role IMO.

    SKE48? Should I really say it out loud? Alright! How about DINA‼ Like Nao de Furuhata‼ Dat b*tchface she showed in “Ambulance” spoke for itself I thing. Perfect for a role like that. And don’t even get me started on RION’s Doyagao‼ She already has a cool chara!

    If you really want a loudmouth b*tch like last time (Khm, Jumbo girl, khm…) then there’s Tano (m*therf*ckin’) Yuka for crying out loud! Even though I don’t like her but if the role fits her, then it’s fine!

    I do not want to see any more Ponkotsu level b*llsh*t onscreen and calling it Majisuka‼

    The only good thing about the last season was the ending song… “Douki” but that’s about that. Yeah, you had Yuria Peace but there was also Kuumin, Minarun (even Shimada), Jurina, (+ a creepy guy whom I really appreciated 😛 )

    Also also also also also… Owarai Tantou? Y’know! Fricking MAACHUN AND CHIYORI?????‼ HELLLOOUUU!?

    If this is going to be the main cast, I’m not going to watch this sh*t.

    New Majisuka series with the new gen?
    How about:

    PS: I need to calm down… Must watch NMB48 – HA! in repeat mode for a while…

    • Well, for now it seems this is only the Newspapers’ mosou talking. We might be saved yet still!

      You also hit all the right points! They should stick to their moe show bulshit for their cute Next gen! They are Next Gen not Current Gen so wait the fuck out until their time! Tese days are COOL day! The Future is maybe Cute Days (Wait, wasn’t that old days when Idols were cute?! Ah forget it!)

      Bottom line is we want cool Majisuka Girl not kawaii yankees. Like what are they gonna do, pull each other’s hair?


      Going back to watch the First Season to reset my brain!

  2. This is certainly a case of the sequels never living up to the original, ever since 2 really it’s been a slippery slope, especially 3 which tried to be different but also the same together and that didn’t really work and 4, well it has me worried for a series that should of died an honourable death after season 2.

    What makes me more annoyed is that I quite like that potential cast line up, I mean I would watch them in a drama but not one about Yankees, those boots just don’t fit!!! Especially when there are so many other ideas out there that they could do……

  3. Yay! Another Majisuka! *cheers*

    Kinda worried about the current cast though, can they pull it off? For some reason I want to see Okada Nana as a yankee. She’s being promoted as being so serious all the time, I want to see how she’d handle being that kind of serious. 🙂

    By the way, I know you wrote about some of the episodes from earlier seasons, but I was wondering if you ever wrote about the Rappapa of Majisuka Gakuen 1, the finale of Majisuka Gakuen 2, and Nobunaga in Majisuka Prison. I’d be interested to see your thoughts on them. 🙂

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