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[Pics] Yukirin is home


That Smile tho>.<
Maachun for President!

So any way, as it seems like the internet is against us, I might as well post some caps now of Yukirin during the Hometown Team B performance.

These are obviously caps from a vid but is it anywhere on this side of the internetz? Nope! And watching these caps made me more hungry for the Young Magazine photoshoot with Yukirin, Sakura-tan, Sayaya and Miion. That Magazine was released the same day this concert held. It’s already two days (in the case of japan) since then but are there caps available? NOPE!

Like, why?! This one time I actually I’m desperate for scans and they don’t happen right away! I mean this is Yukirin FFs! And not just her, she’s with Sakura-tan, Sayaya and Miion! Those three are also the thing right now! Like, why?!! Is everyone greedy with their mags and they don’t want to share?! What’s going on/!!

Any way, enough rumblings. I will of course be blogging about this LIVE when I get the chance to watch it because damn, Yukirin is always happy but she was more so in this stage, which is understandable but it is still a huge difference from what I see. Those smile, I haven’t seen before!

And other girls too. Like Maachun for example. I don’t remember seeing her sweat this much since coming to AKB! What happened over there in Kagoshima!?! I want to watch this so badly >.<

But before then, here are some caps I snatched from Twitter.


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Yukirin Wants You!

Author: Black Gekikara

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5 thoughts on “[Pics] Yukirin is home

  1. My best pal got tickets for the concert, but I could not attend. I moved to Sakurajima last week and since then been as busy as an overworked ant! Definitely a place Yukirin will not be able to hold a concert. So thank your for the images, I need the concert’s vtr soon! I guess also the volcano was happy for having Yukirin around, it seemed to have been a bit less “shaky”.

    • Give me your life please!

      I can’t believe you are in Kagoshima, IN KAGOSHIMA!!! And you still did not go to the concert! You even had free tickets for crying out loud!!

      Why, Shiro, WHY?!!

      • I think you have it better than me. I was in Kirishima the entire day, work-related issues. I returned to the city of Kagoshima very late at night. So while the concert was in progress I was partaking in a meeting. Which lasted about three hours and then another for two hours more. So, as much as I would have loved to attend, it was out of my reach. Unlike politicians and business person, we scientist rather take our time with making decisions. Though it was worth it.

  2. Man I have never seen Yukirin so happy to be on a stage, I mean she always is really but you had to times it by a large number here and it was great fun to see her be quite like she was on the stage 🙂

    And of course Mayu was back from illness for Yuki’s homecoming stage, and whist Mayu is never the most obvious or indeed open of people a lot of the time I swear she was enjoying seeing Yukirin perform in Kagoshima as much as Yukirin herself was, I mean she never said it of course (because Mayu) but you could kinda tell in the way she was (even more like MaYuki Mayu than “normal” MaYuki Mayu) Plus they did TemoDemo again and damn me they are good at it, plus I swear they had the same camera person they had when the did it at the request hour, the one who nailed it as much as they nailed the performance #rightinthefeels

    The setlist was awesome too, almost and weird mix of Team B , a Yukirin concert and Rebellious Team B being all cool, great fun!!! (in fact many of these recent tour concerts for all teams have been good in all honesty)

    • And not just Mayuki, all the other members were on fire. You would think they were looking forward to performing in Kagoshima just as much as Yukirin herself, and to an extent Mayuyu. Speaking of which, I wonder if Mayuyu paid a visit to Mamarin’s Mama. I mean come on! These two are practically the closest members in the whole group, first of all, secondary, they are in Yukirin’s hometown, and finally, Mayuyu is the Ace of the 48G. There’s no way she did not go home. Yukirin’s mother has to also have been dying to meet Mayuyu. I mean, from what Mayuyu said, Mama was present at the moment Mayuki began 8 years ago at that train station. They just have to have a family dinner.

      And since Yukirin already visited Sayaya’s parents/home, she might also be invited as a return favour. And while any other person might have declined in respect to Mayiki, I get the feeling that Sayaya wouldn’t give any. She’s in for the win!

      And there I go getting side-tracked!

      Seriously though, I really love and respect the way Yukirin affects her fellow members. I doubt it to be just me but she seems to be able to bring out the happiness in people. They look like they are having fun doing what they do instead of making it look like a chore. I seriously don’t know why AkiP doesn’t see this as a great skill in a Center. AKB is a very big group which to me should focus more on cohesion than competitiveness. That is reserved for smaller groups where each member is easily judged. But for group this large, people look at the bigger picture.

      But we have been down this road many times already so I leave it at that.

      I really can’t wait for this performance. It’s like a Yukirin solo but with the whole of Team B as guests.

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