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[Pics] Yukirin and Husbands/Wives/Teammates/Babies/Friends


B0eccppCUAAcAIM BrtcxbdCUAEGV0Y.jpg large
yuki_t140918_2 Byl1LhpCQAAqkJS.jpg large
entry_img_1229 tumblr_ndky5mikJA1rjcqspo1_r1_1280
takamina_g140712 entry_img_1226
BxtFg6ECQAEMmws.jpg large Bzy2l6VCIAA1PKF.jpg large entry_img_1232
BsUoXo5CMAAKkSJ.jpg large yuki_b141006

So, it occurred to me that I have rarely, if at all ever posted pics from Yukirin’s blogs and that is a NO! NO! So I am here to do something about that! I have gone back through my Yukirin folder and grabbed the few pics at the top to post (sorted by Date Modified) so here we go! And while sorting through them, I was amazed at some of the weirdness I found! Like, WTH is up with this Hinana/Yukirin thing I see! Or the Yukirin/Uuka for that matter! And while we are on the subject, all these lolis lining up to be devoured for our Goddess! I mean not that I blame them but it seems to me that the list of her fans that are members has really gone up a lot since I last checked!

Like Yuiri for example is simply in lust with Yukirin! But I was already aware of her love so it didn’t come as such a shock but I somehow thought she would have outgrown her crush. The joke is on me for anyone who gets a taste of the Yukirin World can never leave! They think they can but they are being delusional! Once you get pulled into this world there is no more hope for you, just ask Yuria-peace and Sasaki Nozomi. Yes, I am talking about the actress Sasaki Nozomi! There is this blog from Yuria that I reblogged on tumblr a while back where she comes out of the Yukirin closet much to my shock! I most certainly did not expect her of all people to be pa part of the Yukirin World. Then again there is this picture…


Nope, she had no chance! You just wait until she gets to the 3rd LIVE and then it will be all over for her! But while she still tries to survive this, someone else has already stepped on the landmine that is the 3rd trap of a concert…


May the Goddess Yukirin rest her soul. As for Sasaki Nozomi, we all saw her on LIVE TV during the Janken where she out right declared he super gayness for Yukirin! Going so far as to say she if she were a man Yukirin would already be her waifu! Um dearest Sasaki-san, you might not know this but there are already gay couples that have married in Japan! There is no need to play it safe! No one can blame you for not being able to resist the fruit more marvellous than the apple in the Garden of Eden!

While we are on the subject of the Janken, let’s talk about another victim that fell prey to our Goddess’ charms at this exact event. that poor unsuspecting loli was none other than Team 8’s Honda Hitomi! during the AKB stage LIVE following the Janken she says that though she was sad to have not gotten ahead (losing to Yukirin too BTW) she was happy because she got to talk to Yukirin a lot!

More proof that once you get to know her, you can never escape her attraction! All these new girls come into AKB with other members as their models they look up to but Yukirin but once they are in, once they get to meet her, things change! She is those people that you only get to like once you meet them face to face which is strange to me because from appearances alone she seems like a nice person but I guess her hikkikomori game is just too strong in that she comes off as unwelcoming to the young ones. We all know they things she likes least are animals and kids too but seeing all with all these lolis me thinks she is getting over her fear. Not to mention Fuuchan is helping in the animal department.

Then there is Annin too. She is now calling her Iriyama-sensei BTW on twitter for some unknown reason. Also Annin made a passing comment like it should be known to us, though she somehow hinted that it might not, by saying that she is really close with Yukirin! And this all before the Kurofuku involvement. I tell ya things are happening in the Yukirin World that we are not even aware of!

Adding to the ever growing list is Meru, who has like attended almost all of Yukirin’s LIVEs! A little sad at the lack of pics of them together to tell the truth but the knowledge will be enough for me for now!

uka_g140710 uka_g140729_2 yukib141016_1

Then going to NMB, as I already said, Uuka is just a lost cause already! She is all over Yukirin like bees to honey to the point of throwing respect out of the window! Seriously, she treats Yukirin like her equal but me have a feeling Yukirin loves her specially because of this. I mean look at those pics, you would think they were lovers or best buddies or something. Oh Uuka…And let’s not forget about Akarin…


Like, look at that photo? No one dares pimp Yukirin like that! Well, maybe Sae-man but Sae-man has rights to do it! Then again Akarin is also one with the Dark Force so it shouldn’t be surprising that she would be such an Alpha with Yukirin.

This is all very current events aren’t they? but there is even a more recent one, like as recent as yesterday, or today, depends on how you look at it!

B1Hn-QjCIAE0g7H redirect

No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you! That is indeed Naanyan, Team B’s 2nd youngest Owada Nana. As to where this is from, that will be Team B’s concert in Sayaya’s hometown Hokkaido! Like, are you even tripping me? I am not even going to ask what the hell is going ion in this scene all I know is that I want it! I found a recording for it but the host site used is one I can’t have a premium account with for some reason so if anyone would be so kind as to please help us out, here is the link GO TO BLOG!

Any way I am rumbling again, I came to post pics not a book! But before we jump to the pics, how many of you actually knew this was Yukirin on all these covers for Team B Stage recordings? I most certainly didn’t…

srcb2nd srcb3rd srcb5th

aeri_g140717 aika_g140710 aika_g140729
akarin_g140715 akarin_g141010_1 akarin_g141010_2
B0th0COCYAAtvFK B0ZimhmCcAA7S3v.jpg large BsG-zWDCQAAmPl9
Bsj-4G9CAAAzy8b.jpg large BslaqbJCQAA84bj.jpg large BsUnUiWCIAAFnhE.jpg large
BtO9cobCYAAA4Hh.jpg large BuCE8_iCIAAnW9T.jpg large BvjHcPhCUAAE0ew.jpg large
BvsP0oUCEAApqod Byl1LhpCQAAqkJS.jpg large BymIG2FCIAAqC0x.jpg large
ByNXtn3CMAAuB6k.jpg large BzPGAG5CQAEAlTv chuba_g140729
entry_img_1183 entry_img_1212 entry_img_1232entry_img_1244 entry_img_1249 entry_img_1255
entry_img_1275 entry_img_1283 entry_img_1305
entry_img_1343 entry_img_1359 entry_img_1395
entry_img_1409 ha_g140715 hikari140718
hirari_g140906 komiharu_g140909 machun140718
mayuyuki140612 mi_g140823 miku_g140725
miru_g140924 nakki_g140718 nakkig141029
natsumin_g140709 rei_b140620 rie_g140803
rinu_g140819 ruririn_g140729 sakipi_g140715
sakura_g140926 sayaka_g141010 sayaya140718
sei_g140718 jyurina_g140725 mayuyuki140613
takamina_g140929_4 tumblr_n8ndf3iP001saa7l8o1_1280 tumblr_n8nnxeg9ic1qhurpyo1_500
tumblr_n8nookFz9V1rjcqspo1_500 tumblr_n8svew4phc1rjcqspo1_500 tumblr_n80w87dWuf1r9cp3oo1_1280
tumblr_n955sf72Z51rjcqspo1_500 tumblr_ncq0c7uru61rjcqspo4_500 tumblr_ncq0c7uru61rjcqspo6_500
tumblr_ncq0c7uru61rjcqspo8_500 tumblr_ncq0c7uru61rjcqspo9_500 tumblr_n8nn1w8wes1t2pc5qo1_1280
tumblr_ne7qvfErYV1t1dwzro1_1280 tyuba_g140710 ytb_yuko091229_1
ytb_yuko091229_2 ytb_yuko100107 ytb_yuko100809
ytb_yuko110407 ytb_yuko110615 ytb_yuko110827jpg ytb_yuko110915
ytb_yuko111118 ytb_yuko120206 yuig130528
yuka_g140810 yuki_b140616 yuki_b140920_6
yuki_g140619 yuki_g140810 yukib141016_2
yumin_g140729 yuri_g140715 zuna140718_1
18d69138 ameblo.jp_2014-08-29_11-33-03
B0qwjZGIcAAJXik.jpg large Br7hECvCEAA_vO6.jpg large
BugQagFCcAQRTYA.jpg-large BvaCubtCEAAatiR
Bx8-OKJCQAEU5sH.jpg large Bx4273GCMAArzII.jpg large
BxZW6kcCcAAm_Ve.jpg large ByyKIqZCYAAKXUm
entry_img_1327 entry_img_1360
entry_img_1405 entry_img_1417
tanaminb140718 tumblr_ncifrjsgnr1sitdnzo1_500
yuki_b140920_1 yuki_b141028_2
yuki_t140918_1 yuki_t140920_2
yuki_t140920_3 yuki755141012
annin_g141020 Bzuy8HmCIAEBycW.jpg large
entry_img_1393 BsU67ZOCYAAApLi.jpg large
B0V0rS6CQAAHg-z.jpg large BsG-zVlCIAAwC-2
Bsu1yMJCQAAlDej.jpg large
BvAKCpWCcAEhmjF.jpg large Bvm7U5fIUAEnSrf.jpg large
BwNhLl3CIAAtA2k.jpg large BxUfbyrCYAAvIVV.jpg large
ByyKInpCEAAGaXy Bzv36hwCMAAu0lr.jpg large
entry_img_1216 entry_img_1254
entry_img_1262 IMG_0646
makiho755101013 ryouka140715
saho_g141007 takamina_g140926
tumblr_n8nd9hUAc21t2pc5qo1_1280 tumblr_n88wovnLCr1sgvptro1_500
tumblr_nazs9ikoz81snbnvmo1_1280 tumblr_ncq0c7uru61rjcqspo3_500
BtBayGtCQAAE1TF.jpg large
tumblr_ncq0c7uru61rjcqspo5_500 tumblr_ncq0c7uru61rjcqspo10_500
tumblr_ncq1juKJuQ1sof15vo2_1280 tumblr_ndky5mikJA1rjcqspo2_r1_1280
ytb_yuko121218 ytbyukib101023
yuiri_g140703 yuirig140430
yuki_b140613_1 yuki_b140920_5
yuki_b141028_4 yuki_g140620
yuki_g140720 yuki140921_1
yukib141016_4 tumblr_n7aqx8RB3H1rjcqspo1_1280

Author: Black Gekikara

Love, Eat and sleep Yuri Hail Yukirin, Batman and Zack Snyder Long Live Horror

5 thoughts on “[Pics] Yukirin and Husbands/Wives/Teammates/Babies/Friends

  1. I think for Yukirin a lot of it is really a case of what many of the girls think joining AKB about Yukrin and what they think after they have met her, Obviously she has always had her on screen idol persona which is not fully who she is (as Sasshi and others will gleefully point out given half a chance) and I can only imagine that off camera this is the case as she looses her idol aura (which a fair few hold in something close to awe) and probably becomes more approachable because of it

    It’s like what Annin said too, that it might be surprising but she and Yuki are friends, even before their drama, it’s just how Yuki deals with it, in that she doesn’t really go on about doing things with her friends in public (it’s a kinda trait with her friend group within AKB actually)

    Nozomi is like the funniest Yuki crush ever, girl is like at almost creepy stalker levels of love for Yuki, and this must of been like love at first site too, man Yuki works fast!! 😀

    And Yuria/Yuki is the best (as I regularly go on about them) but never did I think she had that much love for Yuki, respect yes but I did not see that Yuria would end up liking Yuki that much, shame on me for underestimating the power of Yuki!!

    NMB in general have been a pretty awesome bunch of girls to Yuki (despite that fans rather more blinkered view on the situation) and it’s been really nice to see them interact, Uuka being a prime example (even if the girl is one who seems to love every one and every thing) of this in how Yuki is treated as a equal rather than an elite who cannot be spoken too and I think Yukirin has enjoyed having this freedom when she is with NMB (Akari and Kei are two other really good examples of people who are there for her, even more so as they are unit mates)

    As for the whole Naanyan incident, well I guess that was because as Mayu was not there due to illness, the MaYuki rule did not apply and so Naanyan to her chance to get herself some Yuki loving 😀

    • I wrote that post before I saw the Yasusu interview with BUBKA but now everything seems to blend together. All these girls who love her now are so different that you can’t help wonder how she managed to steal their hearts! I mean all the members never shut up about how she is a loner and thus un-apporoachable by the newer girls but then you see all these girls who are already part of the Yukirin world and Yasusu’s view of her somehow is justified!

      If Takamina is the Father of AKB, who gives them some some loving, then Yukirin is like the Mother, who always gives them soft loving. Where Takamina leads, Yukirin pushes/supports from behind.

      I love it!

      • I wonder if this is what Yuko was thanking Yuki for when she graduated. Remember that Yuki said that Yuko simply said “thank you” to her and that she wasn’t sure what it was exactly they Yuko was thanking her for?

        I wonder if it was for what you said about Takamina and Yuki, after all, Yuko was pulling AKB for a while and it’s a heck of a lot easier to pull something when you have someone pushing from behind as well

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