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Request Hour 2014 100-1 Part 1


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So, for some reason I couldn’t finish watching the 4hr video of Janken (Stopped when Yukirin was defeated in the Top 16) before I went to start on the second part of RH (100-1). That as well I haven’t finished yet. I haven’t watched the Making Of yet neither have I finished the first Disc (100-76) but I have a galore of caps already, as per usual, but those will have to wait until I finish the whole thing before I post all of them (prepare your bandwidth). But for now, I am only mention those things that caught my eye most.


Maachun, Maachun, Maachun! >.< I don’t remember that ending to Eurika! If I ma forgetting please do correct me but I had a great feeling that NMB were really missing Maachun during this RH. She really had great screen-time but then again, she was always like that! Despite being the last of the ranked NMB members in senbatsu (which really saddens me to no end) she was always paid tribute in camera time, like say during the theatre performances or even the PVs themselves. They knew her value despite the fans behaving the exact opposite which is really strange. But I already touched upon this subject so let’s drop it.

Just look though, just look at the way she eyes Milky there before she plants one on her! The love in that kiss, the fact that Milky didn’t shy away from it despite how out-out-the-blue it was. That smile that breaks out on Milky’s face!


And that kiss too! I don’t think I have seen such a heavy (in emotions) kiss on the cheek before! Mein Gott! Was it the look that preceded it? Was it the smile that was produced afterwards? The proximity? The kiss itself or was it simply because it was these two?

*Slaps self*

Wake up yo!

rh14a-034 rh14a-035
rh14a-002 rh14a-001

Sayacchu! Despite having been forced apart (Pfft, they tried anyway) they are still my No.2 ship! Yeah, that break-up really took a hit on where they stand in my fleet! ironically, that same time that they broke up, a certain couple got back together again and thus re-establishing themselves as the Captain Ship of my fleet! Despite that though, things are looking really promising these day! First there was the Janken (Actually maybe I will do the same for it like I am doing now for RH) and not so later after that, we get the Utage SP episode! To me the SP part of it was that Sayanee finally appeared again and this time Maachun was around and they sat together and they also had a moment. I was crying I tell you. And then we have this last part of the RH and they are being so good as usual, Sayanee being all shy and feely around Maachun (She is so the Waifu in this relationship) as per usual that I am crying!

This time too, like like in Eureka, we get a different ending which is also gay as all that, the way Sayanee hugs the life out of Maachun, and Maachun taking it all in like usual because she’s missed it, she needs it, she wouldn’t even have minded if they started making out right then and there. Too bad the stage was needed for more songs –_-

rh14a-023 rh14a-024
rh14a-027 rh14a-059

I was of course talking about MAYUKI as the Master Ship of my humble fleet! There is probably more on them in the Making Of (hopefully) but in the front, the best moment was during Shonichi, the performance that was done by only the 3rd gen and original B members. In case one doesn’t know, that includes Mayuki, Haachan, Lovetan and Tanamin! And that Tanamin, she looked fabulous in that masculine get-up, didn’t she >.<


While the performance was great in itself (As Shonichi always is) this Mayuki moment was what took the cake. It’s now out of the ordinary, it’s just another Mayuki moment but really, Saying it’s just another Mayuki moment is not that bad. No one does it like these two do. They are just Mayuki, they are just that great! Them being back to Team B makes it complete again, makes it my favourite team by a large mile too. B has been my favourite since the beginning. The love I have for it was tested a bit when Mayuyu left for A and Team N was looking strong with Sayacchu but then everything went to purgatory for N when Maachun was not only gotten out of there, but she was put in Team B, the team that had snatched Mayuki back too. Not to mention my Nogizaka Oshi being a exchange there too!

rh14a-008 rh14a-009
rh14a-007 rh14a-010
rh14a-012 rh14a-013

Moving on, how about that Let’s go Scandalous  performance though >.< I have to let you all know that I was shamelessly shipping these two during it! Shamelessly because Yuko had to be watching this for sure! She was present after all and there is zero chance that she would not watch her Waifu perform their song. Yes, this is Kojiyuu’s song and the fact that they chose Yukirin to replace Yuko (Once again! She backed-up Yuko before back when Team B wasn’t even a Team yet)! OMG, is there something that I don’t know?!) Too bad she wasn’t chosen for Heavy Rotation. Then again, she already had her own position in that so…

Any way, these two looked really great! Was it the height? Was it their beauty? Was it their aura?! I can’t put my finger on it but they had this mysterious energy about them! And it’s not like they are strangers to one another, they were in the same Team for about 2 years, weren’t they?

rh14a-020 rh14a-022

With Kuumin and Goma gone, Yuria is in serious need of a lover. And really, who can say no to Rouha-tan if she were in the runners up?! Sure as hell not I for I was already salivating when the two came onto the stage together. But wait, isn’t Yurina now in Team 4?!

Crud, well, that broke a new record for shortest lived ship ever! Not even DekoMayu (Momoclo’s Kanako and Ex Akari) lasted that short even though I got into them right when Akarin was graduating! For crying out loud, I still even ship them to this day. Oh well, maybe Yuria will find a new love in those lolis over there. Miichan is a pimp so she will sort her out.

rh14a-117 rh14a-116
rh14a-120 rh14a-118

Then there’s these two new ships, Naanyan/Sei-chan (Team B’s Owada Nana and Fukuoka Seina) and Miion/Mizuki( Team 4’s Mukaichi Mion and Tsuchiyasu Mizuki). I was alreadu shipping Naanyan and Seichan anyway so seeing them being all handy (I love my hands to you all new visitors)  was a real treat. And seeing Mizuki being all tsundere towards Miion totally hit a homerun with me! I am so totally starting to check out Team 4 LODs now.

rh14a-036 rh14a-037
rh14a-040 rh14a-039
rh14a-041 rh14a-043
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rh14a-048 rh14a-049
rh14a-050 rh14a-052

Have you ever seen Sasshi looking so totally marvellously beautiful?! Don’t lie to me dearest reader, I can tell when you are lying!! Forget graduations Sashiko should stick to Temo Demo no Namida, it’s all she needs to get rid of the awful, awful, feedback she gets on her looks! Seriously though, I don’t remember seeing Sasshi so beautiful! Jesus!

And there was something magical about this pair for Temo Demo no Namida that totally blew my mind! I can assure you that when I first heard of them doing this together, I wasn’t that into it. It of course might have had something to do with the fact that I was hoping for a Kagoshima no Namida but I wasn’t really looking forward to this YukiRino no Namida.

Let me tell you that my mind was purified when I finally got to see the thing! I am now finding myself wondering why not before today! These two have history that’s almost as long as Mayuki’s and there is no doubt about their friendship so seeing them doing Temo Demo just now was kind of surprising!

It really knocked me off my game, this performance did let me tell you. For some reason there was something different in Yukirin here than when she was with the others. If someone can tell what it is, please, I am all ears! Now I want more duets between these two! Yasusu, make it happen, nay, Sasshi now has the power and we all know what she thinks of Yukirin. My body is ready for more awesomeness!

rh14a-055 rh14a-053
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rh14a-064 rh14a-065
rh14a-062 rh14a-061
rh14a-068 rh14a-069

And speaking of YukiRino, dear God, who let them do am MC again! And not only that, they were joined by the last of these 3 Stooges Miichan! (Mayuyu was there too, prolly feeling like what a fourth wheel she was) And of course with these three together, hilarity and madness is bound to follow and they didn’t disappoint! You will never see a wild Yukirin anywhere but when with these two! (Well, she might be a different kind of wild when with Mayuyu, in bed! Nut you will never see that, HA!)

I love it when Sashiko pokes her until she reveals that Black Kashiwagi we secretly (Secretly? Bitch please) adore and love! This was the most fun MC for me as far as I could tell. it was short but Oh so awesome!

Miichan expressed her jealousy too, towards Sasshi being able to perform Temo Demo no Namida. This then made me wish for a Miichan and Yukirin’s Temo Demo no Namida as well. And speaking of envy, the subject of the MC turned to that and Sasshi asked if the three ever felt envy towards their fellow members.

Yukirin went first saying that she found a member she was envious of, finally. Sashiko of course didn’t waste time cutting her down stating her disinterest in people ( I am like you too Yukirin, I prefer alone time! It would be a miracle for me to take a friend’s offer of going partying! Like, Fuck that!)

Mayuyu saves the day by asking Yukirin who that person was (thus cutting off Sasshi, Oh Mayuyu, your jealousy is delicious) to which Yukirin, being the devil that she is, starts out with HKT48’s…To which Sasshi’s eyes get a twinkle in her eye totally hoping it was her! Backstage I can totally picture Sakura’s eyes widening with her hand going over her chest to still her heart that is threatening to race out of her ribs too thinking on the same lines as Sasshi because let’s be honest, Yukirin mentioning HKT those are the first two options that come to mind.

Of course that isn’t the case. Just as the laws of Gravity are never changing, Mayuyu always wins when it comes to Yukirin. Like, anyone even thought otherwise! As to what I am talking about, well, apparently back stage while Mayuyu was getting ready, taking care of her bangs, her precious bangs that not even Yukirin is allowed to touch (How do they have sex?) apparently NakoMiku came up to mayuyu and touched/messed up her bangs. Yukirin was of course watching as Mayuyu let them off so easily with that crime that is worth nothing short of  a death penalty!

And so Yukirin was jealous of NakoMiku for being able to touch Mayuyu’s bangs and getting away easily! And I could totally hear Sakura’s teeth gritting in real jealous behind the curtains as she was getting ready to come onstage for an HKT performance that followed!

Seriously though, we need a thing with these three together in it. be it a sub-unit or something else. I mean there’s French Kiss and No3b is still around but Sasshi’s Not Yet lost Yuko so another one of these three is in demand! Sasshi, make it happen!

rh14a-098 rh14a-096
rh14a-099 rh14a-097
rh14a-101 rh14a-095

Can we like, just have a remix of  Yokaze no Station already! Where Rena comes out and and followed by Yukirin calling for her as she turns back to see if anyone has come to stop her from boarding that train and then they end up together? Or maybe the two meeting on the train and building into Yokaze with the two linking arms and making eyes at each other and all that good stuff.

Seriously, I was thinking about this when these two appeared. It would be so awesome actually. I hope it happens once! I want Yokaze no Station Super Gattai mode pls AkiP! I know they aren’t your favourites but I know you are awesome some times, when you choose to be so…

rh14a-028 rh14a-029

And what about that Churi/Airi performance too. I guess it’s no secret that I am a WMatsui shipper so when I tell you all that I ship these two way more than I do RenaAiri, I hope you won’t be so shocked.

They are just so chemically active these two.

rh14a-077 rh14a-076
rh14a-070 rh14a-074rh14a-073 rh14a-071
rh14a-080 rh14a-081

Then of course there’s the new kids on the block, Team 8! They were so cute and nervous as they introduced themselves to the fans for the first time I fell in love all over again!

My Oshi1, Ikumin (Nakano Ikumi) is looking as dashing as ever, and so deceivingly composed despite how nervous she must be inside. And she was of course standing right next to (and watching over) her baby Sacchan (Hama Sayuna) like she always does (You guys need to start raiding YouTube for Team 8 LIVEs) and Sacchan looking as striking as ever with those sharp features! Seriously, she is the one girl that you will see just once and never forget! She is growing on me too fast. Soon she will ne on the level of my two Favs.

Speaking of favs my other No.1 (yes, there is two of them) is Yuriyan (Yokomichi Yuri)! That face-splitting smile can be recognised anywhere! And that girl doesn’t hold anything back during performances! You guys have got to see her Skirt Hiraris, Mein Gott! She always does everything to the extreme. You think Mikichan( Team 4) is wild? Well my friend I have to tell you that you don’t know what WILD means!

Then of course there is Yokoyama Yui! The real Yokoyama Yui apparently (the members made fun of Yuihan about this during one of the MCs)! She was looking as air-headed as usual, looking into the non-existent clouds even as she introduced herself. Man, she is so lovable!

Then there is my other favs too; SERIKA (Nagano Serika), Haru (Hashimoto Haruna, though she isn’t wearing her glasses this day), Hitomi (Honda Hitomi) and by all that is holy was I le surprised to find out that Hitomi was only 12! I don’t know why, I only learned this during janken (where she was seated right next to Yukirin and had a moment with her too, hopefully she learned of Yukirin in that short a time and got to love her and will be her fav Senpai next time during the MC of Party ga Hajimaru like everyone get after meeting her  ^^)! I mean I thought she was like 16 or something! She most certainly looks like that when on stage these days! I was really surprised! She is new to the fav list if you remember my first Team 8 post but I just couldn’t resist anymore. Though now I think I will start feeling a bit guilty enjoying her Shirt Hirari (She is really good, especially at that certain turn).

Any who, continuing on we have two more favs on my list; Naruchan (Kuranoo Narumi) and finally there is Ranrii (or is that Ranry) – Miyazato Rira. I love it when she has her hair done up in twin buns (like in this video to you all shaking their heads).

Yeah, many are wondering why Team 8 is here, what their business is but I for one  I am already taken by their charms. Even the crowd it seemed, especially when the real Yui announced her name, everyone went wild. Better watch out Yuihan, you are about to be over-shadowed (Heh not)

My Lovelies T.T)

And that’s it for now about Rh2014. I will be coming back for another post when I am done with the whole thing and also prepare your bodies for the caps galore! But not any time soon. This week I am going to be quite busy so I might not see you much.

Any way, I’m off…

Author: Black Gekikara

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13 thoughts on “Request Hour 2014 100-1 Part 1

  1. You know all that you explained above is why the request hour, in it’s new, old or future forms will always be my favorite concert (or concert series) perhaps even more so now that shuffles happen to, because where else can you see all the awesome happenings that go on during these concerts, sure they do shuffle units and all that in other concerts but the mix of old teams and new teams, putting pairs together where girls have graduated, old friendships restored and seeing people back together, it’s fun, nostalgic and generally awesome, with a few surprises along the way as well, and what is not to like about that!!

    And is it just me or are Yuki and Sasshi just together more these days? Maybe it’s just me but I swear we are seeing more and more of them together, just a thought….. (an awesome thought!!) And man was TemoDemo the show stealer again this year!! I mean MaYuki last year was something (especially with Mayu moved to A at the time and all that) but Yuki/Sasshi…… wow! I mean surely every sane person was hoping for CSB to perform it and were thus surprised when these two came out….. but then the song starts and we see Yuki/Sasshi be like they were during this song, to see those two together being like that, totally amazing!! (and then the MC afterwards were normality (if I can call it that) was restored :p)

    I must mention Yuria too, I’m sorry but she’s taken, it’s her and Suda Akari (SudaYuri) for life, they are like up there on MaYuki levels of sorry they are taken, so yeah…..

    P.S. Also this…. https://pbs.twimg.com/tweet_video/ByIisA0CUAA54gS.mp4 ………… YUI WINS!!!!!!

  2. Yui and her apparently deadly stealth tactics!!!! 😀

    • It didn’t look like she did much if anything at all though. Then again stealth means we don’t get to see it, right? What did she do behind the scenes though, to win herself a kiss like that!

      Then again, Yukirin is changing these days. She is getting wilder, which I find crazy attractive BTW

  3. You like Kagoshima’s girl *w* Me too 😀

  4. “I don’t remember seeing Sasshi so beautiful! Jesus!”

    What a wonderful creature she is indeed… 😀

    Also don’t you dare make fun of THAT NAME again or I’ll go Kamigoroshi on your Goddess‼

  5. I saw this live yesterday, and I really liked it! So much couples to ship 😮 I’m a wmatsui shipper too, but this Airin/Churi duet was… so good!

  6. Don’t yah know the NonMei pairing?

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