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[Reblog] Yukirin @ AKB Janken 2014


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Yes, that’s actress Sasaki Nozomi. Yes, that’s Annin (Iriyama Anna) and yes, they are going to be in the same drama about a hostess club titled Kurofuku Monogatari! Two of the beauties of the whole 48G starring in the same drama with equally as hot actresses is one for must watch award! The drama starts in October and will be on Fridays so do look out for that, I know I definitely will ^^

But anyway, that is not why I am reblogging , well kinda reblogging Maddie’s post over at Kashiwagi Yuki blog, nope! Let’s have a look at an excerpt from that post and then you will have an idea…

Following the tournament, Yukirin wrote on 755 and answered a few questions.

Yukirin mentioned she thought her name wouldn’t be called for the 38th single.

She was asked why she apologized to Sayanee. Yukirin said it’s cause she wanted Sayanee to solo debut. She felt like she robbed an important opportunity from the juniors.
(You can definitely see from Yukirin’s reaction when she beat Sayanee that she almost didn’t want it to happen)

Yukirin also mentioned about why she doesn’t declare her desires.

Rough translation…

Kashiwagi Yuki 2014-09-18 00:01:48

It’s been said that I don’t have any desires. Especially for the janken tournament. lol

That’s not the case.

Even if I expose my desires, I feel that no one will feel good cause of it.

I prefer to keep it to myself. When it is achieved, I ‘ll like to do a “guts pose” in my heart.

I try to say things such as this, occasionally.

All of my rant posts I have been trying to convey this exact way of Yukirin as response to all those negative views that twist Yukirin’s kindness and the way she tackles situations into some negative thing! Some going even so far as to quit and dump her as their Oshi! It seems that it has gotten so bad that they even went as far as telling her these things!

Like, WTH?!!

But I already said my due on this issue and it seems some people’s minds will never be changed. And if they don’t see the light that Yukirin is that different from anyone else, that she is that good, that she thinks of others that much more than she does herself, that she is just as human as all of us only she handles things differently, in a way that will not hurt other people, I have nothing more to say to them except that they are right in moving on from Yukirin because they don’t deserve her!

I am so happy that she didn’t write an essay explaining herself to answer these…these questions! I am glad she put it in simple sentences like that. It should make clear her stance on things and how she truly is, to those that still didn’t understand her!

And yet what hurts me, and probably her, is that she doesn’t get rewarded for this, even her fans (though now I am questioning their validity) are questioning her behaviour but not only that, even as she wants to accomplish something for AKB, almost no new members ever mention her as their favourite senpai. Even if it seems to change when they spend some time in AKB(And probably get to meet her thus knowing her better) it is then that they start mentioning her name but never new members. I don’t think there is one in Team 8 that has her as the Senpai they respect at all. Maybe I missed a few but it really hurts. Some respect Shuu, or Miorin even the three musketeers but not her.

This world is really cruel!

Any way, I hope this answer finally puts this dumb discussion of her intentions/motivations (or luck there of) to rest and separates the fake fans from the real fans! Better to have few true fans (Never truer in her case) than fake fans as far as I am concerned!

Any way, yeah, that’s that!

PS: Thanks to Willmark and Maddie for your individual help in me finding out about this ^^

Author: Black Gekikara

Love, Eat and sleep Yuri Hail Yukirin, Batman and Zack Snyder Long Live Horror

4 thoughts on “[Reblog] Yukirin @ AKB Janken 2014

  1. I hope you don’t count me as one of the fake ones!!!

    And I’m glad me angrily ranting at you gave you some inspiration for this :p

    As for her desires, as far as it goes for me the way she deals with it is part of who she is, I guess I just accepted this part of her, or accepted she is like this anyway and then got on with supporting her (not like me at all, yeah, I’m a ranter :D)

    But it always baffled me when people said she had no drive or ambition, if you don’t have that I don’t think you come back after failing auditions, or have a solo career, of get invited to do dramas, or have solo concerts that you help to create, in fact she is perhaps even one of the ones with the most drive as she, more than many in her position have not had the opportunities handed to her, she’s had to go out and get them!! Yeah so those who say “Ugh I’m so disappointed in Yuki, she has no ambition” can go shove it in my opinion!!

    Yeah I’ve always found it sad that not many new members say they like Yukirin but then I guess the ones that are, well, they really mean it! I mean look at Muruyama Yuiri, she loves Yuki like a fan does, hell the girl even sat in the front row for Yuki’s third concert, not hidden away in the rafters or back stage, oh no, front row (and yeah, no prizes for guessing who offered her that ticket) Or girls like Oba Mina who just always seems to have that “look” in their eyes when Yuki is about,

    This kinda translates to the older members too, I mean they are all actually friends with Yuki, not just like they hang out from time to time because that’s what should be done, no they are truly friends, you can see it too, you really can.

    But then that is what Yuki is like, and while yes the way she is might not always help her professionally she has always been true to herself and her beliefs and I will forever, love and respect her for that.

    • Oh please Will, don’t even think that I would think of you that way. You are like, one of my favourite fellow Yukirinians so you have nothing to worry about ^^

      And I can’t agree with you more on what those that think Yukirin driveless or without ambition can go do to themselves! Everyone can talk the talk, everyone can cry their eyes out in frustration for dramas and pity it takes the strongest to handle these negative feels positively and no one is as strong as her in this regard!

      There is a reason she failed those auditions but she kept pushing herself and now where is she? The most successful member of AKB 9Sasshi’s is very different kind of success) Solo concerts, singles, written her own songs, Sub-label, dramas!

      Like, whoa!

      And all this, going back to her having no drive or ambition, Yukirin used to be the weakest dancer, really, one of the weakest members in the group and yet, look where she is now. Always smiling when on stage, always radiating fun, that is not a very simple thing to do! She has to put in really great effort to be able to be that fun-tastic on stage. And yet no one thinks of this. No one questions why she is being given all these projects more than others. All other members’ works come from outside companies that only depend on the member’s outside view not their inner talent but alas

      Really, I hope someone else learns from this. We Yukirin fans don’t go out selling her, singing the song of how great she is all the time, which actually makes us more like her in that regard but this calls for a change! If Yukirin is forced to explain herself so shall I pitch in and back her up!

      Okay, where were we?

  2. Sometimes, when I’ve heard some fans said that Yuki doesn’t have any passion just because she never say that she ‘wants’ to be a center as much as others, I feel upset…

    For me, Yuki is very humble and always afraid that her words or her selfishness would hurt others. I’m not trying to make her a goddess or anything, but that what I got from seeing her all these years…

    I might be wrong or else, but I will keep loving and supporting our Yukirin anyway #laugh

    • Not all Goddesses are good ones anyway ^^

      But that just makes her one of the better people.The fact that some want her to display these negative action/feelings is what’s really disturbing. It’s like telling someone to go and kill someone instead of just thinking it! This choice is what separates us from animals (apparently not all of us)

      Any way, it’s this good heart of hers that makes me love her to no end! I hope she never caves in eventually no matter how bad the negative reactions escalate.

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