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It’s a great day to be a fan!


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So, in case you have missed everything that has been going on today, the Janken Tourny happened a few hours ago and yo yo yo!I think like 90% of the Fandom came away with a re-kindled flame for the Family no matter how long one has been following the group! Seriously, this Janken was serious business! If anyone still has any doubts about Janken rigs, I have nothing to say to thee!

Without of course pouring water on anything, the winner of the Janken, to either get a solo single or a solo concert if they are already debuted soloists, was Milky. That is Watanabe Miyuki of NMB48 Team BII/SKE48 Kennin! Since I used to love her during the B days, I am happy for her. And she does have a bit of experience in solos so I am not worried in the least.

But that isn’t all. Despite the many worries of there not being a performance for the new COOL single, that didn’t mean that we can’t get an announcement and Jesus, did we get an announcement! The names kept on rolling and rolling to the point of me thinking that they are gonna pull one on us and announce every single member in the group. Luckily, we stopped at 32. Which is really, really still a lot! I shudder to think of the screen time each member will be getting, especially those in the lower numbers (Like you know who). The single is to be Double Centred by of course Mayuyu and…

wait for it…

wait for it…

140917 AKB48G JankenTaikai (BS-sptv).ts - 01536

That’s right! The one and only Miyawaki Sakura! The other No.2 Kagoshima Princess in HKT, Our Yukirin being the Kagoshima Queen and No.2 of AKB. Quite the similarities these two have it’s almost too scary! Sakura, the girl that should have been(before Sasshi) should be (since it isn’t Sasshi) the centre of HKT singles but has been denied since the early days. The girl that has actually written her frustrations about this herself on her blog (Read It Here). Finally, she is finally getting Justice served her!


Sure Yukirin is still suffering under the boot and has yet to see the daylight which I guess made those Up there guilty when they saw how unfair they have been to both these Kagoshima power houses! To keep treating Sakura the same way they have been Yukirin would have been really a shitty thing to do and I was nearing my bend (as Sakura did) but thankfully, they gave at least one of them a break! Wish it would have been yukirin though especially at this moment in time where B seems to be hitting things off and a Mayuki single would have been most appropriate but alas.

But it is Sakura, and if no Yukirin, then Sakura is the best option and I am forever grateful that at least they went with this! We are getting close now. Yukirin can’t just help Mayuyu during the practice for this single and ignore Sakura seeing as they are both Centres  (dreaming, dreaming!)

I of course, having had college today, I missed most of the Janken and only got to see one match of Yukirin during the Top 16’s battle for the positions (and No.1) so I totally missed the first three awesome matches that got her to the Top 16. My Goddess, where did she still the luck? Not only her though, Team B was on fire this day dear Readers! Especially My Favourite Draftee Sayaya who almost swept the whole house clean! In support was Naanyan and Goddess Yukirin. Really bad that neither won though. It’s wishful thinking of course but can you imagine a B triangle at the top of that pyramid? Then there is the 38th Single Senbatsu filled with more B members! Like, I am so insanely happy right now!

Sure my goddess is like in the 7th line if we are going by the order of name announcements but really, what’s new? It wouldn’t surprise me if she wasn’t in this at all! I hope Avex is taking notes! Sure she is in the Janken Senbatsu as well but as per usual, she is also in the back line there too. Since this means that she won’t have that an important part in both these last two singles of 2014, she should be available for a Solo Concert not to mention a 3rd single, am I right!

Seriously though, when shall we have a MAYUKI single if not now when Mayuyu is AKB’s No.1 and Yukirin the No,.2! Probably when she gets that Top spot in the Election. Well, that does it, I am multiplying my efforts by 7 now from last year! You started this AKS, it’s so on!

In the meantime though, Mayuyu please take care of Sakura like Mamarin has you. And I hope you pass on some good things about Sakura to Yukirin and Sakura, take this chance to appeal to Mayuyu about Yukirin so she can pass it on. Then again, I have a feeling Sakura is gonna get out the big guns and take the battle to Mayuyu for Yukirin’s affection. Oh shi…Is this it? Will this decide it all? Oh God, now I can’t wait for the after-effects of this single! Something is gonna change, I can just feel it! Okay, this is better than a Mayuki single for now!

Good Lord!

The girl from Yukrin’s real home VS the girl that is Yukirin current home (Home is where the heart is)…MY BODY IS READY!

Any way, skip over for more photos of these wonderful Oshi of mine and Mayuki (BOC)!

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Author: Black Gekikara

Love, Eat and sleep Yuri Hail Yukirin, Batman and Zack Snyder Long Live Horror

8 thoughts on “It’s a great day to be a fan!

  1. Yukirin herself has come out and said that there will be no solo concert this year (stressing the this year bit!!) nor a solo release so we must look to 2015 for that…. still there is French kiss to tide us over till then…

    As for Milky winning, well honestly I not a Milky fan so it does very little for me but congrats to her, I will say though that it really is a great shot in the arm both to her and to NMB who were really both reeling after the General Election.

    Then the Janken was forgotten about with the 38th single senbatsu announcement!

    First of, however many good things and girls are in that senbatsu (and there are many) it’s just to darn big!! I mean 32?!? How does that work? All it means is that some people will be all but ignored (yes i have bad feelings about a certain someone too) and really for those that are ignored it is all but a pointless exercise, however much of an honor it is being in the senbatsu.

    But it is also a very conflicted one too, mainly because Sakura is the one to be moved above Yukirin, I mean we are used to Yukirin being done over and yeah it hurts to see it done to her again but it’s Sakura, it’s nice to see that she has escaped Yuki’s fate, even if it comes at the expense of Yukirin herself…..

    And it kinda feels worse this time because if felt like such a good chance for Yuki to be center, or at least one of two, I might even dare to say that this could of been the last chance for her, or at least for such a good opportunity comes along…. I might even go so far as to say it has brought back those feelings of mine that want Yukirin to graduate while she is on top (or as much as they will let her be) when it will (rather maliciously i might say) hurt AKB to see her go…. but she won’t that’s not Yukirin, that’s not who she is (even if both Watanabe Pro and Avex (in my opinion) might actually want this)

    But man Sakura… that sure does make me smile, even if I have to push down my feels over Yuki to do it….

    • I am just trying real hard right now to not play Bitter-sweet Symphony in the Background.

      I am so with you on Yukirin and graduation, and you know me, I have been all for her to stay in AKB since she is my link to it but after this. I too am ready to give up! Seriously after this shit, I won’t even be surprised of fans don’t vote for her that much next Senbatsu because they don’t want to give anymore money to AKS at how shitty a job they are doing of taking care of her!

      Like, FUCK! Now I am getting pissed of. Better change the subject before my good mood is ruined completely.

      now for Sakura. I am really happy for her. She being one of my Kami4 it really was getting murderous insane for me when both she and Yukirin get shat over but then this happened and I fell like I have been re-baptised!

      And to make things even better she is double Centre with Mayuyu! Me being a shipper of the three you must know how I fell about this!! The feels thus are able to out-weigh the Yukirin song by AKS!

      I don’t know how but I hope this is an opportunity for Sakura to get closer to Yukirin. Since Mayuyu spends every single second with Mamarin, now that they are both Centres which means they have to spend more time together for this single, I hope…I just hope so much!

      Awwwyeaaaaaaah my happys are back ^^!

      • Well I’m not denying the possibility of shipping, there is always that (if Yuki is allowed near the top table that is) But more Sakura time within AKB can only help…. well maybe guess it also depends what Yukirin will do as depending where she is in the ranking can very much change who she tends to stay around during the filming, this rule even applies to Mayu in many cases so we will have to wait and see…..

        It’s interesting what you say about Sakura and actually it brings up another point, and that is that everyone has almost had what’s due to them (even if it has taken a long time) Sakura, Kojiharu and others have had that all except for poor Yukirin, I wonder sometimes if it’s a ploy to keep her invested in AKB but lately I feel as though it’s getting harder for her to not show her discontentment at how things are (even if she is the consummate professional idol) and I worry that she will just snap one day……

      • Well, after finding out that she doesn’t plan to leave until she is No.1/Centre, you might be onto something.

        Still, it doesn’t explain not making her No2 in PV line-ups or even No.3 other than Senbatsu singles.

        Being a Yukirin fan is suffering. I can’t even imagine how she must feel. And for her to always be so positive like she always is the thing I most admire her for. No other member could withstand that beating and not cave. No one!

        How can I love her any less even a tiny bit? The answer is no – There is no way!

  2. actually last night I was expecting Yukirin came to the stage and hug Sakura while she is crying

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