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For the Goddess has spoken and her word is our command.

Yes, Our dearest lovely Yukirin has finally spoken the word. Having gone back home and appearing on TegeTege for the first time in 2014 (Looking smashing as always too), she was asked her hopes for the coming year. Guess what she said?

That’s right, after stating her wish to improve as a musician, she went on to ask, that is right, she asked her fans that if it is okay with us and that if there is Sousenkyou next year, she said that it is about time to Aim for the Top.

She finally said it dear fellow Yukirinians! She has said it! But I think we all were expecting it to happen now that Mayuyu has had her chance. I really feel sorry for those who couldn’t stand the test of time and wait. Yeah, I am talking about all those who ditched Yukirin as their Kami because she couldn’t come out and say that she wanted to be No.1 too. There is time for everything and it wasn’t time yet for our Goddess.

I am very happy to know that I understood my Goddess well enough to hang in there and wait for her time to come. That time is nigh my friends and the world is banding together already from what I here.

It’s so on you all! I am already working like a horse to start saving for the battle. Next Elections are gonna be magnificent I can already picture it. I don’t even care if she is No.1 or not. The number of votes alone will please me if they are legendary, as far as Yukirin is concerned.

The strategies are already in effect so I am passing the word along. If you are a fan do visit the usual Yukirin sites and blogs for more information. Once I am sure of what is what I will share too. So prepare yourselves brothers and sisters, sharpen you swords, shine your shields and brace your bodies with armour for…

The prophesied time is upon us.

Author: Black Gekikara

Love, Eat and sleep Yuri Hail Yukirin, Batman and Zack Snyder Long Live Horror

7 thoughts on “Arm Thy Self my Comrades!

  1. Beating Mayuyu is going to be touch. It will depend on how she and Yukirin will present themselves the coming year. Sashi won’t be a problem I think, unless she can cum up with something surprising.
    Biggest threat in the race for Mayuyu beating votes however is going to be Jurina. She is a fantasticly talented girl and she will become number 1 someday. She will turn 18 and after that a whole lot of limitations that are holding her back will be lifted. I do hope however, for her sake, that she gets 3rd place. If 2nd everyone will expect her to be 1st in 2016, the pressure would be immense (not something I wish for a girl her age). The same goes for If she would win. (Personally I think management is hoping for mayuyu/Jurina to battle like maeda/yuko)
    Can Yukirin win? Yes she can!!! The fans she has now have proven to be probably the most loyal of all so no worries there. Also the effects of her concurrency to NMB48 will come in full, and I do think the NMB management realizes her talent/potential far better then AKB. She shines.
    It is going to be a tough battle, thats for sure, but if she really wants to pick up the gloves this time then we will face interesting times.

    • Jurina’s time has yet to come. First she’s got to pass the 100k wall first, which has only been done by 4 people in the history of AKB and Yukirin is one of them. All that too when she didn’t show any hunger for the top position. Now she has and we fans have been waiting for this moment.

      But I disgrace, I know for a fact that Yukirin will still have all bets against her like usual. Suits us just fine to always be the dark horse. Makes the triumph all the more sweet.

    • Sorry, that’s 5, including Acchan

  2. So she has come out and said it, in amongst all the other things she has going on (like the most out of the the AKB girls, or those that have left actually) she pop into TegeTege to announce that 1st in the elections is what she wants next year, but only if that’s ok with us, her fans (Oh Yuki)

    Could it happen, well certainly it could, as long as Yukirin can keep up her recent momentum (especially with AKB specific activities) then yes there is a chance indeed and looking at it, maybe it’s just me but it does kinda feel as though, for the first time, Yuki is truly a serious competitor for that top spot now!!

    As for Jurina (as she has been mentioned a lot) well, she’s always going to be there or there abouts but she has yet to past the last barrier to be considered a contender, she has yet to pass Yukirin, or that 100k mark, now maybe she will pass 100k next time but Yukirin still feels a step ahead like she has been for the last couple of years, and now with Yukirin seemingly getting more spotlight with AKB it might get even harder for the likes of Jurina to beat her…..

    And speaking of TegeTege, the do so much to promote Yuki and Sakura right? So where the hell is the show with them together?!? I mean they made a t-shirt with both their names on it so where is the damn show!!! come on TegeTege!!!

    Also TeamB going to Kagoshima is going to be crazy awesome!!

    • I am expecting LIVE coverage of that Kagoshima performance. The way Yukirin was so excited about it saying that nothing could keep her from attending just makes this a must see!

      At the moment, Yukirin is probably the only member who has been in Team B since the beginning. And they are going to her home town! It’s going to be a Yukirin concert with collaboration LOL

      I can just picture how much fun the team is going to be having!

      Speaking of Sakura, can you imagine the WIN were she in Team B?! Going to Kagoshima together…


  3. I dont know what will happen, the result can be expected yet unpredictable. However, I’m just gonna do my best for our Kashiwagi-san !!!! If we, including Yukirin herself, work hard enough, this dream can come true somehow !

    Honestly, I hang in there with Yukirin because I want to see her as a center, only once would be enough for me ! After that I will let go of 48G and, hopefully, focus on only Yukirin from then.

    Now, the words have been said from the queen, and I should do whatever the queen said !!!! #SaveUp

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