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Fight Sakura!


140830 AKB48 - Kokoro no Placard (COUNT DOWN TV).ts - 00003
140830 AKB48 - Kokoro no Placard (COUNT DOWN TV).ts - 00006
Sakura pls >.<

So I was watching these latest Kokoro vids and at first I was all super hyper from all the Mayuki and in the case of Count Down TV, Yukirin sandwiched between Rena and Mayuyu as in the caps above! Such a great moment in and of itself. But then I tuned my Goggles to >9000 and it is then I noticed Sakura-chan!

In the very first cap, while Rena is all happy in her own world (who wouldn’t?) sitting next to Yukirin, she is of course unaware of the heated gaze of jellies being directed her way from Sakura! I swear to God that look! I just got a serious flashback from the Sousenkyou from that gaze. Sakura still hasn’t forgotten and neither has she forgiven it seems.

And while in the middle cap you would think that at least Mayuyu would be safe from all Yukirin’s lovers because they know Mayuyu will always be first and thus no need to waste energy and happiness grudging, then you haven’t met Sakura! The gaze she gives Mayuyu is even more poisonous than the one she gave Rena! You best watch your back…Queen!

Seriously though guys, this is not just me being a super shipper, right? Sakura is at her limits it looks like to me. And she is at that dangerous age where one feels like they can do anything (sweet 16 am I roit?)

140829 Music Station.ts - 00008

Just look at the way she looks at Yukirin in this OP of the latest Music Station when Yukirin is talking about the festival she went to with Miichan! Love, what is it? A girl with those eyes will do anyything! I am starting to fear for Rena and Mayuyu’s lives!

140830 AKB48 SHOW! ep41.mp4 - 00015
140830 AKB48 SHOW! ep41.mp4 - 00016
140830 AKB48 SHOW! ep41.mp4 - 00017

But that is only for the last resort. For now Sakura is beginning to fight just as we have been wishing (you know what I mean Willmark). Take a closer look at that AKB48 Show Opening as Sasshi, Mayuyu and her go back to the stage. Love that little touch management did BTW, it could have been the Top3 having that talk but while I would be royally pissed had it been any other girl, somehow it being Sakura makes sense. Okay,  I guess AKS isn’t that clueless.

I don’t know about you but to me it looks like Sakura used this chance to her advantage. There was no need to pass so close to Yukirin, with that cute way of running, arms trailing far enough to touch Yukirin just in case her body doesn’t! And she did touch Yukirin, I saw the dress moving! my goggles can’t be deceived!

140830 AKB48 SHOW! ep41.mp4 - 00023 AKB48, SKE48, NMB48 & Nogizaka46 - Heavy Rotation, Everyday Katyusha, Flying Get, Mirai to wa, Ibiza Girl, Natsu no Free & Easy (TV Tokyo Ongakusai 140626).ts - 00076

These reactions from them say it all…Just kidding ^^

Seriously though, I hope Sakura gets more confident and starts approaching Yukirin. it took Rena 4-5 years sure but she got there. Then again Yukirin wasn’t as evasive towards Rena than she is towards Sakura, not to mention they don’t have any connections like she and Sakura do.

You know, while Sakura was making fun of Sasshi and Mayuyu being in the same room, I wonder if she thought of herself being in the same room with Yukirin! I hope Sashiko took notes and will make it happen! Just think off it – Sakura and Yukirin in a room, just the two of them!

Yeah, I can’t picture it either. There is just something dangerous about these two getting together and I don’t even know what. Does everybody feel it too? Is this why we haven’t gotten them two alone together? Hm…

Any way, I am doing research right now on summons! If it takes Black Magics to get these tow together, then off to summon Satan I go! I love it greatly even now but after playing that Kuchi Utsushi performance (You know which one!) countless times, I need something else! It’s been like 7 months or something! So I am doing some voodoo magic for either this year’s Utagassen or RH 2015! It has to happen!

On another note,



My Goddess, we don’t deserve you!

I tell you guys, I have never been so proud of an Oshii! Definitely my Kami! Always having such great words to say and if they are not about us fans, then they are about something else selfless!

I love her!

All those who want her to be selfish (especially for the Sousenkyou) don’t understand Yukirin! Giving up on her because she lacks the hunger for Top is just…


She works hard for us not for her to be No.1. It is the reason she always smiles, always. She is having fun to make us have fun watching her perform. I wish others would understand this.

I love you Yukirin!

Author: Black Gekikara

Love, Eat and sleep Yuri Hail Yukirin, Batman and Zack Snyder Long Live Horror

9 thoughts on “Fight Sakura!

  1. [sigh] I guess times change, and [sigh again] maybe it is time to oshihen for me… Yukirin is certainly awesome and a grandeur. But somehow, I think she needs to step-up her game, show a more dynamic side of hers. Yes, I am indeed a lost cause.

    It is personal preference of mine, but I think a more mature image and presence would level her up. Yes I am a cynic, but don’t we all yearn to see her break the mold and conquer the stars above? I do not reckon wanting her to progress and show some of the fight inside of her to mean changing her. But I also consider that a bit of change is good. I sincerely believe Yukirin needs to evolve if she wants to achieve her status as a truly Legendary Idol. To be remember beyond eternity means to change your medium in a way or another, thus somehow change is a need, evolution is the only way to go. Becoming N. 1 at the elections is a step towards becoming a transcendent figure.

    Yes, saying “I want to win!”, “I want to be number one” is a step forward, and an indication she’s come to realize it is now the time to break of the chrysalis.

    … [sigh]

    • But everyone says it, they even cry for it But do they get it? NO! All that time wasted on pushing themselves to the point of losing their smiles all for that No.1 If you don’t gain it, you loose a bit of something every time. I for one want to see her take that No.1 while she is as she is.That way she will still truly have conquered! The happy Yukirin, the one that thinks of others every time, we want someone to take that No.1 their own way, while themselves. Seeing a serious Yukirin all gutso to forward forgetting those besides her just so she can be No.1, I DO NOT WANT! She is showing maturity unrivalled by not progressing through using others as stepping stones!

      But as you say, it is a matter of preference.

      • BlackGeki is right, I do not want Yukirin to lose herself to claim 1st, it’s never worth that, NEVER! Besides I don’t think Yuki would make that change, she believes in her mentality as an idol so she will not betray it.

        BG makes a great point about girls loosing themselves too, I mean look at Mayu, her moving to A and her then concentrating of going for 1st place I think almost destroyed her, hell obviously management did to as they moved her back to B, the change was almost instant, she went back to being who she was and went on to win the election anyway! Look at Jurina, who pushes herself to reach the top so much that she has recurring health problems because of it, look at Yuko, who really kinda lost her way in AKB after Acchan left because at that point all she had was beating Acchan to 1st place.

        Do I want Yuki to lose herself because of wanting to get first? Hell no, she’s all Yukirin fans number 1 anyway and whilst winning an election would be nice, really, it is just a number, I think Yuki, perhaps more than any other idol, has realized this and you never know, she might win an election but it will only happen on her terms, and that would make that victory all the sweeter……

      • Oh God Will, you have no idea how happy it makes me feel to know that there are those who still believe! All true love is tested and that which is strong enough triumph and changes the world and I do believe that we are being challenged right now but I will stand strong. I will follow Yukirin as long as she still fights as well.

        Indeed, it would be nice but it has to be because she is herself and the way she always is! She loves and loves being an Idol which is why she has more fun doing it than anybody else. I want this fun Yukirin to be No.1, this Yukirin that loves her fans and cares for the members too and yet she is still a great performer!

        I remember raving about her skill and wanting her to be challenged like with NMB or something, well, she was challenged and how did she handle it? She was the only member who wasn’t badly striken by their transfer/exchange if I remember correctly, in fact she made a couple of crest-fallen people a bit happier with her happy mood if I recall.

        This is the Yukirin I love! To me she already deserves No.1. She is already a given success outside of AKB as seen by her solo works and I want to make her No.1 but I also want to believe in her and support her which is why now that I know the burden of getting 1st won’t be as great, now that her Baby Mayuyu has gotten her dream, I am going all out this year’s elections! In fact I already started saving!

      • I sincerely and respectfully digress with several of both of your remarks. Entertainers are like athletes they need something to push them forward. Being goal oriented and have the drive to fulfil said goal is not a bad thing. I do not think Yuko-chan lost herself after Acchan left, nor I believe Yukirin will change too much. But she needs the desire to move ahead, as I mentioned, if she really intends to reach a status as a real icon, she needs to break conventions far beyond her reach. I don’t recognize her as mature for not aiming with all her strength to grasp an achievement that will most certainly benefit her. In a more realistic approach, Kashiwagi Yuki has reach what we commonly refer as a professional plateau. She is not really challenging herself or moving forward.

        Maybe I am over-analyzing, but, the world of showbiz is unforgiving. Yukirin’s talent and skill as an entertainer are unchallenged, despite that she somehow decided to stick to this one state. Is it not contradictory, to say an idol is a challenger and not to attempt to reach greater heights? Is it not earning the top spot of the sousenkyou more of a proof of drive for success? And most importantly how far can you get if you do not seek to excel? My basketball coach used to say that the greatest form of respect to your teammates and rivals is to always reach and be your best. So based on that mentality, and philosophy, I am feeling somewhat disappointed with Yukirin. I think how people change is a measure of the person, thus you can either enrich or deplete yourself.

        …AH, just forget it! I am going to oshihen to Kusakabe Mia!

      • Good luck with her.

        Are you saying that Yukirin isn’t pushing her self, that she isn’t doing her best! She does, but not to the point of crossing that line. Look at all she has accomplished! All she hasn’t done, to you, is not aggressively stated that she wants to be No.1 So if a member doesn’t say it out loud and they get it. Does that mean that they don’t deserve it?

        There’s wanting to be the best and there is deserving to be the best. I am all for deserving than wanting. Every girl in the 48G wants to be No.1, they have all shouted it out, all the other Kamis, Mayuyu has been singing the song since I can remember and yet she only got it this year, why? Because she deserved it (Judging from those reactions)

        Sasshi got it last year without explicitly saying she wants to be No.1, this year she was all like gangho about it yet she didn’t get it thus the tears.

        If Yukirin does get No.1 I know that it will be because she deserves it. Not because she started pushing others out of her way. No longer letting her voice be the support to others but letting it dominate songs. No longer giving way to the Kouhais by staying quiet during interviews and giving them a chance to talk first or standing to the sides or the back line to give them some spotlight.

        I for one don’t want that kind of Yukirin.

        I really hope you aren’t changing you Oshii just for this. If you are, why did you like her in the first place then? This selflessness has been one of her traits since. If one doesn’t like her because of this, I’m at a loss of words.

        But there are a lot like you and Yukirin knows it. Which is why she has been trying a couple of times lately already to say it out loud. That she too is a member of AKB, and thus she of course wants to be No.1 too. But she has been saying it in a way that is still polite and won’t make her come off like she is using us . No one loves their fans more than Yukirin, I believe and I love her for it.

      • Sure she has a really impressive track record, but still not from what a entertainer of her calibre could have. As I said Yukirin reached her plateau, and personally I would like to see a different side of her, and by the looks of it, not going to have the pleasure of it in the near future. So basically I am looking for something fresh, a renewal of sorts. That is why I decided to change my oshimen to Prizmmy’s Kusakabe Mia. Do not take me wrong, I love Yukirin, but like marriage sometimes you need to spice things up.

        My point is not about crossing lines or being polite, but of how you keep the momentum. People evolve, and the fact you could witness and help another person — i.e. your oshimen — in the process was a core – I believe it still is – of AKB48 group. I reckon the measure of how the artist changes and improves is also the measure of their success. She has been successful alright, but can still go further. What other fans like yours truly want is to push her forward, I think she has a great and bright future, but for that she needs to seek and decisively grab the lead. This is not about using the fans or stepping over others, but to actively engage the opportunities and situations at your front. It is like when a sports team has won season with 6 games to go, you still will play your best until the last point has been scored.

        I will keep following Yukirin, but I reckon it is time for her ignites things a bit more. But in all honesty I do not think it will happen, so I must embark seeking new and fresh experiences. At some point in time the need to refresh and emerge anew will rise, until then…

      • And another one bites the dust T.T)

        Well, time to save some more is our forces are getting cut down like this.

  2. Aww Sakura ❤

    Or actually maybe id should be Yikes! Sakura! with those looks she is giving, those are some serious daggers, I mean she even daggers MaYuki!!! Has anyone ever given them eyes like Sakura has? (just look at the ways she is looking at them compared to, well Rena, Yui, Haruna even, possibly Jurina though she might be looking at Rena looking forlornly at Yuki) Talk about ignoring all the unwritten MaYuki rules, I mean not even Sae would do what Sakura did with that look!!!

    You know I'm not sure she is looking at Yukirin in the MSta OP, nope, that is a girl imagining being there with Yukirin (possibly because have that same look when I think of being with Yukirin………. moving on………) That is a girl imagining how wonderful it would be going to the festival with someone you love…..

    As for the AKB show, well I guess that's progress for Sakura, I mean she was afraid of getting within 5 feet of Yukirin let alone touching distance!!! Small steps but at least they are steps 🙂

    Sasshi do us proud, get them in that room together! Though maybe Sakura would panic when they were alone a run away but of course the door would be locked from the outside (because Sasshi!!!) and then Yukirin would come over and gently put her hand on Sakura's shoulder and……. I best stop here 😀

    That Yuki comment was just the best, I feel that it kind of sums Yukirin up so perfectly 🙂

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