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[New, News, Neews] It’s coming Guys…


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Guess what I just got in my mailbox? A message from Amazon updating me on my order I placed after that Whammy not long ago. But before I get to this, let me just assure you that if you are wondering about my unusual posting time, you have good reason to be.

I am writing this at 7 am and I usually do my posts at night. So why am I doing this now? Well, there is a couple of things to blame and the first one being this movie…

po A_Girl_at_My_Door_poster
A.Girl.At.My.Door.2014.720p.HDRip.XviD.AC3-JSB.avi - 00378 A.Girl.At.My.Door.2014.720p.HDRip.XviD.AC3-JSB.avi - 00386
A.Girl.At.My.Door.2014.720p.HDRip.XviD.AC3-JSB.avi - 00384
A Girl at my Door

OMG dear Readers OMG! This movie is dangerous! So very dangerous but also so very very good! Do you ever watch that movie that is so good it keeps you up all night!?! Well this is one of those movies for me! The last one being Rebellion which means it’s been a while, and I watch a lot of movies, almost 10 a week!

This movie was so very very good! And it was such a surprise because I didn’t know about it at all! I was only on my usual rounds of collecting Asian movies to watch when I figured, why not! The title sounds good so maybe! And by the Gods, I struck clean gold with this!

I am not going to say anymore about it since I want to wait until the Blurays come out and hopefully a Directors Cut because this movie is one of those movies that deserves one!

My God!

And yes, your eyes are telling you the truth. that right there is one of our favourite ladies of Korean Cinema and you might remember her from that other Awesome movie about Ping Pong I already discussed! And yes, she just kissed yet another common face Jang Hee-jin!!!! But that wasn’t even the best part of the movie! And I better stop now because I have a feeling I won’t stop if I go any further. Check out some more pics after the jump (mostly on our two mains).

Any way as I was saying, I couldn’t sleep because of this movie. My alarm goes off for me to go to work and when I get there guess what I find out…I wasn’t working this morning!!! I always work Tuesday mornings so you will forgive me for thinking it was the same today! I get there and my supervisor is looking at me like – WTF U doing here? And I’m like – I work here bitch! And he is like – Not today morning you ass, you work tonight! And I am like – … You have got to be!!!?!

Any way I turn tail and get back home right away totally not even ready to go to bed even if I didn’t sleep a wink! So here I am, in front of my life’’ long partner DIVA (my PC of course) and I find an e-mail alert. It’s from Amazon. They are telling me that my order that was supposed to be delivered in a week because one of the books have to be ordered in, has been moved up in the schedule and I am gonna get it sooner! Instead of shipping in a week, it’s going to be shipped tomorrow making the arrival time around Tue or even Mon next week!

That of course just spiked up my sugar levels to over 9000! Now there is no way I am sleeping for the night shift! And since I am off tomorrow morning it means that I won’t be sleeping after work!

That is why I am writing this post at this un-Godly hour! So I am very sorry if you have some kind of alert thingy that disturbed you for this post in case you were at work or sleeping (LOL).

Any way, it’s coming so look forward to that Shishunki Gokko Spinoff DVD yos!

Hit the jump for some more pics of the great Bae Doona and kawaii kawaii (and very dangerous) Kim Sae-ron…

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05 trrtrt
07 09
06 20140512_1399891941_14855800_1
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Author: Black Gekikara

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24 thoughts on “[New, News, Neews] It’s coming Guys…

  1. “A girl at my door”
    I wanted to watch this movie so bad, so I’m pretty happy you’re talking about it. It means there is some very interesting things to see ! xD
    At first, it was just because Kim Saeron was part of the cast (I found her so cute, though she is way too young. But she is a good actress and I particularly like her voice ! Can’t wait for her to grow up ! xD) but I couldn’t expect there were l”yuri” scenes in this korean movie. Because, well… It’s Korean ! xD
    Thanks for the post !

    Hope you had good dreams ! =)

    • By the way, where did you watch it ? ^_^
      I just found no subtitles.

      • No subs here either T.T. But like I said, that didn’t stop me from watching from beginning to end without skipping even though my Korean is limited to five words.

    • Sadly I didn’t find subs as well which is why I am waiting for the Blurays to fully write about it. Lack of subs didn’t stop me from watching it from the 1st second to the last though even if I only know like less that five Korean words LOL

      And speaking of Ron-chan (Calling her that from now on) it might have been me or great camera work but it seemed to me like she grew like two or three years through out the movie.

      As for the yuri, actually Korean movies (at least the ones I watch) always seem to have this hidden yuri surprises where you least expect them. They never advertise it until it hits you in the face which is why I always look at the cast to decide which movies to watch in case I didn’t know about them.

  2. I knew you were gonna stumble onto this sooner or later because I was praying you would lol who would’ve taught Bae Doona would have a yuri seen! It caught me off guard when I watched it so I literally just ran outside at midnight and fangirled so hard! o-o unfortunately no eng subs yet so you bet ill enjoy it when I rewatch ;D anyways thanks for updating the good stuff and welcome back, ive been here a while until I decided to join the conversation haha ;o

  3. I almost downloaded this movie awhile back while looking for some non American movies to watch. And I almost downloaded it but I ended up not doing so. D:

    But since you said it’s good am going to go and download it. xD

    Since you’ve haven’t failed me yet on the movies.

    And glad your back to posting even tho I don’t comment.

  4. LOL…i’m sure late too~ not watch it yet n only found it now cause of u~ hehehehe~ dangerous~ waaaa….gonna watch it for sure..
    Thx a lot for updating about it!!!

  5. This movie is so good, i’m glad you recommend it; i spent 2 hrs staying up last night to finish the whole movie without understand 1 damn word, i’m surprised haha. I couldn’t sleep for a while after it, there’s a feeling of melancholy, actually this movie reminds me a bit of Lost in Translation.

    BTW, can anybody who understands a bit korean explain to me what’s her deal with her ex-girlfriend? All i know is Yoong-Nam was moved to the island cause of misconduct of something that has to do with her homosexuality (and what an odd she had to deal the same thing all over again with Dohee)

    • I know, right? I understood way less than you and I still sat through every second of it! I didn’t even understand the characters’ names let alone about why Yoong-nam was transferred to the country side.! It was that good!

      We really need subs for this. But I am confident that by the time the BDs hits, there will already be subs available. Right on time for a re-watch, a 7th re-watch ^^

      It was so good

  6. haha, the trailer has engsub, i get some ideas from that; so basically Dohee wasn’t his own daughter, that’s partly why she was bullied by school mates and her father (grandma too). Yoong-nam was a loner due to her sexuality, some shit happened (which i want to figure out why/how), and she was transferred there to lay low for a while. Dohee’s father is a successful entrepreneur, he runs his business there with illegal immigrants so people just ignore his abusive behaviors and shit since everyone depends on him to make money. Dohee’s mom fleet away and abandoned them. Later on, Yoong-nam was accused of child molestation (her father spread the rumor after he saw her kissing her ex about Yoong-nam doing inappropriate things to his daughter). thus puttung Yoong-nam in the same position which made her got to the island in the first place.

    Anw, such a good story, so many layers to the characters and i’m dying to know more abt Yoong-nam. Enough rambling, i just really love the movie and can’t wait for the subs, tell me when the BDs/DVDs hit

    • OMG, I just saw this movie in a whole new light. Time to re-watch this with the info I have now. And then some more when we finally get the eng subs. And then some more when the BDs come out!

      Thank you very much!

      Oh, how I love this movie!

  7. Where d’ya download the film? Really interested to watch but can’t seem to find it…

    • Okay, never mind. Found it! And daaaaaaaaaang, was it weird.

      SPOILERS!!!!!: Do-hee is one strange girl. She’s unpredictable and it’s interesting how she’s able to use her helplessness for manipulation. Did y’all see that interrogation scene between her and the two ladies? One of them gave her a doll and was like “so how did susaengnim treat/touch you?” DID YOU SEE HER CRAZY SMILE WHILE SHE HUMPED HER FINGERS TO TH— omg i can’t even right now.

      Although, I’m quite confused as to why she did that certain thing with her Dad? Did she set him up so he could get arrested? She’s one smart kid…. Also, why did the ex visit Young-nam? Was she angry that the latter didn’t stand up for their relationship or because she succumbed to the prejudice? Sucks that kiss was so short though 😦

      ANYWHO, I loooove how Do-hee became more and more pretty as she interacted with Young-nam. Kinda goes along with the whole “entering into womanhood” thing. But I’m kinda wondering what happens after the movie ended. I mean, okay so they literally end up together (though probably not exact the way Do-hee wants — if you know what i mean *wink wink* — but still, beggars can’t be choosers when she’s like 10+ years younger than ‘Susaengnim’). I like to think that they do become lovers, you know, once they just let the whole age gap/abuse/manipulation/Do-hee-lying-to-the-police-making-Youngnam-go-to-jail thing slide under the rug….

      • Oh you found it, great!

        And yeah, I warned you all about the danger with this movie. And really, the ending makes sense. Yoong would have just left as she was going to do but she came back for Dohee. To me that is all I need to know to see the future.

        And Dohee saved Young in the end using that thing you mentioned. She gave up her father to save Young which was just the many things that hit me hard in this movie.

        After such a sacrifice I was kind of getting pissed off when it seemed like Young was just gonna leave Dohee behind just like that but then the ENDING happened and I was cheering to the heavens!

        Young couldn’t handle the fire that came with being with her GF and yet she decided to stick with Dohee. To me there is no doubt about where they are going.

        Damn, I need to watch this again now, can’t wait for subs >.<

    • asiatorrents

      if you have an account tho

      or tosarang.net

  8. Am I the only one here who doesnt aim for the love love relationship between Dohee and Yoong-Nam. one of the reason why i love this movie so much is that it reminds me of Lost in Translation. It’s about an outsider and a loner trying to comfort each other in life. I prefer Yoong-Nam getting back w her ex after the end. i dont know what went down between them but the scene by the car is so heart wrenching for me. it feels like “It’s not that i dont love you, i can’t” sort of thing. it looks like yoong-nam was the one who gave up the relationship first. i need a korean…
    As foe Dohee, her abusive and abandonned past have impacted her greatly thus creating abnormal and disturbing behaviors (the doll scene). i’m glad her character is presented in both ways, so multi-faceted (so is yoong-nam)

    • But then what is the point of the movie >.< But I do understand you. If they had given us more of Yoong's GF and allowed me to care for her more then I too would have supported them but really, I was too emotionally invested in Dohee and Yoong to not care so much about them. On the other hand I knew absolutely nothing about Yoong and her GF. So it is kind of hard getting behind them. It's like shipping a character with someone they meet at a club for a drink.

      As for Dohee, I actually don't think that she is that disturbed. In fact I was very impacted by the way she took everything so well compared to the alternative. Many characters who go through what she has are rarely likeable and act in a very negative way. This is why I loved Dohee's character so much. I mean she would have been a snobbish kid, or even gone a bit darker and killed her (not genetic parents) Or even act not so well with Yoong but she didn't.

      Did I mention that I love this movie?

  9. please post more film stories!

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