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AKB Pulls a Saeman, NGZ pulls a Rena and X21?


GO!オスカル!X21】#42 憧れのラブ同居でキュンキュンしたい!3-dailymotion ダウンタウン好き!YouTube系動画サイト.flv - 00059 GO!オスカル!X21】#42 憧れのラブ同居でキュンキュンしたい!3-dailymotion ダウンタウン好き!YouTube系動画サイト.flv - 00062
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Takes the cake!

They were like, we can’t lose to Nogizaka and AKB! It’s only been a week or two but we’re doing ‘’it’ again. And this time we are tuning it up to 11! And friend, did they ever! I have to say I was totally taken by surprise by it! First of all I wasn’t expecting them to do do another LDK episode so soon but I guess with other Idol shows pulling out their tramp cards X21 felt like retaliating as well so they brought out their Duex ex Machina!

And by that I mean the LDK episode not the lolis! Well, most of the girls are 15 and under so they are all lolis by standard but this time they brought out one of the two of their youngest! And that is the one who is playing the girl in Sailorfuku. And you won’t believe what her name is.

Kurosaki Ichigo!

Okay, I kid, I kid but it’s like her parents just cut off the first few letters from that name. Her actual name is Osaki Ichigo. Like, were they even trying?! She wasn’t born yet when Bleach came around so the possibility is there! Not to mention that she resembles Satsuki. But then why not name her after! I guess though if Satsuki and Orihime had a child they would so name her this!

Any who, going back to the point at hand…


Like, can you believe they went for this first?!!! Jesus! Talk about instant K.O!

That’s right, they pulled a KISS on us! Not only that but they went all out by adding the loli effect for Instant KILL! Not many survived to see the rest of the episode I can tell you that!

These here are members Osaki Ichigo (as mentioned already) who is playing the girl for this round and the one playing the boy is Matsuda Rina. She is 15, if anyone is curious BTW. When I first saw this, and I think others did too, first thing I wondered was why they didn’t make Ichigo play one of the guys. I mean she has the hair, the height and the voice! The only thing going against her is the age but then they should have brought out the other loli for Ultra-Mega-Giga Awesomeness, no?

But to prove how awesome she is, Ichigo actually was really, really good as a girl. Well, she is a girl but damn yo! It hurts a bit to admit this but MaiMai and Miho just got OWN’d as my favourite in this segment! These two were simply Awesome! And they did not one but two of the scenarios. But more on that later on.

For now, they were playing the word game. Rin-kun would ask Ichigo-chan to…damn, even saying that name all I have in my mind is that darn Kurosaki! Any way, Rin-kun asks Ichigo to say words 10 times and she pulls one on Ichigo for it. First it’s the ‘Elbow’. Then came the ‘Suki’. Of course saying ‘Suki’ a couple of times and at a fast pace sometimes it sounds like one is saying ‘Kisu/Kiss’ many times.

And so Rin-kun kisses Ichigo-chan because she said ‘Kisu’ so many times. Good thing I wasn’t eating anything or drinking at that moment because I totally went ballistic! Seriously, I wasn’t expecting anything. X21 is a very conservative type of Idol group and let’s not forget Ichigo’s age. So I was just sitting there or none-suspecting just enjoying the show when out of nowhere…BAM! Needless to say I am thankful it was during the day I was watching this!

And it wasn’t just me. Even the members in the studio totally went bonkers! That Ichogo yo! And Rina too! Seriously, she is like one of the girliest of the girls in X21 yet she was just so great in this episode as a boy! here is how she looks normally…

GO!オスカル!X21】#42 憧れのラブ同居でキュンキュンしたい!3-dailymotion ダウンタウン好き!YouTube系動画サイト.flv - 00192 GO!オスカル!X21】#42 憧れのラブ同居でキュンキュンしたい!3-dailymotion ダウンタウン好き!YouTube系動画サイト.flv - 00193
GO!オスカル!X21】#42 憧れのラブ同居でキュンキュンしたい!3-dailymotion ダウンタウン好き!YouTube系動画サイト.flv - 00195 GO!オスカル!X21】#42 憧れのラブ同居でキュンキュンしたい!3-dailymotion ダウンタウン好き!YouTube系動画サイト.flv - 00199
GO!オスカル!X21】#42 憧れのラブ同居でキュンキュンしたい!3-dailymotion ダウンタウン好き!YouTube系動画サイト.flv - 00205 GO!オスカル!X21】#42 憧れのラブ同居でキュンキュンしたい!3-dailymotion ダウンタウン好き!YouTube系動画サイト.flv - 00207

See? BTW, she was asked her thoughts about the filming and she said that she was given great memories. You can see the members reaction to that! Me? I have no questions but  huge smile on my face! And apparently she was so very embarrassed after kissing Ichigo that…Ah no need to explain. Just look at the pics. Look at her trying to melt into the walls LOL

Best one yet Hands down this is!


And here comes the sick card!

Boyfriend Misaki (Sera Misaki) comes home to find a sick girlfriend! Seems as if he is always a tough-guy kind of person which prompts Ichigo-chan to wish he was a bit kinder sometimes. Well, turns out this was her day for Misaki pulls a 180 as he looks after his girl!

Badass Misako not only lets his girl rest but cooks the food for what has to be the first time ever and even feeds Ichigo-chan in bed! Talk about romantic! Then again there had to be a reason why Ichigo decided to go out with him in the first place, am I right? And that fore-head card is totally in a cheat-sheet somewhere I am sure of it!

And of course Ichigo-chan’s cuteness totally stole the show once again! That girl, seriously!



Which brings us to the cliche’’d finale for the episode!

Seriously these two >.<! I am 100% sure that if there is a poll somewhere about the cutest couple so far, it’s these two hands down! It’s like the producers themselves saw into the future when they decided to have only two boys for this episode and have these two do two of the three scenarios!

Ichigo is just too cool for her age! her voice as well, I did mention her voice, right?! Well her voice is so not what a girl like her should have and that character, such a cool factor! When I saw her sitting with the other members in the studios she looked her age but here! And that Rina! usually a soft girly girl was so in character even as she would cave after the cameras stopped rolling! Like…

This time it was the infamous ‘beautiful, huh?’ line and just like Sakura (X21’s Sakura FYI) I saw it coming from a mile away! You know, that thing where someone compliments something for it’s beauty and the other person mistakes it for being the scenery when in fact they were taking about them. Yeah, MaiMai said it best – Beta!

But even as Beta as that was, it didn’t stop my from grinning like Santa is at my window with a sac of goodies!

Indeed, Saeman was super great as usual and finally seeing Rena in Nogizakatte Doko was like finally feeling the RedBull effect kick in but X21 takes thins one! A Kiss yo! A kiss to the cheek it was but this is X21 we are talking about here and even Non was 14 at that time so it means a whole lot more here!

X21, totally on the way to my 2nd tier list alongside TGS and Fairies!

Author: Black Gekikara

Love, Eat and sleep Yuri Hail Yukirin, Batman and Zack Snyder Long Live Horror

12 thoughts on “AKB Pulls a Saeman, NGZ pulls a Rena and X21?

  1. OMG That kiss! This is the best episode so far! Thanks for sharing. ^^
    I am crazy for yuri that is the best thing make my heart pounds everyday, so I follow your greatest site.
    Can you tell me what’s episode? I really want to watch the full version.

  2. I really love this episode! I watched it 2 times already and I became Rina&Ichigo shipper from now on.
    Do you have the link or tell me where can I download it? Please, not hello! online because I can’t download it.

  3. MF, please. Thank you so much! ^^
    May I ask you something…which couple do you like the most in X21, AKB48, SKE48, NMB48, HKT48 and Nogizaka46? I am also their fan, so I just want to know.

  4. Oh my gosh! I started watching this show because of you! GAH!! The first couple is so adorable. If you don’t mind me asking, where do I go about watching the first few episodes? I’ve watched the recent ones already but I can’t seem to find the older episodes.

  5. I really want to watch this show but I don’t know where to watch it from. Do you know any websites where I can watch the episodes?

  6. hello im new fans x21 love this show because of u but i dont know where to watch this ep can u please put link i didnt find in dailymotion this ep thk alot


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