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[Drabble] The End of Mayuki? [MayuYukirin]




It was a dream, okay?! A dream!! Yeah, any way, here is the other drabble about the other dream I had about AKB48 Request Hour Best 200 2014. yep, it was a Mayuki dream, and you didn’t see that coming Willmark, now did ya?! ^^



AKB48 Request Hour Best 200 2014. The performances were half-way done. It was break time which meant an MC was happening. Last song to be performed was ‘Party is Over’ – centred by a new Management fav, 15th Gen and Team B member Owada Nana. Fellow Team B members and closest pair in the group Kashiwagi Yuki and Watanabe Mayu or better known together as Mayuki pair were the MC. But the atmosphere was nothing like what anyone came to expect from these MCs.

A closed space filled with over 1000 people from which would usually be filled with deafening noises was dead silent. The members sitting on the elevated step seats looked on to the pair as if Yukirin and Mayuyu had magically been transformed into some un-recognisable abomination. On all three entrance areas, a member of staff was poised for action but stayed frozen in place like they did not have a clue as to what to do. The audience then erupted in whispers that floated through the air like nightly fairy sounds.

Mayuki were staring each other down in such a way that made absolutely no sense to anyone present as witness. There was anger in both girls’ eyes – anger that was directed at one another. Anger that sprouted so fast that it was impossible to pin-point the exact moment things had turned the world upside down.

“Take that back!”

Kashiwagi Yuki seemed to tower over Watanabe Mayu in a way never seen before. It was like a scene out of a nightmare.


Despite having a few inches less on her opponent, Mayuyu somehow seemed equally as menacing. The unease floated in the air and poisoned it draining oxygen thin forcing a few to gasp as they fought for breath. Or maybe they had forgotten to breathe at the intensity of the scene playing out before them. But things were only just beginning.

“Take that back right now Wanatabe Mayu!”

Yukirin took a closer step towards Mayuyu. The action was so striking it was like watching steel being bent to its limits. The tension of the scene would have won three Oscars in a row were it a movie.

“Make me!”

Mayuyu stood her ground and even lifted her chest in a dare to Yukirin. Her calmness only drove the tension to maximum heights especially considering what Yukirin did next. As soon as Mayuyu had opened her mouth, Yukirin’s hand was already flying to grab Mayuyu by the shirt at the collar bone. But that wasn’t all she was planning to do. In a scene that was sure to give some nightmares, Yukirin had forced Mayuyu backwards and they went sprawling towards the floor. Yukirin had Mayuyu in a threatening hold then pulled at her blouses to bring them nose to nose. Fires of hell poured from Yukirin eyes and into Mayuyu’s. But instead of having a look of fear on her face, Mayuyu instead looked the least impressed. She raised her own hands and took hold of Yukirin’s wrists to free her blouses.

“Get off of me!”

She said it in a deathly calm voice that shouldn’t belong to someone in her position.

“Hey, what do you two think you are doing?! Stop it this instant!”

Sou-chan, Takamina – Takahashi Minami had had enough. She burst onto the stage with Minegishi Minami in tow trailed by Sashihara Rino. Wasting no time she ran over to the two and took hold of Yukirin to pull her away but then an even more shocking thing happened – Yukirin shook off her hold with such force that Takamina who hadn’t gotten a good foot hold yet found herself being flung to the side and onto her rear.

Audible gasps rang throughout the whole dome! Takamina looked at Yukirin like she had never seen her before, her mouth hanging in disbelief. So did Miichan who had stopped in her tracks only to force Sashiko to crush into her back at the sudden stopping. But Yukirin didn’t even spare their leader a glance. Her eyes were still glued on Mayuyu as the two straggled harder in order to over-power one another. Yukirin succeeded in freeing her right hand and raised it in a way that meant only one thing – she was about to put some serious damage to Mayuyu’s face with a punch.


Mayuyu shouted before Yukirin’s fist came down. She let go of Yukirin’s wrist with her right hand and just lay there, smiling at the girl straddling her tummy. Yukirin for her part let her hand lower and let go of Mayuyu’s blouse. She too beamed down at the girl that she will always be closest to! She gently and carefully got off of Mayuyu and stood up then she bent and offered a hand to Mayuyu to help her to her feet. Mayuyu took it and the stood there grinning at each for a few seconds before turning to the bewildered audience.

“The prank is a success!”

They both said in unison! Then Mayuyu turned to Yukirin gave her a high ten then said…

“That’s was great, huh?”

Yukirin returned the grin.

“Totally. We should get an Oscar for it.”

“There you go again with your worldwide delusions again!”

“Hey, I will have you know I have fans in Hollywood too! I think…”

The two broke out in uncontrolled laughter, totally ignoring the silent world watching them like they were aliens. But really, what was new? Takahashi Minami on the other hand was still sitting on her butt still watching the two just like everyone else.

“A prank?! You can’t be serious…!”



Author: Black Gekikara

Love, Eat and sleep Yuri Hail Yukirin, Batman and Zack Snyder Long Live Horror

3 thoughts on “[Drabble] The End of Mayuki? [MayuYukirin]

  1. MaYuki eh?!? Whoever saw that pairing coming!!!!! 😀

  2. Poor Takamina :))

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