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RH2014 200-101 FHD Caps

AKB48 REQUEST HOUR SETLIST BEST 200 2014 Disc5a.m2ts - 00253
AKB48 REQUEST HOUR SETLIST BEST 200 2014 Disc1a.m2ts - 00330 AKB48 REQUEST HOUR SETLIST BEST 200 2014 Disc4b.m2ts - 00575
AKB48 REQUEST HOUR SETLIST BEST 200 2014 Disc3b.m2ts - 00167 AKB48 REQUEST HOUR SETLIST BEST 200 2014 Disc3b.m2ts - 00395
AKB48 REQUEST HOUR SETLIST BEST 200 2014 Disc2.m2ts - 00592
AKB48 REQUEST HOUR SETLIST BEST 200 2014 Disc1a.m2ts - 00156 AKB48 REQUEST HOUR SETLIST BEST 200 2014 Disc4b.m2ts - 00091
AKB48 REQUEST HOUR SETLIST BEST 200 2014 Disc2.m2ts - 00186 AKB48 REQUEST HOUR SETLIST BEST 200 2014 Disc2.m2ts - 00298

And to think that we have more of this goodness incoming for the 100-1 songs!

That’s right, just spent the whole weekend sitting though hours and hours of RH2014 200-101 awesomeness and awesome is the only word to describe this! Forget the fact that my Goddess’s songs ranked so low, I was having such a goodtime I let that slide. Yukirin too seemed like she was having the time of her life but then again, when hasn’t she? Seriously I might be blinded by she might as well be the Goddess of the Stage B5 was on about!

Rena on the other hand is starting to scare me. Her pedo-side is getting way more obvious and her performance face is channelling more Gekikara than Princess Rena. You will see when you get to the caps after the jump.

Sakura too is somehow in the same boat. Watching the debut UZA and the UZA of RH14 I was like, has it really been only just over a year?! Madness! The amount of growth Sakuratan has gone through should be in the World Book of Records. But that’s not what I was talking about in similarities. It might be because now that I have noticed it it’s getting more obvious but Sakuratan interest in Yukirin like a stalker in the shadows is obvious everywhere now! She seemed to have the best spots to watch Yukirin during the whole RH whenever she was sitting in the audience on stage. Even during the Encores she was in the right position behind Yukirin where she can watch her conspicuously! No, I am not making this up. I have evidence. Jump over to see a couple. Seriously, Now it seems it’s all on Yukirin to take that extra step and things will fall into place. Sakura is like a landmine laying in wait for Yukirin to come close and step on it and fireworks will begin!

Then there is Maachun! I am going to say it here and now – It’s official. Maachun, Ogasawara Mayu is the most under-appreciated member in the history of the 48 Family! Like, what is it!?! Is she like, a relative of the SILENCE? Are memories of her erased from the fan’s heads as soon as they leave the venues?! Why the hell isn’t her real popularity translating into votes?! I don’t get it. I think we need to resurrect the greatest minds that ever existed to come together and solve this mystery! Seriously, did you all watch that MC of hers? Like, why?!!

And of course how can I wrap things up without mention that MAYUKI moment behind stage where they were looking at each other like the were lovers who have lived thousands of years and always find each other through re-incarnations or something!


Like, are you even for real?! Everything about this scene is just so unreal! Mayuyu just standing there, letting Yukirin play with her hair as much as she wants, how she wants. Mayuyu letting someone play with her HAIR! Is this a dream?!! And she wasn’t just letting her do that. Nope! She was gazing at Yukirin like…like…Oh My Goodness! There is no way, I have never even seen it myself as well. There is no way Mayuyu has ever looked like that at anyone before! Just no way! Actually no one looks at someone else who aren’t their lover like that!

My God!


And to make this surreal scene even more unreal, Rena teleports onto the scene like it’s nobody’s business, complimenting how cute Mayuyu the two looked together then disappearing as if she wasn’t even there. Like, someone please just pinch me already because I think I am totally dreaming! But even before this awesome there was this back on stage…

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Not even God can stop this train!

AKB48 - Labrador Retriever   Flying Get (Music Station 2014.06.27).ts - 00097b

  • DAT triangle!
  • It’s like Rena and Sakura-tan are ready to throw down
  • FIGHT!

Just saw MStation performance yesterday and by the great gods dear Readers…My Goggles are ready to shatter into oblivion!

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Oh God YES!

AKB48, SKE48, NMB48 & Nogizaka46 - Heavy Rotation, Everyday Katyusha, Flying Get, Mirai to wa, Ibiza Girl, Natsu no Free & Easy (TV Tokyo Ongakusai 140626).ts - 00028
AKB48, HKT48 & AKB48G - Labrador Retriever, Melon Juice, Koisuru Fortune Cookie (TV Tokyo Ongakusai 140626).ts - 00027 AKB48, HKT48 & AKB48G - Labrador Retriever, Melon Juice, Koisuru Fortune Cookie (TV Tokyo Ongakusai 140626).ts - 00022
AKB48, HKT48 & AKB48G - Labrador Retriever, Melon Juice, Koisuru Fortune Cookie (TV Tokyo Ongakusai 140626).ts - 00066
AKB48, SKE48, NMB48 & Nogizaka46 - Heavy Rotation, Everyday Katyusha, Flying Get, Mirai to wa, Ibiza Girl, Natsu no Free & Easy (TV Tokyo Ongakusai 140626).ts - 00003 AKB48, SKE48, NMB48 & Nogizaka46 - Heavy Rotation, Everyday Katyusha, Flying Get, Mirai to wa, Ibiza Girl, Natsu no Free & Easy (TV Tokyo Ongakusai 140626).ts - 00024
AKB48, HKT48 & AKB48G - Labrador Retriever, Melon Juice, Koisuru Fortune Cookie (TV Tokyo Ongakusai 140626).ts - 00073

Everyone, everyone, EVERYONE I SAY! Look  carefully at those caps and you will guess as to exactly how happy I am right this moment! You can only guess because you can’t possibly have any idea just how much I actually am!

So, I was just sitting there, not having anything to do I decide to watch the leaked performances of the 48Family at TV Tokyo Ongakusai! And by the Gods! My face people, my face! Actually scratch that because I don’t think I still have a face! It’s all tots melted off due to the sheer happiness radiating from it throughout the whole thing!

Yes, just as the title says, all of the AKB songs were performed by only and I mean ONLY the New Media Senbatsu (Top 16) from this month’s elections! I actually didn’t even notice this until minutes in when my mind couldn’t grasp what I was watching! All of that Sakura/Mayuyu/Yukirin/Rena/Sae/Yuihan/Sayanee….There just had to be something up! My grin was getting wider and wider and I began to have suspicions!

Well it turns out the answer to everything was as simple as the Top 16 being the main performers which explained the weird scenes I was seeing of Sakura-tan and Yukirin being constantly next to each other or a Mayuyu/Sakura combo or the weird Rena/Sakura/Sae recipe for disaster! 

Lord Almighty!

If this keeps up 2011’s senbatsu is almost getting close to being POWN’d by this one as the best ever! Seriously, why can’t things be like this all the time!?! Media senbatsu should be media senbatsu for the rest of the year until the next elections! I would seriously buy all the singles all year around if that was the case if just watching these few TV performances made me this happy! it might also just be me but Yukirin really seemed more happy than usual (which is really tough to call) during this day! And if course she was as fabu as always…


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Enlightenment, I have achieved it!

[Kaylith] Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san - 12 [720p][38929CB6].mkv - 00012
Them Hands are my Kryptonite!

Sorry people but I just have to talk about this! I don’t know what’s going on and I will probably get a very very bad day in the future to balance out this happiness I am feeling right now but today has been a very full-filling day for me. So there I am watching episode 12 of Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san and guess what happens…

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AKB Pulls a Saeman, NGZ pulls a Rena and X21?

GO!オスカル!X21】#42 憧れのラブ同居でキュンキュンしたい!3-dailymotion ダウンタウン好き!YouTube系動画サイト.flv - 00059 GO!オスカル!X21】#42 憧れのラブ同居でキュンキュンしたい!3-dailymotion ダウンタウン好き!YouTube系動画サイト.flv - 00062
1403282648220 1403282642574
1403283084941 1403283078339
Takes the cake!

They were like, we can’t lose to Nogizaka and AKB! It’s only been a week or two but we’re doing ‘’it’ again. And this time we are tuning it up to 11! And friend, did they ever! I have to say I was totally taken by surprise by it! First of all I wasn’t expecting them to do do another LDK episode so soon but I guess with other Idol shows pulling out their tramp cards X21 felt like retaliating as well so they brought out their Duex ex Machina!

And by that I mean the LDK episode not the lolis! Well, most of the girls are 15 and under so they are all lolis by standard but this time they brought out one of the two of their youngest! And that is the one who is playing the girl in Sailorfuku. And you won’t believe what her name is.

Kurosaki Ichigo!

Okay, I kid, I kid but it’s like her parents just cut off the first few letters from that name. Her actual name is Osaki Ichigo. Like, were they even trying?! She wasn’t born yet when Bleach came around so the possibility is there! Not to mention that she resembles Satsuki. But then why not name her after! I guess though if Satsuki and Orihime had a child they would so name her this!

Any who, going back to the point at hand…

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Vid – Everything I Do (I do it for you) [MadoHomu]


Oh man, no matter how much I tried I just couldn’t fit all I wanted into this video! I mean it’s almost 7mins long and it still feels like there is only about 10% I could put in there. Well, nothing is stopping me from making more, am I right? Like, there is a lot of yuri songs that I haven’t challenged yet. Songs that one can’t call themselves a yuri fan without having made a video using them. Songs like Gravity of Love and Almost all tATu songs! Ooh, I am getting all excited like…

Any way, in case you don’t catch it (that is, if the video is still rendering) the youtube video is in FullHD MAX quality so give it time to get there. The source is 700MB (in 4 parts) as you will see in the download link because there is no way I am doing any less for My No.01 yuri couple! No! Way! It looks very beautiful that I even cried where I had to use effects. I really hate video effects. They spoil my visual experience. This is why I rarely, if at all, use them in my AMVs.

Any way, I hope you enjoy and long live MadoHomu!


I want this JoB!

Jacket of Baddassadery!

I really want it!

By the way, Akuma no Riddle has been the series of the season for me. I nearly cried my heart out when I thought that…that…But thank God for Admantium Titanium ribcages! How long has it been since we got a GOOD END in a yuri series like this? I can’t even remember.

Even though Inugami takes the cake as the yuri show of the season (That show is just too perfect-like!) Akuma no Riddle wins because it survived! I mean there is no way we should have had that ending but we did, it was like some kind of Finland Miracle or something!

But the moment that forced me to spill my drink was surprisingly not Haru bitch-slapping Death but rather, seeing Tokaku in that jacket! Seriously, BLACK-san’s jacket?!! I rafuse to believe it wasn’t intentional, I simply rafuse! Seeing that Badass Tokaku wearing my precious Goddess of Baddassadery BLACK-san’s jacket from Majisuka Gakuen was just calls for soda choking! Awesome show is awesome!

Haru, I consider your family the same as mine!

If that wasn’t a confession from Tokaku, backed-up with Haru’s smile as acceptance, I don’t what is! There is no other explanation of that ending where they walk off like a couple with Haru’s arm in Tokaku’s! Tokaku who is wearing the Jacket of Badassadery!

Now, if you will excuse me, I believe Amazon Japan had it…