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Dear members, welcome to Mayuki world



Um yeah, every member is like ‘get a room you two, geez’. And I was like – ‘Um sorry people but you’re standing in it! The Mayuki bedroom follows Mayuki every where!’. Seriously though, you could totally see the world of distance between Mayuki and the other members. They were like, what are we doing here? At one point I almost even forgot that the whole team was around during that MC. it didn’t help too that no one was saying a thing to interrupt the two. But really, who would want to be that villainous?! LOL

Oh Mayuki, how I totally missed you! I heard Mayuyu was transferred to team A to grow up? I heard she had changed? I see no difference at all to the days of B5. hahaha. Well, except her hair style matured but other than that…Heh! Darn, their love is like no other! It’s like they weren’t separated for almost two years! Then again, I guess you have to look somewhere different to see what changed! And that’s what I did. The surprise is that the change was on Yukirin’s side! Maybe it’s just a delusion but to me Yukirin seems to be more…feely towards Mayuyu for some reason! While before it seemed like emotions flowed from Mayuyu’s side to Yukirin more, this time it’s the reverse! Now it’s Yukirin who is voicing her emotions towards Mayuyu!

Well, I guess then that Mayuyu’s growing up project worked since it seems Yukirin sees her as an adult now and not a child anymore so she isn’t afraid of putting her feelings for Mayuyu out there.


Just look at that possessiveness! Good luck getting close to Mayuyu you all Mayuyu Oshii! She was like a black panther protectively and possessively circling her babies! hahaha! And that last gif where she totally checks Mayuyu out in that cool pose! Ahhhhhhhhh


She even made eye-contact during this scene! She rarely does that! And I am not exactly sure but I am going to start looking out for it from now on but I accidentally…

AKB48 140505 B3R LOD 1800 (Watanabe Mayu BD).wmv - 00034

I am now wondering how often Yukirin had glanced over in Mayuyu’s direction during performances! Then I remember the promise to herself of always being on Mayuyu’s side watching over her from behind Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Too much sugar!


But then during Mayuyu’s Happy birthday song, Oh yea, these are from Monday performances one of which was Mayuyu’s BD performance (the 6pm one). Any way, Mayuyu turns around expecting a hug (or a kiss) only to find Yukirin offering her a hand shake! Her face says it all!

Huh?! A handshake? You serious?!! Fufufu

Well, it wasn’t a handshake but I found it funny heh!


Then there was of course that glance and earth-shuttering smile that Yukirin gave when she wanted to say that today was Mayuyu’s Seintasai but didn’t then got embarrassed! That totally got me good!

Seriously you two, get a ro-Oh wait…


But Yukirin wasn’t the only one on fire! That look that I can only describe as pure seduction that Mayuyu gave as she said to Yukirin ‘ I am an adult now’ was all kinds of mind-hammering! And Yukirin trying her best to ignore it was not helping anything! And the way Mayuyu said that line too dag up a great deal of delusions that I can’t seem to contain!

‘I am an adult now’. Jesus Christ! What is it you are trying to day Mayuyu?!!! You are killing us over here!


For crying out loud even gravity ships these two! Look at their heads totally gravitate towards each other like they were two sides of a magnetic field! Or maybe those are God’s invisible hands doing the ‘NOW KISS’ thing because even God is out of patience where these two are concerned and wants to see action yesterday! In the Underworld the Devil too is preparing popcorn!

AKB48 140505 B3R LOD 1800 (Watanabe Mayu BD).wmv - 00107
AKB48 140505 B3R LOD 1800 (Watanabe Mayu BD).wmv - 00111

Sorry, I just can’t have enough of this reality! It the human eye could see just a bit more, I am sure there would be this swirling of sorts laying out the barrier between worlds! And by worlds I mean the Mayuki world and the human world. LOL

Dear me, I am feeling very stupid now for even ever doubting this Master ship! Forgive this poor being Mayuki, I was lost but now I am found! Please let me claim you as my Top ship once more and for all!

AKB48 140505 B3R LOD 1300.wmv - 00009
AKB48 140505 B3R LOD 1300.wmv - 00001 AKB48 140505 B3R LOD 1300.wmv - 00034
AKB48 140505 B3R LOD 1300.wmv - 00002 AKB48 140505 B3R LOD 1300.wmv - 00073

Speaking of which, Monday was also the day of three new introductions! Izuta Rina, Umeta Ayano and Fukuoka Seina. Izurina too over Mio-chan’s position in Pajama Drive and she totally smashed it! This should have been the original line-up from the get go but since Mio will probably only appear a few times, I guess they made the right call here.

Umetan took Maachun’s position in Kagami no naka which makes me kind of sad that I have to choose only one of each every time. I kind of like Umetan a bit much. Then there is the loli of new Team B, Seina-chan. This cute youngest member takes Ikoma-kun’s position as Mayuyu’s partner in Temo demo no Namida and I have to say that not even my love for Ikoma-kun stopped me from preferring Seina-chan for the role. She was just so good and that smile is also to blame!

Now there is only four left to appear and I think that we will get to see at least some of them the next performance (which is Thur? Fri?) which are Aeri-chan, Tanamin, Rena and Wakanyan.

A few others things that happened in Monday’s performances were:

AKB48 140505 B3R LOD 1300.wmv - 00082
Sayaya being Kawaii as always…
Hilary trying to put ripples in Mayuki waters!

AKB48 140505 B3R LOD 1300.wmv - 00069 AKB48 140505 B3R LOD 1300.wmv - 00071
AKB48 140505 B3R LOD 1300.wmv - 00072
and I also spotted some JuriNana


And speaking of those two, looks like whatever happens in Zombie World Narnia doesn’t stay in Narnia!

Any way, team B is proving to be a real treat! I haven’t been this excited to watch the following stage like this since…I can’t even remember! This feeling I only get when I watch a really great Anime show and there is only a few that I watch weekly!

Totally my Favourite Team!

Author: Black Gekikara

Love, Eat and sleep Yuri Hail Yukirin, Batman and Zack Snyder Long Live Horror

2 thoughts on “Dear members, welcome to Mayuki world

  1. Ikoma who?!?

    As if all that Mayu/Ikoma stuff last time out was all troll MaYuki showed everyone why they are the flagship of the AKS fleet of ships!!

    I mean they haven’t missed a step, I mean sure Mayu comes back an adult and all that (Hints Yuki HINTS!!!!) entails but this is the same MaYuki we had pre split, like that split did not happen at all, it was part crazy, part satisfying part tear enducing awesome all at once!!!

    One thing is though, and perhaps it’s me but it does seem that because of that split that Yuki this time will not let Mayu go O__O perhaps it is just me (and you to BG!!) but she does seem more possessive……. and I like it!!!

    And as it was Mayu’s Birthday stage……. boy how satisfying to have Yuki running the celebration, I mean that right there was a sign showing us all was right in the MaYuki World, and everyone kind of sensed it to, including Mayu and Yuki themselves, needless to say it was a great moment!

    SO what more to say, not much, MaYuki are back and they hit the ground running and it will push the two of them on I think, they are just better idols together, they really are so I’m still thrilled to see them together and it will never, ever get boring!!

    Oh and it was great to see Umeta Ayano, that girl….. seriously that girl!!!!

    • I’m with you on these two progressing more together than apart. It’s a mystery to me but I can’t explain it. No other is like them and I doubt there will ever be. AtsuYuko or rival Aces are everywhere in WMatsui and SayaMilky for example but no other like Mayuki. I really hope Mayuki finally and officially get to lead the 48G together. I am doing my best for Yukirin.

      And I guess that Yukirin feels like she did not fight hard enough for Mayuyu last time. Not this time. Or maybe she was shown that the possibility of getting separated wasn’t so farfetched after the last time and she hopes to make the best of the time they have together now.

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