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DAT Mayuki Interview translated!


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A great deal of thank yous to whoever translated this interview of Mayuki from their latest Magazine Photoshoot. I think I got this from Stage48 but I am sure whoever posted it there wasn’t the one who translated it. Any way, thank you very much mystery awesome person!

And as always Mayuki are being Mayuki and by that I mean that they never disappoint! Truly, the Captain’s ship of this fleet! Too bad all that awesomeness had to be cut short no thanks to B Garden! I mean how awesome would it have been if this was followed up by those two doing the Mayuki thing as the double Centre for that PV?

At least they made up for that in Yuko’s grad PV! In case no one knows what I am talking about…

20140506 めざまし大島優子感謝祭 - YouTube.mp4 - 00001

Sorry about the shitty quality but just look at them! And before anyone goes ‘What’s the big deal? Everyone else is sharing an umbrella!’ I will have to ask you to point your eyes to the hands! Only a Mayuki umbrella takes the power of two hands to hold! Kukuku

And where is my meme! You know which one I am talking about! There is a BuraGeki version of it now I want a Mayuki, with these clothes yo! You all artists out there get to work!

Any way, the awesome Mayuki loving translations…

WPB_2014_No_19_20_Ver_T_060s WPB_2014_No_19_20_Ver_T_061s


Interviewer: So, how was your “MayuYukirin” photo shoot?

Kashiwagi: We laughed a lot during the photo shoot so it was no good.

Watanabe: Yeah, Yukirin suddenly laughed; it looked like the cameraman-san made her laugh or something. Then later I also felt like laughing so we laughed together (lol).

Kashiwagi: But it’s been a very long time since us two last had a photo shoot together, right?

Watanabe: Yeah. Maybe because we didn’t get to be together a lot.

Interviewer: But at “Request Hour 2014” in April held at Saitama Super Arena, all 3rd generation members gathered and sang “Shonichi” – the original team B’s song, right? Fans at the arena remembered the past and were very sad about it, “A team B started with 16 members now only has 5 left.”

Kashiwagi: I was happy about that.

Watanabe: Everyone was in high spirit before we sang, right? Like “Ue~i!!”

Kashiwagi: 5 of us were going to make a circle and start the song by saying our usual line, but the song was started mistakenly so we couldn’t, and it’s a pity.

Interviewer: If you guys had done that, there would have been fans died crying because they were moved, wouldn’t there??

Watanabe: Then I’m glad that there are no victims (lol).

Interviewer: But 3rd generation is kinda doing good. There are only 3 members from 1st generation (Takahashi Minami, Kojima Haruna, Minegishi Minami) and only 1 member from 2nd generation (Kobayashi Kana-san) who actually still remain in AKB48.

Kashiwagi: Really?

Watanabe: I see. As the senpais keep leaving, I have to pull myself together. That was what I thought during the Daisokaku Matsuri (Big Reshuffle).

Interviewer: Watanabe-san is the only center in the newest single “Labrador Retriever”.

Watanabe: Now…I really think that we need to pull everyone together. Since Yuko-chan won’t be there anymore. I think we need to build up our strength even more than before.

Interviewer: Kashiwagi-san, how do you feel seeing Watanabe-san as the center?

Kashiwagi: I think she’s doing fine. By the way, I think I’ve said this many times before, but I always think that Mayuyu fits the center position of AKB48 the best.

Watanabe: Wa~. I’m happy.

Kashiwagi: Obviously because of your skills, your popularity and effort. I think Mayuyu is the only one who never complaints anything to anyone. Yuko-chan and Takamina also said that.

Watanabe: Really? Wow!

Interviewer: Certainly I have an impression that Watanabe-san is being a stoic in her “idol path”, and just advances without being shaken. You’re well aware of that, right?

Watanabe: It’s because I joined AKB48 and now being in a blessed environment, after all… There are lots of people who want to become idols but cannot do so. That’s why I feel that I have to precious the chance I got.

Kashiwagi: Yeah. Originally Mayuyu is always serious, so she thinks about this very properly. It’s not “because I’ve become the center”. And I think many kouhais admire her because of that.

Interviewer: And at Daisokaku Matsuri, Kashiwagi-san was announced to have a concurrent position in NMB48.

Kashiwagi: I was very surprised! Truthfully I always thought that things about concurrent position have nothing to do with me at all. But when I first stood on stage as NMB48 at their concert at Saitama Super Arena, I certainly had a fresh feeling that is different from AKB48. Now I feel that having a concurrent position is really worth doing! But when my name was called at Daisokaku Matsuri, I thought “Why me?”

Watanabe: I was sitting with her at Team B’s place that time so I was also surprised.

Kashiwagi: There are many members with many different personalities in NMB48. But members that are not in senbatsu really don’t have much spotlight. Now that I was able to discover such girls’ interesting personalities, I think I can also do my duty to help them have some spotlight. I’m already a 3rd generation member. I think I can become those girls‘strength by doing such duty.

Interviewer: I see. And also at Daisokaku Matsuri, Watanabe-san was announced to be transferred back to team B. It’s been a long time for you two to be in the same team.

Watanabe: Yeah. When I was in team A I felt like being thrown to a completely different environment, so now I feel a sense of secure that I can relax again.

Kashiwagi: When Mayuyu went to team A, she got to do lots of solo works and she alone had to compete with everyone else, so it’s been a very long time for us two to be pair again.

Your thoughts towards election this year

Interviewer: The general election is coming near. Last year’s 1st place – Sashihara Rino-san is from HKT48, and Oshima Yuko-san in 2nd place won’t participate this year. I think that makes Watanabe-san in 3rd place and Kashiwagi-san in 4th place AKB48’s center of attention. At Daisokaku in spring, “MayuYukirin” pair was revived. I want to hear your thoughts as representatives of AKB48.

Watanabe: From my own experience from last year’s election, I’ll definitely think “I won’t know what would happen”. You just can’t expect anything!

Interviewer: You said “I want my name to be called last” at last year’s election, right?

Watanabe: Really, you can’t imagine how the result will be. But my feeling of wanting to be called last definitely doesn’t change.

Interviewer: How about Kashiwagi-san? The day before you wrote on your blog that “I’d be happy if everyone would support me a little bit more”, so there are news on net writing that “Will Kashiwagi Yuki graduate within this year?”

Watanabe: Eh? Really?

Kashiwagi: No no you got it wrong (lol)! That’s a misunderstanding. I’m worried that my fans are trying to support me too much, so I meant “Just a little bit is fine”! “Only supporting by feelings is okay. Don’t overdo it that it burdens you.” was what I was trying to say.

(What she wrote is “mousukoshi dake ouenshite itadaketara ureshii desu” which can make ppl misunderstand)

Interviewer: I see. I’m glad I asked you about that.

Kashiwagi: Please write about this clearly! (Laugh)

Interviewer: But then, what do you think? Now that your sister groups are growing up more and more, how do you feel as their senpai?

Kashiwagi: AKB48 is helped by its sister groups in many parts, but still the group itself is the senpai. I think everyone all feels that “Like hell we would lose to our sister groups”. The same goes for me. But then, I won’t talk about things like this with Mayuyu.

Watanabe: Yeah you don’t.

Kashiwagi: Yes. I love AKB48 in that way, so both of us want to do our best……But, despite saying that, I’m having a concurrent post in NMB48 which is one of the sister groups (lol). It’s really difficult in many ways.

Interviewer: The general election is really coming soon, so please do your best! Then, lastly, do you two have anything not AKB48-related you want to do?

Watanabe: I would like to walk together in front of Shibuya 109 and be scouted again!

Interviewer: Eh, you mean……

Watanabe: Yes, the story of me being scouted while we were walking in front of 109, when I was in 8th grade and her in 10th grade.

Kashiwagi: That sure brings back memories.

Watanabe: After Yukirin said “Let’s go!”, I was told by the scouting person “Please bring along your mother”. I want to do the same thing again!

Interviewer: So you want a person to scout you without knowing you from AKB48, and Kashiwagi-san being treated as your mother again?

Watanabe: Yes! I want to experience that again! (Grinning)

Kashiwagi: I don’t wanna?!!

10-question-10-answer for MayuYukirin!!

To Mayuyu about Yukirin

Q. What part of Yukirin do you like?

That she’s kind. Like a mother. Like motherhood. I always say this, but I feel secured being with her. I won’t talk about Takarazuka with people who aren’t interested in it. But with Yukirin I do. She always listens to what I say. So I just feel like saying everything to her freely.

Q. What part of Yukirin do you respect?

Her performance in live concert. You’ll think like “She’s really an idol! So amazing!” when looking at her. Her facial expressions, movements and gestures. There are no other people that can do like her. But, since only Yukirin can do that, so I haven’t thought about copying her for once.

Q. What do you want Yukirin to stop doing?

She’s pretty lukewarm. That part of her is interesting and I love it, but sometimes she’s just too lukewarm. She completely doesn’t remember what people talked to her.

Q. Your first impression about Yukirin?

“So such a neat, tidy and innocent beautiful girl like her exists! She’s really slender and cute!” was what I thought. “If I were a high school boy and such a girl was in my class…..What if that girl sat next to me because of seating arrangement, what would it be like!?”. That was what I always imagined when I was 12 back then.

Q. If you are to compare Yukirin with an animal, what would she be?

I don’t know. I don’t know much about animals……I only know about dogs, cats and rabbits……Then, giraffe. A kind and lukewarm giraffe. Since she’s tall but thin!

Q. If you two got to go on a vacation together, where would you go?

I want to go to Kagoshima. Yakushima! It was the setting for “Princess mononoke”, and it is a power spot (a place that thought to be flowing with mystical energy). That’s why I want to go there. Anyway I want her to be my guide at Kagoshima!

Q. How do you handle Yukirin?

Basically she’s broad-minded so she’ll just take whatever I do to her, and she even pays me back. And also, she’ll be happy if I just give her watermelon. Yeah. Very very happy. What she hates is animal.

Q. Please tell us Yukirin’s secret!

There was a time she was addicted to green smoothies, but lately I haven’t heard about that from her so probably she got tired of that already.

Q. Do you two have any promises?

She told me she wanted to go and watch Takarazuka, so I want to take her there. But we still haven’t promised anything about that. We don’t have any particular promises with each other.

Q. A message to Yukirin.

I borrowed a DVD from you 2 or 3 years ago but haven’t returned it…….I haven’t actually seen that DVD. So, I’ll return it to you after I’ve watched it!

To Yukirin about Mayuyu

Q. What part of Mayuyu do you like?

That she’s cute. She always brings onigiri that her mother made with her. I think that part of her is so cute. She always brings it preciously. She eats it with drinking yoghurt.

Q. What part of Mayuyu do you respect?

That she’s serious. That she’s being a pro. If she has work in early next morning, she’ll not go out for dinner with other members but go home, having her works as her priority. It’s not because she doesn’t get along with members, really. She’s very strict to herself, and I think she not being shaken easily is very amazing.

Q. What do you want Mayuyu to stop doing?

When she talks about Takarazuka she just won’t stop. I’m slowly having interest in it now…….but she just tells me about it too much. I’m grateful about that…..but, even if she tells me a lot I’ll just forget all, so…

Q. Your first impression about Mayuyu?

I think she was the cutest one in the audition! The first words Mayuyu said to me was when she approached me and said “I also have the same parka as yours”. That pink parka with flower pattern.

Q. If you are to compare Mayuyu with an animal, what would she be?

Chihuahua. At the beginning I thought she would be broken easily if I hugged her. Now she’d be a whimsical cat, I think. Her spirits and happiness towards people is different depends on who and what day.

Q. If you two got to go on a vacation together, where would you go?

Hakone. It’s near here and it’d sound realistic, wouldn’t it? (Lol). Also I think I heard Mayuyu saying “I want to go to onsen” before, somehow.

Q. How do you handle Mayuyu?

She’ll be happy if I give her meats. Meats and kids. Ah, I shouldn’t put these two together (lol). She loves kids, so she’s in a very good mood when being near young members. Now she very loves HKT48’s “NakoMiku” (Yabuki Nako and Tanaka Miku).

Q. Please tell us Mayuyu’s secret!

Her level of casual clothes changes each day. Just when I thought she would wear something adult-like and 20-year-old-like, then the day before she went to the handshake before wearing a jersey.

Q. Do you two have any promises?

Only a promise to myself though. Whenever both me and Mayuyu are in AKB48, I’ll definitely be on Mayuyu’s side. I’m still carrying out such a one-sided promise.

Q. A message to Mayuyu.

I love you as a friend, a member and a person from the same generation with me. I respect you. Mayuyu is very special to me.

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  1. If you want to know I think it’s chichan54’s translation, here the original link : http://chichan54.tumblr.com/post/84428163418/its-been-a-long-time-for-a-mayuyukirin-only-photo

    Yukirin’s promise to herself is so cute >w<.

    Now I have to go work -run-

  2. It’s the “Do you two have any promises?” question that they as Yuki, her answer gets me every damn time ❤

    Even more so because you truly believe Yuki when she says this, I mean there id proof that she has been sticking to this promise for most of her career!!

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