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[Team B] It Re/Begins! The Quartet


AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00568
AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00468 AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00418
AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00570 AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00331
AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00357 AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00505
AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00486 AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00258
AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00646 AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00724
AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00272 AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00291
AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00727 AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00304
AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00393 AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00595

Okay, I’m calm, I‘m calm!

I am calm…


AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00003 AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00018
AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00069 AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00075
AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00119 AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00124
AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00151 AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00201
AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00283
AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00290 AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00293
AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00294 AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00295
AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00296 AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00298
AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00300 AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00310
AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00318
AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00325 AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00326
AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00462 AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00463
AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00465 AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00475
AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00470
AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00509 AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00528
AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00540 AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00541
AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00555 AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00559
AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00566
AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00569 AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00578
AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00584 AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00588
AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00689 AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00692
AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00691
AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00720 AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00766
AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00767 AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00799

Finally! Finally dear Readers, I have finally watched it – that very awaited Stage of New Team B! And by the gods! Give me a moment while I scream some more…

Okay! First of all, let me let you all know that have not yet watched this because of some bad views on Stage48 – Do not even take those guys seriously! Some of what they were saying was disappointment in the performance, making me wonder WTF they were expecting! A completely new stage or something most likely! because there is no explanation as to why anyone would be disappointed by this performance! Well, there is butt hurt, major butt hurt where Oshis are concerned but other than that, I can’t think of anything because to me, despite having seen the original B3 countless times (Still have the complete LOD collection too) I am blown away by the lack of disappointment actually within me. I guess it’s thanks to the fact that I did not watch any none Team B Pajama Drive! I mean I have seen parts of it like Sakura-tan’s Pajama Drive but not the full stage done by another Team.

Then there were others going about how Yukirin was so tired and didn’t give her all.Umm yeah…My mind is spinning trying to figure that out! I mean I won’t go around saying how I know Yukirin the best but I know her enough after following her these past 5 years me thinks (Not six because the two Oshimas were my virgin Oshi’s, starting with MaiMai of course!) and so as I watched this stage a second time (first time I couldn’t even dare pause the video – I was that hooked), my eye locked onto Yukirin, watching out for this let-down some were talking about and wanna know what I found? Does the bear shit in the woods? Only reasons I can think of is that they did not watch the whole stage, let alone at all! They just saw some capture images that were taken from those serious songs in the third act and they just jumped to conclusions! There are songs that require certain expressions in them and we all know what Yukirin turns into when on stage. She will make you feel like a ghost when the song is about death!

So dear Readers, fear not for those lies and nothing but that – LIES! This was an awesome stage! Despite being a revamped original Team B stage, the fans themselves too were in hyper-mode!  I too was not spared! I have been freaking out on high doses of sugar thanks to this stage for two days now trying to think of how I am supposed to write about my experience! At last I settled for going from member to member! Team B is my favourite Team, I have said this many times and now that it has three THREE of my Kamis in it, well, it might as well be a match made in heaven! And again to those who do not know, My Kamis are

  1. Yukirin
  2. Rena
  3. Maachun
  4. Sakura-tan
  5. and now Ikoma-kun my NGZ46 Oshi is in AKB as well and in my favourite Team!

Well dear Readers, you do the math! And yes, permission to feel jealous is granted!

Let’s begin and what better way to start than the soul of Team B herself Yukirin – Kashiwagi Yuki! Oh oh Oh and one last thing before we go any further – DAT Hair-do of Yukirin’s >.<! Oh thank you Lord Jesus! I have been wishing for Yukirin to have her hair back again pinned up like that! I missed that hair so terribly! Looking grown-up is all good but darn it, I missed that hair-do and I am so glad she answered my secret wish by re-applying it for this Shonichi! A true goddess that answers wishes – my Goddess is! Seriously I was having dreams about going to a handshake event with a photo (this photo)…

21_032_03 (2)

…and begging her in some record-breaking terrible Japanese to please wear it that way one more time. One last time is enough! And what did my Goddess go and do? She totally went and granted my wish! I love her!

First of all, there was a lot of specular around new Team B and who would be doing what because of what Team 4 had done with Miichan! Some thought that the next Gen would be Centres while the likes of Yukirin and Mayuyu – legends, would be shafted to the sides as support! Now I am a speculi myself but even I knew that wouldn’t happen. I even wrote a reply about it on Stage48 I believe. Okay, yeah Miichan in team 4 and Sashiko in team H are in supporting roles despite being the top rankers in their respective teams but their ‘circumstances’ are very much different from MayuYukirin. Not having these two centre Team B would be like the worst mistake in the whole history if human kind! There is already talk about how now MayuYukirin are the representatives of AKB48 (a la senbatsu) now that Yuko is gone! Which is stirring up all kinds of heat for the next Senbatsu BTW so having those be be back-up dancers to some girls who time has yet to come…well…

And so thankfully, MayuYukirin reprised their true roles and the spirit of Team B with Yukirin still centring the Third Act as opposed to Mayuyu’s First – Oh! Lost? let me explain, By 1st, 2nd and 3rd Acts I mean in the sense that the 1st Act are the songs before the introductions. The 2nd being the unit songs. Then the third is what follows before the Encore break. To my eyes Mayuyu (with Ikoma-kun looks like) lead the 1st Act (from ‘Shonichi’ to ‘Futarinori no Jitensha’) . Yukirin then takes the 3rd Action Sequence (from ‘Two Years Later’ to ‘Kiss Shite Son Shichatta’).

Also as I hoped – that the units for Mayuyu and Yukirin would be changed so that they did something else – that wish came true! I mean we do not know how long they are going to have to perform ‘Pajama Drive‘ again for, and I can imagine that even though ‘Pajama Drive’ and ‘Temo Demo no Namida’ are MayuYukirin’s songs respectively, they have got to be tired of performing them! Like, can someone even count how many times Yukirin has done Temo Demo?! I lost count years ago! So imagine my joy when Yukirin totally SWAGGED her way onto  the stage for not Temo Demo but Junjou Shugi?!!! I’m sorry but you can’t!

Well maybe you could since the fans present were almost as aflame as I was! You need to listen to the crowd when the lights dim after Mio’s (and Juri and Ryouka)Pajama Drive, the music starts and Yukirin appears from the shadows like good old BLACK-san! I was too busy freaking out by myself and totally drowning out the audience’s own fan-girling sessions and then yukirin went and totally dice, sliced and finally incinerated Junjou Shugi with the help of awesome voice TakeMiyu and Dance guru Hilary! I swear to you guys this unit is almost too perfect! Yukirin and Miyu’s voices combined with Hilary’s dance was just way to epic for words! And Yukirin, totally taming that song like she had done it during the original run and not Haachan!


I have to confess, I have always had this inkling that even though Yukirin is said to be a great dancer and fastest to learn the moves (which is why she was chosen to sub for Yuko during the first tour when Yukirin was still KKS) I still felt like she wasn’t that good. Which is why I was worried about her when she was chosen to represent AKB in Team N! But then I see her actually dance like in this song and I also watched her in team N’s 1st New team stage and I get blown away every single time! I really don’t know why! is it because she rarely (AKB really) gets to show off in dance numbers because of how rare they are?! Maybe, maybe not but either way, my goddess keeps shocking me and don’t get me started on that team N performance yet!

No dear Readers, if you were worrying about Yukirin not handling anything in both new B and N, find something else to worry about because just as always, Kashiwagi Yuki-sama has proved us wrong! I only pray that these surprises keep on happening and maybe weave their way into senbatsu as well!

Long live Yukirin-sama!


AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00350
AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00065 AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00219
AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00222 AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00231
AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00366 AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00384
AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00386 AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00408
AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00432 AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00440
AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00447 AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00548
AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00544
AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00596 AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00659
AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00668 AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00678
AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00681 AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00682
AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00683 AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00693
AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00790
AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00694 AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00721
AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00797 AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00798

Oh Maachun, my Maachun *cries a little* Been here mere minutes and she is already saving the day! I love yooooo! As I said before, for me when I thought of NMB, I always thought of Maachun so her being here is like having the whole of NMB here in Team B! My happiness, it is just so much! I have to cry to save myself from an emotional combustion! It’s is only the first day and I if I maybe honest, I was really worried about Maachun in Team B even though there was Yukirin and Mayuyu to whom she had a kind of connection already but I was still worried. Maachun needs a ‘partner in crime’ so to speak, and without Sayanee or Ripopo, I felt like she was going to be real lonely in there because even as friendly as Yukirin and Mayuyu are, they have a different context in their pages as opposed to Maachun.

That lead to another worry about her changing herself from the playfully awesome Maachun I know and love and adore to a more tamed, laid-back and serious Maachun! Thank the Lord God that did not happen! As you can see in the pics and gif, Maachun is still Maachun forever till death does her no more! Now not to say that she hasn’t changed at all. No, she has changed, she isstill playful but just as she said in a show where Sayanee asked her before what she is hoping to accomplish now that she is 20 (Yep, Maachun is 20 years old! I feel like a fossil!) She had answered that she was going to be more serious and some times she seems to have calmed down a bit but it’s like a nuclear power plant that just got turned off! Something is waiting to happen at any moment’s notice and she can’t help it but be the Maachun we know and love!

The way she made that first MC go so fast making it the shortest MC ever done (only mentally not in actuality) was just awe-inspiring! I knew that we were saved! I now know why they chose not Theatre no Megami but Pajama Drive for this new Team B because that line on Team B Oshii that goes something like ‘guda guda MC’ would not make any sense anymore!

And Shiichan apparently stepped up her game as if not to lose to this monstrosity from Osaka which made for quite an entertaining MC and hopefully more to come! And speaking of Maachun and Osaka, I am not sure if the whole theatre was half-filled by Osaka fans who are always watching Maachun at the Osaka theatre or if Team B fans are the greatest fans ever but the welcome Maachun got was just mind-blowing! I am not sure which was the most heated, Mayuyu’s welcome back excitement for the fans or Maachun’s arrival! Mio-chan and Ikoma-kun’s appearances were s step behind (though not so far) which makes me a really proud Team B fan! Comparing this to Yukirin and Aanyan’s welcome is like Heaven and Hell! I kid you not! Maybe I am being too butt hurt but I sure didn’t feel Yukirin’s welcome where the fans are concerned! The members (especially Akarin – Oh God, Akarin – But more on this later) were great but the fans…I think I felt some steam going out of my ears! I was this close to screaming in rage! But again, I am getting away with myself.

But Team B fans were great! They welcomed everyone with wide-open arms and I think that gave the members and Maachun a boost for their on-coming performances. If it hadn’t been Yukirin on the other side, I think they would have caved in a bit. I mean they are Idols so they have to smile at everything but that was just too mean! Even as Yukirin was saying how the fans were welcoming, I felt the pain for her! She almost killed herself doing those rigorous dances and yet…and yet!!!!

Okay, calm your tits Black- Gekikara!

Any way Maachun in this new Team is to Yukirin what Ikoma-kun is to Mayuyu! If they are pairs then these are they! And Maachun apparently made up her mind that her place is now forever between MayuYukirin! She sat between them during that Sokaku Matsuri and now she is standing right in-between them during the MCs not to mention taking Yukirin for herself. Now to be fair, Mayuyu cheated first with they way she was being all feely with Ikoma-kun like they were newly-weds or something (Oh god!) and Mamarin did not help things in the least. That moment you have probably seen in gifs on Tumblr where Mayuyu hugs Ikoma-kun to death took place towards the end when the members are leaving the stage saying their goodbyes. Mayuyu was leaving with Yukirin but Mamarin pushed Mayuyu on forward to go back on stage and hump Ikoma-kun!

Now, I know that there is nothing to worry about when it comes to Mayuki and she probably thinks as such too but that is just so…It was like she was giving Mayuyu off to Ikoma-kun! And we all know the deal with those two! Mayuyu’s NGZ Oshi is Rina and Rina’s AKB Oshii is of course Mayuyu so you can imagine my desperation, right?

And so, I don’t blame Maachun for choosing to go to Yukirin’s side. Mamarin always gives and gives but she never receives. Maachun sees this and it is why she chooses to be by Mamarin’s side and that right there is why I am in full support for this! Mayuyu’s stubbornness to cling onto her image of Yukirin being her Mama is getting tiresome and as we see from the latest interview, Yukirin really loves Mayuyu!

Oh wait, you don’t know! Well, the interview that followed those awesome Mayuki pics was translated (And thus wish granted) and from that, there was this part where they asked each one what they wish to say to the other and this was Yukirin’s answer to what she wished to say to Mayuyu…

I love you as a friend, a member and a person from the same generation with me. I

respect you. Mayuyu is very special to me.

There was also her answer when asked if the two have promises with each other. Mayuyu’s was no but here is what Yukirin said…

Only a promise to myself though. As long as both me and Mayuyu are in AKB48, I’ll

definitely be on Mayuyu’s side. I’m still carrying out such a one-sided promise.

All those deep emotions and feels she has for Mayuyu, always giving and giving and Mayuyu not even realising it! My goddess needs sustenance and praise be to the good Lord that Maachun has noticed this! Probably even Yukirin hasn’t realised it yet, hell, maybe even Maachun herself doesn’t know it but she is doing something great by choosing to be with Yukirin! And so it was really great to see that they were paired off in some of the parts ( even though we got some WMayu as well hehehe) and I hope that she, along with Sayaya join the Kashiwagi Family as the Kashiwagi Children! Minarun has turned into a prodigal daughter so there needs to be someone to pick on Yukirin. Though it looks like she is getting another Kashiwagi Child in Namba in the form of Uuka! Hmmm actually maybe there is a lot of Kashiwagi Children but no Waifus! Maachun can be Waifu along with Akarin in Namba! I was really surprised by that BTW! It seems as if Akarin and Yukirin have hit it off and I never even imagined them together but they looked so darn near perfect together with their perfect heights and chemical threads between the two that appeared out of nowhere!! And once again, I am getting side-tracked! At this rate I won’t ever finish!

Back to Maachun, she is doing ‘Kagami no Naka no Jeanne D’Arc’ in the Captain and Sub-Captain unit along with Akichan and Hikari-chan (Hashimoto Hikari). Some were mad that Maachun did not get to centre a unit of her own but I have no quarrels and she is my, was my NMB48 No.1! Kagami no Naka fits her perfectly and since I was ready to get down on my knees and kiss Mocchi’s boots, I have no problems with her centring that song besides, Maachun is 2nd in command for this unit! She totally channelled that NMB48 spirit that we know and love (we N fans that is) and either she is just that good or this song was the perfect choice for her. Either way, it’s a win-win for me!

As mentioned Maachun is already showing her awesome stage power that made many a fans in Namba always scream her name some times even louder than SayaMilky’s and I am proud to see that she has already captured a great many hearts here in Akihabara too! Yep, she is going to be find, even it it might take some time for her to feel 100% comfortable! She still feels like out of place without someone to be her partner in crime and I have the same worries for Sayanee and Ripopo back in team N! they can’t have Yukirin since apparently Akarin had already placed a claim on her and Uuka is up for adoption and one of the Kashiwagi children so…


AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00116
AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00098 AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00100
AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00009 AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00030
AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00070 AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00077
AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00085
AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00084 AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00110
AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00115 AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00126
AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00145 AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00171
AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00172 AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00209
AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00210 AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00211
AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00328 AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00331
AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00333 AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00336
AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00337 AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00339
AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00343
AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00345 AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00346
AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00478 AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00481
AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00479 AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00482
AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00480 AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00495
AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00498 AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00549
AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00500
AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00551 AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00552
AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00553 AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00555
AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00569 AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00578
AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00607 AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00608
AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00590 AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00684
AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00653 AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00695
AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00696 AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00719
AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00698
AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00738 AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00740AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00755 AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00741
AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00753 AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00749
AKB48 140428 B3R LOD 1830 (Shonichi).wmv - 00757

Then of course we have these faux Double B Centres! Faux because Management probably thinks so but we fans dare not even entertain the idea! It’s like the wanted to do it but then half way through they came back to their senses when they felt the impending doom that awaited them were they to completely shaft Yukirin for Ikoma-kun! Which explains why sometimes it seemed like MayuRina were the Centres and the others it was MayuYukirin. Or maybe they were going for war tactics building two sides of the same coin with Mayuyu and her sub commander Ikoma-kun on one and Yukirin with the other Mayu on the other! Nah, Maachun’s presence was inferior to Ikoma-kun’ so that idea is toilet flus-worth!

As I said, and you have seen the pics every where so it does indeed exist, there was a diabetes level of MayuRina sweetness during this 1st appearance! Makes one wonder if we will survive the oncoming months and stages which is why of course I did not waste time making the same gifs all over again. You can grab them of tumblr with a simple search! But they were every where! I can imagine a couple of Yukirin (and maybe Mayuki) fans losing it thinking that Yukirin has been kicked to the curb (again) for Ikoma-kun but I don’t see it that way. Well I would have if Management had crossed that certain line but lucky them they did not and stopped when they were still sane!

No secret which unit these two are in, indeed they are doing none other than Mamarin’s Temo Demo no Namida! And yet again Mayuki cross paths as they take/leave the stage! Everyone missed Mayuki I tell ya! In fact I think they touched as Yukirin passed by Mayuyu there but my eyes might be deceiving me! Any way, Temo Demo never fails to make anyone that does it shine! It’s that magical a song and so it goes without saying that these two were grand in it. then again, yuri has a way of playing with the mind so maybe we were all being played!

Any way these two and being in B, and in the case of Mayuyu – again! I am going to voice something that I have been thinking for a while now and I might have spilled before but have forgotten but I believe, without a doubt now still that Mayuyu was the happiest member to come out of that Sokaku Matsuri! She didn’t even bother to hide her happiness at being back in team B and neither did the fans! I speak this from both experience and visible evidence! When Mayuyu introduced herself and said ‘I am back’ the way some one says it when they come home after a long day at work, the crowd went ballistic! 

I got yelled at by my housemates!

I mean my God! if anyone wasn’t just as pleased for Mayuyu’s and consequently Mayuki’s return, we know now why our world is so wrong! It was inevitable that even them, Mayuki, would grow a bit apart when they were put into different teams. it’s just inevitable! And in case anyone needs evidence, here is the words right out of the horse’s mouth so to speak…

Watanabe: Yeah. When I was in team A I felt like being thrown to a completely different environment, so now I feel a sense of security that I can relax again.

Kashiwagi: When Mayuyu went to team A, she got to do lots of solo works and she alone had to compete with everyone else, so it’s been a very long time for us two to be a pair again.

As we all thought, I think, Mayuyu’s home is where Yukirin is and Yukirin is team B. Therefore Mayuyu is at home, even though she didn’t word it that way we all know Yukirin is where her heart and and what is home?

Ikoma-kun’s welcome was not any less warm! Really, she is just those girls that exist to be loved! But she doesn’t just exist. She has lovely, attractive traits that make it impossible to not like her! And really, she is the Face of NGZ46 we are luck too to have her be a part of team B! The girls better take great care of her during her stay! Not that I am worried since they seem to be doing a good job of it already!

She is also okay herself I think. Nogizaka always have that song in their singles that requires skill and they already have eight levels to up-skill so ikoma-kun should be fine. Besides, KB rarely has those demanding performances so I am not very worried about her health.

On the other hand though, Yukirin is a bit worrying me. I haven’t seen her that smashed in a long time like she was after that new N performance. And Yukirin is one to put on her best act so even if she will have a heart attack afterwards, she will make sure she puts on the best she can and leave the nuisance of health later. So while she looked majestic, like a true member of N who has done the stage a couple of times already during the thing, when the light are off and the adrenaline wears off, you see the effect it has on her. But I don’t think she will be doing it any day soon so it’s okay. She will probably do everything she can to make sure she is ready next time. But there is the issue of the tough crowd which is sire to make things difficult..Arg!

ANY WHO…Seriously dear Readers, forgive me for always side-tracking! Bottom line is I loved Team B’s 1 take on the 2nd instalment of Pajama Drive! I might touch on the other members later on but no promises. For now, I will discuss my experience where my Top 4 are concerned. The units were not what I expected but it was a very bulleyes kind of hit! The new girls have been warmly welcomed by both the other members and the fans which truly warms my heat too. I can’t wait to watch more…

Author: Black Gekikara

Love, Eat and sleep Yuri Hail Yukirin, Batman and Zack Snyder Long Live Horror

12 thoughts on “[Team B] It Re/Begins! The Quartet

  1. Well, I can agree partially with you. Personally I was not as excited and enthusiastic as you. Yes, it was good, Pajama Drive usually is. But I cannot concur that the essence of the stage has been mainteined. I was not convinced by Watanabe and Ikoma’s performance, neither was my vocaloid software. Perhaps jetlag and tiredness clouded my judgement. On a second run, I am still not impressed nor feeling the hype. Perhaps I am too old for this…

    The N stage was certainly a riot, I absolutely enjoyed it! Yes, Yukirin is full of surprises. She kept in sync with everyone and danced fluently, I was so delighted, watch the LOD about 3 times now. Maybe I will review the B3 Revival once more. I also reckon that probably the fact that Tanamin was left out of the shonichi, was bitter thing for me. Then I always remind myself this Kuramochi B is a different flavour, an image and essence that is -dare I say, maybe I am wrong, however it is my perception- far from thet B of old. Well, that is to be expected. Guess, just making the comparison is ridiculous, but that is human nature.

    To be clear, I am glad she – Yukirin – performed Junjo Shugi, and yes the unit was well selected. I am glad you are not victim of the Einstellung effect, as I am. Also a few pointers, Yukirin was never Kenkyusei! The system of the KKS was adopted from the 4th generation on. Meaning 3rd generation is excempted from the term, it was Haachan the original performer of Junjo Shugi, so I wonder were you got this words “…Yukirin, totally taming that song like she had done it during the original run and not Haachan!”, which is another point of disagreement, I consider Haachan’s performances to have been on par. The stage was good in terms of the audience reaction and general performance, still I did not feel that burning energy and emotion the original performance had, hence I was one of that thin minority of disappointed people…As Heisenberg said, do the same thing different times and the result differ, so I will wait and see is this Kuramochi B can keep me as a fan. I am rather enthusiastic and have great expectations for Yukirin in Team N, more than B. Actually keeping Yukirin in B is rather a dis-service to her, NMB and team N will provide for her the challenges and expirience to grow. Do not make wrong sense of my words, B3R was good but not satisfying for me… But as they say, it is the critics that tell you they love you, and also gave some good props in my assesment. Ah, just forget it…

    • I wasn’t expecting any less from you. I know your love for B3, original B3 so I much doubt you will ever be satisfied with any other B3 revival.

      I don’t know also what you thought I meant by Yukirin and Shugo and Haachan. Team B wasn’t formed right away. Before they were a team, when she subbed for Yuko is what I was talking about when I said KKS! If they weren’t members yet, or B, then what were they if not KKS? Yes the KKS term came by after the 4th gen but the meaning was also effective to those members that had yet to be officially appointed as team B!

      And I did not mean to belittle either Haachan’s or Yukirin’s performance of Junjou Shugi! What I meant was that Yukirin felt so natural in that song it was as if it was originally her unit (In that she is that used to it meaning she was the centre of it and not Haachan) I didn’t mean that any one’s take on it was inferior.

      And giving Team B Pajama Drive had that expected feeling of disappointment but I had already dreaded them doing it again so my expectations weren’t as high as many others who might have had the feeling of a new NEW stage.

      Thus I enjoyed this new Pajama Drive immensely. Different blood also helped in the enjoyment factor! Like how there were two Yuki’s in the original B3 and now there are two Mayu instead for this B3 LOL!

  2. I’m so torn when I look at that stage, because I love the most girls in B out of any AKB team, and because I like how they did the units, and because I like B3 a lot as a stage…


    my B-oshi doesn’t even get to perform on shonichi…

    major ouch. how am I supposed to fully enjoy this when I don’t even get to see my B-oshi in it? 😦 knowing she *could* have been there.

    I am impatiently awaiting seeing who gets to sub when Mio-Ikoma-Mayuyu-Yukirin are not there. And that’s what is hard. I wish I didn’t have to wait and see how the stage is without the popular members and kennin to get to fully enjoy it.

    Aw. the pain of liking underdogs.

    my poor Tanamin.

    • I feel for you but hang in there. There seems to be a lot of stages scheduled for May with this Monday alone having two of them. I am sure she is going to appear soon. She is one of the skeletons of team B so she best be here soon or I will be joining you on your journey of rampage! And I know I am being gluttonous but I am also waiting for Aeri-chan to appear. Maybe they will appear together?

      • Tanamin deserves more attention just because she is one of the only remaining 3rd gen members in AKB. I mean, Harugon is in HKT, Haachan is leaving, my darling Lovetan is killing it in HKT, so that only leaves us with three third gen girls in AKB, and two of them get a lot of attention, to your great pleasure I know. What is frustrating too is that Tanamin is a much better performer than a lot of the newer girls, she’s a good singer, good dancer, very passionate, so having her on stage is an asset in my opinion. Same goes with Haachan, but since Haachan is leaving, at least I understand why they didn’t give her a unit.

  3. Aaah. I was waiting for your post about that Team B Lod.

    I’m not a great fan of B3. Okay I love it like, but yeah. My favorite stage for Team B is B5, maybe because it’s the first stage that I saw. XD And to be honest, me, who was originally a Team B oshi… I just went to Team A after the TD’s shuffle and watched like 3 lod of the Umechan Team B. After the new shuffle, with WMayu in Team B but also for all the team composition, I was really impatient to see it. Almost as far as I was worried.

    And after watched the Lod. I was like. God. I think I will love that stage. It wasn’t perfect. It’s sure. But, that energy, these personalities. I was like, Team B have now everything that I love. MC was great for me, even if I don’t understand nothing about Japanese, I laughed so hard. And Maachun did a lot for that. Ogasawara Mayu will always be Ogasawara Mayu, wherever she is.

    And for performances, I remember the first Team B, all cute, smiling, kinda awkwardwith dance, and here. I was. Wow. That serious face in some song. Theses dances movements. That energy. That maturity, I was like “yeah… they’re older, but it’s not a bad things. They’re so cool.” XD

    But it’s not only girls, fans was great. I’m used to NMB48 fans because yeah, during last years I mainly watched Team N stages, and everytime I watched a AKB time I was like “Where are fans?” (Or maybe I watched the LODs where they were sleeping xD). But here. Wow. They were great. Hearing them welcome news girls like that. *-*

    I really can’t wait to see another stage with team, and with under and all. But I also hope that now they will really give them a real stage. And give them time to enjoy and do it and perfect it (… N3 with old team N was really so short. )

    Oh and for Maachun, even if I kinda hoped a center place for her, I’m not really sad or dissapointed because that unit is great, the song is great, the unit too, and she did it really well along with Mocchi.

    • It is strange but I too wasn’t that stolen by Umeda B like I was the others. I still loved it (For YUKIRIN) But N as you was winning me over. The only reason it didn’t take over as my favourite team was because of, yes, YUKIRIN!

      And just like you, I was drinking up those N stages for the past year like pear yoghurt! And I am with you that N3 with the old Team N was just so short-lived and just when they were perfecting it too. Sigh!

      This Kuramochi B though is such a good B that I love everything about it! I am not so patiently awaiting more stages!

  4. Since you said something aboy Yukirin on N3, I just want to said since she’s in Milky position,for me, it’s so hard to didn’t compare these two,like 50-50, Miky still one of NMB best dancer but Yukirin voice just great. N3 become truly angel voice stage performance with most of the members have decent singing ability.

    Maachun on B. Well, I didn’t watch full performance just the MC part and little bit her unit and glad she still Maachun that I know from NMB back then. Not to mention she didn’t change her catchphrase and still “Namba-hatsu…” just put smile on my face.
    ps:I hope she wont get homesick again. lol.

  5. I thought Oya Shizuka, giving her position as sub captain, was going to force Mayuyu to wear the doctor cosplay in every performance

  6. i am new to this scene and i find your posts very educational, thank you! 😀 on a lighter note, it was amazing how Maachun STARTED and ENDED the name roll-call in washoi! B!, and by then i though “ah, she has the makings of a god” :)) well more power to you! 😀

    • Indeed if that first stage was anyone’s show, Maachun totally snubbed it LOL! She even almost replaced Ikoma-kun’s name with her own too! Too bad she was stopped!

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