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Britanni MAYUKI!


Oh My goodness! This feeling! There is no other like it! Indeed this is THE SHIP to sail them all! Apologies Sayacchu but your reign (as short as it was) is over! The leader of the fleet is back! And this time you can’t say ‘Pics or it doesn’t exist’ because we have pics! Pics with only a day or less away from the new Team B Stage debut!


Mayuki….What a powerful ship! Management couldn’t forget about them. We fans couldn’t let them go. And it looks like even the Magazines missed them terribly! There is no other reason to question why they didn’t get the two of them together even after they were split! After all they were still a part of AKB but Mayuki is like no other! Doing that would be falsifying things and this is one ship you can’t mess with! Ask AKS, they learned their lesson!

Dearest me.

Tomorrow cannot come any sooner! And just after me saying that means I won’t be sleeping much tonight! Man, I hope the Stage surprises us and we get a Mayuki! It won’t be good to have these two in the same unit but in the name if Mayuki, to hell with logic!

Is it tomorrow yet!? no? How about now? No? Now? No? …Now…?

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AKS You monsters!

AKB48 140423 UBW LOD 1800 (Senshuuraku).wmv - 00127
AKB48 140423 UBW LOD 1800 (Senshuuraku).wmv - 00117 AKB48 140423 UBW LOD 1800 (Senshuuraku).wmv - 00118
AKB48 140423 UBW LOD 1800 (Senshuuraku).wmv - 00119 AKB48 140423 UBW LOD 1800 (Senshuuraku).wmv - 00130
AKB48 140423 UBW LOD 1800 (Senshuuraku).wmv - 00131

So am I though, a little bit! Why? Because I didn’t even think about Miorin’s position until now. I am super ashamed of myself! The girl is only a 9th gen and she has been in KKS, 4-1, B, N and now BII! That’s five teams already! How many different performances has she had to learn through out these few years in AKB?! A delicate girl like her! We see her always being positive about everything and we totally forget.

I totally forgot what she must have gone through. And let’s not forget that the KKS days had to be hell learning stages for the three teams then their own as KKS! Then only a year later she went to 4, half a year later into another team! not a full year later she was transferred to N then she had to do two different teams at the same time. Again not even a year later, N got the new stage. She had to slave to learn that. Now not even having perfected that yet, just months later she has been moved again!

Seriously, that is pure torture right there!

I am more shocked by the fact that her body hasn’t given up on it’s own yet! Seriously! I am so very sorry for not thinking about you Miorin! Forget every other member, no on has had it as bad as she has, no one! I hope the people who watch this Umeda Team B’s Last performance will also get some sense knocked into them like I have been so we can support Miorin more. I really hope she get rewarded for this.

God, my hear was twisting in every thinkable uncomfortable way during her speech! Be strong Miorin.

I can’t believe they took her away from N after going through the learning curve of N3 that must have been one hellish road! Now she has to tally forget about that and has to, in fact has already even learned the new BII stage!

Monsters I tell you!

Any way, more caps from the stage after the break…

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Seriously though, what is this even! What is this video!?! How am I meant to survive this?! I don’t even know if she really failed or she just did it to play Hidden Hero as she usually does to save the Guda Guda Introductions so far. I mean let’s be real Yukirin rarely FAILS and to FAIL at her own Introduction?! This has got to be the first time. Either way she succeeded in both killing me and saving the day!



Sayanee has a confession to make!


I don’t believe it still! Sayanee’s reaction LOL. Looks like even now nobody knows WTF they were thinking doing it! Can we all agree that this was the only time Sayanee kissed someone? unless of course I am totally missing something. Really though, denying these two’s connection is just incomprehensible! What a way though to end our Sayacchu? I mean not that this is the end but we all know what distance does to couples. Even if Sayanee is a Team K intern and usually is in AKB singles as Senbatsu, they still won’t be meeting usual as they were during NAMBA.

And probably someone has noticed but I have changed Maachun’s place in the tags to AKB48 since it is all over. She is no longer NMB48 now. Even TV programmes are labelling her as AKB…

140421 UTAGE! ep01.mp4 - 00000

Sad, sad times. Not to mention that she has already had her send off/last Team N performance already and a birthday/send off party. Which by the way Sayanee did not attend? Like WTF Sayanee?! That was what I was thinking when I started watching that YNN episode and she was nowhere to be seen. But of course she explained herself in her video message she sent Maachun. Yes, it’s the same video in which she confesses to the world how she and Maachun kissed during the Kinki Concert tour way back in 2012. Umm sorry to break it to you Sayanee but the whole world knows! Then again, it was probably aimed towards the members who knew nothing of it.

Maachun though, how much is that girl loved?! Seriously! One would think she was graduating the way Namba management and the members were treating her! I swear I am still baffled by this mystery surrounding Maachun and the fans! She is so obviously loved in reality but when it comes to things like Senbatsu voting its the exact reverse! I don’t get it! What is really going on? I mean even management don’t hate her that much. Seriously every single single since Oh My God she has had that real centre spot in each and every one of them. And by Centre I don’t mean the front centre, I mean real middle Centre. you know, like the position Acchan had in the early days? Remember? No?

 AKB48 First Live Concert Normal Version 720P.mkv_snapshot_00.03.37_[2014.04.22_12.46.55]
AKB48 First Live Concert Normal Version 720P.mkv_snapshot_00.03.43_[2014.04.22_12.47.11]

There it is! That is the position Maachun has right in the middle of Sayanee and Milky and to me, that is the real Centre! While the masses are split between looking to the left or right for SayaMilky, Maachun is right there in the middle like a BOSS! But alas, all that is over now. Seriously if not for Yukirin moving to N, I don’t think I would have stayed over there. Damn those smart bastards!

Music Station (Full) (2014-04-18).mp4 - 00004
Music Station (Full) (2014-04-18).mp4 - 00006

Damn it, Imma gonna miss Maachun in NMB. She was really a great existence in there and if anyone didn’t appreciate her, I have no words for them really. I have not felt that a member was essential to a team since Takamina and Yukirin to their respective Teams so while I am pretty stocked that she is in my favourite Team since the ice age, she really defined NMB for me. That’s right, not SayaMilky but Maachun. Those two are like AKB’s representatives to Namba while Maachun is the exact opposite.

Oh well, things happen and all we have to do is try to adjust lest we lose our way and wither away. I love Team B, and now my Kami has gone to N so my two favourite Teams are still my top two favourite teams. Speaking of new Teams…

B Garden!

That is Team B’s song title for the summer single guys! B is still taking all the attention when it comes to titles. B Garden?Seriously? More like Garden of Eden! Damn you Yasusu! Just make the song good to take another title of best Team song and we are good. Though I doubt it. We will probably have to wait until the new stages to get a Request hour topper B song again.


Awesome PV time…

Omori Seiko - Midnight Seijun Isei Kouyuu [1440x1080 h264 M-ON! HD].ts - 00023
Omori Seiko - Midnight Seijun Isei Kouyuu [1440x1080 h264 M-ON! HD].ts - 00031 Omori Seiko - Midnight Seijun Isei Kouyuu [1440x1080 h264 M-ON! HD].ts - 00032
Omori Seiko - Midnight Seijun Isei Kouyuu [1440x1080 h264 M-ON! HD].ts - 00035 Omori Seiko - Midnight Seijun Isei Kouyuu [1440x1080 h264 M-ON! HD].ts - 00034
Omori Seiko - Midnight Seijun Isei Kouyuu [1440x1080 h264 M-ON! HD].ts - 00047
Ai you bad bad girl >.<

Okay dear Readers, I am sure you all know that awesome feeling you get when the girl wins the girl in the end in the battle between sexes for a certain girl, right? You also know how rare that happens, right? I mean the last time that happened and it was a real deal was way back when Souma and all his cool main character act all but lost Himeko to Chikane! That feeling will forever be with me until the end of time! So you must imagine how I feel after all this time when another girl wins the girl. Then add in the awesome fact that the girl is none other than Hashimoto Ai!

I know…I am dying!

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