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NOGIBINGO 2 Final – Tears, tears everywhere!


140328 NOGIBINGO!2 ep12.ts - 00088
140328 NOGIBINGO!2 ep12.ts - 00102 140328 NOGIBINGO!2 ep12.ts - 00050
140328 NOGIBINGO!2 ep12.ts - 00111
Yumi x Reika
140328 NOGIBINGO!2 ep12.ts - 00206
140328 NOGIBINGO!2 ep12.ts - 00178 140328 NOGIBINGO!2 ep12.ts - 00197
140328 NOGIBINGO!2 ep12.ts - 00254
MaiMai x MisaMisa
140328 NOGIBINGO!2 ep12.ts - 00307
140328 NOGIBINGO!2 ep12.ts - 00362 140328 NOGIBINGO!2 ep12.ts - 00347
140328 NOGIBINGO!2 ep12.ts - 00354
Ikoma-kun x Sayuringo


Yeah, I am totally crying and for various reasons right now! First of all, Nogibingo! is o-v-e-r Over! How am I going to spend my Friday nights form now on? Seriously this has been the most enjoyable and looked forward to 48/46 show for me this season and now it’s tots over! So downs right now!

And as if that fact alone wasn’t enough, they go and make the last episode such a FEEL-inducing roller coaster! Seriously, how am I supposed to hold all those FEELS in when the bring out secret weapons like these letters of apology from member to member! How?!

I couldn’t! My throat and my chest are both hurting pretty bad right now! I am such a mess that I could only get the energy to translate ( very roughly) just Reika’s letter to Yumi! I couldn’t hold it in anymore., My eyes could see a thing! I was typo-ing every three characters so I gave up! So forgive me but I only found time to translate Reika’s letter only.

So anyway this week the theme was that members who had something really weighty to apologise for to another got to write in down in letter form and then read them in front of the intended. Naturally Captain went first. And naturally still, the receiver was none other than Wakatsuki-sama. I speak for everyone when I say that no one was surprised by that, huh? Anyway since I translated this, no need to talk about it. Read it and find out if interested…

140328 NOGIBINGO!2 ep12.ts - 00024
140328 NOGIBINGO!2 ep12.ts - 00020 140328 NOGIBINGO!2 ep12.ts - 00023
140328 NOGIBINGO!2 ep12.ts - 00076 140328 NOGIBINGO!2 ep12.ts - 00077
140328 NOGIBINGO!2 ep12.ts - 00078 140328 NOGIBINGO!2 ep12.ts - 00089
140328 NOGIBINGO!2 ep12.ts - 00090 140328 NOGIBINGO!2 ep12.ts - 00034
140328 NOGIBINGO!2 ep12.ts - 00072 140328 NOGIBINGO!2 ep12.ts - 00085
140328 NOGIBINGO!2 ep12.ts - 00081
140328 NOGIBINGO!2 ep12.ts - 00069 140328 NOGIBINGO!2 ep12.ts - 00107
140328 NOGIBINGO!2 ep12.ts - 00086
140328 NOGIBINGO!2 ep12.ts - 00101
140328 NOGIBINGO!2 ep12.ts - 00098
140328 NOGIBINGO!2 ep12.ts - 00112 140328 NOGIBINGO!2 ep12.ts - 00113
140328 NOGIBINGO!2 ep12.ts - 00110
Good Lord!

Oh God, here we go again! Any way, the translation…


Dear Yumi,

When I first met you I knew right away that you and I would get along.
The time I was appointed captain, I was at a loss about what to do. At that time you told me that you would support me and that I should do my best.
When I heard those words I really felt like you had saved me. Your words gave me strength.
I felt really happy.
Also the time when the 2nd Gen members joined and I got really anxious, you saved me by lightening up the tense atmosphere.
Every single time, even when I don’t say a thing, when I am worried about something you always know and are there for me.
Thank you.
I too have decided that I will be the first one to be there for you when you whenever you are in need of support.
But there is one thing that I will never forget. It was two years ago when you thought that maybe you were not cut out to be an Idol. I remember how lost you really were then. I really wanted so badly to help you. I thought long and hard about what to do for you.
But in the end, I wasn’t able to do a thing!
At that moment I kept wondering to myself if I will ever get even a fraction of your strength. I have yet to find an answer to that query to this day.
I am truly sorry for not being of any help to you when you most needed it.
You overcame that hurdle by yourself but I felt useless next to you when you simply held yourself and worried in secret.
It’s okay to let someone in even if it’s only me.
From now on, I promise you that I will be able to support you.
When I first joined Nogizaka I never thought I would get to make a precious person like you.
I am forever grateful that I got to know you!
I will be in your care from now on.


How could I possibly survive another on of these dear Readers…And so this is all I could do. But to be truthful, my Japanese suddenly spiked up during Reika’s letter but then I was back to a n00b after that! I blame the FEELS!

140328 NOGIBINGO!2 ep12.ts - 00153
140328 NOGIBINGO!2 ep12.ts - 00158 140328 NOGIBINGO!2 ep12.ts - 00160
140328 NOGIBINGO!2 ep12.ts - 00167 140328 NOGIBINGO!2 ep12.ts - 00187
140328 NOGIBINGO!2 ep12.ts - 00172 140328 NOGIBINGO!2 ep12.ts - 00200
140328 NOGIBINGO!2 ep12.ts - 00207
140328 NOGIBINGO!2 ep12.ts - 00201 140328 NOGIBINGO!2 ep12.ts - 00198
140328 NOGIBINGO!2 ep12.ts - 00205 140328 NOGIBINGO!2 ep12.ts - 00204
140328 NOGIBINGO!2 ep12.ts - 00220 140328 NOGIBINGO!2 ep12.ts - 00219
140328 NOGIBINGO!2 ep12.ts - 00223
140328 NOGIBINGO!2 ep12.ts - 00227
140328 NOGIBINGO!2 ep12.ts - 00239
140328 NOGIBINGO!2 ep12.ts - 00241
140328 NOGIBINGO!2 ep12.ts - 00242 140328 NOGIBINGO!2 ep12.ts - 00243
140328 NOGIBINGO!2 ep12.ts - 00246
140328 NOGIBINGO!2 ep12.ts - 00247 140328 NOGIBINGO!2 ep12.ts - 00251
140328 NOGIBINGO!2 ep12.ts - 00252

Then there was MaiMai and MisaMisa! I don’t know about anyone else who watched this but to me, these two really hit in the spot! If Reika’s letter was a headshot, this was straight through the soul! There was something about them that just hit me really hard! By this time my Japanese had left me, well truthfully most of my senses had left me during MisaMisa’s letter, so I didn’t understand much of what was said but the feelings, that I understood clearly!

And can I just come out and confess that to me, when I think of a close to perfect woman, MaiMai is first in my book. That’s right, not my Goddess but MaiMai! There is something strangely perfect about that girl I swear! What is it?!

Any way, I am hoping a kind soul translates this and Sayuringo’s letters because I really want to know what was said. If my heart was compelled to cry for them, there is got to have been a good reason! But not all words flew over my messy head! I caught what MisaMisa said about how she saw the light when she met MaiMai. And by seeing the light of course I mean that she started liking girls thanks to MaiMai!

MaiMai turned MisaMisa GAY!


And let’s not forget that last hug! I don’t think MisaMisa was planning to let go any time soon. Too bad they were on TV! Me thinks there was some great sex that night!

140328 NOGIBINGO!2 ep12.ts - 00306
140328 NOGIBINGO!2 ep12.ts - 00303 140328 NOGIBINGO!2 ep12.ts - 00305
140328 NOGIBINGO!2 ep12.ts - 00362 140328 NOGIBINGO!2 ep12.ts - 00352
140328 NOGIBINGO!2 ep12.ts - 00342 140328 NOGIBINGO!2 ep12.ts - 00349
140328 NOGIBINGO!2 ep12.ts - 00354

Then there was the last letter from Sayuri to…Ikoma? Yeah, I was with Ikoma-kun on this one! Certainly wasn’t expecting her! But there had to be something we aren’t aware of, right? And one of those things is the fact that these two are actually close thanks to their Otaku status and the fact that they have actually fought before!

And even though other members also thought differently about Ikoma’s apparently straight-forward acceptance of her Team B concurrence, it was Sayuri who had to guts to voice her thoughts to Ikoma. Well, Hocchan did post about it on her blog as well but it where as she was more angry at management, Sayuri and some other thought that Ikoma did not love Nogizaka that much or was only looking after her own progression (if I understood her right) which made her real angry. But fear not, the waters should be cleared by now.

Also guys, they sang my favourite NGZ46 song for their turn – Kimi no na wa kibou! My eyes were simply melting! How appropriate that choice was! The members too were probably greatly affected by that choice. If they had doubts and cloudy feelings still, they were discarded!

And speaking of Sayuringo, am i the only one who really, really loves her Kurokami?! I haven’t stopped staring at her ever since she went Black since an episode or so ago. I really don’t understand it when they die their hair! For some reason it feels to me like tainting! This is why I am no so hot on Yukirin and her died hair lately! Three of my Oshi now have died hair including Rena and Maachun which leaves only Sakura-tan. I really hope they go back to Black! I can’t help thinking that they are somehow tainting themselves when they do that. Oh well…like strength in numbers, I felt less horrible when Rena too died her hair and we all know Rena is the purest as hey come!

140328 NOGIBINGO!2 ep12.ts - 00258
140328 NOGIBINGO!2 ep12.ts - 00270 140328 NOGIBINGO!2 ep12.ts - 00264
140328 NOGIBINGO!2 ep12.ts - 00266
140328 NOGIBINGO!2 ep12.ts - 00267 140328 NOGIBINGO!2 ep12.ts - 00273
140328 NOGIBINGO!2 ep12.ts - 00275 140328 NOGIBINGO!2 ep12.ts - 00271
140328 NOGIBINGO!2 ep12.ts - 00279

I was hoping for some Ikomiona action too but alas! Well at least I got to see them sit together for once even if it was the final episode. And I am still shocked by Hocchan’s age. I don’t know what I thought she was much younger than Ikoma-kun! Every time I am reminded that she is 17 my mind resets the shock factor for some reason.

And can I just say how cute that Kiichan really is! Seriously, that level of adorableness is off the human scale! I totally have no questions as to why she was the one picked for this single from the 2nd gen next to Hocchan!

Any who, I am really going to miss Nogibingo! Time to find another show that will take over and my my weekends more interesting like this show was doing!



Author: Black Gekikara

Love, Eat and sleep Yuri Best Pal is DIVA (My PC) Hangouts is TEH INTERNETS Currently into Kashiwagi Yuki, Matsui Rena, Ogasawara Mayu, Miyawaki Sakura, Ji-yeon, NMB48 and sister groups, T-ara Totally love SG Horror movies

2 thoughts on “NOGIBINGO 2 Final – Tears, tears everywhere!

  1. Well I think we can forgive Reika for the valentines day episode after this!!!! This was her confession!!! Ad so much for Wakatsuki-sama corner, she destroyed that before I could ever really make it a thing!!!! Damn and they way dear Yumi broke down into tears, Ahh this has become a moment of moments ❤

    And it was only the first one!!!! Damn!!!! I made it through the episode though, not sure how but I did…..

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