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Jinro Game [JMovie]


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人狼ゲーム Jinrou Game

So, being a huge Seika and Nanami fan, I was really thrilled when I stumbled upon a movie that they starred in together out of nowhere! I simply hadn’t heard of this movie at all before so I was really excited when we met! Now in case you are looking for it, be careful. There are different Jinro Game movies so be careful. Then again, if you are looking into this one, it means you are a horror fan so even if you get it wrong, you might still enjoy what you found.

If you know not either of these girls, I am shaking my head at you. Nanami is kind of famous as an actress having been in quite a lot of projects already and in addition to her acting streak, she is also an Idol. That’s right, she is Idol first then actress afterwards. She is part of the 5 member group bump.y. From which another member co-starred alongside our very own Kitarie in Joker Game, a movie of the same genre that I have already posted about here.

As for Seika, if you don’t know Seika, I am shaking my head furiously in an attempt to figure you out! I have posted about her here quite a few times already, starting with that SKE movie starring Yuria and Shiori – ‘Gal Basara’ then in one of my most anticipated movies of the year – ‘Yume no Kayoyiji’. By the way, Yume no is already out on DVD but since I batch-ordered my copy with movies that aren’t out yet, I am getting it in May so…

Anywa back to Jinrou game…

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So, Jinrou Game…It is of course a survival horror type of movie like Joker game or Real Onigokko where the human psyche is tested to the extreme until the weak break sometimes even the strong don’t survive. And so our two girls find themselves among a small group of random people who are then pitted against each other where they have to kill each other off or all of them die.

But for this game, there is wild card who knows everything from the get go but they too are fair game. And of course everything goes down as expected. People die! For some reason though, maybe it’s from experience, I was expecting only one person to survive and really, it had to be Nanami and if there were to be two survivors, I wasn’t expecting Seika to be the other one. Seriously, that twists really surprised me a great deal! Seika’s character was one of those that you know isn’t gonna survive but there we have it, she did indeed survive.

My first sitting through this movie when I did not know and had no hope of she surviving, I was half-heartedly watching it what with the cloudy suggestive romantic escapades between Nanami’s character and some other Dude but thankfully, we did not go there! Another rarity in and of itself which is why horror is one of my favourite genres. If no yuri then there might as well be no romance I say and most horror movies I watch don’t have romance in them.

There was no romance in this one too which was one of the reasons it went down well. But when I found out that Seika’s character survived after the first run through, I re-watched the movie with all the attention I could muster! And thank the Lord for that because on the second watching I noticed a whole deal of things I did not the first time around. There were a lot too which baffled me a great deal. Was I sleepy or was my attention so bad that I completely missed some scene! I have no idea but all that was corrected on my second watching.

The two took their time in getting together and if I am not mistaken, they first met face to face at around the half-way mark. That was the corridor scene while they left the bathroom. That scene was simply ridiculous! From the two looking all shy-shy at each other to Seika asking Nanami not once but twice to call her by her first name to them grinning stupidly at each other to looking away to back at each other to no one wanting to end that meeting and go to sleep only for them to stand their in the corridor all awkward to that heart-felt hug that looked like Nanami had ben waiting all day to embrace Seika as Seika poured her heart out at the situation they found themselves in to the Seika’s big sister creepily watching them…I replayed that scene a couple of times for its awesomeness!

Then there was the scene where Seika gave a visit to Nanami’s room so they could figure out who the trump card was and then figure out a way to survive this horror, they go and do the thing again! Nanami praises Seika’s incredible memory (she apparently never forgets what she has seen before but she is no genius. She hates studying apparently) they start doing the smiling thing and the awkward looking away thing. Then when they come to the conclusion that Seika’s big sister is the trump card, which means she has to be killed off, Seika of course breaks down and cries in Nanami’s lap. Here we see Nanami raising her hand to comfort Seika but she hesitates and in fact does not complete the task. Which was really strange to me seeing as she did not waste a beat hugging her in the corridors the night before. It was the perfect moment too but she did not take it. Why?

From then on of course Seika’s big sister being in peril they two have a fight for the first time. There is slapping and everything and coming from Seika’s character it was kind of strange. Seika came off as the soft and harmless kind but then again, when family is involved, things change. We don’t get to see something interesting until the end of movie when everyone else is done for and our girls are the only survivors.

But even if they are the survivors, apparently there is no salvation for them for when they wake up the next morning, they find themselves back to square one but this time, the two of them are the trump cards for the new game. The new players pass by them as they still lay asleep and the noise wakes Nanami up.  This is where our final interesting scene takes place.

When Nanami wakes up and reads the card that tells them that they are the new trumps, instead of freaking out at the reality she finds herself in, she instead turns slowly to a still sleeping Seika and the way Nanami looks at her I swear to God! My mouth and mind were as one in their chanting of ‘Kiss her you fool!’ But of course that did not happen. She instead did what she should have done during that bedroom scene. She caringly pet Seika’s head and hair and for some reason that got me way more effectively than a kiss! Don’t ask, I am weird that way!

Seriously though, she looks at Nanami like she was the most precious thing in her world and really given the current situation, she really was. Nanami gets up to go and join the new players who had no idea what was awaiting them and that is where the movie ends. That was a really awesome ending to a horror movie if I ever saw one! Nanami’s character wasn’t the aggressive type and di not win because she grew balls through the movie. Well, she did change but not that much. Any way what I am trying to say is that even though she was a kind girl before, this time things are going to be different. She seemed to embrace her new role of the Devil and the way she looked at Seika doesn’t leave guesses as to what will be driving her to win this new game.

I was kind of very disappointed to see that the sequel was not the actual sequel. I was looking forward to see where their relationship goes during the sequel but just like Joker game Escape, Jinrou Game 2 is also different cast. Though I will be watching the sequel too since Mariagi is the main in that one it seems.

Any way, I really enjoyed Jinrou game way more than I was expecting, thanks to that second watch. Nanami and Seika’s characters’ relationship was really intriguing given the genre. More so the fact that the two of them survived! That’s it, I here by decree that anytime two girls survive a horror movie, SHIP!


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5 thoughts on “Jinro Game [JMovie]

  1. I really want to watch this movie but I can’t find it anywhere. I searched everything I could think of >.< If you know where to find it could you please tell me? Thanks for another great movie xp

  2. Ah!! I did not know, you are also a Sakuraba Nanami fan, WOW, great! Now I like you even more, lol. Nanami-chan caught my eye when she performed the role of Kamogawa Asumi in Futatsu no Spica, loved her ever since! She is also a great singer. I thought she deserved a higher role in the Homaki dorama Miss Pilot, but with the cast it was not going to happen… I think I have a thing for Kagoshima women…

  3. That last picture: I love it so, so much.

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