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[Orphan Black] I’m Doomed!


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I know it’s gonna sink but give me my 1st Class Tickets yo!

I tell you guys, I’m doomed. There is just no hope at all for me! Why is this? Well, let me start by saying that I have just finished watching Orphan Black season one. It’s 9am now which means I’ve been at it for 8 hours since mid-night. That’s right, an all-nighter that one!

As to why Orphan Black, well, you only need search tumblr for the tag and you will know why. Which of course means that I should have gone into this expecting only one thing – Cosima/Delphine awesomeness!

And of course me being me, totally went for the wrong apple from all the million good ones! Seriously, I am starting to question this thing called Balance of things in the Universe. My bad luck to good luck ratio is is at an impossibly 100:2! Seriously! And you knowing that means that you will not be shocked when I tell you that instead of Delphine/Cosima, I somehow ended up shipping the impossible Cosima/Sarah!

No, please, no need to say anything, I am aware how you see me right now and let me assure you that  I am with you on that! Seriously, who would ship Cosima and Sarah over Cosima and Delphine?!! Not only is Sarah straight, she even has a kid, bonks Beth’s boyfriend and might be falling for him but Cosima and Delphine are frikkin canon!

But the most important thing is that Cosima and Sarah are clones, which though might not mean much, so far those two come off as sisters more than anything. Seriously, there is even 99% more chance of Sarah and Helena hitting it off than Sarah and Cosima and yet…and yet…!!!! Yours truly just went and fell for Sarah/Cosima from the very beginning until the end of time! Yeah, even when Delphine came onto the scene and things started getting into motion with her and Cosima, I was far gone that to me it might as well have been a hetero relationship!Now you tell me dear Readers, is there any hope for a lost soul like mine? I think not!

As for the show itself, can I just praise the Great Britain! Seriously, they are like frikkin pros at making TV shows! Rarely do I ever seat through a series like this but when I do, it’s usually an English show.

Orphan Black in case someone doesn’t know, is about a group of clones that one day their lives get intertwined when our main character Sarah meets the first clone that kills herself right then by jumping in front of the train. Sarah wasn’t um at her best right then so she thought to steal the dead clone’s identity and life and so the story begins.

Season one aired ages ago even though I am only watching it now but right on time for season two which starts next month on the 19th I think.

And of course I will be back watching to see where Sarah and Cosima go. Yes Cosima has caught the clone disease that might be deadly to the clones even though we aren’t really sure since the Germany clone that had it did not die from it but instead from a bullet to the head from another clone going by the name of Helena! Sarah ended Helena with another bullet to the ribs but since she survived a metal pipe into her pancreas, I am sure she might survive a bullet as well.

Helena was one crazy nut though guys! Seriously! But to me, the craziest is Alison! She is driving my feelings crazy as well. At times I want to feel pity for her but then she does something inhumane and I am back at despising her but it is safe to say that by the end, when she let her best friend die, she ran out of Black’s love.

My favourite clone though is Cosima! And I am hoping against all hope that the disease is not really fatal! Okay, her smoking might worsen the effects but I hope she can be saved! To me her, Sarah and best Gay Friend run this show. Death of either one and I am so done!

It was really interesting seeing how Sarah was so opposed to Cosima seeing Delphine. Which reminds me, I don’t believe they have met yet. I am awaiting their meeting with glee. And now that it seems Cosima and Delphine might be getting back together, hohoho.

Too bad though that Sarah will not have time for that. Her daughter is missing and she has to find her. I only hope she doesn’t leave for a long time only to come back to a world without Cosima. I mean not that I will be there still if Cosima goes but I want to see when Sarah learns of Cosima’s condition.

I am really not sure why I was drawn to these two. There has to be a reason. Is it the way they were looking at each other? Is it the way they interacted? What is it?! I am not one to usually just jump ship blindly but for the life of me I just can’t put my finger on this one! All signs point towards a dead end yet I am compelled to stick with it! Cosima/Delphine mean nothing to me next to Sarah and Cosima!


While I look for answers, enjoy some caps of my favourite clone (and Sarah)


Author: Black Gekikara

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4 thoughts on “[Orphan Black] I’m Doomed!

  1. So you finally found this jewel!
    Definitely Cosima/Sarah have certain chemistry, was it because they at first kind of hated each other? I totally loved those parts though. I thought to myself that those two could hook up, but, the fact that Sarah is straight and she’s been srewing Beth’s boyfriend threw that possibility away, I have been an optimist like yourself, but the way things are going, it would never happen, EVER, that and personal experience (damn straight girls)
    Then Delphine came in scene to make the world a brighter place, and I boarded a ship that I was sure wouldn’t meet the same end as Titanic…
    This actually reminds me of something, can’t quite recall it, all I know is that the main character is spit between a dude and a dudette… and no, it’s not Orange is the new Black (if you haven’t watched it yet, YOU SHOULD)… But from the looks of things, she’ll most probably end up with the guy… ANYWAYS

    Cosima is probably the epicest clone i’ve ever met, I don’t believe any other clone can take her place as “the awesome one” (Cosima was actually named after the show’s science expert)
    The main actress also said that Cosima was her favorite clone, double awesome!

    • Double Awesome? Oh no you didn’t!

      You know, double as in clones? Er, forget I said anything ^^

      And really? The actress said that Cosima was her favourite too?! That settles it! If they kill off Cosima, there will be blood!

      Can’t wait for next month!

      • I bow to you, I did not see that joke there xD

        I think I read it somewhere, they interviewed her or something… Could give ya a link, but it’s long lost…

      • Nah, it’s al-right. I’m not one of those seeing is believing kind of persons.

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