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Amachan ep12-23: Yui-chan, Y U So Cool?!


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What else do we need? Really?!

I have totally lost count on how many times Aki has said or thought  ‘cool’ in regards to Yui! Seriously, at this rate it’s on the way to surpassing ‘Jeje’, that is if it hasn’t already!

And I can’t get over the way Aki stares at Yui! My God, it’s like she is looking at a galaxy in a place far away with all those stars in her eyes! It goes without saying that Aki is the purest they come but I am starting to question her thoughts during those moments where she looks at Yui like a piece of heavenly cake!

Not just Aki though, there is a disturbing obsession Yui has for Aki’s hands! Not just her hands, she really likes touching Aki any chance she gets and Aki is as affected by it as always too!


And for the love of God Yui, how more perfect can you get! Even though she has been in this place all her life she is so different from everyone, even her family! I find myself partly hoping she leaves for Tokyo to fulfil her dream but of course the bigger part, the shipper part obviously, wants her to stay here even though there is nothing for her other than Aki!

Sadly though, with a drop of what felt like acid going down my throat and why I stopped watching where I did for now, Dick just went and fucked up everything by confessing to Aki! And by fucked up I do not mean just towards me as a shipper but towards Aki too. If you watched the episode you will know what I mean.

And just when Yui finally found out that all those times Aki was saying ‘cool’ was not about something else but herself! Worse still is the fact that Yui doesn’t know yet about her brother’’ Dick’s feelings for Aki nor the fact that he has confessed. I mean I stopped right at that episode so I am not sure how she will take it and please don’t spoil, I wanna find out myself!

Yeah, I knew it was inevitable but just like you look at that spectacular evening sky at the sun sets, you know it is going to end but you can help but keep on watching until the darkness overtakes everything! Is it worth it? Well, seeing as I always look out for that special red sky every other day, the verdict says yes!

Which is the same case here. Even though if course I have watched more episodes in this one go than before, I felt that there was a great deal of Aki/Yui that before. I guess it was so we could be prepared for the pain that is sure to follow! For I am pretty sure there is gonna be pain. Thank God we have the forward button though and I will put it to great use.

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The way Aki looks at Yui tho >.< SRSly!

Getting to the point, a great deal of awesome happened in these episodes. Aki and Yui have gotten so close that if it were any other friendly series, this would be the end really! Friends can’t get any closer than this. I mean even Granny calls Yui Aki’s BEST friend. So really, if I was only looking for friendship, I would have thrown the towel in after this because now with the introduction of the Oh so thing that is known as romance, really, they are pulling at straws now.

But I am looking for more which is why I will be sticking around, thank you very much. And I don’t even take this stupid romance seriously. Everything about it really is just so beta! Now I have to put up with the stupid drama that comes with that. God! Oh wait, I haz the fast forward button ^________^

Any way Yui and Aki go miles during these episodes. The first killer is the fact that Yui invited Aki to her home for the very first time after finding out that Aki would be staying and not going back to Tokyo. Yeah, I was grinning like an idiot during that scene! Not to mention that fountain scene when Yui asked Aki to go to her school! Seriously guys, what was that even!?! Only thing missing to make that any more romantic was a Celine Dion song playing in the background with a rainbow in the distance. Oh wait, we already got a gay rainbow in the background with this two a few episodes back! I threw my head back, held my belly and laughed like I have never laughed before during that scene! Seriously! Can you believe that the scene of Yui asking Aki to go to her school was more romantic than Dick confessing to Aki?! Nay, even the scene where Yui asks Aki over to her home was more romantic with the wind and and the scenery and everything! Best believe it! In case you have forgotten, re-watch the episodes and you will see!

Aki does indeed go to the Adachi mansion and man, what a home! We get to meet the parents with Aki and she gets to have some dinner over there. Too bad it was as pleasant as it should have been, no thanks to…you got it, Dick! I mean Dick is good but anyone that acts that way towards their parents is just a No-No in my book! I can’t believe Aki decided to date him! Any way, too bad we did not get a sleep over. Then again in that situation, there wouldn’t be any action, if you know what I mean…

But the biggest thing to me was the way Yui trusted Aki so much she told her what her dream was! This happened after the serious talk that I was personally dreading! Dreading because from experience I know that clashes between views usually doesn’t happen between friends until something nasty happens and there is shouting and things then start slipping since there is no restraints. Usually it’s in those bad situations that the clash happens.

Thank God though for here it goes over smoother than oil! Yeah, Yui and Aki finally discuss their views of the two different places and how Aki and Yui look at them differently. I was so glad it went over so smoothly without any bloodshed. It wouldn’t do to have a falling out so soon! And it seemed pretty close on the way. Yui did not seem pleased with Aki using an accent too. She said Aki comes off as fake when she uses it so I guess Yui wants to know the real Aki? All the better over here. Now I have to pay attention later on to see if Aki uses an accent while with Yui. Things are getting interesting. No falling out happened though, thank the Lord, and at the end of it all, Yui tells her dream to Aki.

The dream of becoming an Idol!

That’s right, our dearest Yui-chan wants to move to Tokyo and become an Idol. Guys, you need to re-watch the look on Aki’s face after that confession! Seriously! And as if the fates were smiling upon her, Yui was recruited as one of the participants in the contest to be the town’s representative. She of course wins because seriously, there is no one who can take her! And she is of course an instant hit!

But while others would be swimming in their glory, Yui is not so taken with it. She wants to obtain the heavens through her own hard work not through pampering. She also did not want to do it actually in the first place because she did not want to use up her luck in such an effortless endeavour. But Aki is in the equation and everything is not so easy to decide. I have a feeling this will come to bite her later on but for now, she shines, partly for Aki!

Aki tells Yui that she feels like doing her best too when she looks at Yui so of course Yui won’t just call it quits! Even if she has only one true fan in Aki, BTW guys, that signature scene was really cute! Who am I kidding, any scene between these two is princess Kenny levels of cute! Like that scene during the festival when Yui caught sight of Aki and eaves at her! The pure joy in Aki’s eyes! Seriously, why aren’t they married yet!?

And let’s not forget that first time Yui sees Aki in her new uniform on the train and she says it looks really good on her. Aki’s super embarrassed reaction and the way Yui stared at her was just…>.< It might just be me but I have a feeling Yui is kind of Devilish and loves seeing a flustered Aki. Seriously these two!

I am sorry but not force in the ‘verse can stop me now! This ship has sailed and I am on it without a chance of un-boarding like the titanic! And just like said ship, I am so going down with this ship!

Have at them caps of lovely AkiYui while I hibernate for thousand or so seconds…. ^^




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3 thoughts on “Amachan ep12-23: Yui-chan, Y U So Cool?!

  1. Where can I watch this movie????

    • It’s not a movie. It’s a TV show with 156 episodes and seeing how really guarded it is, you would be lucky to find a streaming online.
      If you wanna try your luck on the other option, try ‘J-Addict’ or ‘Drama Overloaded’ websites

  2. I love the series, but I’m also scared what’s going to happen… I don’t like romance dramas with boys. T__T

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