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[SKE48] Wait, What what what?!!


[2014-03-19]SKE48 no sekai seifuku joshi Season 2 [CTV][MPEG-TS].ts - 00077
Surely they are not gonna…
[2014-03-19]SKE48 no sekai seifuku joshi Season 2 [CTV][MPEG-TS].ts - 00078
Surely not…surel-
[2014-03-19]SKE48 no sekai seifuku joshi Season 2 [CTV][MPEG-TS].ts - 00079

Oh Jesus SKGAY, please give a human a break! We are fragile little things! Something as simple as a heart attack can kill us you know!


[2014-03-19]SKE48 no sekai seifuku joshi Season 2 [CTV][MPEG-TS].ts - 00051
[2014-03-19]SKE48 no sekai seifuku joshi Season 2 [CTV][MPEG-TS].ts - 00061 [2014-03-19]SKE48 no sekai seifuku joshi Season 2 [CTV][MPEG-TS].ts - 00062[2014-03-19]SKE48 no sekai seifuku joshi Season 2 [CTV][MPEG-TS].ts - 00064

Oh for the love of…

So, there I was, just so chillingly watching the Mukaida Manatsu and Matsumoto Rina graduation special episode of SKE48 no Sekai Seifuku Joshi and boy, was I un-prepared for what was bombarded to my eyes! I mean I expected cheesy-teary memories and talk but not this!

Seriously, the level of GAY with this Sister is off the charts! Forget everything else, SKE48 is now the GAY group in the family! That’s right, best forget about this daughter help expand your genome tree!

Since it’s already here, let’s first talk about that Prince act above. The second part of the episode was dedicated to members having their chance to request something from the two graduates since this is their last chance. No brainer knowing what our dearest KKS Risaoo wished for. That’s right, might as well come out now and have her dream of carrying Manatsu-chan princess bridal style!

I live how she was surprised when she managed to lift Manatsu-chan! But putting that aside, did you guys see that moment where she glanced at Manatsu and as if feeling her gaze Manatsu gazed back and their eyes met and they were all like….Hanyan >.<

And their height different was spot on! What a lucky girl that Risaoo! So jelly! I mean who wouldn’t want to have that opportunity!


[2014-03-19]SKE48 no sekai seifuku joshi Season 2 [CTV][MPEG-TS].ts - 00099
[2014-03-19]SKE48 no sekai seifuku joshi Season 2 [CTV][MPEG-TS].ts - 00013 [2014-03-19]SKE48 no sekai seifuku joshi Season 2 [CTV][MPEG-TS].ts - 00015
[2014-03-19]SKE48 no sekai seifuku joshi Season 2 [CTV][MPEG-TS].ts - 00017

[2014-03-19]SKE48 no sekai seifuku joshi Season 2 [CTV][MPEG-TS].ts - 00019 [2014-03-19]SKE48 no sekai seifuku joshi Season 2 [CTV][MPEG-TS].ts - 00032
[2014-03-19]SKE48 no sekai seifuku joshi Season 2 [CTV][MPEG-TS].ts - 00035
[2014-03-19]SKE48 no sekai seifuku joshi Season 2 [CTV][MPEG-TS].ts - 00037 [2014-03-19]SKE48 no sekai seifuku joshi Season 2 [CTV][MPEG-TS].ts - 00041
[2014-03-19]SKE48 no sekai seifuku joshi Season 2 [CTV][MPEG-TS].ts - 00039

Then there is beast Matsurina…

I said it before and I will say it again! This girl right here is/was the current gen’s Meetan! She not only drove the members to madness this episode but my mind too! Seriously, WTF was up with that Konyaku phrasing! I think I heard something inside me break somewhere! Like, WTH?!!

Then during the request segment, another KKS going by the nick Oshirin (that’s right, she is a butt …ahem!) says that despite her nick-name, she has never had her butt touched so she wants to find out right there and of course Matsurina is up to the task.

But beastly Matsurina, oh Matsurina, tries to touch the actual butt on TV! She was getting her hands under that skirt and everything! Of course everyone freaked out again! Seriously, Matsurina is a walking bundle of madness! She would really kick it off well with Asura (you know, soul eater?)

But even as fun as all that was, it all paled in comparison to the scene that I was most looking forward to…That’s right, I am talking about Minarun and Matsurina!

[2014-03-19]SKE48 no sekai seifuku joshi Season 2 [CTV][MPEG-TS].ts - 00080
[2014-03-19]SKE48 no sekai seifuku joshi Season 2 [CTV][MPEG-TS].ts - 00081 [2014-03-19]SKE48 no sekai seifuku joshi Season 2 [CTV][MPEG-TS].ts - 00090
[2014-03-19]SKE48 no sekai seifuku joshi Season 2 [CTV][MPEG-TS].ts - 00089
i dead

Halp, I think I my number is up guys!

No! I-I Must…Hold…On…Can’t die now, not before I…talk…talk about this awesomeness. So, when I saw this tease before the ads, I think my brain blue a fuse, thank God I have billions of those available. I mean seriously, they showed the real deal of their lips actually meeting! I was questioning my sanity for seriously, there was no way that what I was seeing was real! So I had to find out which meant me fighting to survive until the real thing!




Only the real thing did not happen!




That’s right, unless I get amnesia that is so accurately timed to happen when I get to that scene, the real thing was not shown. Yeah I will give you a moment, I need one too anyway…




god fuckin damn



Why you so cruel Fate, WHY?!!!



Author: Black Gekikara

Love, Eat and sleep Yuri Best Pal is DIVA (My PC) Hangouts is TEH INTERNETS Currently into Kashiwagi Yuki, Matsui Rena, Ogasawara Mayu, Miyawaki Sakura, Ji-yeon, NMB48 and sister groups, T-ara Totally love SG Horror movies

10 thoughts on “[SKE48] Wait, What what what?!!

  1. I totally understand you!
    I watched this episode because… “yeah why not?” (even tho i haven’t watched any of the previous) and them BAM! Yurilicious!
    That teased kiss kept me pumped up…until the episode’s end…and nothing of that MatsurinaxMinarun… I felt like fliping tables screaming “WHERE IS IT!?”… the staff are devils…
    Well… I’m glad that Minarun was full transfered to SGAYE (my fav 48G). I’m sure we’ll see lots of things that otherwise we wouldn’t see if she was still in AKB.

    • I’m with you there too! If I had a table it would have been flipped! Like, why did they bother to put it in the teaser if they were not going to show it!?! That could get them to court if anyone wanted to take them. It’s false advertisement! So against the law!
      Also I think that Minarun has integrated into SKE the most! I guess it’s thanks to Kitarie for being the experiment so manybe Minarun had it easy but still, she seems to fit in more. I guess that is what’s important.

      • You know Japan and their advertisements, it’s somehow to be expected… But hey, 2014 is yuri year, there is Yuri material comming at us from everywhere, there are like 3~4 confirmed yuri animes, Sakura Trick, Akuma no Riddle, and other(s) I don’t know the name, who knows, maybe next year will be even more yurilicious
        Also, there is a anime called “Wake up girls!”, a group of 7 girls trying to make it in the Idol world, and behind the anime, the actual voice actors are trying to become Idols themselves. You probably already checked it out too, still, worth mentioning. (I’m devianting from the topic again…sorry)

        Back to the topic (more or less)… Maybe being part of SKE was what Minarun needed to “grow up”, she became even more appealing, excentric perhaps, am I giving SKE too much credit? SKE seems more welcoming and warm, funny and of course, Gay… AKB kind of lost it’s appeal… like if they were stuck, nothing new too see… same old AKB… So yeah, I think leaving a stuck AKB was best for her… More members should also try to be in the sister groups even if for just a short time, would be interesting to see for example Mayuyu or Yukirin in a sister group for a month, being it either one of SKE, NMB or HKT… Think of the possibilities…

      • Well Yukirin is already set to taste some NMB medicine with her concurrent transfer to Team N. And I am with you. 2014 has started out pretty good. I am looking forward to more surprises in addition to the projects that we are know of.

      • She actually agreed with the concurrency? I’ll try to keep an eye out, though I’m not that familiar with NMB, I just know they have some pretty awesome songs I couldn’t live without, that Sayanee is a C-cup, and that there is a girl that is a genius in impersonating Mayuyu, Ogasawara Mayu was it?
        Oh wait, she was transfered to Team B…erm, they… It’ll be fun to see them together but I fell bad for Sayanee, they were such bros…

      • Oh yeah, Yukirin agreed. In fact she didn’t seem at all that bothered by it in the least. I guess you missed those tumblr posts that made fun of her worrying only about the fact that she would be the oldest member in Team N. ^ ^

        Yeah, Maachun was what made NMB48 much fun to me and it seemed from what I heard members say and from seeing with my own eyes the back stage footage, she was almost a c-leader and other members acknowledged her in that regard.

        If it weren’t for Yukirin going to N, frankly my love for NMB would have been greatly tested. And yeah, she and Sayanee were the IT. I think Sayanee actually kind of was dependant on Maachun a bit even as perfect as she comes off as. I am worried for NMB but not that much since the title for favourite 48 has gone back to AKB now that Maachun has not only permanently moved to AKB but also another of my Kami Oshi Sakura has also joined the concurrent gundan in AKB. So now all my Big 4 are a part of AKB.

      • Since I’m not much on tumblr, it’s to be expected to miss things… But I know I can always count on you to tell us the updates xD

        NMB without Maachun is like steak without fried potatoes then… using that analogy… they will lose customers… They cut Sayanee’s right arm and they sent Yukirin there to soften things? They’re ploting a conspiracy against you I tell ya!
        AKB is sucking the interesting members out of it’s sister groups in order to make itself the “main group”, NMB’s Maachun, SKE’s Yuria, glad to know that HKT kept Aanya (is also on Team N now)
        From the looks of it all the sister groups took big blows and they left concurrent members to ease the pain… There are also some things that don’t make sense at all…In SKE they sent Sae to Team S, and made her Captain… The most interesting thing I’ve seen between Sae and an SKE member was that piano showdown with Kuumin, on Shukan AKB I think… But Kuumin (my ultimate kami oshi) is gone, I have no idea how that will end up…
        Safest bet is really AKB now…

  2. SGayE forever will be SGayE, it’s as simple as that 😀

    Really applaud this episode though, for these you expect the standard, attempted tear inducing episode for the farewell not this madness!!

    And it was such a nice change to see this I mean I know it’s sad but why play on that when it’s so much nicer seeing something like this episode (and fitting for Matsurina) I mean there are always tears at graduations, it’s nice to see some smiles thrown in here as well……

  3. Which episode is this..?? I am dying~~~~

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