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Rage Mode….Activate!


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I hate you! I hate you so much Team M! I despise you! Thank you so much for taking the title of favourite 48 group away from NMB you little…Others may be too gullible to not see your evil ways or too good a people to let this slide but not me! No siree!

Of course I wasn’t blind to the possibility but I let it slide giving you girls a chance but it looks like I shouldn’t have bothered at all. I should have known! I saw the documentary and if you little twerps were getting constipation when someone like Nana was transferred to your team, of course you would loose your minds when it comes to Jo!

Like, WTF even!?! The girl was like, 12/13. If you can’t get over the fact that she made a choice you consider a bad one, a choice that she knew that it wasn’t her best. A choice that she decided to rectify by coming back to prove herself and get your forgiveness. A chance that would have actually placed your team where you want it in that Jo was for sure going to boost your Team’s image even higher and you just…


Well, I guess it’s back to AKB48 being my favourite group and Team B my favourite Team now. No matter what anyone says I am not going to forgive Team M for this. It’s Jo’s choice? It wasn’t Team M’s fault? Bullcrap!

Man, I am so disappoint! I hope when she is ready she will be put into BII or even N. Or even the other sisters because by God. I am now seeing the Team M members’ tears during the 3rd anniversary concert in a whole new light!

And this talk about Jo rejecting the transfer because she felt it was unfair to the KKS and had to work for it.. Like,  are you frikkin joking me!?! How ready is she left to be? Jo is already way passed qualified to be full member. I did not like her back then but even then I could not spit on her skill! That girl was just born ready! It actually looks stupid to keep her as KKS. It’s just a waste of talent. This was why Management promoted her not because of some other agenda.

Man, all my good feels I had about this shuffle just clouded up a little bit!


Reading this no one can even believe that I used to not like Jo back in the day. How things change…

Author: Black Gekikara

Love, Eat and sleep Yuri Best Pal is DIVA (My PC) Hangouts is TEH INTERNETS Currently into Kashiwagi Yuki, Matsui Rena, Ogasawara Mayu, Miyawaki Sakura, Ji-yeon, NMB48 and sister groups, T-ara Totally love SG Horror movies

15 thoughts on “Rage Mode….Activate!

  1. So, you just want to throw Jo to hell? The awkwardness will be on M if Jo accept the promotion. I don’t believe all the girls will accept her. She was gone when they needed her the most, work their ass until got their own tour to prove M not just second team so people stop compare M with N and now that tour just like their farewell tour. Then, Jo because AkiP bias (yes, I believe the promotion is AKS idea not Yoshimoto) announced promotion for her.
    Heck, she rejected now but now the awkwardness will be around her and another KKS especially 2nd-3rd gen KKS who still around when Jo gone. Like how many they are work hard, if you are not management favorite, your work just useless.

    • Well, I doubt that M won’t have some back lash due to this either. Besides, it’s a new chapter from now on so either way the team is already changed. And Jo isn’t just any other KKS. Team M would have gained more if they accepted her and I doubt she would have let them down again by not accepting the promotion IF the team welcomed her with open arms.

      Oh well

  2. Team M after shuffle still consist mainly current Team M, minus Keira and Natsumin to N (because Keicchi needs her alien friend and her Princess.lol) and Shimarena. Put her in any group still the same and she would rejected so early promotion like this. I think she just want to take slowly and want to get promotion not because management give her special treatment again. You read her G+ about this right?
    Put your position like Jo or any NMB member here. You work for years in a company and suddenly your friend whom you trust to bring the good to company left and you must work harder or the company will collapse. One day, that friend back and then the founder put her in the same position like nothing happened. What do you feel? Maybe if you still want to work at the company you just hold the grudge to that friend.
    Idol world is unfair but I glad Jo took this decision. It means she’s not the same Jo who left because couldn’t handle the pressure but new Jo who brave enough to make her own decision.

    Then, another conspiracy in my mind that AkiP the one who persuade Jo to comeback. Ah ignore this, I just like conspiration theory.lol

    • And when is it a good time for her to be promoted? When all KKS are graduated?
      I read her post and it is obvious that the tension with Team M is the main reason she denied the promotion.

      Also it’s called bad utilisation of resources when you let a good resource be wasted. Jo remaining as a KKS is a waste.

    • Now that I think about it, it doesn’t make a lick of difference whether it is Jo or another KKS member that gets promoted to a team. For chances are that member won’t be in senbatsu just like many other M members whereas Jo, even as a KKS will.

      And thinking of that, I guess I should not mind M much because if I support Jo and I am sure she’s got a whole lot more fans, then even as a KKS, she will shine. Not like she isn’t already. Seriously, no other KKS comes even close. Hirorin probably trying…probably

      • When she has real strong fanbase? When she think she can properly challenge Saya-Milky-Nana-Fuuchan-Shu at the front row? If I’m on her position surely I want to get promote but when I prove something to pay my guilty because I left at crucial time, not just like a gift to you like nothing happened before.

        I read somewhere about line-up for Teppoutai 5 and Jo name not on the list. If Yoshimoto really want her back to her spot on M, she will be in the line-up as the firs step to get into senbatsu just like Nagisa-Saeppi on Teppoutai 4 and then 9th single Senbatsu. Well just wait and see about Teppoutai line-up. I think Teppoutai is the way Yoshimoto tell fans who they want push (especially member who center it). we will know about 9th single sooner. They usually give us something exactly one month before release but with many busy days maybe they just postponed to announce it.
        If not, then it just AKS screwed up with Yoshimoto plan for NMB. (Yes, I still bitter with this GR at the wrong time for NMB).

      • Now that you mention it, the single is stated to release soon yet we know very little about it. Even forgetting the Teppoutai, has the main and the Red and White teams been officially released yet?

      • Wuuuutttt!!!! They released it!!! Now forget a while for this Jo or Shuffle or something bitter. Time to enjoy 9th single! watch the short ver at NMB offc youtube. Or for lw-res just wait for today LOD

      • LOL, just realised it minutes after I posted that response to your comment ^^
        It looks really good too

      • Just copy paste from








        I’m thinking to buy all version for this single. \^o^/

      • Well, it’s the last with my NMB Oshi Maachun so it’s a given for me that all versions will be bought!

  3. I can comprehend Team M’s animosity towards Jo. She is not a team player to them. It took miichan about five to seven months to get back at the mainstream AKB48, taking that precedent why give Jo a fast-track? is not an unfair question to ask. But that is what I can read from the situation. I have not been following Team M closely until recently — Nana’s transfer — but when I read about Jo’s graduation, I thought that girls is not ready for ShowBiz, she needs to toughen up. And now Bob’s your uncle she gets promoted in less than what, two or three months? I think it was the right decision for her to decline the promotion. She has to prove that she is now strong enough to withstand the pressure, to herself firstly then I reckon what-ever team might be, M, BII or N she will be recognized by the others as a member of the team more than a pet-project from the brass.

    At least she knows the others will not make things easy for her, hence she makes a wise decision and attempts to regain the respect from others. It could also be an attempt to look considerate to others, but what the heck do I know about Jo? And I really could not care less about her. In the military you are told people who run away or quit at the beginning are either cowards or unfit for the job. She has to rebuild her image. Fuuchan and Nana — the two biggest forces in M right now (my consideration) — are not going to stay still and keep strengthening and building up. It is a long and hard way to the top and it ought to be harder for those who quit. That is my opinion.

    • Well I for one respect those who realise their mistakes and decide to do something about it. I think it is takes much more guts to do that – to test the waters and see where the right path is that just sticking it out just because.

      Reason why I love her now when I used ot hate her back in the day!

      Kind of a mystery, isn’t it?

  4. First of all, I stumled across this today while looking up my oshi’s name on google and I have to say, great blog (:

    I just want to put my two cents in as a massive Team M fan.

    Whilst I love Jo, I think it was a good decision that she made to reject the promotion. I’m not trying to throw shade on Jo at all, but she did leave M in a time when they really needed her. M was compared to N so much, and been called things like second rate. Jo was one of those more popular members and she kind of left them to flounder? I probably can’t begin to imagine how hard it must be to be a center and scrutinised at every moment but Jo did crack under that pressure. 

    The thing is, while she was gone, M has thrived so much, and they managed to do it despite all the people dragging them down. They gained enough popularity to hold a tour, but that was crushed with management inadvertedly telling them through the shuffle that they weren’t good enough as the current M.

    I don’t think the M members were angry with her, but more frustrated with management than anything else. You can’t say for sure that they were crying of sadness that Jo was back at the 3rd Anniversary Con, or that they were the ones who made Jo reject her promotion. There was a bit of speculation with Arii, who made a post on google+ saying that the adults had lied to her regarding Jo, with her asking about the 2nd gen KKS. But if we look at the context, Arii, as the very last first gen member promoted to a team, felt really strongly about those kenkyuusei, who have slogged away all this time (look at Hirorin, who flawlessly undered in N, could do at least 3 positions in M, as well as the kenkyuusei stages. When she graduated, probably because she had been passed up too many times, she had performed M1 almost 100 times, and that’s no easy feet). When you compare Jo’s rather fast ascention back to a team to the remaining 2nd gen KKS who have been passed over for promotion again and again, I’m sure Jo felt very uneasy about it too, seeing as she did audition with them initially.

    There were some deleted google+ comments that Jo made on her promotion, asking why she was promoted over the very same 2nd gen KKS as well. Jo when she came back at the 3rd Anni con said that she wanted to work hard so that all the fans could accept her completely, and so she can proudly say that she’s back. 

    I’m personally really proud of Jo’s decision. I think it shows a maturity beyond her years and I think she made the right choice ultimately. I feel like with this she can continue putting in the work until /she/ feels satisfied about how she’s performing and how she is being received by fans as well (:

    • Welcome and thanks for another different view on the matter. We do need different insight some time.

      So, who was this Oshi you were looking for that brought you to this hidden part of the net, if you don’t mind telling me that is?

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