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So, what’s for lunch guyz; Cyanide or Cake?


Team B
OMG! Oh! My! God!

I don’t even know how I feel you all! I know it’s unfair to ask thee for we are all in the same boat (I think) but how am I supposed to feel?! I will just stick to my favourite team and Group for now for I don’t think I can handle the amount of feels it would take to consider each and every team!

Tread carefully in case you wanna know how I feel about all this…

Stupid AKS. I hate you so much! I hate you and yet I love you too! God, I didn’t know what Love/Hate relationship really felt like personally until now! I hate AKS and yet love it at the same time! Let’s begin with the reasons why I hate it!

First of all, stop fuckin shitting on Team B! Why does it always feel like we get the scraps, the second best of every other team!!?! Why do you have to give Team A all the fuckin great new bloods and give us Team B the other Team’s rejects, mostly of Team A!!? And I thought you wanted Mio as your HKT Ace, why wasn’t she the one to go to Team A?! Oh of course, Sakura is actually the No.1 even though you don’t appreciate her that much in HKT but you appreciate her popularity enough to put her in your flagship of Aces Team A!?! Fuck you! Why not take you Mio to A and give us Sakura since you don’t like her that much any way! Oh wait, MONEYZ!

And why do you always have to fuck with my ships! I just went and promoted Sayacchu to my 48 OTP status and what did you fuckin go and do?!! You split them up, for fuckin good too! Why would you do that?!! Not only are you cutting their relationship in their actual group by removing Maachun from N permanently, but you are also taking her away from their singles. Well I suppose it is good this way. Better than she being an NMB and not appearing in Red/White anymore despite being one of the few ranked NMB members! Well, also now they can meet in AKB singles for the first time but still!

And speaking of Mio, Why in all that is holy are they transferring all the Aces of each team?!! Sakura and Mio are the IT of Team KIV. The team that has been formed thus in great need of image building. But with Sakura and Mio handling AKB as well, I doubt they will be performing that much with Team KIV! And not just them, Oh SKE is also renting their top guns WMatsui and so is NMB with SayaMilky!

Transfers is a different way of getting members to be more recognised so why are they wasting this other opportunity for less known members to get into the spotlight by using the already much, much popular members!?! Why in Gods, name?!! Let’s not lie to ourselves here, it all boils down to one thing!

And what make it all worse is that it is all for show really! For attention. Because we all know it’s gonna be ages now before we get another stage! Unless of course by the no- tears they meant that the members had already been informed, thus had already trained for the new stages and we are going to get them as soon as this year. But I doubt that very much. Some members might even have graduated before we got a new stage!

Fuck you not so kindly AKS!

And I can’t stop here without taking about my Goddess. I don’t know if I should be happy or sad for Yukirin being like the immovable object of Team B. Always there, seeing members come and go, creating new bonds only to see them broken a year or so later. And even worse that the new members always have someone to be in front of her where management is concerned. First it was Mayuyu, then Shimabaki and while I was spitting water happy that Shimabaki was out and it was finally time for Yukirin to shine, they bring back Mayuyu! My mind was like a truck hitting a brick wall! The bad being that Yukirin is once again denied the spotlight! And I am not so sure about her Team N exchange! On the other hand she had better get the spot she deserves there, on the other hand it is another way for AKS to get even more rid of her I just…

Like, Fuck AKS!

Excuse the language my dearest Readers. I might as well go onto the good side of things now then, eh? And as such, my spirits are up as well in the air! Thank you AKS, I love you so much! Jo promotion, Team BII finally getting some star power, SayaMilky finally apart, MAYUKI! OMFG MAYUKI is back! HA take that you idiots! You finally saw the error of your ways AHAHA the joke was on you all along idiots HAHAHA! I can’t believe you thought you would succeed in breaking these two apart! Now go squat in that corner and brood as you suck on your thumbs idiots! Hahahahaha

Now My favourite teams have even been promoted to… my favourite teams…err…Okay, that made much sense that isn’t but not only is Yukirin my Kami of Kamis, but she is now a member of my top teams are well, that is B and N to you all who might not know me. That right there is one reason alone to show the good things about this shuffle! But that is not the only great thing!

My No.3 Ogasawara Mayu is now a member of my No.1 Team – B! Like, FFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUU Fine I forgive you all your wrongs AKS, I frikkin forgive you…for now! I even forgive you for reaping me Sakura-tan but this right here, not to mention that we finally get out cute image back thanks to all the Rina’s and….OMFG Ikoma-kun!?!! I don’t even…FFFFUUUFUFUFUFUFFFF

Deep breaths, deep breaths…I’m good people, I’m good! Sad that Shuuka was broken up after B working so hard but they got Milky and Uuka has been taken to N where the shit is at so I am happy about that. She can show of her dance moves over there more than she was doing in BII where they were wasted and BII gets much more in Milky who is actually more fit with their image than that of N so I am so glad about that!

Jo getting promoted was a no brainer. Even though she got back to KKS level, it was obvious she did not belong there. She is already a loaded gun and in fact I am only shocked it took them so long to get her back up. Also putting her back into M is kind of a double-edged sword. No matter how they might not show it, there will be friction between the original M and her, even though it will be reduced now that the teams have been diluted out a bit. So rooting for Jo to get back to senbatsu and with Maachun out of there, she might as well be back in. Though it is getting harder now for NMB girls to get into senbatsu with all the exchanges, but then again, I guess I should start thinking of it as a whole different NMB now. Right, mind = wiped. Back to slate one.

Now for Mayuki…I don’t care what the nay-sayers are saying Mayuyu was not Team A material! She tried to change to fit the new position but that right there is what was wrong with everything in the first place. Mayuyu was Mayuyu because she was Mayuyu! Changing her to fit their Face material would not have worked and it did not! People loved Mayuyu for herself and she was herself when she was Mayuyu – The Mayuyu of Team B! I was not liking Team A Mayuyu at all! I applaud AKS for seeing that and putting a stop to the madness! I cannot wait for our Mayuyu to come back to herself in Team B next to her Mama! She is like a prodigal daughter returned home after years away.

Damn these FEELS!

And since she was experienced some time away and knows independence, now there is going to be some difference in the relationship with Yukirin, even though it won’t be that different. But it will be a bit, they will be more like lovers than younger older sister mother type of relationship so you nay sayers should just chill!

And this nonsense about her failing to be the Face because she was moved from A is bulshit. What, we can’t have the Face from a different Team other than A? Then why isn’t Jurina in A instead? Nay, these are different times. Now B has the Face because I doubt Shimabaki would really take over as the Face. Fuck that!

Speaking of which, I remember saying how they should have taken her to Team A in the first place instead of Mayuyu, but then I guess her fail would have been failed that much more so. Meh, after Sasshi the 1st position means nothing anymore any way! At this rate I don’t care who the Face of AKB is! Somehow all groups are getting fucked over in this regard, only SKE and NMB is consistent with their Aces, well not so much NMB since Milky is still attached to Sayanee’s glory and it will forever be SayaMilky not just Sayanee even when Sayanee gets into the Kami 7 next senbatsu and leave Milky a place or so behind.

Sakura is still suffering over in HKT and with and Haruppi and Mio being transfers, well, Meru is left to dominate and take over the base. Well, that is wishful thinking really but who knows! It might just happen! I still think though that Sakura really should have gone to B and Mio or even Meru to A. There seems to be another Mayuyu problem there in the fitness of the image of the Team but then again, I would have probably died of happiness to have not one, not two but three of my Group Kamis in the same Team. I would be like, WTF is the point of the rest of the teams when I have my perfect Team?!

Well, about time I paid attention to Team A I guess. I only did give it a few watches for Mayuyu but she seemed to miss something that made me love her in her B glory days so I gave up some time ago. Now though, this is Sakura we are talking about. Every time I will see her name on the listing of performers I will be sure to watch it. Damn Team A though. What a bunch of thieves! And they went and made Takamina Cap once again because LOL! Then again if they changed all leaders, it would have meant Sayanee’s rep sheet of perfect Leader being destroyed and OMG, that is a crime punishable by death!

Overall though, I guess they accomplished what they set out to do. AKB48 is now unfuckable-with! All teams are back to ground zero all balanced out and with their image restored. I said it before and I will say it again, it doesn’t matter how far the sisters can go on their own. At the end of the day, they are all still AKB48’s bitches. Thinking that they will one day gain independence is simply wishful thinking. For crying out loud they didn’t even spare the overseas sisters.

And speaking of which I thought Sae had dedicated her life to SNH! But did they even grant her that? Nope! Fuck that and while we are at it, we shall make you the frikkin Captain so you will feel the need to dedicate all your time to SKE. Forget about Shanghai Sae! Is what they told her!

What evil bastards!

Anyway, going back to the point at hand, all the teams are back to how they were supposed to be prior the idiotic reshuffle that destroyed them in the first place mostly team K. But now K puts the K in Kickass with the addition of Sayanee – The definition of cool!

But enough of the other teams, I was planning on discussing B. B is back to the cute image it had in the beginning, as is the underdog with so many low ranked members and thus has to prove itself more than the other teams. Also with Mocchi as the Captain, they retain their sexy image they acquired from the last mini shuffle when Umechan was made Captain, even though only a handful or less can be considered sexy. We also get fresh blood in the form of the Draft members, the young’uns from Team $ and some from KKS. Also having Owada who has already centred two of AKB48 songs, one of which she helmed the actual senbatsu, add in Mayuyu the Face of AKB, and then add in the Face of Nogizaka and…OH! Okay, I take that back! Bring it on you all other teams! We are so ready for you!

Speaking of Rina, they should have brought over the other Rina as well to make it the Rina team but then again I guess that would not have been fair. Really, now thinking about it, Team B is really the shit! It is covered both front, middle and back! We have Mayuki in the front, maybe even Ikoma-kun OMG why don’t you just make it a tri-force!?! I mean shafting Ikoma-kun to the back wouldn’t do! Then there is the thing with Maachun as well…wait…OMG that makes it two Mayu’s in B! But wait, there is Mio as well Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh Oh shit! The front line of B is gonna be so major Kickass! I’m sorry the rest of the teams but you have nothing on this! You may have power houses but they are concentrated in block while over here we are covered at every angle! Go back a line and it doesn’t matter how you cover it. The second line is still major hit with Juri, Nana the oh so popular draftee Saya with comrade Aeir Kusogaki and then even back and we have the Nee-sans with the Cap and Vice Cap covering their girls’ backs and man, we got this! Not only do we have performance talent in Yukirin, Mocchi, Takemiyu, but we also have the laughs now in Godly Maachun, Vice Cap Oya and don’t get me started on the moe!

Damn man! Okay, I confess that I was a bit hard on Management. They frikkin did a great job here and since this is my favourite team, if my favourite Team has been done justice, then everything is alright with the world! Obviously I am still saddened by Sayacchu being split but then I guess I can see this as a trial to their relationship like how Mayuki went through theirs and they managed to fight Fate so can Sayacchu. Also the fact that Sayanee is the one rival that Maachun has (She said this in a radio talk she hosted with Milky) then I guess this is also in the positive where they are concerned. Really, I had said it before that those two were just too equal even as they were best friends. Time to finally test those waters now.

And really, even though she was removed from N, the fact that none other than my Kami of Kamis is her replacement then all is very right with the world. Now the question is that who will Yukirin choose over at Namba?! Obviously the first choice is Akarin since she hasn’t had anyone ever since Shiokichi left so this is a real opportunity. And then the two of them performing Zipper, well, who would complain!?

Can’t speak for the other Team fans but since for me the good out-weigh the bad, I am okay, nay, very okay with this Shuffle! They outdid themselves this time and I guess they restored a bit of faith in me in regards to AKS. Now all they have to do is correct their mistreatment of Yukirin and my love is completely restored. Oh man, I hadn’t thought if it that clinically before but really, mistreatment is the way to describe Yukirin and AKS’s treatment of her. Thank God Avex came along when it did!

Anyway, I am super excited for the New Teams to appear on stages. I don’t care if it’s not the new Stages or the old ones, just give me the eye candy of Team B together and I will kiss your feet AKS! I swear it! And by full I mean with all the Exchange students and the draftees finally present!

God, first it was the suspense of waiting for this day and now it is the suspense of waiting for the stage, any stage to begin!

God, this relationship with AKB is so Tsun-dere I swear to God!

I guess it’s CAKE then ^_^

Author: Black Gekikara

Love, Eat and sleep Yuri Best Pal is DIVA (My PC) Hangouts is TEH INTERNETS Currently into Kashiwagi Yuki, Matsui Rena, Ogasawara Mayu, Miyawaki Sakura, Ji-yeon, NMB48 and sister groups, T-ara Totally love SG Horror movies

23 thoughts on “So, what’s for lunch guyz; Cyanide or Cake?

  1. You said everything. Mayu is back with Yuki. But Maachun isn’t with Sayanee anymore. But Maachun is now in Team B. I don’t know if I’m happy or not XD. It’s like “Yaaaay but…. Ooow… BUT YAAAAAAAAAY…. but and that… FUCK YEAAAAH” xD I just can’t wait to see what will happen with new teams *-*.


    • Indeed Llyloo. So with you there ^^
      Sweet and sour this is and yet, Sayanee is also in AKB now so…Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh
      Also really great news for Jo. It was gutsy of her for what she did and that alone made me love her and now I can’t help but support her as much as I can.

    • All the girls, I mean, I’m worried for girls’ health in general, but for thoses who have a double position, they will have to do event of each group, and girls like Rena, who already do AKB and SKE event… add Nogizaka event >.<. I don't know if i'm understandable.

      • Well, others have survived it and if someone like Miorin could handle it, NMB of all groups, then so can anyone. I mean it had to have been very hard for her, especially N3 but she triumphed. If that isn’t motivation to other members, I don’t know what is.

        Well like I said, I too am worried about Rena. But I believe in her. And Nogizaka isn’t as hard as SKE48. Not to mention that they don’t hold stages. Really, Rena actually has it the easiest

      • I believe in them, but yeah, i’m easily worried. XD

        Honestly, I don’t really know Nogizaka, do they have handshake and all that kind of event ? °°

      • Yes they do have handshakes.

        They also hold live perfomances from time to time. They also release singles quite often too and their single cetners always change so Rena being a center once isn’t out of the question.

  2. with Machun to B, I don’t think will see her anymore AKB A-side. I just hope with her transfer to Tokyo it means Yoshimoto give her lots of work on Tokyo along with another famous comedian so she will get more recognize by public.

    • Bah! Forget A sides, if I learned anything from AKb singles it’s that it’s better to be in Coupling B sides than A. Much better for Maachun to be over there and kick ass than be in the shadows of Senbatsu!

  3. Today I think I realy angry and happy

    Frist, Mayuki is comeback again. I realy happy (or not), because right now my feeling is messy….

    Second, I don’t know why AKi – P what’s he thinking when he choose Rena concurrent Nogizaka and SKE??? That is the reason I realy mad him, and I wanted to kill him after I hear this. I was thinking that Rena was concurrent another team in AKB.

    I hope they will have new announcement….. 🙂

    • Feel bad for Rena too but thankfully Nogizaka is just in the neighborhood so Rena won’t be that alienated, Okay, forget that, she is the only lonesome Nogizaka transfer…Damn!
      I really doubt we will be hearing any more changes to the teams any time soon though. Unless a member completely breaks down from the pressure. But really, we saw what little they do even if it came to that in Jurina’s sake >.<

      Oh well, now fans won't cry why it is only Jurina suffering. Now both Aces are in the deep together. And who knows, Rena might climb over Jurina from this once again

  4. I cannot deny I still have severe issues with this shuffle. As our dearest host expressed, it is full of bitter-sweet moments. I am not a Team B fan per se, but it is the one I follow the most. In retrospective this was really a Heavy Rotation –yes pun intended, if you get it — in comparison to the prior. My favourite team configuration lasted until the 2009 shuffle took effect and honestly I felt the team B (2012) configuration resembled the original one.

    Unlike both comments above, I cannot express such a bright disposition. I was pampered by the original Team B and grew to like Umeda Team B. Of course differences in the constituency of team between yours truly and the decision makers existed, but I came to rather like it. Personally, Yukirin needs to exploit more than ever her mature image, this Kuramochi Team B makes that even more difficult. Perhaps that is why she was made a concurrent member of NMB48. Nana-chan was really enthusiastic about it in her google plus account. Milky and Yukirin also seem to have reach a very close relationship… Sadly this the nature of ShowBiz.

    I am still attending therapy to deal with my bitter-bitter-sweet relationship with Mayuyu, but I must concur she is best fit for the cute Team B image, refraining, I do not like that image very much. With high disapproval and expectations this event took place. If they planned to go ahead with it, WHY THE HECK DID THEY ASK OUR OPINION ON IT? Some moves I commend and supports others I felt were bordering between insanity and frank insult. Why Yuko’s impending, Yukirin and Nyan nyan anticipated graduations, with a confidence of 98% I can pronounce my beloved AKB48 dead.

    Then this reminds us why we follow the AKB48 Groups. This heart-wrenching events that makes us disapprove and/or approve the business side of the model and the artistic side of it.

    To finalise my participation and answer the title query, I would love to take the cake but it has a cyanide like taste. I will pass the meal and wait for a better dish, I hope soon will come.

    • Well, we did have two options. Either Cake or cyanide and there isn’t enough cake for everyone so some had to have the cyanide, or in your case, both. Though I have to say that I am a little saddened to know you weren’t so happy. I mean, there is probably something else other than Yukirin and Mayuyu so I don’t know what to say.

      I feel that like the 2009 major shuffle, this is an actual new page in AKB48, not that Next Gen bullshit, and I am going in with an open slate too, just like Yukirin is challenging herself, not that I think this is a challenge to her whatsoever. She has after all handled not 1 not 2 but three major solo live concerts by herself. So what is another stage to her? Anyway I will be with her till the end.

      I am surprised though how you loved the original B yet can’t stand Mayuyu😁
      I can understand you though, for I too was starting to like her less since she moved to Team A but she is back!😆

      Um yeah, better stop with the Mayuyu talk. Don’t want to mess up the progress on your therapy. 😯

      • At first I did not care much for Mayuyu, when the 2009 shuffle occurred, evidently my spot-light landed a bit on her. But never went further than the “She is cute” thought. I never felt an identification with her. As you know my tenure as an AKB48 fan began as an Acchan oshi, the only member to best her was and still is Yukirin. So when she graduated in 2012 and Mayuyu was placed at her spot, well not something I could accept neither with Paruru. But Mayuyu seems to be a little more interesting than ponkotsu. Still neither have the charisma to, in my bias, to take on Acchan’s position.

        When Mayuyu joined Team A, she felt even more unfit to be the eye of the storm. I will have to see how different of a artist she is now. Either back to the “meh” girl from the original 3rd gen years, the annoying type I reckon her i.e. AKB48 centre or a new persona more alluring and charismatic –which I honestly doubt — to either turn south or fix my perspective on her.

        Yukirin is bound to do terrific with NMB48 she seems to have great chemistry with them. And they seem to like her. The good things are bound to accompany and hopefully out-weigh the bad. But then hope is the worst of sins and perils of humanity. This really seems to be her final leg in this face. And knowing Yukirin, she will shine even brighter.

        That’s the other criteria, I disapproved Mayuyu, she never out-shinned Acchan. Only Yukirin and Yuko gave her a run for her money in that regard. All that is left to do is wait and see, this could really be a shuffle to remember in either way. Be it cake or cyanide, whatever we have at the end is all going to depend on the results (stages, singles ranking and hand-shakes,, et al.) As you mentioned in a prior post, 2011 was the best year, I guess success with this new AKB48 groups will be how far they reached their golden year and if they surpass it. Something I consider highly unlikely. I see no senbatsu in the foreseeable future that can surpass Flying Get.

      • No senbatsu until Yukirin is No.1 you mean ^^

        Any way at this rate senbatsu and HS events mean nothing! Yukirin will forver be shafted after the election single and she is still the Goddess of Handshakes (Now with Yuko gone, quite literally on the top) so really,

        Any way, I too am waiting for the first product of this new AKB48. If this fails then nothing can save this from now on.

      • Absolutely, until Yukirin claims her rightful place as the top cat. I heard many Yukirin fans saying they will go full throttle this election…Will this translate into results? I still have reasonable doubts, but anything is possible and Yukirin getting the top spot is not implausible. But after Sasshi polluting that spot I could not care less.

        I read a talk between Yuko and the man himself, there he said Sasshi was a rather erratic and somewhat destructive individual for AKB48 and that Mayuyu does not really like the limelight, then for at least a few months chances for Yukirin centring at least a single or having a prominent roll are hight. And I am certain beyond question she is going to be a huge presence in NMB48. This somewhat feels like a last HURRAH for her…Well, I sincerely expect her to show the rest what being a complete entertainer is all about.

  5. Yeah this whole shuffle was about the “Moneyz” as you put it, especially for AKB, gotta sell them singles buy the million after all, pretty much sums up the top half of your article really, and the only reason that Yuki went to NMB is that Yoshimoto actually have some bargaining power with AKB and wanted something in return…..

    And for Yuki, yes still in B and yes she is lead support again, but hell if she is going to be that forever than at least now she is supporting someone who she can, you know, interact with, try as she might Paruru never really opened up to her at all and stuck with her salty ways, at least with Mayu the fun is back, yeah Yuki will play second fiddle but lets be honest this is they best it could of been so I will take it

    And Mayu back in B makes her push for center so much more viable again(perhaps we can thank Sasshi for this in some part as now the face does not have to be A or K) , I feel that Mayu lost something of herself over in A, can’t really put my finger on it but Mayuyu in A was not the same, it’s like the charm had gone or something like that, Mayu coming back to B will set things right in that regard as I honestly think we will get the real Mayuyu again.

    Will mention K to, seriously I want to see that too, they have awesome members and I have mentioned before that having Saayanee and Jurina together is like having two Alpha males together, shit will go down and it’s going to be awesome!!!!

    As for B though, hell you can hardly call it the underdog team now, in fact if anything the new order is BKA (lol Ricchan I blame you!!!) I mean you have faces and Aces, new talents (perhaps THE new talent in Owada Nana) and fan favorites and also one of the the best MC’ers and comedians going today (Yes Maachun Yes!!) and that is just the front row, the darn well have a good core too (We are like talking about members like Takahashi Juri here people) this team has got skills, hell you could take like 3 or for of the top members away and the thing is still darn well stacked!!

    And hell, at the end of the day, really how can I complain about that…..

    • yeah, B is is almost perfect right now, well, perfect actually since I don’t see any flaws. Mayuyu can handle anything A dishes out thanks to her experience and if she needs help, Juri is there for support. Maachun can take on Sayanee in K all on her own ,Mio tackles Haruppi and Nana, Saya and Aeri can take on the Jurina and the lolis. And that is without even bringing Yukirin into the picture LOL

      And yeah, I’m with you on the Mayuyu/Paruru thingy. Mayu was never meant for A and management wasted their time in taking her over there. They could have left her in B and she would have been better than she was in A but all they did is kind of make her take a step back somehow. Now she has to continue on from when she left off in 2012 damn it!

      I don’t really know what they were hoping to accomplish because Mayuyu and Yukirin will never see each other as rivals even if it came to them fighting for the top position. Their relationship is just so unique that I find myself ashamed I ever even doubted them. God!

      Mayuyu is going to be her real self again, fans will love her even more and with the change on the team with the addition of different blood, she is going to mature even more. They should have left her to grow at her own pace instead of trying to change her. Well, if they are indeed thinking of replacing her with Paruru, good luck with that I guess.

      As for K, I guess I am the only one who thinks it’s pointless to talk about the race btn Sayanee and Jurina. The only thing Jurina has on Sayanee is Sebantsu power anywhere else she is behind. If it’s about skill, Sayanee is winner by default!

  6. Rena : I want to graduate
    Management : Why?
    Rena : SKE girls always running away when I try to harr..ehm explore their cuteness and I’m too slow to catch them
    Management: There are slow girls in Nogizaka we’ll arrange you to have concurrent position there, so please don’t graduate yet
    Rena: Yayyy, my fantasy will come true*making gekikara face* IKOMA-CHWAANNN
    Management: whoa, she is too dangerous for Ikoma, arrange her to have concurrency in AKB ASAP

    And that’s how Rena & Ikoma have concurrent position 🙂
    I’ll throw away the cyanide and have a slice of gekikara cake instead, after 2009 & 2012 I learnt not take AKB group reform seriously

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