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The thing that made me do the thing


140215 AKB48 SHOW! ep17.ts - 00081
140215 AKB48 SHOW! ep17.ts - 00128 140215 AKB48 SHOW! ep17.ts - 00143
140215 AKB48 SHOW! ep17.ts - 00108
AKA – The Best Kuchi Utsushi no Chocolate I have ever seen.

140215 AKB48 SHOW! ep17.ts - 00052
140215 AKB48 SHOW! ep17.ts - 00112 140215 AKB48 SHOW! ep17.ts - 00121
140215 AKB48 SHOW! ep17.ts - 00144
AKA Yukirin, Love-tan and Sakura-tan’s Kucchi Utsushi no Chocolate

I have literally been watching this performance every single day since it hit us the day after valentine’s! Some days even more than once for I put that drug on my Note 3 and watch it every day on the bus!

I am still in a haze unsure if this is just a very long awesome dream or if it actually happened. You guys have no idea how I am feeling right now! If I went through any drug test, I would fail every single one! Even just looking at caps of this feels like I am seeing it for the first time and of course forced to go and re-watch the video.

Excuse me…

Yes, I just left and re-watched the performance just now! I…I don’t even know you guys. I was begging for it, for Cherry Blossom Snow (To those who still don’t know, that’s my ship name for Yukirin and Sakura-tan) to be in the same unit and they not only went and did one, but one of the many awesome Yukirin original units. And better yet, they were accompanied by the other original member of said unit Love-tan.

I tell you, my feels right now could start a whole different kind of global warming! Actually forget global warming, this is on the levels of entropy! That’s right QB, I am the solution to your problem! Forget about young girls and come end me cause then your problem will be so over!

Any way, I have no idea where to start! I finally got what I had been asking for and turns out I was so not ready for it! If Kuchi does this kind of damage to my parson, I shudder to think what songs like Oshibe to Meshibe or Kinjirareta Futari could do to me! I mean there was so little contact in this song btn the two, in fact I would not say btn the two since it was only Sakura-tan touching Yukirin shoulder. Wait, Sakura-tan touching Yukirin’s shoulder…

kanako cant

140215 AKB48 SHOW! ep17.ts - 00021
140215 AKB48 SHOW! ep17.ts - 00022 140215 AKB48 SHOW! ep17.ts - 00023
140215 AKB48 SHOW! ep17.ts - 00024 140215 AKB48 SHOW! ep17.ts - 00025
140215 AKB48 SHOW! ep17.ts - 00026 140215 AKB48 SHOW! ep17.ts - 00027
Who is whom?!

First of all, to whoever came up with this idea in Management, God Bless You! I honestly can’t think of the miracle that this unit is. Seriously, from the way these two having been going, I was beginning to doubt they would ever exchange words again but then BAM! They not only get to perform together but they so on Valentine’s day! And what a song!

From the very second of this video I was already going out of my mind! I swear I thought I was seeing a mirrored performance or something because I could not tell who was who from the two making their way from either side of the stage to the centre. Only looping that scene a couple of times did I get it through my thick skull that Yukirin was the one moving in from the right of Love-tan and Sakura-tan from her left.

And they moving the exact same way, skipping at the exact same second did not help things, neither did they help my combusting feelings at knowing that they two were looking right into each other’s eyes as they got closer and closer to each other for that awesome ~ YES! FALL IN LOVE!~

Yeah, in my dreams but my mind wasn’t working right the first time around so do forgive me. And the stage looking to all the world like a part of a heart did not help me in the least, well, maybe it did for it upped up the romanticism in everything!

140215 AKB48 SHOW! ep17.ts - 00035 140215 AKB48 SHOW! ep17.ts - 00042
140215 AKB48 SHOW! ep17.ts - 00039
140215 AKB48 SHOW! ep17.ts - 00050 140215 AKB48 SHOW! ep17.ts - 00041
140215 AKB48 SHOW! ep17.ts - 00093
140215 AKB48 SHOW! ep17.ts - 00059 140215 AKB48 SHOW! ep17.ts - 00058140215 AKB48 SHOW! ep17.ts - 00061

Everything about this was simply perfect! For a change Yukirin did not turn down the dial like she usually does when she performs with either her Senpai’s or the juniors. That really pisses me off sometimes but then I remember that she is just that kind even in this world where everyone is a rival, she still lets others shine before her. I am sure I am not the only one who sees this.

Here though, she went all out and so did Sakura-tan. They performed as equals which really made the experience that much more enjoyable! That fact really makes me a very happy camper for it tells me many things, like Yukirin having confidence in Sakura-tan which strengthens that one reason I had about her not spoiling Sakura-tan like she did Mayuyu knowing that Sakura can is good enough to stand on her own feet. And Sakura wasn’t timid at all either during the performance as if she was saying ‘Look at me Senpai. See me and be proud of me.’ But it wasn’t just Sakura wanting Yukirin to look at her, no, she too was watching Yukirin for even with all said and done, Yukirin is still the Senpai here and Sakura still adores her so she too looked to Yukirin.

140215 AKB48 SHOW! ep17.ts - 00066 140215 AKB48 SHOW! ep17.ts - 00062
140215 AKB48 SHOW! ep17.ts - 00065 140215 AKB48 SHOW! ep17.ts - 00111

And boy, did they look! Now you might say that, how do you know they were looking? that’s part of the performance! To that I would say that, and? All the better to use that as an excuse to stare at each other! Lord knows how long it’s been they they last exchanged glances.

And can I take this opportunity to say how frightening Sakura’s growth is! Looks at those cams above! She’s like, one inch or less shorter than Yukirin! Like, What!?! I bet Yukirin was finding it pretty awkward looking straight into Sakura-tan’s eyes every time she turned instead of meeting her lovely forehead or hair like she was expecting LOL

140215 AKB48 SHOW! ep17.ts - 00099
140215 AKB48 SHOW! ep17.ts - 00097 140215 AKB48 SHOW! ep17.ts - 00095
140215 AKB48 SHOW! ep17.ts - 00104
140215 AKB48 SHOW! ep17.ts - 00085 140215 AKB48 SHOW! ep17.ts - 00096
140215 AKB48 SHOW! ep17.ts - 00100
140215 AKB48 SHOW! ep17.ts - 00140 140215 AKB48 SHOW! ep17.ts - 00103
140215 AKB48 SHOW! ep17.ts - 00101
140215 AKB48 SHOW! ep17.ts - 00102 140215 AKB48 SHOW! ep17.ts - 00105
140215 AKB48 SHOW! ep17.ts - 00131

Jesus Christ guys >.< No one was pulling any punches in this performance! Look at that Sakura-tan! It’s like she was at home! like, this was her song too. Like the three were the original performers of the song! Like it was written for them! I don’t even…

Yukirin was enough on her own but add in Sakura-tan and it’s like taking that awesomeness then powering it to that awesomeness! That is to say if it was over 9000, it would be 90009000 . Seriously, I am not sure what it is about these two, they are not exactly alike, it more like being halves of the same thing but while instead of being incomplete without the other, like how other halves are, they are still very completely on each own and yet when they come together, they still make a whole different wholesome!

I’m sorry, Cherry Blossom Snow is doing strange things to me that even I can’t make sense of! And adding Love-tan into the mix make the whole experience all that much more satisfying! If it had been anyone else other than her, they would have glaringly come off as third wheels  I swear to God! And yet with her there, it was like powering (in the case of Yukirin and Sakura-tan) then multiplying by two(In the case of Love-tan)!

140215 AKB48 SHOW! ep17.ts - 00112 140215 AKB48 SHOW! ep17.ts - 00120
140215 AKB48 SHOW! ep17.ts - 00113 140215 AKB48 SHOW! ep17.ts - 00121
140215 AKB48 SHOW! ep17.ts - 00114 140215 AKB48 SHOW! ep17.ts - 00123

See what I mean!?! These two together are on nuclear level of danger! I now know! I know how naive I have been, crying murder because we hadn’t got these two together n a sub-unit yet! I was so naive! I finally get it and I can’t handle it! I am going completely out of my mind! This is really frikkin dangerous! Forget Gravity! That movie has nothing in terms of tension to what these two being together did to me! being trapped in space feels like a walk in the park compared to surviving these two! I swear if they get to go higher, to the levels of Oshibe, I would so not survive!

And so, I am in no hurry to seeing these two again some time soon. Even if it is Temo Demo I require a min of three years before I can be ready to survive that kind of damage!


140215 AKB48 SHOW! ep17.ts - 00081
140215 AKB48 SHOW! ep17.ts - 00108

Look at how smug these two are! I am starting to think that they were happier than me in finally getting an opportunity to show the earth-shattering power of Kagoshima and I would go so far as to say that no one was as happy as I was when watching this! No one! The happiness they must have felt just adds to what I already feel, making me almost sick from happiness!

If you are listening dear Joker, in case you are looking for a suitable heir, here I am! I feel ready to grin my way into my old age all the way to death and the next life!

140215 AKB48 SHOW! ep17.ts - 00070
140215 AKB48 SHOW! ep17.ts - 00071
140215 AKB48 SHOW! ep17.ts - 00073

Good Lord!

Then, then! There is this part where Yukirin gets pushed from the back and OMG! I think I almost passed out!

No, it is not because of the simple fact that Sakura-tan was touching Yukirin’s bare skin. No! Even as mind bending as that little fact is, it was instead Sakura-tan’s reaction after the deed had been done that got me!

Look at that face! It was like she was apologising none stop in her head for the evilest of thing she had done! One would think that she had just slapped Yukirin or cut off her finger or something! Come on girl, you only like, pressed on her shoulder a little bit not drive a nail through it!

Just, look at that guilty face >.< Exactly how highly does Sakura-tan look look up to Yukirin!?! I guess we shall never know, though now I know it’s pretty damn high! I had forgotten how young Sakura-tan was up to that point then I saw that face and I was reminded. I think that was the first and last face she did that showed the loli in her.

She need not have minded that much however. She most certainly should not have for Yukirin…

140215 AKB48 SHOW! ep17.ts - 00137
140215 AKB48 SHOW! ep17.ts - 00138
Yukirin: Must! Not! look!
140215 AKB48 SHOW! ep17.ts - 00139
Yukirin: …Hot damn!

Yukirin, please! And Sakura-tan too! She knew Yukirin was right behind her yet she went with guns blazing! No wonder Yukirin couldn’t resists watching DAT…Um…

I am just…These two ere simply out of my world! I most certainly now know how deadly it is having these two together. Forgive me AKS, I knew not better when I pressuring you into giving us a Cherry Blossom Snow song! I will sit back and await your own decision from now on. At least in regards to these two.

I just…

140215 AKB48 SHOW! ep17.ts - 00130
140215 AKB48 SHOW! ep17.ts - 00126 140215 AKB48 SHOW! ep17.ts - 00125
140215 AKB48 SHOW! ep17.ts - 00117
Sakura-tan: WOW!
140215 AKB48 SHOW! ep17.ts - 00090
140215 AKB48 SHOW! ep17.ts - 00091 140215 AKB48 SHOW! ep17.ts - 00092
140215 AKB48 SHOW! ep17.ts - 00089
Sakura-tan: Save meeeeee!

140215 AKB48 SHOW! ep17.ts - 00109
140215 AKB48 SHOW! ep17.ts - 00132 140215 AKB48 SHOW! ep17.ts - 00116
140215 AKB48 SHOW! ep17.ts - 00134
140215 AKB48 SHOW! ep17.ts - 00132 140215 AKB48 SHOW! ep17.ts - 00116
140215 AKB48 SHOW! ep17.ts - 00133 140215 AKB48 SHOW! ep17.ts - 00145
140215 AKB48 SHOW! ep17.ts - 00147

Best Kuchi Utsushi no Chocolate to grace my eyes…EVAR!

Now you know why I wrote that fic!

‘Night ^ ^


Author: Black Gekikara

Love, Eat and sleep Yuri Best Pal is DIVA (My PC) Hangouts is TEH INTERNETS Currently into Kashiwagi Yuki, Matsui Rena, Ogasawara Mayu, Miyawaki Sakura, Ji-yeon, NMB48 and sister groups, T-ara Totally love SG Horror movies

10 thoughts on “The thing that made me do the thing

  1. It was undoubtedly good… About Sakuratan’s height, according my research she is about 5 to 4 cm shorter, but the boots, giver her about 1.5 cm increase in stature. Yukirin is 165 cm while Sakura is at 160 to 161 cm. southern Japanese women aren’t known for being very tall. The movement of the camera and the ladies while dancing may have caused you to perceive a lesser differential. Our brains and eyes are easy to deceive.

    My rating of this performance: 4.9/5, for some moments I found Sakura’s voice out of sync, only briefly. But certainly one of the best renditions.

    After reading your post I watched it again –before writing this– and noticed Yukirin’s knees are slightly bend most of the time, that also explains your appreciation of Sakura’s height. Also I felt at times Yukirin was dancing slower than in other presentations of 口移しのチョコレート, so I had to adapt to the new pace. With Nacchan it was really high pace and during the Manatsu Dome Tour, Lovetan and Yukirin dragged Ran ran to that rhythm she hung well. But this lower rate, gave it a more alluring sensation.

    I guess I need time to compose myself, never thought Sakura could mesh so well in a sexy song AND with Yukirin…

    Certainly worthies a gold medal!

    • Indeed.

      But if what you are saying is true, that there is a 5 cm difference of height between them, then I was right. 5cm is just over 1 inch. 😄

      And really, I wasn’t expecting grand voice from Sakura, who would. I was looking forward more to the visual of things. And I was very satisfied.

      Again, thank you AKS. You suck most of the time but I have to say you did something right just this once.

      • Well of course,, visually it hit everyone like a bus running over you at 26 km/s –an impossible acceleration to achieve by any mechanical or living being, dare I note– or similar traumatic experience. 5 cm is 1.96 in, that means about 3 cm in heels…

      • You forgot that Yukirin is also in heels and they are the same height off the ground yo ^^

      • hmm…Still Yukirin had her knees bent most of the time, and using a still photograph, Yukirin posted on her g+, and an a rudimentary tool — i.e. a ruler — and some staring tactics, Yukirin is taller! Their shoulder lines diverge, Sakura’s being lower. Now my restless curiosity may rest and my annoying inquisitive and thematic personality may give me a break! lol.

        May I bother you with a question? Anyway, I will inquire! If it is Ok with, I would like to share your fics at my web-site. Also I am starting an online writer’s circle, also head-quartered there, so please consider joining!

        Then, for now it is farewell my dark coloured nicknamed friend!
        We will exchange ideas and words at a later point in time, until then…

      • You can do whatever you want with my fics. 😀
        I did write for fellow fans so the more readers the belter. we need to grab fans

      • Great! Thank you now I shall begin to reproduce them in my site. Speaking of fiction you are absolutely mute with regards to my SutoPani x AKB48, which came in response to your fic. Thus I am still waiting your harsh words on such a terrible, awful work… Though a beta reader said was good, I doubt so… I am not as good as you…

      • Oh pls, I am not that bad, am I? But there is a reason why I am still tight-lipped about it fufufu

      • >
        I was trying to praise you! Now that worries me…you, tight lips…That is a sort of an ill omen. I was taught when your audience goes mute, something is wrong… Guess I will find out soon enough… Anyway I am not in haste to progress but at least give signals you are reading it. You are a hard cookie.

  2. lol! That makes the fic origins make more sense now BlackGeki!!! 😀

    And while in the mood for some AKS management hating right now (again you can guess) I feel kinda sad that Yukirin is still churing out top notch performances for them across the board (stages, concerts tv shows etc) I know she most likely has ever done it for them but hell I see this and (I’m sure it’s the same for a few others too) I wonder how they decide that girls who act like zombies with the personality of a brick wall should be put in front of her, that she should be put to the back because she’s not the “future” when other girls older than her, and been in more senbatsu’s then her are not!!

    But then I love the side of her that keeps proving them wrong, that keeps performing like this despite the hardships that are put in front of her, that keeps getting her well ranked in the elelections, that makes makes me love her even more…..


    So while I love performances like this there always is a part of me that feels as I do above about them, Kind of what it’s like to be a Yuki Oshi in a lot of ways really…….

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