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A hero worse than Saya? Madness!


Innocent Lilies 2.m2ts - 00148
So my type

Innocent Lilies 2.m2ts - 00157
Hm…a tsundere. All the better

Innocent Lilies 2.m2ts - 00156
I could devour you like a piece of cake

Innocent Lilies 2.m2ts - 00158


Putting the title of this first episode to the side for later, much much later, I just started watching this little show Innocent Lilies and I have to say I kind of like it, as a story/concept. I still think it would have been better off as a movie and in fact, the special Bluray has two versions of it. There is one that broken up into the episodes and another that is feature length without any interruptions. It was too good to be released as a series but on the other hand, I have a feeling that if it was released as a movie, it would have sucked. You know these kinds of movies from Japan suck. So I guess it benefited from being released as a series.

Episode 01 basically lays all the cards on the table for us but we don’t know it yet. As the series progresses, the cards are sorted out in order but they are already all laid out from the get go. The story goes that there is this school where ‘damaged’ girls go to attain a curious power thus becoming white witches. Because only girls who have known true pain are the ones who can change the world.

Uh oh! Bad vibes. Very bad vibes!

It starts mainly the members of Denpagumi.Inc and are supported by a few other popular faces like Komiya Arisa and Yamaya Kasumi. The Denpagumi members play themselves, well, their characters’ given names are the same as their real ones, like Shiratori Moga, our heroine being played by Mogami Moga and so on and so forth. The first problem I have with this series is actually Moga herself but I won’t get into that now. We need to know more first.

Innocent Lilies 2.m2ts - 00002
Innocent Lilies 2.m2ts - 00004 Innocent Lilies 2.m2ts - 00003
Innocent Lilies 2.m2ts - 00006 Innocent Lilies 2.m2ts - 00007
Innocent Lilies 2.m2ts - 00063

And as such, the episode opens with a dream (Ooh, where have I seen that before) and the dream is about our two forces of the story – the Shiratori sisters (again, where have I seen that before). In the dream they are having a very serious discussion which ends in the little sister (Moga is the elder) trying to kill herself by cutting her wrist no thanks to Moga baiting her to do it!

Little sister is tired of living this hurtful life and Moga being all gang-ho on her isn’t helping. She tells her that there are people in this world suffering more than her so if she wants to die, she should just do it! At this  I was like, Uh…That is not how to strengthen people’s hearts dear big sister! But just before everything blows up in her face, she wakes up! There is a message waiting for her on her computer. Yep, it’s from White Witch Academy.

Innocent Lilies 2.m2ts - 00066 Innocent Lilies 2.m2ts - 00067
Innocent Lilies 2.m2ts - 00069 Innocent Lilies 2.m2ts - 00068

We are really starting now as Moga goes to the school and just like what the first episode should be, we are introduced to almost all the cast as Moga gets to meet them. She first meets Watanuki Nemu, a real dojiko and kinda giant. She meets her outside the school as the two enrolled in at the same time. Nemu is probably the girl most fans are interested after all those teaser photos and I can’t deny that I too ship her with Moga, at this moment.

Innocent Lilies 2.m2ts - 00073 Innocent Lilies 2.m2ts - 00071
Innocent Lilies 2.m2ts - 00076
Innocent Lilies 2.m2ts - 00078 Innocent Lilies 2.m2ts - 00080
Innocent Lilies 2.m2ts - 00081 Innocent Lilies 2.m2ts - 00077

The next three we meet, are the three Onee-samas Kikuta Risa – the big cheese and obvious leader of the pack, Mikumo Anzu – the cute spokesperson of the three and who interested me most not for her looks but her power and finally the power house and definitely the disciplinary president – Hishimochi Nigera. I wonder what’s with the face mask…

I have to say though that Risa stole this episode! Nay, she might have stolen the whole show. That girl had the part right down to the P for perfect. She had this aura about her that made her perfect for the position she was in. It wasn’t so much her power, which actually seemed the weakest of the three Oneesama-gata, but more her presence! Even just looking into her eyes one just wants to get the fuck out of her way!

Innocent Lilies 2.m2ts - 00082 Innocent Lilies 2.m2ts - 00084
Innocent Lilies 2.m2ts - 00092 Innocent Lilies 2.m2ts - 00094
Innocent Lilies 2.m2ts - 00096 Innocent Lilies 2.m2ts - 00097
Innocent Lilies 2.m2ts - 00098 Innocent Lilies 2.m2ts - 00099
Innocent Lilies 2.m2ts - 00102 Innocent Lilies 2.m2ts - 00103

As the three escort Moga and Nemu, they give them a little history lesson of the school, how it was founded and what is it they are doing there and about the Witches. The lilies though guys, all those lilies lining the walls of the school >.< No subtlety at all!  And the resemblance the school had to the Rose Mansion, well the outside of it anyway, did not help at all. Not even wasting time, the two are introduced to the rest of the pack, in the dressing rooms in fact and thus we meet almost all of our cast. cosplayer Shiomi Ayane, meganeko Yukino Miein, brainy Idamaki Eimi, lolified WTFamIdoinghere Kashiwagi Fuyuko and the awkward tsundere Momota Natsuyo.

Innocent Lilies 2.m2ts - 00118
Innocent Lilies 2.m2ts - 00117 Innocent Lilies 2.m2ts - 00127
Innocent Lilies 2.m2ts - 00130 Innocent Lilies 2.m2ts - 00131
Innocent Lilies 2.m2ts - 00137
Innocent Lilies 2.m2ts - 00145 Innocent Lilies 2.m2ts - 00159
Innocent Lilies 2.m2ts - 00160

As for why they were suddenly undressing, seems like they were getting ready for some kind of initialisation ceremony, to cleanse them of their impurities. Um, yeah, good luck with that!  I doubt it will do anything for for anyone, like Nemu’s cut wrists for example.

As the ceremony goes on, there is someone lurking in the shadows light watching them with a smile though. Who might that be I wonder (do not even say it!).

Innocent Lilies 2.m2ts - 00168
Innocent Lilies 2.m2ts - 00179 Innocent Lilies 2.m2ts - 00181
Innocent Lilies 2.m2ts - 00187 Innocent Lilies 2.m2ts - 00197
Innocent Lilies 2.m2ts - 00012

After the initialisation, the girls get the first glimpse of the power of the White Witch first hand when the Onee-samagata take care of some bullies. Not sure why they are called witches though with them having wings and everything. Then again witches sounds better than Angels I guess. These generations it seems are of the dark side, every thing is better with a tint of deviousness it seems. So witches it is I guess.

Nigera’s power seems to be strength, well, even more strength than she already has. It’s like Colossus going into Amour mode or something. Risa-oneesama’s power is to magically pull out guns from her body (now here have I…Oh hell no!) and finally, Anzu-chama’s power of time freeze! I love all powers related to time!

Not sure though why she needed to free time for Risa-sama to shoot the girl. I mean I am pretty sure in this world no one can dodge a bullet. Then again, maybe in their world but even so, those were just normal girls. I guess they were just giving a demo so anything would have done. But using such power against mere humans seems like a waste. there better be some monster fights later or else!

Any way, this is where the episode wraps up with Anzu dramatically welcoming the girl, for realz, to White Witch Academy! Since it is the first episode,  I wasn’t expecting much and really, we got what we should be getting and then some (dat fanservice!). Over all, this has my interest now. Until next time…

Innocent Lilies 2.m2ts - 00201

Author: Black Gekikara

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  1. where did you watch this? I’ve been looking everywhere for it, any help would be appreciated!

  2. Babyboy,
    I can’t find this anywhere

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