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NOGIBINGO is back to kicking butt and taking names


140117 NOGIBINGO!2 ep02.ts - 00196140117 NOGIBINGO!2 ep02.ts - 00200 140117 NOGIBINGO!2 ep02.ts - 00178
140117 NOGIBINGO!2 ep02.ts - 00186

It’s all…

140117 NOGIBINGO!2 ep02.ts - 00104
140117 NOGIBINGO!2 ep02.ts - 00177 140117 NOGIBINGO!2 ep02.ts - 00165
140117 NOGIBINGO!2 ep02.ts - 00086

140117 NOGIBINGO!2 ep02.ts - 00135
140117 NOGIBINGO!2 ep02.ts - 00061 140117 NOGIBINGO!2 ep02.ts - 00145

Mein Gott!

Step aside AKBINGO! You time is over. There is a new BINGO in town and is totally slaying you! This second episode of the second season was just out there! I felt like I was watching the Idoling!!! show instead, or better yet, like I went back in time and I am watching the days gone AKBINGO that used to be good!

If I’m not mistaken, AKBINGO too actually did this segment and it might just be me I don’t remember it being this AWESOME! Well, maybe it had something to do with my innocence back then compared to now in that I might have missed all these awesome perspectives. Well, nothing to do but re-watch them again I guess though I a have a feeling they will not be that much more blood-pumping than this.

There is just something about blinded girls touching other girls that should so be added to the 10 commandments as never to do things ever! I don’t know guys, it’s like there is this beast that is unleashed when the blinds go on, or maybe the beast is within us the viewers, either way, this fetish should be banned!

140117 NOGIBINGO!2 ep02.ts - 00141
My Feelings throughout the episode!

Seriously though, just when I thought, Nah, they are gonna cut that part, the camera keeps rolling and my grin gets wider by the millisecond I watch! The second Gens were the real dangerous ones! I mean MisaMisa is no secret and I swear  I thought she was going to plant a deep one on Kawago for a second there, and Kawago herself is already out of the closet so I was also expecting that. Kind of disappointed with Mai though. I thought she would give us something seeing as the one she was feeling up was Sayuri but alas. I guess she is more into selfies (if you watch tte doko? you know what I mean).

Second Gen on the other hand were on fire! Somehow how they all seemed to have a thing for thighs, especially the upper part! Skirts were being flipped, boobs were being grabbed, I tell ya guys, those 2nd Gen are ones to look out for. Even my innocent image of Mori started to shatter after this episode.

Speaking of Mori, it seems she runs 50m in 6 seconds!!! Like, if that is real, isn’t she the fasted girl even in AKB?! 6 seconds!  In contrast, Manatsu-senpai runs 50m in 13.6 seconds LOL. And Mori is not the only sporty girl in 2nd Gen it seems. There is Yada Risako on the basketball team and that little match she had with Hashimoto was fun to watch. Then there is Yonetoku Kyouka who apparently has been to the junior Olympics in swimming!

Hmm, looks like I am going to have to pay more attention to these 2nd gens, especially if they have a 3rd coming of Meetan in the form of Shinuchi Mai. I have a feeling that if she was feeling up someone else other than Mori, we would have been in for the night of our lives if she did that much to the Ace of 2nd Gen and current Nogizaka Centre.

This is one episode you have to check out guys…


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Author: Black Gekikara

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6 thoughts on “NOGIBINGO is back to kicking butt and taking names

  1. I remember a while back (might even of been years) BlackGeki that we were talking about an Idoling show and how much AKBingo was sucking at the time….

    Never would of thought that now we would be talking about Nogizaka getting there, and to make it worse with the “Bingo” in there as well, that being said I was super excited about the second season of this, the first one was a blast and I’m hoping for more of the same this time around….. was never prepared for something like this though, It’s like the Nogi girls just “Know” they really do and looking at this it is not surprise at which Bingo is the one, if I had to choose, that I would tune into.

    What always gets me is that one of the ideas of NBingo is to get them to do the old AKbingo challenges like the Original AKB girls did…. so, why cant current AKB do this exactly, I mean some of the stuff they are doing is like Pre-Yuki/Mayu even so why are we not seeing the older gens of AKB doing these things, Lord knows some of them perhaps could be helped by doing some of these challenges!!

    Still at least we get to see Nogizaka do it , and really, with the awesome talent they have, that’s a good thing.

    • Unlike you, I wasn’t aware we would be getting a second season so it hit me like a train! I was like, Is this for realz?! LOL

      As for AKB, only explanation is that fame has gotten to their heads.They don’t even try any more. Actually that’s wrong, they are trying too hard and have forgotten the things that separated them from the rest in the beginning! Even though they are at the top now, they are at the core now just like any other Idol group. They have lost their uniqueness they had and it is such a shame really.

      This is why I laugh at them when I see them thinking that fresh-blood will save them with this next Gen thing they are going for. Tsunku has been doing that since ages with his Pro Eggs and he did not get spared from the Idol recession he found himself in. It is only the new things he is doing now to separate himself from the rest that is bringing the glory of HP back.

      AKB seem to have the wrong picture. Oh well, hopefully my Goddess won’t be around when that happens. If she is to stay, they had better have gotten their head in the game.

      They have the means to succeed but they lack the ways to apply them. Bosting the largest number of members, which is a win situation in and of itself yet they dig their own graves by focusing on the same girls all the time!

      Forget about the money! Gamble a bit! NMB is not equal to SayaMilky! HKT48 is not going to sink because of no Sashiko! Jurina has been centring singles since 2009 and yet she is just gotten into Kami7!

      Think people!


      I feel like I should have made a post about this but oh well…

  2. Yes indeed I think that AKB have become victims of their own success and indeed at the success of some of their tactics that made them so successful!

    I always take Momoclo as the example here, they have retained a lot of their identity from when they were still a smaller group, the costumes, their musical sound (which evolves and changes but is still Momoclo), the girls themselves, all that made them unique and different is still there (in some form or another) we cannot say the same for AKB, the problems of being so popular is that all of what they do become the norm and so they have become almost the epitome of what a standard idol group is and because they have not really changed thing up all that made them unique has now become normal, even newer ideas, like the draft, end up not being big game changers, I mean basically all it turned out to be was another way to get some KKS in.

    I think that fresh-blood can work but it needs to come with change, very much like Morning Musume did, their recent rise come with a mixture of both new talent and their change of style, this “formation dance” as it is now being called, hell he even tagged on the 14 to the end of their name, and although it might be a bit daft, at least new things are being tried and I will say that this MM announcement tomorrow (http://tokyogirlsupdate.com/morning-musume-14-big-challenge-20140116442.html) is more exciting to me than recent AKB one have felt…..

    I hope that when Yuko graduates that maybe it will signal some changes in AKB but I doubt it, There will be no big changes, I guess that Mayu, Jurina, Paruru etc will be moved up (not Yuki of course) and that some dull member will go up into senbatsu (I mean seriously Iriyama Anna is dull as hell) What I am hoping for is that they break their Million seller steak, I really do because change will not happen until it does, they have become fixated about this darn record (maybe even possibly “fixing” the Janken to keep it running) and really it just needs stop, stop so they perhaps can change some things, I mean look at the talk that Kojiharu being center created, it was different, it was, well, interesting, in fact it was the first time I had been interested in a normal senbatsu for years!!

    My last thing to say is that is a really good point about Jurina…… just saying………. Also I think Sasshi needs to come back to AKB now, not so much that she’s needed in AKB but more that she’s now killing, rather than, creating in HKT, it’s got to the point where she’s blocking some home grown HKT talent (not intentionally) As for NMB, well you have to say SayaMilky have made a pretty darn good job of making it all about them (yes with management help) I just hope, like you I guess, they do not forget their other talent like, SKE kind of did for a few years…..

    Speaking of SKE I feel as though I should quickly mention Akarin, mainly because she has shown how being a little different can go a long way, sure her flexibility is something natural, something you cannot teach but, her character is not, her self-appreciation, her narcissism brings something different to the table and people have reacted to it (though her actual character is different to the one she portrays) it’s a lesson that I think AKS needs to learn as a whole…..

    • About Sasshi, it’s not just you. I am seeing it already. They are trying now to make her more an AKB than HKT as if their cashcow is proving problematic for AKB.

      As for SayaMilky, I for one don’t see the justification of the gap they have between them and the other members. I especially don”t really know what is so special about Milky. People are all about Sayanee is such a good singer, her voice drives the songs. Well, duh, if they place her voice above all the others’ of course she will be dominant. So she plays the guitar, so what! She used to be in a band before joining NMB so it is a given. And the more they place the same people in the spotlight the more the will be the focus and overshadow all the other girls too. I said it before and I will say it again. I would be that devastated if the NMB girls (and other SKE) started graduating like flies. It seems like they are wasting their time being there, unappreciated.

      I mean like, how awesome would it be if singles had rotating senbatsu?! But no, same faces we see most in PV, are the same faces we see in magazines and the same faces we see on TV!
      200-something girls, 200 possibilities to dorminate, all wasted!

  3. Well I do think that SayaMilky are the benefactors of circumstance, just because SKE had a dominant pair so must NMB!! Well that’s what it felt like anyway…….

    I do honestly think that Sayanee is a great all rounder, perhaps even the best all rounder in the 48 groups but you are right, a lot of that is because she has been given the chance to be so (she’s taken that change well though TBH) As for Milky, well people find it odd I don’t like her, especially when I like both Akarin and Yukirin but we have talked about her before and how she always seems to be “On”, I suppose that’s what makes her “special” just not for me….

    Yeah I too see NMB become the next SKE in terms of loosing members. While I can never really fault an idol, who has the opportunities to, for going to Uni or concentrating on studies (because really it makes sense for most of them) it’s sad to see that, in SKE’s case, part of the decision was that, with WMatsui still around there was only as far as you could go, you could argue that Akarin has done it and what she has done and become is pretty impressive but the reality for the other SKE members is that it becomes even harder for them because she has done it, but even Akarin cannot unsettle the WMatsui, well, stranglehold on SKE and where else does two girls having dominance in top spot sound familiar to you……

    Hmm part of the problem with using everyone is that in the end no-one stands out, it’s hard because you can use all the members but in the idol World you need some to stand out I think, You know who does this best I think, Nogizaka, the way they subtly change round their senbatsu now and again is very clever, it’s the same, but different, and well timed, just when you think things are settled they drop members down and put Miona in that center spot, it was interesting because a new member was leading, but also safe because all the older faves were still there, it was something that most of the 48 groups, certainly AKB and SKE, prob NMB as well should of started years ago…..

    • Not to forget that while they (Nogizaka) do this shuffling, one can still clearly see that Ikoma is the Face. And I dubt that will ever change which is why I think it could have worked for AKB too (Too late now I guess). I mean even if the did do it, surely no one can over take SayaMilky in popularity. Just see that gap they have from the best most popular Nana!

      Any way, yeah, we better stop this complaining. It won’t change any thing anyway.

      And I hear Nogi’s next senbatsu cselecations are next week! I have a feeling Ikoma chan is not gonna be centre again. But I don’t mind. She is the Face and even the members know it too. Also love how good she was to Miona-chan. Totally would ship them ^^

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