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[Pics] T-ara Treasure Box Live in Budokan 2013


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Treasure Box indeed!

Yes, another LIVE by T-ara and yes, in Japan again and yes, I have just watched it! And by the gods! You know, I wonder how new queens who go to T-ara’s concerts expecting a typical Idol concert feel like afterwards when it’s done! I mean, this is not my first and yet I still found my jaw slacking during the thing as if I accidentally!

I don’t know how they did it but the second one is very different from the first one despite there not being a whole lot of songs happening between the two. Okay, I take that back! There was a lot of songs between the two concerts (the first one happened in 2012)! Every member had their solo (I will be adding caps of Boram and Qri’s solos later on to the gallery since they were hidden bonuses I did not watch them in time) and bar the two last singles of the year, all the ones before them were included. Well, N4 did not perform, which was heartening seeing as QBS did perform but then again, probably young Dani was not ready at the time seeing as Areum had just left.

Areum T.T)

I was hoping she would have been here at least but alas! I could totally feel her absence during Sexy Love and Bunny Style just as I felt Hwayoung’s in Day by Day! I was also looking forward to Dani’s cameo with N4 after getting it through my thick skull that Areum would not be here but nay, N4 did not even perform at all.

Other than that though, even with the blues that are hanging over the Queens around the world as they watched this and the members themselves I am sure, that did not prevent this from being yet another great successful and heart-pounding LIVE. I think just one song was in Korean all the others were sang in Japanese. Oh, what these girls do for we bit queens T.T) And especially the Japanese queens, they are so good to T-ara!

Really, watching this then going to watch a normal Idol concert like I am going to do (The Unit collection during the Dome tours) , one can’t help but hide a little at the glaring gap between skill! And it’s not just the girls’ skill alone. Things like camera work also really helps the DVD viewers! I know what you are thinking. AKB has a lot of girls that demand focus so a split second transition is necessary! To that I call bullcrap! If they were indeed spending these seconds to all the girls instead of the regular regular same faces, then I would say, it can’t be helped but cutting and cutting and cutting even cutting a second just to jump to the same girl you just showed three seconds prior is just…bullshit!

Here with T-ara, they give every girl time to fully crush the move she is breaking out then they move onto the next! And good Lord, no blur madness! Everything feels so at ease, so professional, even the camera itself! It’s like they know each other like siblings, seriously!

Those performances though >.< I really can’t comprehend how this group sticks! Neither girl sticks out like a sore thumb when they are together but when they are alone, every single one you see you always go, she is the best! Soyeon is the best, you say when she is on the stage alone! Then when Hyomin comes on and you are like, Hyomin is the frikkin best I tell ya! Then Jiyeon comes and you swear this time that she has no equal and so it goes on until the end of time! So then you ask yourself, WTH is their Ace made of!?!

Sigh, T-ara!

The performance that stood out to me for the evening though, as if shake that booty like you don’t even care, was that sub unit of Hyomin, Eunjung and Jiyeon…

00000.m2ts - 00090
Mein Gott!

You, you just have to see it yourselves to believe it guys, seriously! My mind was blown!

Any way, it seems like we are back to the Six Member T-ara and we are sticking to it, as far as I hear. I am not sure this is a good thing tho. While other queens are all for it it seems, I sadly phased into the fandom while Hwayoung was fading out so I am more of a Areum and Dani T-ara queen. Which is why I am sad and the fact that it seems Dani will only be a part of N4 not a full member of T-ara doesn’t sail very well over my throat. I was very much looking forward to T-ara getting a loli in their midst to challenge their sexy image! I guess one lolita, in the form of Boram is enough for the other queens. I don’t want to do it but I feel like they are kind of responsible for all the shit they spouted about Dani joining T-ara! One would think she was like, 8 years old or something! Then crying over the fact that Areum was taking over Hwayoung’s spot as rapprer and bashing her for apparently not being good enough. Seriously! Well Areum is gone now and T-ara is back to the Six only so I guess they must be happy now!

Any way, enough ranting, onto the gallery. There is over 450 caps so be prepared! They are in a gallery though so not much bandwidth to waste like usual…^^


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5 thoughts on “[Pics] T-ara Treasure Box Live in Budokan 2013

  1. Waaa!!!! u buy it??? ah…EunMinJi… ❤ ❤ ❤

    Hahaha…yeah…all of them is the BEST!!! n improve a LOT!! in many ways.. XD

    Ah..Dani..not in T-ARA?? only N4? ah..but..i guess she's in t-ara.. hmm..@,@

    Naah…i still putting Areum in my fanfic even when she's already gone aka out from T-ara…haha..cause JiReum is my fav too.. :3

    T-ARA JJANG!!!

  2. your passion about t-ara and it’s members makes me happy 😀
    ‘sup, some EunMin: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u-1XTH0wycQ

  3. Just stumbled into this blog today. Gotta say, this is pretty awesome. XD
    So, are you still into T-ara? If you do please wrote more about them 😀

    Oh, and I like Jireum too. ^^

    • Of course I am still into T-ara heraldc, nothing would make me quit them. If I survived the thing then I very well can survive anything😃

      BTW, welcome and thanks for commenting. It’s always great meeting other T-ara lovers, especially Jiyeon and Areum.

      God, I miss her so much 😣

      • Great Great. Nice to heart that. I’ll be following your blog then! Hope to read more about T-ara soon. ^^
        You don’t say. I know exactly that feels. I missed her too 😦

        Oh, well :3

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