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2011…Best Year Evar!


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dat smile!
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Simply Majestic!

2011 will forever stay within my mind as the bested AKB year evar…until you know, Yukirin becomes centre which really, is just fantasy at this rate –_- Any way, the line-up for Senbatsu in the later part of that year after the Sousenkyou left me completely breathless! Such perfect senbatsu, especially that top triangle! Seriously look at them above there! I simply don’t see a difference between who is the Centre and who is not. Such Godly balance between Acchan, Yuko and Yukirin should never exist! No wonder it didn’t last, that was just too good a formation to last but so help me if I can’t wish for it to have gone on forever!

They could even do the triple Centre farther on or shuffle these three between singles! Seriously, look at dat Yukirin there, it’s like she was made to be in that position. I still can’t believe she did not look out of place standing there for a person who was coming from the 8th position! It’s like, she was finally home, where she belonged! Really, in those first caps she actually looks like she is the Centre of this hood man, and she might have been!

Oh well, I shall still wait for the day when Yasusu sees the light! And not just where Yukirin is concerned but also in regards to YukiRena…


This, right after that awesome BuraGeki scene in Majisuka Gakuen 2 too…>.< I swear someone or a couple of people in Japan already see the potential and are sending Yasusu signals but he is just too stubborn to pick them up! How can he not see how so made to be each other’s partners these two are?! Mechaike just sent you another clue dear Yasusu, please don’t waste it too! I don’t care if it’s not a single, I will take a drama too. In fact if it’s MG4 with these two as the leads then all that much better! You can even throw in your Next Gen pushes as supporting characters and I won’t even care, just, do something about these two already darn it!

Author: Black Gekikara

Love, Eat and sleep Yuri Best Pal is DIVA (My PC) Hangouts is TEH INTERNETS Currently into Kashiwagi Yuki, Matsui Rena, Ogasawara Mayu, Miyawaki Sakura, Ji-yeon, NMB48 and sister groups, T-ara Totally love SG Horror movies

6 thoughts on “2011…Best Year Evar!

  1. I have to concur with you. 2011, specially the latter half of the year, was certainly AKB48’s pinnacle. I still find Flying Get as the best sousenkyo single — I like it a bit more than Heavy Rotation — to date. Yukirin was clearly meant to be meddle and cuddle with Acchan and Yuko. Perhaps a love triangle could have been born…heheheheheh.

    Yukirin has been correctly — as she has herself admitted– label as an Old Gen. by AkiP. She is a fish in the water with all those ‘old’ girls. Mayuyu as felt like an outcast with Acchan and the others, but they got hooked immediately with Yukirin…

    I hope we get some Acchan, Yukirin and Yuko action in the future, recent future! Those three are certainly a riot! I know, how about a Strawberry Panic! live action movie, with those three as the main cast?!

    Yukirin as Hanazono Shizuma
    Acchan as Aoi Nagisa
    Yuko as Suzumi Tomoe

    Dammit, just thinking about that credit lines makes my brain spin. I sure would go lez for those three, but I am not on their agenda… Nor gender. hehehehehehehe

    • 100% love Flying Get more than any other AKB singles! That song nd single changed my life, and Yukrin’s so it has a very special place in my heart!

      And seeing as Acchan is still in the singing business and both she and Yuko and in the acting business, who knows, someday a bright Director might see the light and bring the three together or even AkiP could pull the strings and create another drama with these three as a tribute to their short-lived Ultimate Trio domination!

      And you so did not!! You so did not just cast StoPani with these three as those three! How evil can you be Shiro, How EVILLLLLLLLLLLL

  2. Ahh 2011 was such a great year, nothing for example will beat Yuki getting third that year, solo concerts and singles are great but something about that 3rd just beats them all at least to me…

    Did not expect the magic that was the Acchan, Yuko, Yuki Trio though, that was like so the greatest added bonus ever!! And BG is right it is all about the balance, it’s never had been this balanced before and will not likely be so again, it’s just sad that the time we had with these three was so short……

    And YukiRena will be forever the ship I truly want to see but this of course is not just a 2011 thing, this is a forever thing, I mean they really are sweet every time they are together, hell Rena is even comfortable around her!! (which is not the simplest thing for Rena) :p I mean surely this has to be used at some point right…….. RIGHT!!!!!

    @Shiro While you are right about Yuki as being “Old Gen” I would also say that she is the best at fitting in with newer gens as well I think, not something you were talking about really but just wanted to mention it….

    • Flying Get – So greatly titled that single was! One of the top AKB songs and not because it’s catchy and thus popular in Karaokes or because of it’s dances that anyone can dance to a la KFC but because of that awesome line-up!

      I have faith in fans once again ^^

      And no, you are not alone. I will never forget that moment during the Senbatsu when No.3 was announced. It feels like it was just this morning even after all this time >.< Tood bad Yasusu was not taking notes, or maybe he is. It explains the Yukirin World boom that is happening nowadays!

      I believe I can say with confidence that Yukirin is the member that has accomplished the most within the group at this moment. No doubts whatsoever! Hmmm, maybe I am being too harsh on Yasusu?

      If only he would see the pot of gold at the end of the YukiRena rainbow as well,


    • She indeed is fitting well in both sides.
      Personally since Acchan is no longer in AKB, I really don’t care much for the elections. Sure a Yuko x Yukirin two-top is awesome, but lacks the enchantment Acchan gave those two. That trio had the greatest synergy amongst the entire group! During 2011 AKB48 reached its pinnacle, three goddesses rose to dazzled us.

      Black-chan, you cannot deny that Yukirin is the perfect fit for a real life, Shizuma-sama!! (That was a last moment thought, unintended for this reply, but there it is, and I am too lazy to erase it, hahahahaha)

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