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[JDrama] Kurokochi Ep1 & 2 – I Believe!


kk1_2-043 kk1_2-042

I Believe!

First of all, I wish to thank lovely paladinworld who recommended me this drama! Thank you very much. You are awesome and just got yourself some respect points. I only wish I could find it in its real quality. Yes, this one is HD but something is up. I want more quality!!!! I don’t care if an 1080p episode is 2gs each, I will take it! So if anybody knows of where, do share please.


Ayame-chan as Mayo
Yu as Machiko

So, this here we have a crime/mystery drama on our hands starring Gouriki Ayame as Seikei Mayo, a rookie detective and Kashii Yu as Sawa Machiko the Forensic doctor. Yes, there are other even more important characters but they are irrelevant! These two here, Mayo and Machiko, is where the good stuff is! Yes, I am sure the drama itself is interesting in and of itself but without subs anywhere (at least I haven’t found any yet) one cannot enjoy such lethal dialogue heavy drama without subs. Thankfully there was yuri – my favourite language!


i came oranges

kk1_2-022 kk1_2-023
kk1_2-024 kk1_2-025
kk1_2-026 kk1_2-027
kk1_2-029 kk1_2-030
kk1_2-032 kk1_2-033
kk1_2-035 kk1_2-036
kk1_2-037 kk1_2-039
kk1_2-041 kk1_2-042
kk1_2-043 kk1_2-044

Let me get one thing out of the way first – This drama is not for children, better yet, under 18s! And I am not just talking about the obvious like nakedness. There is all kinds of implied horrible violence in here but what really shocked me…Yes, I am aware I am implying that  there is something more shocking than a whole family being killed. What really shocked me was Gouriki Mayo peeing her pants…literally! I don’t remember ever seeing a grown up character being made so….improper! Seriously, it’s Ayame-chan for crying out loud! The only time I saw it happen, it was to a much younger Shiida Mirai in ‘The Queen’s Classroom’. She was like, 12 then so it’s understandable. But Gouriki-chan!?!!

Any way, yeah, this begs that you prepare yourself for the extreme when you decide to delve into it. Which is really strange when they you of these two’s relationship and how it’s being portrayed! Usually this kind of relationship is considered as ‘service’ or comedic value which doesn’t add up in a series with such a serious tone!

Which is why I am really interested in seeing where this is going! When they are together, they are always having a serious conversation which you can’t tell from just watching them. The affection is like a background thing, like an already established couple that are already used to each other doing fluffy things without even knowing it like a habit!

It is not! They just like, met in episode one, have had only two meetings in two episodes which span over days in time and only a few minutes in total! And yet…and yet!

You know when you are used to seeing scenes going a certain way to the point that you can predict what is going to happen were you to stumble upon a similar scene in a different show? Well, I too was expecting things to go either way but every time I was proved wrong! First, their first meeting wasn’t exactly like I hoped it would be, you know, infatuated at first sight I thought our sweet Scientist would be when she laid eyes on Mayo but alas, a glare is what greeted Mayo! From then on I was all kinds of lost!

Then Machiko went into sexy lesbian monster Doctor mode and started going head first in flirting seducing poor innocent unsuspecting Mayo-chan! The more time passed the more I was waiting for the moment when Mayo pulls away or pushed the sexy hound in heat away in disgust or embarrassment! None of that happened! Instead Mayo just stood still and let the Doctor do her thing! I am pretty sure if she went for the extreme moves, Mayo would have let her! But then again I guess it’s too early for that. I just have to wait for the future episodes because if what I’ve seen so far is anything to go by, things are escalating pretty quickly with every episode!

I mean surely information is not that important! Mayo could have just easily refused and told her partner to go get it himself! But did she seem anymore nervous, or suspecting the second time around she gave our lovely Doctor a visit? Nope! Her lack of flight or fight response is really intriguing! Is she a virgin? No, virgins are the most prone to jumping a meter away in embarrassment, especially when it comes to them being approached by older women! So what gives?! Only other explanations are curiosity or she doesn’t mind, which is even better!

kk1_2-071 kk1_2-073
kk1_2-074 kk1_2-075kk1_2-077 kk1_2-079
kk1_2-082 kk1_2-083
kk1_2-086 kk1_2-088kk1_2-091
kk1_2-094 kk1_2-096
kk1_2-097 kk1_2-098

It is really strange. It’s like a lamb going back to the lion’s den all by its own accord despite having escaped with its life the first time around! This was episode 2 when Mayo goes back to Machiko to get info again. Another strange thing – Mayo’s character really comes off as a very intelligent one which really is strange for her to seek information so frequently, especially when the info she needs is not what one would go to collect from the forensic lab!

And so, what does Machiko do when her lamb walks into her den again? Just what any other hungry lion would have done – That is she completely devours Mayo! Well, not completely, there is still much more time to go before we get to that…or not! But when it comes to dorama, I think a kiss is the last line, wouldn’t you say?

The kiss! I don’t even…how did she know!! I mean to Mayo it was definitely an accident but I would bet a million pins that our Sexy Doc tots anticipated it! She placed her mouth in the perfect position for her lips to meet Mayo’s when Mayo does turn her head upon the revelation, which she did and it was a bulls eye! How the heck did she do it?!! Look at that calm face! You can’t tell me she was not so expecting it! And then there is Mayo’s reaction! There was plenty of time for realisation of the act, getting embarrassed and then pulling away with face red as a tomato! There was plenty of time for a negative reaction – There was none! a negative that is. I mean we see her surprise via her eyes but really, if she wanted to she could have done a dozen bad things right then but she did not!

As for yours truly, I was just over here in my room…dying!

You will not believe this but from the very beginning, as soon as I started watching episode 1, I was once again blown away by Ayame-chan’s beauty! Which got me wondering why the hell no girl has ever had the pleasure of kissing those lips. Then wishing to atleast see her in a yuri title before she disappears off the radar. I mean We have seen a great deal of famous actresses in yuri movies and subtext drama so Ayame-chan is also fair game, right?

I was wishing…then I got to episode 2 and the kiss happened! Please tell me you understand my emotions right then! I am still giddy as baby in the morning right now, hours after watching, as I type this up!

Episode 2, and they have already kissed! I can’t imagine what is gonna happen next episodes! No, I am not even gonna try, because as I have seen so far, the direction might be completely different from what I imagine so I will let fate decide!

Really, if Mayo is a real green girl, then that means that she has had her first real kiss right now!! OMG! I want to imagine so badly where things can go from here like later on Mayo getting jealous when Machiko starts flirting with someone else other than herrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!

No, why did I go and do that!?!!!! I’m not supposed to wish!!! Noooooooooooooo!

Okay, that’s it, Imma outta here. Here, have more gifs and more Ayame-chan caps!



Author: Black Gekikara

Love, Eat and sleep Yuri Best Pal is DIVA (My PC) Hangouts is TEH INTERNETS Currently into Kashiwagi Yuki, Matsui Rena, Ogasawara Mayu, Miyawaki Sakura, Ji-yeon, NMB48 and sister groups, T-ara Totally love SG Horror movies

8 thoughts on “[JDrama] Kurokochi Ep1 & 2 – I Believe!

  1. uaaaahhhhhhh Gouriki-san!! When I saw I recognized her speckle xD
    I wanna see!

    • I know, right?! It feels like a dream! If paladin had told me before hand that Gouriki-kun was involved, I would have laughed! Because, hello! his right here is what dreams are made of!

  2. as expected! i can always count on you!! i stumbled upon a picture of their kiss and i’ve been wondering what drama was it and i got my answer now thanks to you!!! i love ayame~

  3. I’m a huge fan of Kashii Yu and I’m giddy as well cause this is her first time acting with this role! My God, these HD pictures are awesome!! Tq so much! Please update more cause I’ll be anticipating it 🙂 Thanx a bunch again!

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