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Koi ni Itaru Yamai [JMovie]


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恋に至る病 Koi ni Itaru Yamai


Yes Fellas, I just stumbled upon yet another treasure. And girl, was it really buried! I think I came across this movie like, 5 times before finally deciding to bite the bullet and get it! Nothing really stood out for us of the community to jump its bones, from the synopsis to the few caps I saw from the movie, nothing really hinted at anything! In fact, I am still wondering why I decided to watch it in the first place! It seemed like just another one of those generic romance bull…but with a twist! Actually, maybe this, twist, was what finally got to me.

But any way, I got it. I watched it, twice, and I have no regrets! Well, not so much. It was really painful to watch in the beginning, but a certain scene onwards the end just so totally cancelled that out. All I have are awesome feelings after watching the movie so the good, albeit being in the smallest of ratios to the bad, totally OWNs!

W. Miwako as Tsubura

S. Aimi as En

The movie stars the lovely ladies above and the story goes that a student, falls for a biological teacher, and in a twist of the supernatural, the two switch genitalia! That’s the synopsis! I ain’ even kidding ya! And no, I am not using euphemism, it is exactly as I said. The two actually, literally, do switch genitals after they unashamedly have sex in school!

Yes, I did say it was really painful watching this movie!

And so you can imagine how a hard-core citizen of the community would have given up on this one!  Thankfully my 8th sense was tingling none stop and I know not to ignore my 8th sense! And so I suffered onwards!

I was faithfully rewarded!

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So Ladies and Gents, what we have here is yet another one of those movies I love so much in the way of execution. You know, those kinds of movies that don’t rely on cheesy BGM to put feelings in scenes and grab attention. The kinds of movies that use the natural sounds of nature, the actual silence and those long delays between important lines in dialogue that are so filled with suspense and emotion despite there being no stupid soundtrack in the BG.

Yes ,I really, really, love those kinds of movies! Not don’t get me wrong, Hollywood movies are complete fail without a great soundtrack but the best of Asia are the ones without it, I find. I guess that is another reason why I stuck through this movie until I was rewarded for all the pain I endured! It was also directed by a woman (Kimura Shouko) so I guess I had some expectations as well in that department? I mean, as weird as it sounds, women directors are actually the ones who deliver the good, if you know what I mean. One would expect them to dish out non-stop cheesy romantic dramas but thank God, that is not the case!

I won’t lie so  I will state how this movie confused me a great deal! The ending, no matter how I think of it, I can not come up with a scenario of what could have happened afterwards, what the conclusion was! I am just going to stick to Tsubura and En but to not lose thee, here is a simple summary.

Tsubura has sex with their teacher, during which they actually switch their sexual organs, that is that Tsubura gets ‘tulip’ and the teacher gets the ‘rose’, IYKWIM ^_- Obviously since they can’t stay where they can be seen, the two elope to the country, where En, and her ‘boyfriend’ soon join the two. Things happen, I get lost as the movie goes on and voila, the end!

What I was not lost on however, is the yuri! Now, I don’t mean to brag but my yuri-sense is off the charts! There is no way I can see yuri and just not see it! No matter how deeply buried it may be, my inner eye cannot be deceived! Proof is the fact that I am writing about this movie in the first place. I really am telling the truth when I say that most would drop this movie just like that in the first few minutes alone!


Because It’s pretty obvious, from the plot and the very first few minutes of the actual movie, that Tsubura is terribly infatuated with the teacher! In fact they have sex, she even confesses her love, all before even the title of the movie hits the screen! I ain’t even bluffing!

And Tsubura wasn’t the only one! En too did not help matters any when she went and got herself a boyfriend (who seems to be her childhood friend too). Can you like, imagine the despair I was feeling then?! Seriously, I am still amazed at how I managed to survive past this moment! I guess my yuri sense really was at work because I kept pausing and studying En’s behaviour through out her scenes. Something was just…off about her and I was so proved right!

But things did not even begin to click until she went to go visit Tsubura at the place she was hiding with the teacher! While there, things get pretty intense, to say the least. The green-eyed monster starts to come out the longer En stays with the two and watched them and their interactions, especially Tsubura’s character when around the teacher!

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What I find really, really, interesting here is that En actually doesn’t, or has no awareness of her feelings, her more than friendly, feelings for  Tsubura before she comes over at this house and watched Tsubura act the way she did with the teacher. While at this house, it seems like En finally comes to realise her actual feelings. She doesn’t realise it at first and in fact when she does get introduced to these new feelings, it comes out un-expectedly, even without her understanding. I tell ya, it was the most glorious of moments.

What led to this outburst of emotion was the jealousy of witnessing Tsubura with the teacher. And all this mess without even knowing the real problem the two faced. The real hit that hurt her the most I think was the fact that the teacher so easily got , well, almost did, get Tsubura out of her eating problem.

You see, Tsubura has this notion that her body will not rot when she dies if she ate preservatives all the time instead of real food. And so she always stuffed herself with pills and despite trying real hard, En could never get her to even have a bite of real food in the years they knew each other. And yet, only days, did it take for the teacher to break Tsubura and make her eat real food!

Is dat Sadako!

Yeah, that really hit En pretty hard! And seeing Tsubura making starry eyes at the teacher, who for some reason gagged every time Tsubura came into close proximity after they switched genitals, then seeing them put up laundry all happy like a married couple, it wasn’t a fun time for En.

Things then really hit rock bottom when En accidentally stumbles upon Tsubura’s secret. I mean okay, maybe it wasn’t a secret to Tsubura and maybe she thought En knew already but still, En did not know, which made it a secret so her reaction was called for.

Here is the thing, Tsubura had drawn a little comic detailing the sex-swapping debacle and she had sent her not book to En through mail. Thing is, En’s wannbe boyfriend, makes his way into her room as he pleases and when he gets there, he steals the notebook. En never got to read it, and thus never found out, until the moment when her emotions are getting out of whack and she is stating to see Tsubura in a whole new light, acting all to the world like a cow in heat seeking out a mate. Seriously, she was all over Tsubura as if she was sleep walking or something. And Tsubura not wanting her to find out about the…thing that way, tries to run away but En is lost control of herself without not even realising it. At this moment she hasn’t yet grasped what she feels.

When Tsubura tries to run away, En clings onto her and as fate would have it, her hand rests right where Tsubura’s new little boy is situated. Now, let me make a confession here when I say that I really was wishing this movie was an ecchi, because then there would have been other implications for En having Tsubura’s boya literally in her hand! Sadly, it was completely dismissed like a boy would not go crazy, even unconsciously when a girl touches them there! Alas!

For some reason though, when En outs two and two together for a 4, she reacts negatively. I mean, if someone was still in the closet and the girl they were crushing on turned out to have a penis, surely , that would be an excuse to jump the gun! I mean then they could blame the new manly hormones for the attraction or say that since they have it, they are essentially boys or whatever but En…

Oh sorry, I forgot En here hadn’t realised her feelings yet. So I guess her reaction was called for because outwardly, they were just friends and she felt betrayed that Tsubura had kept her in the dark. Speaking of the confession…

”I love You!”
koi-153 koi-154
“Thank thee Lord for the feast I’m about to receive…”

That was awesome in so many ways! With En’s emotions getting out of complete control, and everyone acting like kids in the wake of the problems at hand, she finally snapped! And in snapping, let her real feelings for Tsubura come out! Awesome in front of everyone, their teacher – who was basically bonking Tsubura, her friend Tsubura and her wannabe boyfriend!

Awesome still, she did not even realise she had literally just confessed her love for her friend in front of everyone! In fact, it took her quite a bit of time to realise what she had done and said. Then when it hit her, she fled, leaving everyone standing stupidly there like deer caught in the headlights!

After that, everyone get time off to finally soak everything in. En despairs, realising that she has found out her feelings when it’s too late. Tsubura is her friend and probably won’t see her any other way and also she is already stupidly infatuated with the teacher. And her being ignored all her time there in the favour of the teacher wasn’t an ego booster.

Tsubura on the other hand, locks herself in the closet (Really? You are doing it in reverse girl) and bawls her eyes out wondering why anybody would love her. Really, Tsubura, really?!

En’s newly discovered feelings are still hard to grasp and so still in denial, she offers herself to her wannabe boyfriend, probably in the hopes of erasing the lies of her being a lesbian in love with her best girlfriend. But thanks to God almighty, then never even get to do something as simple as kissing. Which means that not only did Tsubura get to have En’s first love, but her first kiss too…All five or six of them!

Thank you Lord!

koi-161 koi-163
koi-164 koi-165

And 1…
koi-168 koi-171

And 2…

koi-180 koi-183

And 3…

koi-186 koi-189

And 4!!!!…

koi-193 koi-194

And 5!!!!!

koi-200 koi-201


Best! Kiss(es)! Of! The! Year! Hands down! None shall beat this. Yes, I am boldly stating that this is the best kiss of the year!

Somebody please….Kill me now!

Who would have thank it, that a movie that started out as one of the usual straight movies would end up being so….hanyan!!! I have no idea WTF was even happening and how we got from En trying to hump her boyfriend to them eloping through the green country-side! I had no idea but by the gods, if I will ever complain! Nope! This is one of those times that even though you wish to write an essay of complaints, just one simple good thing, makes you forget all the bad! This moment right here, made me forget that two thirds of the movie is straight!

Fuck logic!

And those last two kisses…My God! I actually did not notice it at first watch but as En cried, having finally confirmed that she was doomed to be in love with Tsubura after all those kisses tasted nothing like she has ever experienced before! Crying at the unfairness of it all, when their eyes connect, Tsubura nods to En, encouraging her, towards that last kiss!


I tell you my friends, that moment brought me to tears! Six…SIX!!!! frikking kisses, six real kisses too not those fake Japanese kisses we know and half-love no, it was real kisses which were basically of En confirming her love for Tsubura. Oh My God, I just remembered that this could have gone the way those idiots who produced that fail series, went in the end. Oh God, thank you for giving our directoress courage!

For me, I saw that moment as both Tsubura and En herself accepting En’s feelings. Tsubura had reacted accordingly during the first two kisses, understandably too but she encouraged the last one. That was a deal breaker for me!

But the awesomeness of that moment did not stop there…


The way Tsubura comforted a crying En by taking her hand then nuzzling it with her cheek…And then…then the eye-contact through all this…


koi-211 koi-212
koi-213 koi-214
koi-215 koi-217

And then…And then… they just basically sit there, just looking into each other’s eyes, not blinking, as if they were having some kind of spiritual conversation, with each other’s spirits!!!!! Both totally ignoring their surroundings, even the teacher as he tried to get them to go back to the house, first trying En, who didn’t barge or even acknowledge his presence, all her attention on Tsubura.

And Tsubura likewise, totally being immersed in En’s eyes and nothing else. Yes, she too ignored the teacher and did not want to get the fuck up but the Dude picked her up forcibly to which she reacted by pushing that annoyance away from her!

Best, scene ever, those precious minutes on that road! By that time I was totally on Cloud 9, but then the ending totally ruined, well, tried to ruin my mood by following up what had to be the best moment this year for me by continuing on with more scenes! I mean okay, Tsubura had to go back to normal, which of course means doing the same thing they did when the accident first happened but in doing so, they forgot about En and Tsubura. There was no conclusion about their new relationship. We never see them interact again so we never get an actual conclusion which leaves me to make my own conclusions from their last scene together!

You should too, whoever gets the guts to watch this.  En’s feelings were laid out for us all to see so her ending up with the boyfriend wannabe makes less that 1% sense. We see them leave school together in the end but they were childhood friend to begin with so that isn’t so bad. The guy obviously struck out when he failed to bite after En offered her self. But we also do not see Tsubura and the teacher interact again as well, and after the way Tsubura left without a word right after changing back, says a whole lot.

And so, while the director also got wet feet in the end, just like all the rest thus leaving an open-ended movie, I would say favour is more in En and Tsubura’s direction!

Awesome movie. Here are some pics for the inter-webs I found…

koi-2 koi-3

I command you to watch it!

Author: Black Gekikara

Love, Eat and sleep Yuri Best Pal is DIVA (My PC) Hangouts is TEH INTERNETS Currently into Kashiwagi Yuki, Matsui Rena, Ogasawara Mayu, Miyawaki Sakura, Ji-yeon, NMB48 and sister groups, T-ara Totally love SG Horror movies

9 thoughts on “Koi ni Itaru Yamai [JMovie]

  1. Where can I watch this movie?! I don’t have the DVD!!

  2. However, I’m a little disappointed, as though it’s an open ending, I ended up interpreting it according to the movie’s title. [Spoiler Alert] In the last scene, as you mention, En’s walking home with Maru, and Tsubura didn’t look up to the window where the teacher was looking down at her anymore. It’s as if to say that those little chain of consequences were there to make them grow up. For Tsubbura to realize that it’s just her puberty for being stupidly, crazy in love with her teacher, and maybe for En to know that the sudden infatuation which resulted from jealousy somehow didn’t last. Just my interpretation, but a nice watch anyways, thanks for the recommendation.

    • One of the reasons why I both love and hate open-end movies. I mean, would it kill them to give us a real conclusion?!

      Either way, I think En ‘ s situation is different. She did not have feelings for Tsubura from the beginning but instead she realised them towards the end. That is different which is why I was not happy about the undisclosed. Especially when Tsubura seemed accepting of En ‘ s feeling.

  3. OR, maybe I shouldn’t care about the English title or whatsoever and enjoy Yuri to certain extent haha…

  4. do you know where i can find english subtitles for this movie? wanna see this movie but can’t since i can’t find any subtitles 😦

  5. where can i find the movie??

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