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So…About Maachun and Kamonegix


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You all know how I feel about Maachun, right? No? Well, this might give you an idea…

Clipboard01 (3)

And so, when I heard this…horror that is Kamonegix…No, no, don’t get confused. I love Kamonegix. Well, I loved it way more before I found out but I still love it. I just don’t love it as much anymore. I just can’t help it!

I mean I know it was too good to be true because there seems to be a thing with my Oshi, you know, being ignored by management, or wrongfully treated. Yukirin and Sakura-tan! So far Maachun and Rena have seemed to be the only two to miss that bullet! Well, it seems the curse is catching up because it has finally hit NaMBa!

All NMB fans will know the formula for their singles. They have the main senbatsu who are in the A-Side. Then there is three other teams to cover the couplings, White, Red and Teppoutai.

Maachun is of course in the A-side because, them shafting her after being the only few who ranked last Elections is just No, No! But even as she wan in it, I had to strain my eyes to see her….I HAD TO STRAIN TO SEE HER! *breathes heavily* Now granted I allowed this because there were a lot of girls ahead of her so it was expected! But even as expected as it was, she was too obscure!

[PV] (2013.10.02) NMB48 - Kamonegix (1440x1080i H.264 AAC M-ON! HD).ts_snapshot_01.43_[2013.09.21_12.07.57]
[PV] (2013.10.02) NMB48 - Kamonegix (1440x1080i H.264 AAC M-ON! HD).ts_snapshot_03.20_[2013.09.21_12.04.45] [PV] (2013.10.02) NMB48 - Kamonegix (1440x1080i H.264 AAC M-ON! HD).ts_snapshot_03.59_[2013.09.21_12.06.08]
[PV] (2013.10.02) NMB48 - Kamonegix (1440x1080i H.264 AAC M-ON! HD).ts_snapshot_04.02_[2013.09.21_12.06.24]

Let’s Find Maachun – The Game!

At first I was kind of blinded by the awesomeness (and flares) of Kamonegix so I hadn’t noticed. Not to mention that she kind of got some one-shots but then I remembered that all senbatsu got one! I guess another reason I wasn’t so bummed out was because I knew I would get to see her more in the couplings Red/White Team songs…


Maachun is in NEITHER of the Teams!!!! Le Shock! Le Blood! La Horror!!!!

And all this saying about there needing to be promotions for new Gen girls, though I kind of agree ( I love Aika, okay?) I think that’s fucking bulshit (forgive my language)! If it’s at the expense of already known girls that lesser-knowns are to be promoted, then start from the damn top and make your way down! Who still needs to know SayaMilky!?! The world won’t end if they aren’t in Aka/Shiro! It most certainly didn’t when Milky missed that one single! It still sold better than it’s predecessor! I mean the two already hogged all the A-Side screen time so why go for the middle!?!

Poor Akarin too…She too was sacked but really, Maachun is Maachun. It’s just can’t be my love that blinds me in thinking that if anyone has to be in every NMB single it’s her! Surely.

I believed in you NMB Management, I really did! Way to go to prove that everything AKS is pure ****! Really, if it weren’t for the girls themselves, you would be the worst frikkin company evar! I guess the theatre Management is all the support I have left for my Maachun. Well, to hell with this! The more I write about this, the more I feel very pissed off. If I don’t stop this might just be my first NMB single I haven’t bought! So I best stop. I am still angry though. Thankfully, I finally found a reaction pic to convey how I truly feel about Maachun and Kamonegix…


Author: Black Gekikara

Love, Eat and sleep Yuri Best Pal is DIVA (My PC) Hangouts is TEH INTERNETS Currently into Kashiwagi Yuki, Matsui Rena, Ogasawara Mayu, Miyawaki Sakura, Ji-yeon, NMB48 and sister groups, T-ara Totally love SG Horror movies

26 thoughts on “So…About Maachun and Kamonegix

  1. Off topic, are you going to do a review on Innocent lilies?

  2. So this is all your fault BlackGeki!!! Or maybe it’s my fault for liking alot of the same girls as you…… :p

    I wonder if it’s like something that balences out, I mean Yuki seems to have (shock horror) been promoted as bit in the latest AKB single, I mean yeah nothing on Haruna type levels but still after that shock died down I actually noticed that Yukirin had snuck back up there and maybe, just maybe Maachunb had to pay the karmatic price for this….

    And it seems as though Maachun is still up there as Queen of the stage performances and that at least, is something…..

    • My love for Maachun compels me to take all the blame onto myself! ^^

      Really, though, I am amused by the way everyone is shocked by Yukirin being on the front line for these pre-janken singles since she took 3rd. If I remember, she was on the front lines in Kaze wa fuiteiru one body away from Acchan! And her position in UZA wasn’t that bad with the way the front line of that single was!

      If she had been flanking Kojiharu then maybe I would have been shocked as well. So I can’t agree with that balance you are talking about.

      But yeah, Maachun still has the stages. Let’s hope they don’t attack her there too!

      Now to wait and see what happens to Rena in the 13th single…

  3. Me sentí totalmente identificada… (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ I’m so sorry NMB… NO MAACHUN, NO LOVE.

  4. When they announced Shiro and Aka line up, I know you’ll be mad. I’m thinking about the possibilities if Maachun take a path like Aina but I don’t know if comedian is her goal or it just her chara…

  5. I feel the same… Since I saw the list of member for coupling I was like “Eeeh ?! where is Maachun ?!” Because yeah, she’s the first girl that I search on NMB’s stuff, ( and just after Sayanee *-*, Sayacchu is the best on NMB ).

    And we can’t really see her on the A-side çwç. Whyyyyyyy ?! I know, they want to promote news girl, ok. But. At least, let her be on B-Side song like always with Sayanee çwç.

    My feels ~~ – go watch a N1 or Jenken’ Sayacchu’s moment gif –

  6. Geez, I didn’t even find the reason why maachun not involved in aka/shiro. Any explanation from maachun herself?

    • Don’t think she’s allowed to talk about that, not that there is anything to talk about. Management makes all the decisions! If there is a reason, I doubt she knows about it!

      Probably isn’t, just them being…you know…AKS

      • I thought NMB has owned by their independent management and record label (Yoshimoto Kyoraku and laugh out loud record) so there is very little chances for AKS to intervene in NMB.

        But now I’m realize that I was wrong. 😦

      • And they did switch managers, if I remember correctly? Probably that too has a part in the equation.

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