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TGS – Get The Star

TOKYO GIRLS' STYLE - Get The Star [1440x1080 h264 M-ON! HD].ts - 00099
TOKYO GIRLS' STYLE - Get The Star [1440x1080 h264 M-ON! HD].ts - 00091 TOKYO GIRLS' STYLE - Get The Star [1440x1080 h264 M-ON! HD].ts - 00072
TOKYO GIRLS' STYLE - Get The Star [1440x1080 h264 M-ON! HD].ts - 00011
TOKYO GIRLS' STYLE - Get The Star [1440x1080 h264 M-ON! HD].ts - 00066 TOKYO GIRLS' STYLE - Get The Star [1440x1080 h264 M-ON! HD].ts - 00082
TOKYO GIRLS' STYLE - Get The Star [1440x1080 h264 M-ON! HD].ts - 00022

My girls! How fast they grew up! And their songs and PV mature with them too which I really like! First few singles were all about bright/white clothes, then they went purple and now they are all BLACK!

I love it!

I was really looking forward to LIFE SIZE though, after I saw their TIF 2013 performance of it! I hope it will be on their third album but that’s a long wait! I hear that LIFE SIZE is an anime song? Does anyone know for which anime? Maybe it is already available somewhere? I really love LIFE SIZE.

Any way, these caps are from one of the double A-sides of their 13th single – Get The Star/Last Forever! It seems, strangely, that Yuri the Vampire Loli is at the helm of this one. She brings us both the OP and ED sequence and seems to have quite the most focus in this PV. I really love this. I mean it is a 5 member group so centre position isn’t that important but I was kind of moved to say the least.

No, I am not hoping for a Miyu centre in the future…NOPE! Seriously, I ain’t! I don’t think they can master a cool enough single for her to lead anyway. Maybe another yuri PV with her an Mei? I know they love these two together. If Hiichan will agree to it that is.

I can’t wait for my order to arrive that has this single. Only waiting on the soon to be released movie for it to ship. The PV looks as great as TGS PVs are expected! Seriously, compared to their PVs production efforts, AKB48’s looks…Sigh.What do they do with all that money?! I mean if it looks like this in a TVRip, Can you just imagine the eyegasm of the Bluray version?!! Darn it, Third Album when!?!!

Any way, caps…

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Million ga Ippai FHD Caps Part3

Pressure.m2ts - 00025
Pressure.m2ts - 00042 Pressure.m2ts - 00062
Pressure.m2ts - 00076


Sayocro.m2ts - 00005
Sayocro mizugi.m2ts - 00001 Sayocro mizugi.m2ts - 00020
Sayocro mizugi.m2ts - 00025


Shoe Throw.m2ts - 00000
Shoe Throw.m2ts - 00010 Shoe Throw.m2ts - 00018
Shoe Throw.m2ts - 00021


Show Fight.m2ts - 00031
Show Fight.m2ts - 00044 Show Fight.m2ts - 00062
Show Fight.m2ts - 00023


Sugar Rush.m2ts - 00000
Sugar Rush.m2ts - 00053 Sugar Rush.m2ts - 00063
Sugar Rush.m2ts - 00065


Yankee Soul.m2ts - 00002
Yankee Soul.m2ts - 00003 Yankee Soul.m2ts - 00060
Yankee Soul.m2ts - 00032


Yuki Atsuko Yuko.m2ts - 00017
Yuki Atsuko Yuko.m2ts - 00005 Yuki Atsuko Yuko.m2ts - 00008
Yuki Atsuko Yuko.m2ts - 00021

Can I just take this chance to fangirl over Show Fight once again!! This by far was the best looking AKB PV I’ve ever seen, but then the BluRays came out…It is now the best AKB48 PV I’ve ever seen! That kind of quality just doesn’t belong in this fandom! nope! If they weren’t a megabyte each, I would so rip every frame in that pv and turn it into a wallpaper!


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Love Truly is Boundless!

NMB48 - Kamonegix (KAYOU-KYOKU!SP 130903).ts - 00001
[大水怪] 柏木由紀 - Birthday wedding (Music Station 2013.09.27).ts - 00011 [大水怪] 柏木由紀 - Birthday wedding (Music Station 2013.09.27).ts - 00002
[大水怪] 柏木由紀 - Birthday wedding (Music Station 2013.09.27).ts - 00006 [大水怪] 柏木由紀 - Birthday wedding (Music Station 2013.09.27).ts - 00000[大水怪] 柏木由紀 - Birthday wedding (Music Station 2013.09.27).ts - 00007
[大水怪] 柏木由紀 - Birthday wedding (Music Station 2013.09.27).ts - 00004 [大水怪] 柏木由紀 - Birthday wedding (Music Station 2013.09.27).ts - 00009
[大水怪] 柏木由紀 - Birthday wedding (Music Station 2013.09.27).ts - 00012 [大水怪] 柏木由紀 - Birthday wedding (Music Station 2013.09.27).ts - 00014
[大水怪] 柏木由紀 - Birthday wedding (Music Station 2013.09.27).ts - 00013

Because how else can I possibly have more love for this woman!?!! I thought she had all the love I could give her, all 80% of my love, but I was so wrong! I saw the wrongness of it all when I finally watched her MSta performance of Birthday Wedding!

My God!

My everything was melting! My ears, my eyes my frikkin heart…everything! I don’t know what it was about her looks this particular day too. I mean I know she looks great already but this time around there was just that little bit of extra something that made her look better than her best days! What was it?!! Is it the stage? Is it the costume? Is it the lighting? I mean all these things were befitting of a Queen so maybe a combination of the three?

Then there was dat voice! Now, I am not a music-nut but even I know when something is afoot! The base note on which she sang this song on was peculiar! It was as if it was two or more levels above her normal voice pitch. Which I understand is very hard to keep at for the length she performed! And it had higher notes at some points as per usual challenging songs but she sliced that piece of beef like it was corned!


If it sounds this great LIVE…The frikkin 6Disc Set, Give it to me, NAO!

God, I don’t think I’ve ever made a choice as right as making this woman my Kami Oshi! She is just so…Can you guys think how it would be if she was like this when with the rest of AKB? Ah but our Goddess is is kind hearted so she always lets those around her shine more than she does! But when she is solo, when she will not heart anyone’s feelings, she brings out her best!

Oh God, is this what Yasusu knows? Is this why he never puts her on the spotlight in AKB projects but continues to give her solo projects?! Oh God, it all makes perfect sense! I mean three solo concerts already!!? And…Oh…And…It seems he let her write the coupling song for this 2nd single!!!!




For the Love of Kamina and Simon’s Baby!!!!!

[Underwater] KILL la KILL - PV (720p) [293698B7].mkv - 00006
[Underwater] KILL la KILL - PV (720p) [293698B7].mkv - 00000 [Underwater] KILL la KILL - PV (720p) [293698B7].mkv - 00008
[Underwater] KILL la KILL - PV (720p) [293698B7].mkv - 00004
[Underwater] KILL la KILL - PV (720p) [293698B7].mkv - 00001 [Underwater] KILL la KILL - PV (720p) [293698B7].mkv - 00007
[Underwater] KILL la KILL - PV (720p) [293698B7].mkv - 00011

I am so watching this!

Dear readers, I give to thee the Gurren Lagann we didn’t know we wanted but so needed – KILL la KILL!

I confess that I never watched Tengen Toppa in its completion and though I was forced to suffer through it because of the action, and less romance crap, I had to drop it after DAT MOMENT! It just so wasn’t worth it anymore! And so it was forgotten, even though HE shall never be!

But lo and behold, years later, the people behind that show (minus GAINAX, though one would argue they made GAINAX, bring us a new series which if the Promo is to go by, is the kind of show we want! It’s like a 100% crossover of Cutey Honey and Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann!

Cutie Honey brings the yuri while TTGL brings the action! Seriously though, the similarities don’t even just stop at the story but crosses over into the art as well! Matoi Ryuuko, the Main girl, looks so much like a crossover btn Kamina and older Simon, or better known as their baby, it’s like it was intentional! Her uniform is like a re-incarnation of Gurren! Are we really sure this doesn’t take place in TTGL’s future? Or at least AU Future?! I wouldn’t put it passed these crazy awesome guys that use galaxies as weapons!

Then there is Mankanshoku Mako! I can already tell she is going to make this series! That is if it gets boring real quick, she will be the character you wish was on screen at that moment! She promises lots of fun this girl does! And just like all our awesome heroines that have come so far (Canaan, Aika, Layla), Ryuuko has her as that partner that is shipped with her at default! Won’t lie to you guys, I am already shipping these two!

But not to forget, there is another that might just steal that honour of waifu No1! The Student Council President Kiryuuin Satsuki! Girls’ rivalry is very different from guys’ so depending on the tone of this anime, we might end up in their direction. The story is probably about these two at the core.

So interesting! I am so looking forward to this!


Oh Maachun! Only you…

So, Maachun trying to sell that idea of Riichan 24Hr TV, is given five minutes (which she calls Riichan 5 min TV) to talk about what the show would possibly be about. Needless to say, it was a whole 5 min (actually 8 min ) of Riichan worship! And she made a very wise decision of bringing Ripopo along on this endeavour because these two were just…>.< I think if given the opportunity, Maachun could write a fangirl’d guide to Riichan in novel format!

But any way, I was like ‘That’s so totally Maachun!’ when she called it out on Yasusu asking him WTF he was doing letting Riichan’s hidden brilliance go to waste like that! And I kind of agree with her but not only about Riichan, other girls too. A lot of other girls! Only Maachun has had the guts to call him on his blindness though! I don’t care guys, I love this ‘realness’ about Maachun  the most! She won’t be bowing to anyone who doesn’t deserve it! Nope!

Which says a lot when she bows to Mayuyu and Yukirin soon after this! Apparently Mayuyu and Yukirin have commented on Riichan’s brilliance at some point to which Maachun bow and thanks them for. Really, the girl’s love for Riichan is just so boundless!

Dear management, please make that Riichan 25hr TV a reality!