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HKT48 vs NGZ46! IX – Dafuq!?!!


130827 HKT48 Tonkotsu Maho Shoujo Gakuin ep09.mp4 - 00079
Tonkotsu Maho Shoujo Gakuin

130827 HKT48 Tonkotsu Maho Shoujo Gakuin ep09.mp4 - 00025
130827 HKT48 Tonkotsu Maho Shoujo Gakuin ep09.mp4 - 00003 130827 HKT48 Tonkotsu Maho Shoujo Gakuin ep09.mp4 - 00006
130827 HKT48 Tonkotsu Maho Shoujo Gakuin ep09.mp4 - 00014

130827 HKT48 Tonkotsu Maho Shoujo Gakuin ep09.mp4 - 00020

( ゚ Д゚)


130827 NOGIBINGO! ep09.mp4 - 00018


130827 NOGIBINGO! ep09.mp4 - 00000
130827 NOGIBINGO! ep09.mp4 - 00002 130827 NOGIBINGO! ep09.mp4 - 00003
130827 NOGIBINGO! ep09.mp4 - 00007

130827 NOGIBINGO! ep09.mp4 - 00012


My dictionary, it fails me! For I have no words to describe this week’s episodes from Nogizaka46! and HKT48’s new battle shows. These shows are simply crazy people and this week was simply far out, well, where HKT is concerned.

For Nogizaka, last week was the craziest. That being said, Ijiri outdid himself this time around in the Back-stage pranks he pulls. Not only did he wear Nojo’s cap, but he wore Manatsu’s new dress, some childish panties (I hope they weren’t hers as well ^^) but he took Hashimoto’s lip bam, placed it in the band of his panties then proceeded to…eat it!

Needless to say, the girls’ reaction was spot on!

As good as that skit was though, it’s TMSG’s episode that takes the cake! That camera-man was just…not expected!

130827 HKT48 Tonkotsu Maho Shoujo Gakuin ep09.mp4 - 00077
130827 HKT48 Tonkotsu Maho Shoujo Gakuin ep09.mp4 - 00076
130827 HKT48 Tonkotsu Maho Shoujo Gakuin ep09.mp4 - 00003 130827 HKT48 Tonkotsu Maho Shoujo Gakuin ep09.mp4 - 00002130827 HKT48 Tonkotsu Maho Shoujo Gakuin ep09.mp4 - 00005
130827 HKT48 Tonkotsu Maho Shoujo Gakuin ep09.mp4 - 00010 130827 HKT48 Tonkotsu Maho Shoujo Gakuin ep09.mp4 - 00012
I like how Haruppi at first was like ‘Kyaaaaaa”

But then she was like “My body is ready! Give it to me Bouya!”

130827 HKT48 Tonkotsu Maho Shoujo Gakuin ep09.mp4 - 00020 130827 HKT48 Tonkotsu Maho Shoujo Gakuin ep09.mp4 - 00021

That awkward moment when your innocence is lost!

130827 HKT48 Tonkotsu Maho Shoujo Gakuin ep09.mp4 - 00023
130827 HKT48 Tonkotsu Maho Shoujo Gakuin ep09.mp4 - 00024 130827 HKT48 Tonkotsu Maho Shoujo Gakuin ep09.mp4 - 00025
130827 HKT48 Tonkotsu Maho Shoujo Gakuin ep09.mp4 - 00030

130827 HKT48 Tonkotsu Maho Shoujo Gakuin ep09.mp4 - 00028

Tell me about it Marika! Why can’t I get to sensually touch Natsun like that in the name of work and have her gaze at me like I was the only living creature in her world!

Lucky Sunova…!

On the other hand, it seems there was some kind of plot behind all this madness which was photography. The Dude is a Gravure shooter and he apparently takes off his clothes to make shy girls be comfortable, after all, they be both nekkid! Not sure how that logic works seeing as they are bound to get more nervous when you are both nekkid but…this is Japan.

And so with that said, some pics of our girls…

130827 HKT48 Tonkotsu Maho Shoujo Gakuin ep09.mp4 - 00051
130827 HKT48 Tonkotsu Maho Shoujo Gakuin ep09.mp4 - 00065 130827 HKT48 Tonkotsu Maho Shoujo Gakuin ep09.mp4 - 00075
130827 HKT48 Tonkotsu Maho Shoujo Gakuin ep09.mp4 - 00068

Cuteness overload! And dat Meru chirari >.<

130827 HKT48 Tonkotsu Maho Shoujo Gakuin ep09.mp4 - 00034
130827 HKT48 Tonkotsu Maho Shoujo Gakuin ep09.mp4 - 00039
130827 HKT48 Tonkotsu Maho Shoujo Gakuin ep09.mp4 - 00040

Is it too late to switch to photography major and moving to Japan? Sign me up!And dat Natsun panty-line…GAH~

DAT it, I’m so dead!

130827 HKT48 Tonkotsu Maho Shoujo Gakuin ep09.mp4 - 00049
130827 HKT48 Tonkotsu Maho Shoujo Gakuin ep09.mp4 - 00044 130827 HKT48 Tonkotsu Maho Shoujo Gakuin ep09.mp4 - 00045
130827 HKT48 Tonkotsu Maho Shoujo Gakuin ep09.mp4 - 00043




130827 NOGIBINGO! ep09.mp4 - 00014
130827 NOGIBINGO! ep09.mp4 - 00015 130827 NOGIBINGO! ep09.mp4 - 00016
130827 NOGIBINGO! ep09.mp4 - 00022
130827 NOGIBINGO! ep09.mp4 - 00024 130827 NOGIBINGO! ep09.mp4 - 00025
130827 NOGIBINGO! ep09.mp4 - 00029 130827 NOGIBINGO! ep09.mp4 - 00031
130827 NOGIBINGO! ep09.mp4 - 00033
130827 NOGIBINGO! ep09.mp4 - 00034 130827 NOGIBINGO! ep09.mp4 - 00039
130827 NOGIBINGO! ep09.mp4 - 00040 130827 NOGIBINGO! ep09.mp4 - 00041

130827 NOGIBINGO! ep09.mp4 - 00042

Meanwhile back in Nogibingo, as the title says, Nogizaka are re-enacting all the best of AKBINGO! and this time it’s the top ten ranking…but with a twist! Actually, this time it’s a mixture of two segments. One of them is as I said, the Top Ten Rankings. But with that, they squeeze the punishment game which means there are losers. The losers are decided on with the help of the other segment.

I don’t really remember it’s exact name, Moe-something or another where the girls cosplayed for five guests with lights connected to their heart rates as the light goes on the higher they get excited. That is somewhat what they used here as judgement too.

I am not going to go through all the Ten, only the ones that I liked.

First is Kazumi’s Kendo Skills! Wait, I thought she was into Ballet, or was that into books or…Ah, I remember, she is an all round star, that girls is! Her appearance is so very deceiving isn’t it! You wouldn’t think she was so multi-talented just looking at her! I think I am starting to see why Nanase loves her so…

She was simply smashin’ cool here guys! That moved she made us get a glimpse of..if you didn’t blink and missed it the first time like I did that is, was simply baffling! She pulled it off like a pro and she looks really good in that Kendo uniform too! Too bad she lost because of Ijiri and his erotic pose –_-

As punishment, she ate pie, with the help of that beloved cream-bazooka! That thing is awesome!! Oh wait, AKB did that already too, right? That makes three and not two! Ah but wait, the opening skit of Ijiri’s going through the girls’ belongs was also done already so that’s 4!


130827 NOGIBINGO! ep09.mp4 - 00065
130827 NOGIBINGO! ep09.mp4 - 00053 130827 NOGIBINGO! ep09.mp4 - 00059
130827 NOGIBINGO! ep09.mp4 - 00060
130827 NOGIBINGO! ep09.mp4 - 00062 130827 NOGIBINGO! ep09.mp4 - 00061 
130827 NOGIBINGO! ep09.mp4 - 00063#130827 NOGIBINGO! ep09.mp4 - 00054

Say hello to Daemon Minami!

My God! I dare anyone to say they saw that one coming! The first thought that popped into my head when I saw her in that get-up was – Scary sprites! It’s scary but…it’s still just a sprout! Get it? Her devilish appearance is in pure contrast to her angelic voice! LOL

I wish I knew what bad things she was firing at the girls though. It seemed quite entertaining! Now I am left wishing that Daemon Matsui had also gone all hell-mouthy on the girls present back then.

It goes without saying too that Minami looks really good in that getup, am I roit? But of course she also got punished and guess what, because of her voice. It didn’t match her look >.< Poor girl. She is to forever be cute~

130827 NOGIBINGO! ep09.mp4 - 00070
130827 NOGIBINGO! ep09.mp4 - 00072 130827 NOGIBINGO! ep09.mp4 - 00073
130827 NOGIBINGO! ep09.mp4 - 00074
130827 NOGIBINGO! ep09.mp4 - 00076 130827 NOGIBINGO! ep09.mp4 - 00077
130827 NOGIBINGO! ep09.mp4 - 00078
130827 NOGIBINGO! ep09.mp4 - 00080 130827 NOGIBINGO! ep09.mp4 - 00081
130827 NOGIBINGO! ep09.mp4 - 00083

Then our the closet comes the perv with her Nogizaka46 Butt ranking!

Well, you know what they say – It’s always the nice ones. And down a peg from Nanase lies Yuuri as one of the ‘good’ girls in Nogizaka! That is until now! Meet Meetan Mark II!

I would have thought though, what with all the talk of how awesome Sayuri’s butt is (which apparently makes sporty pants look like t-backs when she wears them) would have ranked 1st. Apparently not. I guess favouritism doesn’t just stop at us..Heh

Let’s have a Boobies ranking next time please…

130827 NOGIBINGO! ep09.mp4 - 00099 130827 NOGIBINGO! ep09.mp4 - 00100
130827 NOGIBINGO! ep09.mp4 - 00105
130827 NOGIBINGO! ep09.mp4 - 00086 130827 NOGIBINGO! ep09.mp4 - 00091
130827 NOGIBINGO! ep09.mp4 - 00089
130827 NOGIBINGO! ep09.mp4 - 00094

And last but not least, we have the Baka-Couple in one Sayuri and Mai. They were playing that word game where the other has to say a word starting with the last letters of the previous word. All words were confession words. Queue the horror of the never-ending train of confessions.

Too stupid an idea to win all the judges over though and so it was Cream-face taimu! And seeing as they broke the rules to enter in a pair, the staff also broke their rules in the punishment game! Never seen a black cream pie before…


That came out so wrong >.<

And finally, before I forget…

130827 NOGIBINGO! ep09.mp4 - 00045


Nhmmm, creamy Erika

( ´∀`)


Ja ne

Author: Black Gekikara

Love, Eat and sleep Yuri Best Pal is DIVA (My PC) Hangouts is TEH INTERNETS Currently into Kashiwagi Yuki, Matsui Rena, Ogasawara Mayu, Miyawaki Sakura, Ji-yeon, NMB48 and sister groups, T-ara Totally love SG Horror movies

6 thoughts on “HKT48 vs NGZ46! IX – Dafuq!?!!

  1. How do you know Nanase is a pervert and like Takayama?! Is there a video ?! If so please link!!

    • Umm, no. I meant that Nanase is one of the pure girls and as for her liking Kazumi, well, if you watched all Nogizakatte Doko, one can just surmise from simply reading her reactions where Kazumi is concerned.

      Actually, I am thinking a…better not say it now Fufufu

  2. These NogiBingo episodes are interesting as they are both flashbacks to past and also new and exciting at the same time, I remember a while me and BlackGeki talking about bringing back the “good old days” of AKBingo and while it’s been Nogi46 and not AKB it’s good enough for me, in fact it might even be better as all these things are happening to the top members in Nogizaka and however mean it sounds, it’s just more interesting when your top stars are involved!

    Also whoever invented those cream cannon’s deserves an award or something as it has made cream based punishments (now in any color it would seem) much more interesting, that Erika creaming being an example of the high quality we can get these days (with a good shot (well done that man!) :p)

    Worth pointing out that I think AKBingo itself has been on a good run, the members they have used recently have been pretty good and these episodes have got me excited for what they can do in team 4 together (well most of them anyway) Also was good to see Yukirin get an extended run and show us again that if she is allowed to do things without being forced below other, favored by management members she really is good at variety and also works well with younger members (nice to see her a lot more involved than any of the other senior members who came on in this segment of shows too)

    That TMSG episode was mental, I mean it’s not everyday that you see a young girl lose her innocence on TV but we saw it in this, poor Mio, that look she gave said it all……

    That Haruppi though!!! That sexy pose!!!! boggling my mind, seriously got me shook up all over the place that did….. and then it was Natsu’s turn….. O__O Holy, well, anything!!! now this camera man knows what he’s doing no doubt, he got me feeling all hot and bothered about Natsu in that pose (mind you having the stunning Natau as a model really does help)

    Oddly though it’s amazing ho much I thought of Yukirin with Natsu doing that pose, just felt very similar, but the two of them kinda are anyway (and Mayu herself said there are similarities so who am I to argue with that! :p)

    • And Yukirin is Natsun’s Oshii…^^

      But yeah, AKBINGO is getting back on track, even though they are borrowing from the past lately and involving other sister groups is a good call. I love the KKS girls but they aren’t enough on their own! Like the latests Dodgeball with HKT showed us how things would be interesting with sisters getting involved.

      I am just trying to figure out why they have yet to bring in nmb as a group yet. The only time they’ve been was when they were being introduced way back in their debut days and they haven’t been since (as a whole)

      Well, I understand that they are afraid of the Namba force but still…

  3. Seriously EP 9 of TMSG (photographer stripped of his own clothes) is not really worth watching, in fact it blew my mind, but as the article says it was just a plot. However it left a huge question inside my head, does all gravure photographers do the same thing to all of their models? If it is well this only means one thing… OH MY MIO NO~!!!
    WELL ITS JUST A PLOT… yeah it is….

    • Well Alex, one can’t help but thin kof these things? I do too in fact ^^ But then you gotta remember, they have their managers around during shoots and some times their parents (if they are still young) so there is nothing to get worried about really.

      Now if it were the 90s….But I shan’t go there ^_-

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