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…My God!


青SHUN学園-「手紙」 北海道大学 (13 06 07) - YouTube.mp4 - 00058
手紙。 青SHUN学園 - YouTube.mp4 - 00022 手紙。 青SHUN学園 - YouTube.mp4 - 00031
青SHUN学園 2013-02-11 吉祥寺シータワンマン ダイジェスト - YouTube.mp4 - 00008 青SHUN学園 2013-02-11 吉祥寺シータワンマン ダイジェスト - YouTube.mp4 - 00015
青SHUN学園-「手紙」 北海道大学 (13 06 07) - YouTube.mp4 - 00082


You all have absolutely no idea who these are, do you?! Well, neither did I, a week or so ago! I didn’t even think other Idol groups existed apart from those you see on TV programmes that we Gaijin are lucky enough to get our grabby digital hands on. In fact I still have no idea who these are! Nor do I even know the names of these two girls! The one thing I am sure of is the first name of one of them, the Husbando – the one who initiates the kiss and plays all the girls, the one coming in from ‘our’ left as she makes her way through a mountain of girls – her name dear readers is Aya! The Waifu’s (slightly shorter one and obviously younger) might be Ayumi though I did not catch her name clearly. It might be Ayane or Ayuri for all I know but it’s on those lines. I will go for Ayumi for now though.

青SHUN学園 中等部ユニットより 告知動画 - YouTube.mp4 - 00000
青SHUN学園 中等部ユニットより 告知動画 - YouTube.mp4 - 00008 青SHUN学園 中等部ユニットより 告知動画 - YouTube.mp4 - 00012

The one holding her hands together in that first cap is Aya and thus nicked by me as Husbando. The one in the middle is teh Waifu (Ayumi). Those two are the ones that kiss in that song of theirs (which title I do not even know yet >.<) but believe you me, I will find out, if it’s the last thing I do!

There is so many things wrong yet right (as far as I am concerned) about this that it just makes me all hot and bothered with excitement! First of all, let’s debate on their age there! Look at the them! How young do you guys think they actually are?! With Japan’s Idol curve getting lower and lower, I wouldn’t put them above 13! 14 the most (Aya). Ayumi is just so young, her body structure just gives her away! These two kiss on LIVE stage every single time they perform because that song just has to be performed no matter what.

Then there is this nudging feeling I have but I might be wrong. Though the fact that I made this mistake before proves that it can happen. By this I mean that these two might be sisters! Yes, I am pretty aware of the implications of that but as I said, I made a mistake of shipping a certain two girls of Cheeky Parade (Yet another Idol group you might or might not have heard of) who turned out to be actual sisters! So I wouldn’t put it passed these two, and since I don’t know their last names ( I have to find out more on these two even if it kills me) they are just too similar physically, somehow, even though their skin tones are a bit different meaning that they might not be from the same region originally. But that can also be a simple genetic thing so…

Ahhhh I can’t be sure if I am more turned on by that fact or what. One thing is for sure, All the reasons I am shipping this unknown couple are not quite right! And thus I share this so you all can join me in my sins! HA-HA! Heaven is so boring anyway.

So, how exactly did I get to bump into SeiSHUN Gakuin (Or is it Yamaguchi Gakuen?!, I don’t know)? It was because I was taking a break from THE Fandom because of the happenings of 8th. I figured I should raid youtube for some awesome fairies LIVE cams and as I watched a couple of their performances of their new single, In the related videos I saw some interesting live performing Idols so I checked them out!

I found out that there is a tonne of Idol groups out there than what I thought was possible! And the glorious thing about them is that there are a lot of HQ cam videos of their Live un-edited performances that you would not see of AKB unless you are so lucky as to win lotto every time you play. Some come and go just like that. In fact there is one that just ended right after I discovered them just two week ago. This group was known as SakuSaku Musume. They released only one single and just as I was getting into them, I fell onto their very last performance. That was a new record of the shortest lived romance ever! I thank God that I was able to catch them before they left so I have all their videos I can get my hands on.

If any of you follow me on youtube, you will realise that I was subscribing quite a lot  these passed few weeks. This is because of this new discovery of the Idol World I did not know about! In fact if you know anything about H!P and that girl that was just recruited in the Eggs yet she is popular on tumblr, I know where she was before Tsunku snatched her up. She was a part of an Idol group known as SCK 48 Laughing out loud and they released this PV of their song they sang in dedication to the Tsunami victims. She was one of the main vocals and looked to be a great deal important to the group. Then I guess Tsunku saw that vid too and did not waste time snatching her away. Now watching the SCK girls without her feels kind of lonely and empty there. Damn it Tsunku!

There are other groups too that grabbed my attention because they had the yuri effect to them like Ryukyu Idol and SakuSaku Musume and this very one – SeiSHUN Gakuin. There is a thing though with this group. There are two, hmm, no, three Dudes in this group! To make things worse, one even dresses up as a girl and is always in their performances. Thank the Gods though that the camera-men know their stuff and since he is always at the boarders, he is always cut out of the frame. The SHUN in their name is also the name of one guy, who I think is their manager or something. He is JYP (Wondergirls) in that he doesn’t hesitate inserting himself in their performances too. 

But the yuri totally cancels all that out!

seic2 seic3
seid1 seid2

fuck yea


青SHUN学園-「手紙」 北海道大学 (13 06 07) - YouTube.mp4 - 00000
青SHUN学園-「手紙」 北海道大学 (13 06 07) - YouTube.mp4 - 00001 青SHUN学園-「手紙」 北海道大学 (13 06 07) - YouTube.mp4 - 00004
青SHUN学園-「手紙」 北海道大学 (13 06 07) - YouTube.mp4 - 00005

The very first time my alarms went off was at the very beginning of this song. The first version I saw was at a different angle and I thought that physics and perception was getting the better of me so I ignored that and in fact, I did not play the song to its fullest hence I totally missed that climatic kiss.

I blame no one but my self!

Then I got to watch this lovely version with an awesome angle and My GOD! DAT closeness almost killed me! I swear to you that I totally screamed when their closeness was confirmed with this version. There was no mistaking it. Even the Sun God was on my side this time around! Natural light cannot be doubted! The angles, the lighting, the quality! Everything screamed to me to watch this song in its fullest and I so did.

I have never been so smut in my life when I discovered there was the greatest of rewards awaiting me at around the end of the third quarter in the form of a KISS! But the road to that was just as feel-inducing!

青SHUN学園-「手紙」 北海道大学 (13 06 07) - YouTube.mp4 - 00013 青SHUN学園-「手紙」 北海道大学 (13 06 07) - YouTube.mp4 - 00014 青SHUN学園-「手紙」 北海道大学 (13 06 07) - YouTube.mp4 - 00015
手紙。 青SHUN学園 - YouTube.mp4 - 00008 手紙。 青SHUN学園 - YouTube.mp4 - 00009
手紙。 青SHUN学園 - YouTube.mp4 - 00010 手紙。 青SHUN学園 - YouTube.mp4 - 00013
青SHUN学園-「手紙」 北海道大学 (13 06 07) - YouTube.mp4 - 00050 青SHUN学園-「手紙」 北海道大学 (13 06 07) - YouTube.mp4 - 00054
青SHUN学園-「手紙」 北海道大学 (13 06 07) - YouTube.mp4 - 00074 青SHUN学園-「手紙」 北海道大学 (13 06 07) - YouTube.mp4 - 00075
青SHUN学園-「手紙」 北海道大学 (13 06 07) - YouTube.mp4 - 00043 青SHUN学園-「手紙」 北海道大学 (13 06 07) - YouTube.mp4 - 00044
青SHUN学園-「手紙」 北海道大学 (13 06 07) - YouTube.mp4 - 00045
手紙。 青SHUN学園 - YouTube.mp4 - 00021 手紙。 青SHUN学園 - YouTube.mp4 - 00022
手紙。 青SHUN学園 - YouTube.mp4 - 00026
青SHUN学園 20130317 手紙 - YouTube.mp4 - 00000 青SHUN学園 2013-02-11 吉祥寺シータワンマン ダイジェスト - YouTube.mp4 - 00006
青SHUN学園 2013-02-11 吉祥寺シータワンマン ダイジェスト - YouTube.mp4 - 00008

seic2 seid1

Dat body chem! That way that Aya touches all the girls as she passes by them to her final destination! And finally, the way she embraces Waifu when she gets to her right before the peak of their awesome moment. It’s like a stairway…

手紙。 青SHUN学園 - YouTube.mp4 - 00031 手紙。 青SHUN学園 - YouTube.mp4 - 00033
青SHUN学園 2013-02-11 吉祥寺シータワンマン ダイジェスト - YouTube.mp4 - 00011 青SHUN学園 2013-02-11 吉祥寺シータワンマン ダイジェスト - YouTube.mp4 - 00015
青SHUN学園 20130317 手紙 - YouTube.mp4 - 00005 青SHUN学園 20130317 手紙 - YouTube.mp4 - 00012
青SHUN学園-「手紙」 北海道大学 (13 06 07) - YouTube.mp4 - 00056 青SHUN学園-「手紙」 北海道大学 (13 06 07) - YouTube.mp4 - 00058

seia2 seib3
seic3 seid2

…To Heaven!

But that is not all…

手紙。 青SHUN学園 - YouTube.mp4 - 00035 手紙。 青SHUN学園 - YouTube.mp4 - 00036
青SHUN学園-「手紙」 北海道大学 (13 06 07) - YouTube.mp4 - 00082 青SHUN学園-「手紙」 北海道大学 (13 06 07) - YouTube.mp4 - 00083

That last scene where they are separated from each other and not allowed to meet. So close yet so far away!

Oh society, Y U so cruel!

But this is clever on their part. This way, those nay sayers who watch their performance can breathe a sigh of relief by the end here because after all – “In the end they are not together!”.

But this does not disqualify the fact that they actually did kiss. Does not mean that they did not love each other even if it was only for a period. But really, we all just only for a period which ends either way (death sees to that) so really, SeiSHUN wins this one!

And another fan in me!

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4 thoughts on “…My God!

  1. waaa….this!!!…thanks for introduce this group to me..LOL..i’m too excited to knew this group..hope u provided something related to them so that I knew more..huhu…

    n the ending….yeah..society is cruel..but then..that kiss n their love…>,<

    n that one boy..who is he..huh..=,=

  2. actually theres local idol groups all over japan that typically sing songs about their town`s heritage, its actually a modernization for the past couple hundred years, the prettiest girls in each village would sing as a choir to travelers about their local culture and history

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