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I knew there would be burials on the 8th…



…And my heart was almost one of them, almost.

Hi there guys,

First, I wish to apologise for making you worried, well, some of you who were nice enough to. I assure you though that there is nothing majorly wrong with me other than my poor heart that was threatened of death during this last Sousenkyou. Believe me, if something that bad does happen to me, I have sisters and a brother to let you all know that this is IT – No more BG! For now though, it was just a matter of the heart.

Now, before you go jumping to conclusions about what exactly, or who, made me like this, I have to dump cold water on you by saying that it has nothing to do with any Top 10, let alone Top 40. No, my attempted killer in the NMB48 fans that oh so butchered my NaMBa Oshii Maachun – Ogasawara Mayu! That’s right, Maachun’s ranking is the reason I almost gave up on this crazy Fandom! It wasn’t the fact that our representative is SASHIKO! Despite that fact alone being all kinds of wrong that Sasshi is now the rep of all Idols in Japan (What? She is at the top of AKB which is at the top of the Idol Business so she is the one that is supposed to be an idol for all the dreamers out there hence all the wrongness of it) Maachun’s ranking is what really got to me the most this fifth time around.

To really grasp how un-fair her position is, let’s go basic. Think of Sayanee’s position, then Milky’s. Think of NMB48 during the beginning when these three were considered the Ace of Triangle as they would appear in shows mostly the three of them. Think of all that love that seemingly is targeted towards Maachun during N theatre performances. I am sure I am not the only one who gets the vibe that she is loved the most while watching them, seriously! Think of the girls’ current personalities in NMB48. Then think of the three’s (SayaMilkychun) ranking in this 5th Senbatsu Sousenkyou.

Now tell me that that gap is not the most unfair of things.

Here is something I tried to do and I wished I shouldn’t even ever have thought of doing it in the first place – I tried to imagine NMB without Maachun.



Seriously, how? Why?!! Her ranking doesn’t make sense to me whatsoever! No matter how I think of it there just isn’t sense to it. From an already disappointing 60th last year to a measly 54th this year! How?! Why?!! I don’t get it?! Someone explain to me what Sayanee or Milky have that places them boundaries ahead Maachun?! I just can’t figure it out! Someone who should be ashamed of themselves once said to me that it’s because people prefer Idolish girls! To this logic I say – HUH?!!! Maachun is a comedian but she is an Idol comedian. She has what Idols have (Great dancer and performer – so much so she is the replacer of SayaMily when they are absent – I still can’t stretch how important his fact is, Cuter than 40% of the senbatsu rankers, has the bro-some powers of Sashiko – in that she really gets easily along with other girls) and on top of all that she is incredibly funny – NMB is supposed to be about the funny! And then there is all that Maachun chanting during stages!

Where is the logic of her ranking in all of this?! Let me point out who the Center is. Let me ask why Sayanee is ahead of Milky. Maachun not Idolish enough?! Don’t even…God, the more I think about it the more I feel like shutting myself in once more until next year or something!

And the gap between her and SayaMilky is not all. I understand Nana being ahead of her because of her exposure in that weekly show she had until last year so I guessed that her being fourth I could handle – Not that she was fourth, she was fifth because Ainyan got the better of her. This year I was sure she would at least close the gap between her and Nana and be a true fourth but did that happen?! Hell no! In comes not one, not two, not three but four, FOUR!!!!!!!! PREVIOUS NONE-RANKED GIRLS going passed her. THEY ARE ALL AHEAD OF HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Keicchi (40th)
  2. Fuuchan (44th)
  3. Shuu (49th)
  4. Akarin (50th)

why the fuck whyyyyyyyyyy


Akarin, I am happy for because I have always wanted her to rank. I still think of her as the centre for Zetsumetsu Kurokami Shoujo and not Milky. But then there was that thing that got her booted for half a year which saw her not ranking that last Sousenkyou. And so I wouldn’t have thought her to be ahead of Maachun but viola, she is. But as I said, Akarin I can understand. But the other three?!! Keicchi? Fuuchan?! Shuu?!!!!!!!!!!!! I now understand that meme of ‘mind blowing’ and its real meaning. Forget Fan-ism, some things are just not right naturally and Maachun being the last ranked NMB48 girl is most definitely one of them!

And so there you have it my dearest readers. It wasn’t Sashiko being the Centre of the world that means the world to me second only to the world of yuri, that almost made me quit this world of Idols, no, it wasn’t that. It was Maachun – Ogasawara Mayu’s ranking that almost did it! One thing is for sure though, I have lost hope in some of my fellow fans of this fandom and my love for the Family has fallen by almost 60%. Now it’s almost purely on my Oshiis to keep be grounded in this fandom, and the yuri of course. I haven’t watched an AKB show in like…forever…(Not since that episode on AKBINGO). An HKT show without Sakura is dead data on my HDD, I only screen through Geinin now…Everything is just so.

And all because of Maachun’s ranking!

If anyone can explain her ranking to me please, try!


Not all was bad though…


tumblr_mo4qibeCAa1rjcqspo1_500 tumblr_mo3b5acbsu1r8e7rio1_1280
tumblr_mo2zijCWsK1qf4yc3o2_r1_1280 08 - 1yt

Yukirin, my Kami Oshii, is still at the top there. Really, I am very happy for her placing. Virtually she did not move at all since all happened was that the Top 4 just shuffled around. I love her but that does not mean I am blinded by the love I have for her. I knew that she would be behind Mayuyu and Yuko. Let’s be honest, Yuko is just out there. She was already a model and actress even before she was in her teens so her presence was already vast. She has that aura that is just so un-deniable. Yuko is just Centre material period. As for Mayuyu, here is where my feelings kind of coincide with my Oshii’s. Mayuyu has just been anointed as the successor to the throne. I don’t think even Yukirin would be very happy about taking first place when her girl Mayuyu, who has just been named IT, comes in second to her. I just can’t see her being happy about it, even I wouldn’t. This is the reason why I actually was hoping Mayuyu would be 1st this year. Can you guys think of the shame she felt standing there as 3rd when she is the new Face? Can you feel her pain at thinking that she isn’t worthy?! Some people just have no hearts. As for Sasshi, I have to be frank here – Sasshi just went and over-stepped her bounds. There is order in the Universe and Sasshi being Centre is against this order. I know fans of hers will take this as booze to their party and I wish them well and congratulations but Sashiko is just not meant to be Centre, especially of an Idol group. Can we just think back to what the word IDOL actually means?! Apply Sashiko to this explanation and you will see what I mean. So she did wonders (Unseen wonders) for HKT48, so she is great at variety. What does that have to do with being an Idol? And so I am happy for Yukirin at her ranking and I apologise but it was also because Sasshi beat all the Top three even Yuko. If she had only taken over Yukirin, something might have been questionable there but since she took over completely, there is just one conclusion. Also the fact that Yukirin literally spat on all those wishlists that saw her fall out of the Kamis (I still can’t believe those Dudes actually ranked her out!!!) she still remained a the top of the pyramid. The world just want to see her at the front, ignore the management. And so she remained at the top. I mean, someone has to light the shadows the new Centre is bound to bring!

Then there comes my 2nd most lovable girl of the Family – Rena. Going into Kami 8 was a feat worthy of a feast! I am not one of those who seem to have a beef with the WMatsui raking wars because as long as they are together, as is with Mayuki, which they are, both of them, then all is right with the world. The only ship ranking that would beat those two is the YukiRena one. but despite the teasing of the preliminaries, we did not get it. Oh well, this is the best. Two for one since we would not have gotten WMatsui or Mayuki otherwise. Rena’s 7th place was delicious indeed. I am pretty sure if it was still Kami 7, the internet would have a field day with this ranking. But since it’s Kami 8 now, well…

And lastly but most definitely not least, here we have my HKT48 Imo-Oshii – Sakura – Miyawaki Sakura. Not only did she move up in ranks but she did so with such a huge margin that literally cut her last ranking in half! That’s right fellas, Sakura-tan moved up 20 something places from last year. And all this when she was a measly 61st in the prelims! Heh! I guess you guys really took my threat very seriously. I warned you that if Sakura-tan is not the one trailing Sasshi, I would…do something unpleasant. But you went off and made sure of that so you are excused this time around ^^. And what a good job you did! Sakura-tan moved from 47th last year (And being the only HKT member to rank at the time) to an eye-popping Undergirls’s placing of 26th!! At least core HKT fans know what is right. More evidence of this is the fact that Haruppi was the one trailing Sakura (as it should be) and that Meru and Mio also ranked. And better yet, these last two are right around Maachun, with Meru actually being right next to her in the 55th position. I hope there is something of the two in the Future Girls’ PV Kukuku.

As for my other Oshi from NaMBa, I already wrote my thoughts on her. But I will just drive the point home of how I can’t see the logic in her placing, especially when the other NMB girls’ rankings are taken into consideration.


Gods, why?!

And I am a bit guiltily happy as once again the wishers were put in there place. Those wishers who had Milky beating Sayanee by a huge margin, sometimes even placing Milky in the Kamis!

  • 14 – Yamamoto Sayaka
  • 15 – Watanabe Miyuki

HA! Don’t laugh me.


Any way, yeah, this is why I have been away for a while. i had turned into a Hikikomori thanks to you Japanese voters and your fake love! (We foreigners don’t count because we simply can’t pour that much cash into tickets – We be poor tinkers)

But fear not, I am back now ^^. My heart is not 100% yet though and I have a feeling that…Oh well, we shall see. But thank you for keeping the site company despite me not posting anything. Hits haven’t fallen below 1K so I am thankful that you still waited for me.

Thank you.

Author: Black Gekikara

Love, Eat and sleep Yuri Best Pal is DIVA (My PC) Hangouts is TEH INTERNETS Currently into Kashiwagi Yuki, Matsui Rena, Ogasawara Mayu, Miyawaki Sakura, Ji-yeon, NMB48 and sister groups, T-ara Totally love SG Horror movies

12 thoughts on “I knew there would be burials on the 8th…

  1. Good to see you back.

    And for your explanation, I’m no NMB follower so I’m not certain mine has any value:

    I think Sayanee’s advance on Waruki was payed with Maachun’s blood.
    I mean that Maachun is probably too close to Sayanee (meaning a fan who likes one will often likes the other), and this race between the 2 tops of NMB probably made her lose more than a few votes.

    That was my theory. Do with it what you want (^_-)

    And did I say I was glad you were back ?
    Bye ^^

    • Thank you Llewella ^^

      I’m happy to be back too.

      But your explanation doesn’t cut it either. What of Mayuki? And as I pointed out, Maachun is close to other members too, in fact to the outsider, it might seem like she is closer to Ripopo than she is Sayanee. But even before that, usually people who are very close want to be seen together so logically Maachun wouldn’t be far away from Sayanee.

      Nay, anyway I see it, it just makes no sense to me.

      Thank you for that insight though, (I hadn’t thought that being close would be a negativity). Though I guess since rivalry is what mostly puts two together (Acchan/Yuko, WMatsui, SayaMilky), I guess I could see how closeness could be seen at the other side of the rainbow. But it has the same effect as rivalry, just not as strong.

  2. Hmmm….Quite the shock I see. After carefully digesting and computing your comment, I have to differ with your take on Yukirin and Mayuyu position. If you have read her blog as of pre-sousenkyo and interviews, she has clearly stated she is now going to seek to be the cherry on the icing–or that is how I believe the idiom goes- and she has also stated she wants to strengthen her solo activities. Certainly Sasshi’s position is unbelievable and could considered a blow to the AKB establishment. Though for me, the most shocking event, was Mariko-sama’s graduation announcement.

    Yukirin, played extremely well with the mood set by Mariko-sama’s speech. I guess everyone at Nissan Stadium and watching online or through Fuji TV were expecting her to also say ‘I am graduating from AKB’. Now she wants to fuse the Idol and Artist worlds together. She is a pure breed entertainer. But I was as probably many thinking ‘This is it, she is going to announce it’. I guess that is not far from now. She has actually achieved more than any other AKB48 member. How many records those she have? About 4 or 5 I think. With her own label she has pretty much a established base for her after AKB, her live’s are quite the hit also. I mean Oshio Kotaro praising her…WOW! Now I want to see her with Watanabe Kazumi or/and Char, Miyamoto Emiri, etc… Most members in the top of AKB48 had always a high degree of support by the establisment, on the contrary Yukirin has risen with her own star power!

    NMB’s positioning…I not really going to complain, but I coincide Macchun deserves higher rank. Nana did well and that makes me happy. Sayanee and Milky, I think it was a ‘lucky’ chance for them. I still don’t really find them appealing in the Senbatsu. I think this sousenkyo was a havoc and certainly not the most content of customers can say other wise. I think it will take a long time for the Senbatsu to reach the back the days of Heavy Rotation and Flying Get.

    • Yes Shiro, I was aware of what she said (really, how could I not be)

      But you did see her reaction at the event, right? And really, we can’t know if Yukirin knew what she was doing when she said she wanted to be at the top. She might have known her saying that would not have an immediate effect and said it now for the futire Elections thinking that at least this Elections, it was Mayuyu’s chance to take the Throne and so come nect Elections, she would know that Mayuyu was already Face Officially and at least Once Fanally (via fan voting) and thus she wouldn’t feel that obligation anymore.

      I really think that she saying that helped her keep the top. If she didn’t she might have fallen just as those wishers had thought she would but since she showed the motivation, the effects were immediate and kept her at the top. Next year will be different now that fans know what she wants. Also this year was kind of difficult for us since we had to think of her 2nd Live to be released just a week from Sounsenkyou.

      Indeed, I agree too and I have said it already before that Flying Get was the best formation ever! For it to be beat would be when Yukirin finally takes 1st but this might be because of me as a Yukirinian!.

  3. That’s why I don’t like General Elections, sometimes it turns to be so “DEVASTATING” (rankings, announcements, speeches, etc.) and I can’t explain Machuun’s ranking, but for me It’s all about “Voting Method” I mean instead of voting for your Oshis you can vote for the girl who really deserves it.

    For example, sometimes I read about dudes that give away 10 votes to their Oshi, 5 to the second idol they like the most and 3 to the one that like to see a little bit more. I`m not saying this is wrong, but if they analyze it a little bit, they can give away those 18 votes in a better balancing way,

    Because if you give 19 to one and 2 to another, the result might be like 150,570 (lol) for one girl …. just saying.

    Glad to see you back y ánimo!. 😀

    • Thanks zxmustlive ^^

      I think I have the same take on the voting method like you since I am not all hot for Yukirin taking 1st place, which is a feat in it self with all the love I have for this woman ^^

      But we all know it’s about ur Oshii first of all so best I can hope for is that the second most votes should go to the ones that deserves it in the voters’ opinion.

      But of course since the majority think their Oshii deserve to be top then we have a loop…

  4. As NMB fans as well, I’m also dissapointed with Maachun rank. Every time watched N performance, her call always loud, even louder than Akarin and Keicchi.

    About the logic, why she ranked so low, well, you must ask with the Japanese itself since they are there,they can feel, they could votes much, they have much money and they pretty much understand why they give much money (aka votes) to girls A than girls B and also I think you can’t use logic in idol world because it’s about a girl who you want to support so it’s really personal reason. Maybe if you live in Japan, feel the same atmosphere fandom, also got trapped from AkiP philosophy about Idol, maybe you get the answer.
    My only excuse to not really dissapointed with Maachun rank is her fans not rich enough to voted her.
    Another reason why Sayaka and MIlky far away from her because they are partner (and also rival) so their fans gave their might to make sure not lose each other. From prelim, Milky above Sayaka, but the final result, Sayaka beat MIlky more than 7000 margins. And Maachun? who’s her rival? Nana? Aina? I’m not sure if she has a rival. I think to have a rival, can advantages to gain popularity, just like Acchan/Yuko, Jurina/Rena.

    Ah, in the end, Sousenkyo it’s about money. You have money, you can buy bulk. Who knows that maybe Maachun have more fans than any other girls, but fans other girls just have more money One person for one vote? Not gonna happen for sure even if this happen, fans will have ways to get anybody ID for vote.lol. Or maybe fans likes Maachun but not enough to devote their live to give votes for her. Well, I just can only say “maybe…” since I’m not live in Japan, don’t interact with another Japanese fans nor any member.

    And, glad you back but please, don’t quit from NMB fandom. 😦

    • Thanks you LN,

      I tried thinking on the lines of the views you pointed out and I still don’t get it.

      Who is Keicchi’s rival? Who is Shuu’s rival? Who is Sasshi’s rival?

      And fans not having enough money? Please! Fans don’t love her enough to waste a fortune on her? Please. The only explanation is that she is only loved by a few and if this is the case, I really admire her fans that seem to always be there in her LODs.

      I guess in that way, her fans are the ones I love most that they are a few but oh so love their Oshii strongly just like my Kami Oshi.

      But the thing here is that Maachun is really a girl that deserves to be recognised even by fans with other Oshiis. Yet she doesn’t. This is the problem I am having with this whole thing.

  5. I think Fuuchan and Shuu is representatives from M and BII. So fans this 2 teams, Make sure they have one member to ranked. Keicchi? maybe she had more exposure? More gravure and she also in a role drama? I don’t follow Keicchi enough to know all her activities. About Sasshi or any other girls, well.. I really don’t know. About not enough money? why not? It maybe also a reason from many other reason. Maybe like in a quiz competition, you got right answer from question with little points, but the winner is from the one who get a right answer from one-two last question who usually have high points.
    Like I said, this is election, fans who have power, will win and also you can’t think with logic. It’s about emotional feeling and it had big impact to the decision who you want to support. Insider and outsider had different thinking and different feeling. Maybe fans from the other girls also have same thought with you, why she’s so lower? why that girl who like unknown (SKE member?) can get so much higher? You must talked directly with their fans.

    Ah, whatever I said, will not really help you to get the answer. But yep, I agree she deserved more than this. Not only during LOD, even in their tour, she get louder cheers.

  6. Hey! Good to see you back!!!

    I too was pretty bummed about the Maachun rank to be honest, was really hoping for something good from her this year but it just didn’t seem to happen….

    Honestly I’m not quite sure what the problem was either, honestly I’m not really sure we can put it down to one thing, really it’s a case of many things put together, perhaps being too much like Sayaka, not being in M or BII, others getting ahead of her (Fuuchan for the big example) in terms of single placement and perhaps, though I don’t like to admit it, a lack of fans voting for her…..

    Honestly I’m not convinced by many of those however because it does not make sense in many cases, obviously Nana is understandable, so are Keicchi and Fuuchan to some extent but the rest, I’m just not sure….

    The only think I can think of is though while she is popular and gets good cheers (including all group events) she does not have a strong base of people who actually vote for her even though they like her, like she is just a lot of peoples second favorite….

    As for other things in the election well Suda Akari getting into Senbatsu was a great moment for me as was Shibata Aya getting UG center, two girls who I followed for ages getting their moments both from relative obscurity (Sudachan’s awesome speech mentioned this) was a great moment for me as their fan!

    I was pleased that Sayanee beat Milky too, I have no real hate towards Milky I just think that Sayanee is just so much more of a complete entertainer (I honestly believe she is the best all rounder in the whole 48 groups right now) and I was glad to see this show through in the elections. at least for this year.

    Rena getting in the Kami 7 was amazing! Well the “Kami 7” may not really exist anymore but you look at the girls and say those top 7 positions (or indeed 8 i guess) are not important to them! Seeing Rena there was an absolute joy to me as it was to her and she was so beautiful up their during her speech, I totally fell in love with her all over again in that moment

    And lastly my dear Yukirin, In all our hearts I think we all believed that No.1 was the impossible dream and after the prelims I had a feeling that 4th would be the best she could do……

    Well she managed that and really it was great result for her (and Mariko too actually) I mean Yuko and Mayu were always going to be ahead and loosing to the Sasshi media juggernaut was always going to happen at some point but she managed to hold off all other comers and that in itself for a girl who still is not used to her potential with AKB, who(again along with Mariko) had to suffer other being put over them in singles and promotional work is really an amazing achievement for her and her fans and the best bit, it was a wonderful middle finger to like all but like the two “experts” who ranked her no higher than like 8th, that was by a long way the best bit of the election for me 🙂

    An oddly now, especially with Mariko graduating, Yuki has become something of a rock in the middle of the senbatsu, the steady presence that can be relied upon, sure you still have Takamina too, and Yuko but now she has lost the election I think Yuko may move on (this is me judging the look of relief on her face when she was called out second, like all that weight had dropped from her shoulders) and adding this to the changes in the lower ranks of the senbatsu Yuki is now like the steady presence there to help lead them on, Yuki has often talked about “finding her place in AKB” and I think that inadvertently, these elections have shown us what it will be…

    last bit from me is that I am glad she ranked next to Mayu because I think really Mayu kinda needs her there now, sure we didn’t get the YukiRena I was hoping for but after Mayu’s third I’m glad we got MaYuki. Mainly because Mayu’s result was up there as one of the worst of the night, I mean she was the heir apparent only for it all to be stolen by Sasshi and she still could not get past Yuko, for the girl who has been front and center of everything, who everyone though would be the one to beat Yuko, this is a pretty tough result so for her to have someone who truly believes in her to be next to her, well that is what Mayu is going to need during this and it’s what Yuki will give.

    • Well, you know where I stand on Yukirin’s ranking. When she does get that No.1, there will be endless partying but if she never gets it, there won’t be suicides either. She is just the kind of girl you love no matter the ranking. Besides if she remains at the top, she has Mayuyu to keep her company and if she falls, then there is Rena, or Sayanee.

      No for Maachun.

      I just can’t wrap my mind on how her love being displayed at LIVEs almost inversely translates into her ranking.

      Not many girls get that amount of cheer and those that do are all up there. For example Yukirin’s chanting in B almost completely translates into her ranking compared to other members.

      This is what I don’t understand right here.

      I guess though I can see her as being unique in that she is loved for her actual work and not influence of other medium.

      Kind of like, true Love if you will.

      And yes, I am glad to be back, even though I am still baffled by this issue and I somehow doubt it will ever go away.

      Oh well, my love for her is real at least.

  7. Had Yuki win the elections everything would’ve turned out better. Even I could accept that because… well… Yukirin is more idol like than “that thing”… I don’t see Mayu as a center material. (She’s too selfish maybe…)

    Maachun’s low rank is an enigma for me as well… I cannot explain it either. I don’t know enough Japanese fans to even begin to theorize about it. Maachun is cuter than Sasshi and not just in visual terms. She showed some of her more girlish and idol-like attributes at the RH2003. Yeah she makes a lots of jokes that can turn one off but still. Not to mention that she almost never fails unlike Nana. 😛

    Why did Keicchi rank so high? Well she had a lost of magazine appearances lately… (following her G+) so that could be one of the reasons…

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