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Prepare for Funerals before June 8th



UR New Center

haruvs4 (2)


“YUCK! Better stay far away from the top. 5 will do just fine” – Yukirin

B4292E32-1394-40A4-A207-1E55B87B71AC tumblr_mk623bO2RA1rjcqspo1_500

Yukirin @ 5 with Rena bringing in the 6th!






130201 AKB Kousagi Dojo ep08.mp4 - 00000

Paruru in Kami7

130306 AKBINGO! ep228.mp4 - 00004



All girls in this photo are ahead of Sakura…by a large margin!


08 (139)

Yuko @ 3rd!?!!!!!!

Obviously she did not know voting had already started since she just woke up. Whew!

tumblr_mk5iu1ytk41qf4yc3o1_1280 tumblr_mkibg94J2p1qf4yc3o1_1280

Maachun was @…She did not even rank!


Maachun did not rank…


Maachun. Did. Not. Frikkin. Rank!!!!!


Like, I ain’t even mad!

06 - 1sdfsd

Get away from her you traitor!!

Like I said guyz, prepare some coffins because heads are going to roll in the coming weeks!


First day sales for SC!!!!!!!!

yukirin wa shock

Just when everyone was like, AKB has reached the peak, LOL!


Who the fuck even is Aya?!

I am happy that Haruppi is getting rewarded finally but not so happy about Sakura-tan.  Okay, last time she did not even rank at all so I have hope.

Maachun, I don’t even…She is better looking than Nana, funnier than Sayanee, Better booty than Milky and perfoms better than all three put together and yet…WTF?! She was even beat to the punch by Shuu!?!! I don’t even…

Happy that Miichan is still loved that much as well.

Takamina, Mariko-sama WTH even am I seeing?!!!

God, this listing is so infuriating!

Interestingly, I am not even that concerned with Yukirin’s rank LOL. I guess it’s either she gets No.1 to fuck with the management or whatever because she will always be on the back lines! Is it that she is together with Rena? Hmmm

Any way, no need to panic, yet, These are only first day (or two)’s voting results. There is still 1.5 million votes unaccounted for and those that will be purchased in the coming weeks too.

So don’t fret yet guys if Ur Oshii is in a bad position…Well, try not to.

Oh my Maachun ~_~)

Author: Black Gekikara

Love, Eat and sleep Yuri Best Pal is DIVA (My PC) Hangouts is TEH INTERNETS Currently into Kashiwagi Yuki, Matsui Rena, Ogasawara Mayu, Miyawaki Sakura, Ji-yeon, NMB48 and sister groups, T-ara Totally love SG Horror movies

10 thoughts on “Prepare for Funerals before June 8th

  1. The biggest lol for me was the fact that Kaotan ranked higher than the old lady. XD
    General Manager? The hell with that! Eternal Kenkyuusei FTW! 😀

  2. Lol nice post…

    But but….. Where is the love for Namba girls??? So low than HKT….

  3. Yo! I’m new here (Please bear with me.); and Shibata Aya is a member of SKE KII.

  4. Hmm well I too am disappointed by Maachan not ranking, sure there is a long way to go but it’s always nice to get off to a good start………

    I suppose they do these so early now because it can throw up crazy shit like this, I mean the final results will get things back to a more normal setting I’m sure but yeah these work for AKS really, I mean very few people (I was one of them BTW) new who Shibata Aya was until this, now she is getting mentioned on national news! One of my friends on twitter commented say that she “had already won at these elections” how true…

    Well as you know from yesterday I was glad that Yuki and Rena we together in rank (5th and 6th) and like you, outside getting that near impossible 1st, I am not that worried about Yuki ranking and if she ends up around Rena then really it softens any blow that a drop in rank might bring.

    And for her 5th, well it’s a good start really and puts her in the mix from the start, I think she herself (like us) was satisfied by that 5th putting it down as a decent start and that what it is really, long way to go yet though…….

  5. I’m impressed…The feeling about the results here is completely different from the forums and wota circles here in Japan. So far more moderate and somewhat relax, while in here it feels like an all out political campaign! Has anyone of you actually voted or is going to vote?
    Things really differ from wota circle to circle and also from country to country and continent-continent. I think is not about being worried but displaying your passion and support for your oshimen. It has been two days now since voting began, and the list bys now must have changed. The early result actually was a bit scary but then again we know those early results tend to change at the end.

    Last year at the early results Yukirin was leading Mayuyu in number 2 spot, and it reversed by a little more then one thousand votes, meaning at this point chanting a victor is not plausible.
    Kragorin, pal, you have become such a dull cookie. This time my votes got in for sure! Just one ballot left to cast, now I am in a crusade of the soul. A Yukirin three-pointer or go with Mariko-sama…Decisions, decisions…Having a severely hit wallet and bank accounts do not help when issues of this importance arrive….

    • Sorry for being dull… I just can’t take this election seriously. The more money you have to more tickets you can buy… which means you can get your oshi hundreds or even thousands of votes just by yourself… This doesn’t seem fair to me and I can’t stand unfairness… This election is a bad joke in my eyes. It’s all about money… (Yes, I said it! Now attack me if you dare!)

      • You are not electing public officials! In war, politics and love all is fair and valid or so goes the saying…Mate unless you are a millionaire or have no other expense you will probably buy one type of each or just the copy to support your oshimen. I am not saying take it too seriously of course this has no repercussions on the world state of affairs.

        If you do not have the enthusiasm for one of the principles of AKB48 rather the Project 48 then I do not see why keep following them. If you complain about that and still follow them that is something I do not understand. (Yes, I am trying to avoid contractions unless necessary)

        So instead of being a dull cookie you could just either relinquish all AKB affairs from your daily life or you can jump in the wagon and have some fun! Sometimes you get too attached to your oshimen or various gals and this makes the issue a bit personal but at the end, everybody knows it is all about fun! Sure money helps get your oshimen a better position but I rather give a small amount in tickets and promote my oshimen to others thus given more supporters. At least for me it is not just who is is number 1 or the centre for a certain single but, who is bringing the real entertainment. Because of this perception that I consider that making lobby sharing the Yukirin passion as I did with Acchan is all part of the fun. Sure I reckon I do not like all the gals and some I did before but now they are not much of my type. But is not all about who catches your attention and makes you vibrate inside?

        This just me but, try to think of this as a contest and a fun game. Sure this job for them and part of the earnings go to their salary but in words of Mark Twain: “Work is a necessary evil to be avoided.” And that can only be done by enjoying what you do with deep emotion. I believe you should try that once in a while. Stop analysing and trying to read between lines and just joint the fun and the crowd. Remember who ever is the centre is not going to change the world but it can be a moment to enjoy, suffer, laugh, cry…it is all part of the game!

  6. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaghhhhhhhhghghghghghg

    I hope people are holding back just to give us all a sudden boost ;__;

    I think we’ve all been somewhat surprised over these results so far though xD
    Still. I HAVE FAITH~

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