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Yukirin’s 2013 Election Interview Translated



Yukirin…Forever irrelevant!

Really beats me why she works her butt off for these people! Oh well, her brilliance will never wane to us fans. I really, really wish that just for once she would be No.1. Think of the glorious butt hurt, not from fans but Management…’t would be might delicious indeed.

Any way, one of the loveliest people on tumblr was kind enough to translate Yukirin’s interview in the Official AKB Sousenkyou 2013 guide book. nothing new in this that I did not already know or what other Yukirin fans did not know but it’s good I guess for other people to know a bit more about Yukirin too.

I also love the fact that she touched upon that topic that some of us have discussed on why she is labelled as Old gen while Mayuyu new Gen when they are from the same Gen originally. Looking up to the Gen members that came before her and now suddenly being slotted in with them and feeling she isn’t worthy so she has to prove herself as one of them.

Poor Yukirin, she is so gullible. It’s not about her hard work but more like thinking of a way to get rid of her that they did that to her. She probably knows this but chose the wiser words. Oh my Goddess, how kind-hearted you are!

She also mentioned the change in rules about this year’s elections (about having to submit applications). She thought that it was a way of management trying to make way for new gens by guilt-tripping Old Gens from not participating which is kind of what some fans speculated too but the joke was on them. Yukirin having decided that she loved AKB more than solo work after tasting it decided that after all, her dream of being an idol involves her shining brighter than anyone and that means standing in that centre position at least once!

Another point she touched on, yet one we already knew, was that she was freed when her Captaincy position was taken from her. She can now do things that she couldn’t as a Captain and yet despite that she is more of a guide to other members than when she was Captain. Now we know her change in performance we see now is clear to the members too.

Any way, without farther text space…the translation…


081 082

I’m still halfway from my dream. I want to grab the center too

Umechan arrival made me free

Q. Yukirin placed herself, for each of the precedent 4 general elections, in the TOP10.  But this time, it’s said she hesitated about being a candidate.

A. That’s it, I was wondering about the reason behind this candidacy system. Suspecting that maybe it was something like “it’s to boost the new generation, to make place for their advance” (lol)

Q. As it turned out, she filed her candidacy. Before asking the reasons behind this, in truth, there’s also the fact she entered AKB as a member of the 3rd generation, during the period of the creation of the original Team B, expected to become a member of this “youngest sister team of AKB”.

A. Exactly ! The fact is, as we were a generation growing by watching the backs of Maeda (Atsuko) or Oshima (Yuko), Mayuyu (Watanabe Mayu) from the same generation, is called even now “ace of the new generation”.  So, even considering the complexity of my own position, when I’m asked if I want to be included in the new or old generation, I’m putting myself on the old generation side. In fact, in the “Manatsu no Sounds good!” MV, when looking around, I was put in the same kind of position as those playing the roles of senpai. I was glad and I want it recognized that “it’s good having Kashiwagi on this side too”.

Q. Talking about this girl, a big event happened this year as she was replaced in the role of captain of Team B she had since 2010. Last August, at the Tokyo Dome concert, her replacement by Umeda Ayaka as Team B captain was announced, and “Umeda Team B” started next November.

A. At first, I thought “I must have been seriously lacking”. I was doing my best and, I was bummed thinking that with me the team couldn’t get any better… But I’m now thinking the change was a good thing. When I was captain, even telling myself I had to do things correctly, in the end I was doing them in a hurry. I was doing my best efforts when it was for the other members, but many of my own things were getting postponed. But, after the arrival of our reliable captain Umechan (Umeda Ayaka), I came to the point where I’m a lot more at ease when enjoying my days. On our national tour, I thought “I want to try doing things differently with other members”, like throwing ourselves on the stage during the encore (lol). When I was captain, this kind of idea surely never came out.

Q. We see Yukirin is enjoying herself freely like this, and other members too are saying “she became more cheerful”. Again, when she was captain, she was not one at ease with giving instructions from above but, now that she returned being a normal member, she seems more able than before to readily give advice to her kohai.

Between solo and AKB, I certainly choose the later.

For this Yukirin, the most satisfying environment is, her solo activity. In this February solo concert, following last year one in July , she captivated her fans with a high quality content.

A. When I’m solo, from the sound check to the rehearsal, I’m getting extremely involved, because I’m alone. On AKB stage, it’s about how you’re giving you’re all doing the things offered to you, but when solo, I think how much you are able to add to the things provided by the staff is important. And I would say that, because I came in the entertainment wanting to become an idol, compared to members whose dream is to become actresses, my feelings when being able to sing or give a concert are strong.

Q. Her long awaited solo CD being sold too, she seems like someone having her dreams coming true. But, with the candidacy system of this general election, she realized something important.

A. I was already pondering if with my solo debut my dream came true. But, no it didn’t. Not running in the elections was unthinkable. I realized that I’m determined to be part of this group, of the AKB48 that is building the actual generation. It’s because I was thinking this way, two years ago and last year, that I could finish at the third position in the elections. Becoming 3rd, having to lead our national group, I felt pressure but, I was very happy to have this responsibility. For me at the moment, if I have to choose between solo and AKB, it’s certainly AKB. My motivation is entirely focused toward AKB. 

Q. For the last elections, Yukirin objectives were only to meet the expectations of her fans. But, on this 5th participation, for the first time, she could express her desire as “for myself, I want to get higher”.

A. This passing year, the members of the next generation have been very active, you know. For nowadays AKB fans, my rank may not be of big importance. Me too, I think AKB group continuation is of the utmost importance, and I understand the necessity of a renewal of generations … But, I still, even for a bit, want to play a role in AKB ! And I’m wrong when I say I’m content with this 3rd place. Definitively, it’s frustrating when I’m not grabbing the center. So, going against everyone’s expectations, this year I will get higher !

Author: Black Gekikara

Love, Eat and sleep Yuri Best Pal is DIVA (My PC) Hangouts is TEH INTERNETS Currently into Kashiwagi Yuki, Matsui Rena, Ogasawara Mayu, Miyawaki Sakura, Ji-yeon, NMB48 and sister groups, T-ara Totally love SG Horror movies

7 thoughts on “Yukirin’s 2013 Election Interview Translated

  1. You Know sometimes I really don’t give Yukirin enough credit….

    I mean to me this is an extemely clever interview in which she pretty much pics at a lot of what basically has been a bit of an unfair run for her in AKB which honestly, after reading between the lines of this, I think she feels for herself too without giving off the image of someone having a moan.

    And you know what it’s not surpising she maybe feels she has been harsly done by, I mean we all saw what was happenig so you can bet she did too but then that’s Yuki, insted of letting it get to her she goes about being the best that she can be for what she is given and basically, though of course she will never say so herself, a thorn in the side of AKB management.

    As for the election submission system, well yeah I was one to speculate about it guilt tripping the older girls into maybe not taking part, if it was, well, epic fail there, you know some part of me wanted for there to be a meeting between Yuki.Mariko. Kojiharu and Co. basically discussing how they are not going to whimper off for the new gens and that they will all sign up regardless, ahh wishful thinking :p

    So what for this year, well 1st (however much I deeply wish for it in my soul) is something that most likely will not happen (the only chance is if she gets votes from people who don’t like the “new look” of AKB and decide to vote for Yuki to dislodge other top members) 2nd? Maybe but again she is going up against, well, not only another idol buy AKS too, I mean how do you compete against the people who kinda employ you and have never been that keen on you?!? so sadly I think holding on to third is her best hope, and really that will be tough this year too (with that Sasshi train still rolling for example)

    But does it matter though, not in the long run certainly, like every other year she will end up being used in a position for someone who ranked 8th-10th not in the top 3 or even top 5 and we Yuki fans don’t help either by being loyal as hell and still supporting her whatever (AKS have been using that too because we stick by her where she has ranked and has been put) In the short run? Hell yes it does! Because it’s our time as Yuki fans, the one time where we can get her to where she belongs, the one time every year we see her perform and be used in the song and PV in the way she deserves and has earned to be used before she is pushed to the sides again for “the future”

    So I’m doing my bit and voting for Yuki and hoping for a miracle but really, and it sadens me to say this, Yukirin’s real worth to AKB may only be realized when she has gone and left a whole that, while no-one wanted to admit it, is pretty damn big……..

    aplogies for a bit of a ranty post…..

    • All Yukirin related posts are forever welcome here. You can write an essay and I won’t even bat an eye, LOL.

      As to her hidden meaning in the answers, I already said what I needed to in reply to Shiro but really, that’s just Black-san coming out. It’s not Yukirin’s fault at all. She has no idea!

      But yeah, most of us fans want her at No.1 most of all to shit in AKS’s breakfast bowl for the way she has been treated by them.

      I guess she is also so tired of always just watching others’ backs and since Acchan whom she respected more is gone, and Mayuyu is already established Ace, well, No.1 is up for grabs, even if it will only be for the one single!

  2. Has the sleeping Tiger finally been awaken? We will have to wait until the election final results are made public. Like my CEO used to say “You have always to want and fly higher, to move forward one must aim for the top job” She has finally come to terms with that idea. The thing this year so far has been bumpy and somewhat harsh on her, will she conquer the angered seas and rise towards the blue sky? There are more questions than answers, but definitely I believe that she will rise above her detractors.

    Between her solo and AKB, I personally do not have a preference, as long as she is content and can display her gigantic potential and quality as an entertainer. Her response to the final question was quite resolute. I will probably reconsider how to cast my ballot. I just hope–something rare for me…Hope is the worst of all ailments and the greatest curse of humanity- this reaches to her fans and those prodigal fans!

    “For it is I whom shall rise from the depth of Tartarus and bring fear to Olympus. Let the gods tremble and bow before me” That comes from an old Greek comedy, author I do not recall, but that is how I can interpret Yukirin’s answers.

    • She really is bright. Such hidden meaning in her answers which will be overlooked by many. That is, if she did mean it. Probably her Black-side manipulated her brain without her knowing LOL

      She does seem happier now in AKB48 so I think her answer has some truth in it to those who think it was for the benefit of the Elections.

      Going solo is all well and good but it’s just such a lonely place. And with Yukirin wanting to be there for others, yet again I see her feeling better while she is with other members in AKB.

      Oh well, as you say, whatever makes her the happiest ^^

  3. If only she made this call last year, she would have been at least 2nd …

    Anyway, I’m more than OK with this even if I will be really amazed if she can go up (and I loved being amazed when she got her 3rd position).
    The only thing is that I’m staying with AKB mostly for Yuki, and I’m still not convinced being in the group will keep being beneficial for long. She should give priority to her solo activities now and I hope that’s what she’s thinking in truth (because of course she can’t say this in the election book)

    And between my so-so Japanese and my so-so English, you should try not to read to much between the lines of the translation ^^

    • Well, if you won’t ell I won’t too ^^ From what I read it seemed legit enough ^_-

      As for Yukirin, I am with you about that fated 2011 miracle. You never know, she might just do it once again. Though I have a feelings rules would be broken just to prevent her from it, especially if in the preliminaries she ranks 1st! LOL

      Actually I hope she doesn’t then the Top members will get Lazy and BAM! LOL

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