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Joker Game [JMovie]


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♪ They are not gonna get us {Get us)…

So, I accidentally into this Kitarie movie I did not even know existed titled JOKER GAME starring Kitarie as Chinatsu, best friends with Minako (Koike Yui) and along with a huge range of other cute girls of of whom Kana (Takatsuki Sarah) stood out because she was the choice Chinatsu made of the two possible lovers. And what a cast! This whole movie was probably made up of idols all over the place. The only three I am interested in are of course our own Kitarie, Tomato n’Pine’s Yui and bump.y’s Sarah. These three are like the big three of the movie (ignoring all the guyz, who were all dismissed any way).

Joker Game as a movie is kind of like Battle Royale in a way that young generations are tested for fitness of taking Japan in the positive direction when their time comes. Well, it tries to be but it just comes off as a complete joke! I had to admit that that first elimination (poor cute Chihiro) left a great impression on me. Yoshida Madoka really did a good job there but her hard work was made a joke of as the movie progressed and we saw others go through the same thing and truths were revealed. I feel like that the movie would have been really better if those were real deaths instead of seizures! Not that I am into gore or something but finding out that they weren’t dying kind of made those scenes seem like over-acted and wasted, especially Chihiro.

I said that it was like Battle Royale but there was no weapons involved here. All they did was play a card game and a person, or Team that ends up with the Joker gets eliminated. I say eliminated only to make it sound more..impactful. Apparently all they are doing to the losers is wiping their memories and taking them for re-training into proper adults or something stupid like that!

Now, not to say there were no deaths, because there were. Some students who refused to go to class and play the stupid game got eliminated for good…from life! It was supposed to be brutal the way they died, what with the hitting them with pipes until they stopped kicking be it girls or boys, but since it was up to the observers to let us know how brutal, their acting did not do it justice nor did the security-camera view or far-away pans help in the very least. If you are going to do it, just do it. It’s not like you can’t, you are Japan for crying out loud! Going to be brutal? Be frikkin brutal!

Also we never know what exactly happens to the winners because they just…leave! As soon as they leave the classroom, they are never seen again.

And that’s the movie in the nutshell. Now to discuss the real reason of mentioning this in the first place…


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First up these two: Chinatsu and Minako (Yui).

No surprises if I said they were my top ship when the movie began, right? Interestingly, I did not notice that Minako was Yui until later in the movie LOL. Any way, these two gave off the vibe of best friends from the very begging the way they interacted and Yui had this image if cool I haven’t seen on her before. I guess that’s the reason I did not notice her at first.

Chinatsu is this soft-fragile kind of girl that cool girls like Minako can’t help but want to protect and usually this starts off a connection that can’t be broken which sometimes escalates into love (as one of the yuri formula) until the fragile girl falls for the hot guy or vice versa and we get our cock-blocked yuri (as per usual on a couple of shoujo titles).

Sometimes the cool girl falls for a guy later on and she then turns into this usual girl in love and thus once more, denied our yuri. This latter is what happens in this movie, or to some extent. Minako doesn’t just ‘protect’ Chinatsu but there is this boy whom she looks out for too. The guy is such a dick that it mays you wonder why Minako still puts up with him…Oh wait…Love *eye-roll*. Despite how crappy the girls treats her, she still chooses him over Chinatsu to even get to the point of breaking up their friendship because Chinatsu is very intelligent apparently!

Like, are you frikking kidding me?! Just because she has this great intuition about people you just dismiss her?! Why did you even bother to get close to her in the first place?! It’s not like she used her ‘gifts’ to fuck you over even unintentionally! All I saw her do was try to stay ‘good’ by trying to always do the right thing, even though that first stunt she pulled of sacrificing poor Chihiro…

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cute Chihiro T.T)

is very un-forgivable! How cold you have done that?! And right after refusing to do it to Kana! It made no sense! You can’t give the Joker to Kana, a girl who just transferred to your school and barely even know but you are so willing to give it to this cute little thing who probably never even hurt a fly and is a million times more fragile than you!?!


If Chinatsu had been eliminated by the end, I wouldn’t have shade a tear for her. Hurting cute things is where I draw the line! I guess she could be excused in that it was Minako’s idea but still, she did not force your hand Chinatsu! You pulled the trigger, she just gave you a target! You could have chosen not to pull the trigger or chose a different target. There were a bunch of dicks in this class that deserved a beating but alas…

This movie could have been better emotionally if they had stuck to these two. They should have given their conflict a resolution like maybe Minako coming back to rescue Chinatsu after being tricked into picking the Joker by Kana. I mean Kana wouldn’t have been to blame after hearing the bad news about her sister or maybe Chinatsu since she knew what the Joker cars looked like in the back, could have taken it in sympathy since she is a good girl or as punishment for Chihiro and then as she was being taken away, Minako could have come in sweeping like a hero to her rescue. Then they should have run off together.

In the end though, that did not happen. Even with that longing look Minako shot Chinatsu’s way as she left after winning the game was meaningless. I feel like this movie fucked up right here majorly. It’s not like Minako was ending up with Dick. Dick was already disposed of and Minako did not look that shattered by his departure. I mean she put up a fight but was all for appearances.

But what we did not get with these two, we got with the other two…well, kinda

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One look at Kana and one just knows that she is the kind of girl that will have the GOOD END where yuri is concerned. I don’t know if it’s just me but characters like her are always portrayed super good to the point that you can’t help but want them to end up with the girl. Remember Miki from LIFE?

Yet strangely, not matter how good they are made out to be, I never ship them from the get go. It’s always like, Oh, I have no choice now? Okay, I will take it I guess! This happened to me here after I saw the lost cause that was Chinatsu/Minako which also was the same case in LIFE when Manami’s bitchiness escalated to godly levels. At least the drama tried to get her back down to earth and give her and Ayumu a chance to treat their soured relationship.

Chinatsu came out of her shell and essentially grow up because of Kana. She broke free of the reasons that got her to shut herself in just so she could help Kana and save her. It was the reversal of roles where the capable girl was rescued by the less capable. It was like finding out how fragile Homurun was when episode 10 hit which is why I was kind of moved enough to ship these two.

Thinking about it, Kana did not do much for Chinatsu. And so in essence she did not owe her anything which means that her attraction towards Kana was more about herself than what Kana did for her. A stronger reason to ship them. I mean their chemistry seemed cheesy like love at first sight which is why I still preferred Chinatsu/Minako to these two.

On good fic about Chinatsu and Minako can fix hem just like that! But then again, with the power of fan fiction, even Chinatsu/Chihiro could work.


Any way, yeah…

Is it worth watching? Kitarie fan? Yes. Idol fan? yes…Any others? Just if you have spare time ^^

Author: Black Gekikara

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5 thoughts on “Joker Game [JMovie]

  1. where did you find this movie to download?
    I not found here

  2. Thank You! *Downloading*

  3. erm..did you happen to find eng subtitles for this movie? :O

    I really am losing hope.
    The movie has been in my hard drive for a long time now, and I still can’t watch it because there’s no subtitle XD

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