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I should be happy about Sayonara Crawl. I’m not!


akbsc-45 akbsc-06
akbsc-31 akbsc-43

A Sea of yuri!

Look at all those couples! Think of all the yuri! Everyone should be satisfied by this and everyone else is in fact except me! I don’t know if something is just so wrong with me right now but I am filled with a great sense of disappointment and a bit of madness.

There are a lot of couples yes, almost everyone is paired up. It’s just that, most of them are just so wrong! It’s like, if they did just a bit of tweaking we would have Heaven on Earth but no, the Universe had to intervene because nothing in this world can be perfect!

I roll my eyes at you Higher beings! Yes, I am putting this blame on you because I doubt even AKS can fail this much! I mean some couples were acceptable like the Oshiri Sisters (well, as much as AtsuYuko was acceptable), MariJuri, TomoParu (since last week or something) and…um..and…That’s it! The rest? Craaaack!

Well granted, every girl is at the basic level shippable with every other girl and many fans seem very happy about the rest of couples but if there are girls that would make more sense together and yet being put with girls that wouldn’t, it just grates on my nerves! It’s not like AKS doesn’t know who fans ship! They have to be keeping a look out in the community in order to appeal to fans a bit by supplying fan-service, or even watch the members themselves to see who they are most comfortable with, and yet…

Okay, obviously they know since they supported MariJuri and TomoParu so why not go all out?! Why give the loli to Sasshi?! She has her all 365 days of the year in HKT so why not give her to someone else? Rena would have been glad to take her. And if it’s because of familiarity that they paired them together, then why not putting Fuuchan with Sayanee or Milky? And if they were going for the Old/Young combination, then why leave Haruppi with Sakura-tan?!

Nonsense everywhere I tell ya!

Really, how can something be so gay and make me feel anything but joy?! Well, I can always count on AKB48 to fuck with my life anyway they want. At least they tried to do a fix while on the beach.



We got some MioMeru there and even though they aren’t a part of my ships, I have to admit they are cute together. I would so not be able to resist if it weren’t for Mio declaring her love for Sakura on TV.


Jurina had a moment with Mayuyu and we all know that weird thing going on with the WWatanabes.


Some bitter-sweet memories of YukiYui there too.


Rena got to borrow Mio for a while from Sasshi as well.


With Atsumina no more, I don’t see why I can’t get behind Sayamina. They did make a great combi in UZA! Not to mention both being guys, their relationship is bound to be an interesting one for sure!


Kojiharu and Annin also make a mysteriously charming couple. And that Kojiharu sure knows how to appease the eyes. Look at the way she hold Annin tightly there >.<

akbsc-04 akbsc-26
akbsc-33 akbsc-37

The Oshiri sisters almost had sex on the beach too. Yuko must have whispered some really awesome words to get the cyborg to agree to doing it right then and there ^^

I don’t mind the Oshiri sisters but I really feel for Yuko. When will she be ever allowed to have some time with Kojiharu in a PV? It really is lonely being at the top. And even though Mayuki are right beside each other, they are so far apart at the same time because Mayuyu has to keep Yuko company and Yukirin is forever doomed to be at the 8th position (Fuck rankings, right AKS?) You would think after a miracle of Mayuki being so close together, so close in fact that only about 1000 votes separated them, we would be singing hallelujah but alas!

If you can bend the rules to have the 3rd with a none-ranking girl or a 4th with a 9th, then why not grant the 1st’s wish just once to have her with Kojiharu?! Is AKS made up of robots that just randomly make decisions?! No, not even Probability is this despicable! Only humans can be this evil!


Poor Sakura and Haruppi. I think I saw them on screen for like, 2 sec max. Some of the girls that are supposed to be in this PV were not even zoomed in on at all. The real PV better had be 2hrs long because if it is not, there goes the little love I have for you Sayonara Crawl.


Jurina almost eating Mariko-sama on that couch!

Really though guys, seeing all this yuri and feeling the way I feel is just not normal. I should be jumping with so much joy right now but all I feel is…emptiness.  guess now I know how it feels to know someone has so much potential, that they could be so much more yet they just..don’t even try.

I know that feel right now! AKS, you need a reminder of things that were.

akbsc-01 akbsc-15

Gay skip

And of course, I never post about an AKB PV without mentioning the quality. And so here we go again…

What was up with that shift in quality from the Sea-world at the beginning to the others?! It’s like the two belong to two different videos they just cut and put together. They probably did it on purpose too, those little…As if people won’t buy all the DVDs if the showed the actual quality in full >_>

As for the song itself? Only a selected few of AKB’s songs ever make it on my music player and SC is not one of them. It will probably be in Oct/November when that happens this year. I always love those Fall songs (RIVER, BEGINNER, KAZE WAS FU and UZA).

akbsc-02 akbsc-05
akbsc-09 akbsc-10
akbsc-12 akbsc-13
akbsc-18 akbsc-20
akbsc-28 akbsc-22
akbsc-23 akbsc-24
akbsc-46 akbsc-42
akbsc-35 akbsc-40

Seriously, look at all the yuri!

How in the world am I feeling so down?! Okay that’s it! From now on  I swear to be positive about everything that I come across. No more negative thoughts. If I continue on like this, I will turn into those bloggers that have nothing nice to say about everything any more. No, I don’t want to be like that.

So, happy go lucky BG from now on. I have decided to see everything in a positive light. It’s don’t matter if Paruru takes 3rd place this year on Senbatsu or if either of my Quadro Oshii graduates…Okay, I can’t promise on my Kami Oshii but everything else goes.

Time to change something in my life starting in 3. 2. 1….

Ja ne…

Author: Black Gekikara

Love, Eat and sleep Yuri Best Pal is DIVA (My PC) Hangouts is TEH INTERNETS Currently into Kashiwagi Yuki, Matsui Rena, Ogasawara Mayu, Miyawaki Sakura, Ji-yeon, NMB48 and sister groups, T-ara Totally love SG Horror movies

8 thoughts on “I should be happy about Sayonara Crawl. I’m not!

  1. Alright… Mayu in a mizugi PV and we are not able to see her wonderful derriere? [FAIL!]

    YuiJuri? Really? How original If only Yui’s partner would be the other Juri(na) then I might bite it but like this? sigh… [FAIL!]

    But I have to agree with KojiAnnin… They look lovely beside each other.

    TakaSaya? If it only came a year or so earlier then maybe but now… no.

    The same thing is with TakaJuri. That would’ve been better if it came earlier… When I was so into those two that is…

    Sea world – Very good.
    Anything else – Potato shot. (Bubbles could take a better pic with her phone late night in her poorly lit room…)

    “No more negative thoughts. If I continue on like this, I will turn into those bloggers that have nothing nice to say about everything any more.”
    What? 😛 (Obviously a joke!)

  2. Sorry, I didn’t actually place much attention to the couples, I was distracted checking Yukirin, Yuichan Nyan nyan and Maririn’s physique…Normally I would be also staring at Yuko, but somehow I didn’t this time around…Black-chan positive thoughts are on the order of having Yukirin take second place from Mayuyu–OK, that is just wishful thinking on my part- or by the lowest standard keep her third position.

    The only bright side for me was Yukirin and Maririn attacking Takamina’s bikini top, and of course the microseconds with Yuichan. Sayonara Crawl…The teaser images got my hopes high, but the actual PV is far behind my expectations. Last year only two songs cast shadow or rivalled the 2011 records, those being Manatsu no Sounds Good and UZA, this year so far I have mostly disappointed or find myself not interested. Since Acchan left the quality of AKB48 has declined rapidly.

    I wonder is Yasusu letting his business partners get the best of him now, or is he planning to strike at us fans with an incredible plan??? All I can do is close my fingers for something good to happen…

  3. I can never be a fan of this PV too much because of the large amount of Yuki/Rena blocking going on!!! Seriously there is a fair amount, Mainly from that super troll Mariko too (though maybe it was because she wanted Yuki herself as really in this PV they ended up forming their own “splinter pairing” for a lot of this PV, still being paired with Fuuchan can’t really be seen as bad and I get that pairing too in a way and I can totally see Fuuchan being happy with Yukirin so yeah…..

    As for others, well they obviously had a few in mind and in tradition with recent AKB planning winged the rest of it on the day, at least that’s what it seemed like to me a bit and yet we had glances of pairs that would of been great, would of liked Yuki and Yui together or even something like a Yuki/Sasshi for all times sake and the LOLs (we are never going to get MaYuki in an A side PV I fear) Rena and Mio were great for that 2 seconds they were on screen together and it made me want a whole PV’s worth and really would of like Yuko and Mayu with anyone apart from each other, bored of that now…..

    I am glad Yuko is around still though at least for this PV because she was pretty much the reason that the “main” group were not fully outshone by the “second” group and that’s some achievement really as it was a cussing awesome “second” group that I mean Yuki, Haruna, Mariko, Jurina, Takamina, Rena and Yui! Man that group is staked and comparing it too Yuko with Mayu, Paruru and Tomochin, well done Yuko is all I can say…..

    I do feel sorry for Yuko though, she really has lots of pressure on her to carry the group I think, more so that Acchan did because, honestly what Yuko has to work with in the current set up is just not as good as what Acchan had, for a start Acchan had Yuko plus more Takamina and other like Shinoda and Yuki who are all now getting dropped down in favor of well we all know who, Sure she has Jurina and that’s all good because whatever you think of Jurina she knows how to center a song properly but I wonder at Paruru and Mayu who a both great idols but really I do not see the charm in them as centers, in fact I see less in them than I did before they are in the positions they are now, I feel as though the group is swapped as where Acchan was the girl that showed off all the talent members behind her, Yuko is the focus on her own…..

    As for SC itself, well it fine as a song I guess, it’s better that so long! (though for me that’s not so hard) and the PV is much better than So Long’s (but then to me so is the plague) and yeah will it lacks the “Zip” that songs like Manatsu, Everyday and Ponytail had it’s still a decent summery type song

  4. I shrieked from happiness when I watched this PV. I LOVE THE AMOUNT OF SKINSHIP HAHAHAHA. Ninagawa Mika, you never fail me. ❤

    Anyway, some of the pairing are srsly cracked, but….. well, My friend and I often joked about Haruppi x Sakura lololol. And Annin is Kojiharu's daughter. XDDDDDD

    Well, maybe because the theme is 'sisterhood', not really YURI LOL, so your Yuri-dar didn't beep XD *is shot*

    • Isn’t Mika just the best though >.<

      I only wish they would give her complete control once. Just tell her which girls are to have the main parts and leave the rest to her judgement, including the pairings. I can just imagine the WIN!


      As for sisterly bonds, the Oshiri Sisters were very questionable though weren't they? And wouldn't Yuki/Sakura be among these? But of course they obviously ignore everything that has to do with Yukirin so…

      • Well Oshiri sisters does seem like one so I have no objection. SayaTaka… okay, more like brotherhood. 8D As for Yukirin/Fuuchan… I guess they want to push Fuuchan more :v

        AND WHERE’S MY NANA-BABA?!?!?! /:v\

      • And they just moved her to Team M yet they decide to push Fuuchan in that Team!


        You got trolled

      • YEAH I really hate that decision. I’ve always suspected they want to push Fuuchan more, thus moving Nana to team M and slowly made her disappear HUHUHUHU QAQ

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