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JKT48 Heavy Rotating back in time…to the 90s!


JKT48 - Heavy Rotation.mp4 - 00001

my eyes!

My Eyes! My beautiful eyes!!

This is DVD Quality!

Oh My God!

I wish to apologise to you dearest NZ, I should have listened to you. I really should have, then maybe my eyes would have been saved from this horror! What type of camera did they shoot this PV on?! For crying out loud, even the first Gen iPhone takes better videos than this! Like, seriously?!

And that’s not the worst part of it! Actually, maybe that’s it because it might be the reason why the next bad things happened, or maybe the next bad thing is what lead to this kind of quality! By which I mean of course that Harugon and Akichan were nowhere to be seen in this! They were in the RIVER PV so I was sure they would be in this one as well but alas! No, they probably were in there in the first version of the PV but they had to cut them out and shoot a quick PV to replace the original.

Makes sense because I was sure in one of the behind the scenes vid all the girls were screaming pyjama as if the PV would be filmed with them in pyjamas all the time but…BUT! There was only one girl we saw in her nighties and it was so quick I don’t even remember what she was wearing. Not that I could even make it out clearly with that quality!

All elements from the original Heavy Rotation were nowhere to be seen! No cake, no lingerie, no skin, no yuri, no nothing! I feel absolutely foolish now for getting all bothered by SNH’s HR. Forgive me China, I was Oh so wrong! My anger was misdirected!

And congrats to AKB too. Someone has produced a worse, much worse, PV (quality-wise) than you! You have my permission to toast a drink to that or something! I mean, seriously?! In this day and age!?! They didn’t even bother at all to do a thing with that video! I mean I am one of those people who absolutely hate stupid effects (I’m here to watch a meaningful mv not a competition on how many effects one can use in a 3min mv you little creeps)  but this video really needed something! Nay, it probably was doomed from the get-go. Effects would not have done a thing to improve that thing! It’s like they took a worn-out vhs, transferred it to a PC, resized the 240×136 video to 480i and voila!

My God!

I don’t even have the energy to go into the absence of the other things! This quality is where I draw the line!


JKT48 - Heavy Rotation.mp4 - 00000

That’s the only yurific thing in the whole PV, which automatically cancels it because to think of that scene as yuri, there has to be supporting scenes later on. There were none!

Dear JKT, it was really nice knowing ya!



It’s for your own good people!

Author: Black Gekikara

Love, Eat and sleep Yuri Best Pal is DIVA (My PC) Hangouts is TEH INTERNETS Currently into Kashiwagi Yuki, Matsui Rena, Ogasawara Mayu, Miyawaki Sakura, Ji-yeon, NMB48 and sister groups, T-ara Totally love SG Horror movies

22 thoughts on “JKT48 Heavy Rotating back in time…to the 90s!

  1. but but isn’t that nozawa rena, you have to love nozawa rena

  2. hihi..nozawa rena..JKT48..she’s cute as I’m watching some of their tv show online..LOL..I think I’m easily fall in love with someone that Rena or quite similar with it..

    n yeah..hmm…agree with the video quality..it’s difficult to find a very good quality video except for a very popular singer.. =,=..too bad..

    n I’m not expecting yuri from JKT48 at all..I think too difficult for them..T,T

  3. They don’t have Aki or Harugon because this was film way before they got transfer, it likes JKT first release.

  4. don’t expect any yuri scene from JKT48 XD;;;; they would be banned for sure if they dare to do anything like that here ^^;;;;;;;;;;
    i think the current high school uniform in Indonesia are still the same like in the PV X9

    • What’s the purpose of an Idol if not putting hope into people?

      Yes, you can be cute like us.
      Yes you can so like another girl/boy
      Yes hard-work pays

      You would think AKiP decided to place a group there so they could help the society change a little

      I disgrace…

  5. The producers and cameramen were all from Japan FYI.
    every 48groups have their own characteristic.. and Indonesia (almost) not interested and fond with yuri stuffs so dont expect it in JKT48.


    • If it was the same cameramen and they brought their own equip, then what happened? O.o

      And even if all groups are unique, there are some things they all have in common, JKT and SNH are missing some of these.

  6. Hahaha i just wanna say
    JKT48 it’s from indonesia, i know JKT48 it’s sister group from AKB48
    But seriously every country have they’re own culture xD
    In japan you can watch PV with girl wearing lingrie or maybe bikin, but in indonesia it’s really forbidden
    You can check on yutub, most pv / mv indonesia band / group never use girl wearing lingrie or bikini xD hahaha
    Peace…. (^^)v

    • But then wouldn’t that make it not a part of AKB if it’s so different from the original? All it has then is name and numbers, nothing else!

      Well, and their songs LOL

  7. kamu ngomong apa? saya tidak mengerti.
    AKB48 and their sister have their own characteristic. if you don’t have any information about indonesia and jkt48, please slient and say this matter in a good words.
    you are so smart????lol.
    are you kidding me. wake up bro/sis, you are drunk.
    cuma kalimat diatas aja yang saya tahu bahasa inggrisnya.
    i’m proud to be indonesian, and jkt48’s fan.
    papa bangga sama kamu jkt48.

    • Citromba haraptál barátom? Túl savanyú a szőlő?
      I think you misunderstood something my friend. Black Gekikara was not picking on or making fun of Jakarta or JKT48. It was just and honest opinion about the quality and resolution of the PV itself. It is not the girls’ fault by any means of imaginary.
      Nem kell mindjárt kiverni a hisztit, csak mert valaki nem szereti a túros palacsintát!
      You should chill and not taking everything like a proclamation of war.
      I’m proud to be Hungarian and Family48’s fan.
      Ide meg azt írhatok, amit csak akarok, mert a kutya nem fogja érteni itt‼

      • You understand what they were saying Kragorin> I didn’t think I would love the meaning if I used Google translate so I ignored those parts ^^

        Any way thanks for clearing the waters, or trying to since we haven’t seen the outcome yet

  8. Yuri Yuri Yuri ….
    I think you’re not 48 family fans, you just fan of Yuri and anything that contain ero stuff. Don’t waste your time to watch this, go to DVD rental, and rent some Yuri JAV or H anime. That’s better for you, and don’t forget use tenga to fap your small dick. LMAO

    • Agreeeeeee this one…
      i believe he only know the bikini stuff from AKB..
      But wait, fap? are you sure if he has dick in his pants?

      • Can you please take your assumptions else where… I had a feeling that this would happen when I posted about JKT. I have heard rumours about Indonesian fans and you three aren’t doing a thing to disprove them.

        I admit Yuri is my life but I won’t have you questioning my 6 year love for the Family.

        And did I not mention that I was done with JKT? If all you are interested in is your lovely JKT then you are in the wrong place, yeah?

        Damn, you would think I killed your cute puppies or something

  9. hi there again.
    really sorry about the FANS up there
    i am an indonesian JKT fan myself. that’s why i know about the pv

    well now you know why JKT couldn’t do yuri pv or wear bikinis
    sad to say most of the people in our country are like the people above
    take no offence as different races in our country are still having conflicts ourselves (。ŏ_ŏ)

    i think the humidity and temperature of the location is the cause of the quality
    since our country can be really really hot at times (equator line here)
    well nevermind what they’re typing in our language because they’re afraid of commenting in english

    tolong brenti ngebash blog orang ya. kalo offended mending diem aja.
    that’s all. sorry once again

    • Have no fear dear NZ cause you just cancelled all my negative feelings, thank you ^^

      About the quality, is it just that the pople who are re-encoding it are messing up or is it all like this? I am wondering because as I said, I got a lot of JKT videos from youtube including TV appearances and fan cams and I couldn’t find one to really get behind in terms of quality.

      Actually, I think RIVER video I saw was pretty good. so I am all kinds of confused >.<

  10. glad i could do something to this (almost) fan war

    maybe the heavy rotation pv is a trial project since it’s never been publicly released (never seen it in tv)
    even i only know about JKT after they appear at the first pocari sweat commercial (i first thought that they’re a dance cover group ><)

    as for the tv shows i'm sure professionals are working on them as several tv channels in our country are actually sponsoring the project
    i remembered one time when JKT appears at a broadcasted celebration as an opening act
    and the ratings drop amazingly after they're done with their performance LOL
    now JKT oftens performs as the opening and closing acts during shows like this (and if you pay attention the official twitter account often mentions these things)

    i'm sure they're doing they're best for the RIVER pv
    ever since akicha and harugon entered JKT
    a lot of AKB fans who were anti JKT became JKT fans
    and so JKT became really famous in our country (not to mention the sponsors)

    but still..
    i have mixed feelings with the translated lyrics

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