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AKB48 Budokan Last Performance caps


budokan1-123 budokan1-131

These two have a secret!

budokan1-030 budokan1-036

Guys please, there’s no need for applause…


What all AKB singles should look like in the middle!

budokan1-050 budokan1-052

Mayuyu slicing and dicing Nageki no Figure! With awesome back-up…


A Takamina, Sayanee and Yuko sub with Sayanee as centre?!!! Over-kiiiiil!


Yukirin taking on Rena’s sub song with the help of two of the hottest HKT girls – Madoka and Nattsun!


What’s a family gathering without drama!

Like, wow! Just…WOW!

No Mayuki or YukiRena units but I care not about that! The rest made up for it and I surprised myself for walking away with a big smile on my face! When I saw the happenings on paper, I was not impressed at all but the actual watching of the performance gave me a whole different view on the matter!

My money, take it you monster!


budokan1-002 budokan1-003

It really is a great feeling seeing a formation that is as it’s supposed to be. I think I wanna cry! Seriously though, I understand pushing but they are doing it wrong. Pushing means getting the less recognised girls recognised by placing them somewhere a bit subtle but where they will still be noticed yet not over-step their actual position.

Like, being in the top 16 is a crazy fit already so pushing should happen like in the last three positions not just getting some girl be the center or double center of triple center or quad center or…whatever! These guys are doing everything wrong and they wonder why the girls they push get a negative reaction instead! Seriously, If a pushed member was on the last line, she would still be recognised! It the Top 16 out of 200 something girls for crying out loud!

And that’s the gripe I have with the way AKS is doing things! I don’t mind pushes but they have to be done right. Also they are doing the generation thingy all wrong! The Future Gen should have been picked from the fresh ones who are under 15! These so called Old Gen are only around 21 yrs old and they are gonna stay for a while so pushing girls who are around 19 now as next Gen is just so flawed!

I don’t understand AKS! Are they a bunch of idiots or just a bunch of cunts?! Probably both and more…

So I will rest this convo here.

The last formation I really enjoyed and will never forget is the Flying Get one.

Mayuyu ——————– Kojiharu

——–Yukirin ——- Yuko ——–

————– Acchan ————-

I shall never forget that formation!


budokan1-007 budokan1-008

Heh! Sakura pulling a Yukirin Get!

If U gonna do something, do it to the MAX or don’t do it at all! – Kagoshima motto?

budokan1-009 budokan1-011
budokan1-010 budokan1-013
budokan1-014 budokan1-015

Kojima-san, There’s something I’ve been meaning to tell you. Please look into my eyes…

budokan1-018 budokan1-019
budokan1-020 budokan1-021

*Crowd goes wild*

Guys, I’m trying to say something important here…


Guys! Please!

budokan1-025 budokan1-026

*Maachun pulls a Takamina*

budokan1-028 budokan1-029
budokan1-030 budokan1-031

*Takamina pulls a Takamina*


*U know dat face*

budokan1-034 budokan1-035


That’s what you get for hitting the Maachun switch! She went from zero to >9000 in less than a minute! Making Kojiharu laugh a challenge? Please, she just looked at her and Kojiharu was already in stitches!

Love her ^^


budokan1-038 budokan1-043
budokan1-054 budokan1-046
budokan1-048 budokan1-055

AKB48’s New Face – Watanabe Mayu

budokan1-041 budokan1-044


budokan1-039 budokan1-045
budokan1-042 budokan1-052

HKT48’s Tomonaga Mio!

budokan1-049 budokan1-050

HKT48 KKS’s Ace Tashima Meru


Dat swaggering Mayuyu! Dat never-before-seen Mio! Dat long-awaited-serious-face Meru!


I wasn’t too impressed with Mayuyu’s performance of this song in B2 but that was because she was too young back then and couldn’t project the image required of this song like she totally executed it this time around! This is the reason why there are so few caps of Meru here because she was mostly smiling here. Figures don’t smile, not specially in this song! But she did bring it out, that look I have been dying to see.

Now I really want to see her in a Majisuka role. I really dig scary looks like that and Meru’s is one of the deadliest, if she does do it! Actually I almost had second thoughts when I saw it finally because it was just too much for me to handle. I sighed, I think, when she went back to being all smiles afterwards because…my God!

Rena is of course Rena. She takes on every role and does it like it is to be done. She is like Yukirin in that sense.

The other shocker was Mio though! Damn, I haven’t seen that side of her before. In fact I thought she wouldn’t have that in her but I was so thoroughly stomped upon by her when she pulled a Figure version of herself from within!

Mio—A force to be feared!

This version of NnF is threatening BIIs version as my favourite. After a couple of watches I am not sure if things will stay the same.


budokan1-057 budokan1-059
budokan1-060 budokan1-066budokan1-067
budokan1-064 budokan1-069
budokan1-063 budokan1-065
budokan1-070 budokan1-073


Um…Okay. I…Just…

Sorry, I have nothing…


budokan1-077 budokan1-078
budokan1-079 budokan1-080
budokan1-082 budokan1-084

nose bleed


budokan1-088 budokan1-089
budokan1-087 budokan1-094
budokan1-101 budokan1-102
budokan1-103 budokan1-104budokan1-090
budokan1-107 budokan1-105
budokan1-112 budokan1-091
budokan1-092 budokan1-097
budokan1-098 budokan1-099
budokan1-100 budokan1-106
budokan1-109 budokan1-110
budokan1-095 budokan1-117

All I have to say about this sub-unit is…



budokan1-121 budokan1-122
budokan1-120 budokan1-123
budokan1-124 budokan1-125
budokan1-126 budokan1-127
budokan1-130 budokan1-128
budokan1-133 budokan1-132
budokan1-135 budokan1-134
budokan1-136 budokan1-137
budokan1-138 budokan1-139
budokan1-143 budokan1-140
budokan1-142 budokan1-145

Sayanee: U know, I heard some rumours involving you two…


Rena: Ehhh?! Is that…

Yukirin: Oi! What are you trying to get at…


Sashiko: It’s true. Like how despite you two having the same aura you never interact. Some say you are avoiding each other on purpose.


Sashiko: And when you are together due to some miracle, Rena always goes all embarrassed.

Rena: That’s not…

Sashiko: Kashiwagi-chan, get a little closer to Rena-san.


Rena: That’s not…I don’t..

*Yukirin gets closer to Rena*


*Rena looks up. They make eye contact.*


Sashiko: HA! HA! You just got busted!

Rena: Noooo! This is…


Just kidding. ^^ They were having some kind of member wars there. Little did they know that shit would be hitting the fan soon!



so close

…to dying that it! If she had bowed any lower I swear I…


budokan1-157 budokan1-158
budokan1-164 budokan1-163

I am wondering how many times these two have ben close this concert. How many!?!




I really felt for Miorin here. There she was, crying for her GF Minarun when she was announced to co-part in both Team B and KIIv2. I was like, poor baby, she has no idea what’s coming! And then it happened right after that!

Poor Miorin.

But while others are all raeging about this, I on the other hand am not so affected. And you guys do know how much I love NMB and especially Team N. But somehow, Miorin transferring there is making me smile for some reason. I mean, Miorin in Team N?! When this transfer is over, she is not going to be the same which is why I am so looking forward to her in there.

I just hope Yasusu does something about these stages. I don’t even care anymore which Team gets it just, for the love of God, anything new will do! Just…Do something!


budokan1-167 budokan1-169

The Smile to End All!

Author: Black Gekikara

Love, Eat and sleep Yuri Best Pal is DIVA (My PC) Hangouts is TEH INTERNETS Currently into Kashiwagi Yuki, Matsui Rena, Ogasawara Mayu, Miyawaki Sakura, Ji-yeon, NMB48 and sister groups, T-ara Totally love SG Horror movies

12 thoughts on “AKB48 Budokan Last Performance caps

  1. Nice report (as usual I could say). There were some nice things indeed in this final concert.
    I was kind of stuck on the concurrency posts announces, I should go back to watch again some parts now.

  2. I also felt this concert was one of the best, the set-list was awesome! A Yukirin solo performance would have been the fruit on the icing, but non-the-less it was an excellent show, it didn’t feel long, it was really entertaining. I just hope she gets the one-man tour she wanted as soon as possible, if my intuition is good, then AkiP is already planning it with the people at AVEX. Thus I think it won’t be long when we hear and read KASHIWAGI YUKI NATIONWIDE TOUR or a super collaboration with awesome artists.

    I agree that the new generations should come from kks or members from 10th generation onwards. I was really happy when Hirari was promoted–I wanted her to join Team B, lol- you cannot have the first three generations label as the OLD ones and then mark Mayuyu as a NEW one, makes no sense to me. Let’s hope they decide to shift their ways and compose their mistakes—unlikely but wishful thinking sometimes helps, lol.

    I also concur that Flying Get formation was one of the best. There is no senbatsu sousenkyo single so far that has surpassed it–in terms of sales. I think it had the best senbatsu line-up, I think the Third Senbastu Sousenkyo was the real Heavy Rotation, for me of course. I bet if Yukirin goes well during this senbatsu next year she’ll have her own concert–where you buy tickets, at a larger venue- and her tour!

    • First of all Shiro, WOW! What drugs did you take because I so want some! It’s like, you are suddenly a Cambridge scholar, mate! I am moved. This has to be the most straight English comment I have read here ^^

      Any who, Yeah, I too agree with you. Mayuyu being New Gen while Yukirin is old Gen makes unsense!

      And Flying Get will forever be iconic to me for many reasons but mostly that feeling I will never forget when Yukirin was announced 3rd!

      God! I will never forget that moment!

      I just hope Yukirin performs another miracle like that in Sousenkyo. I mean she has already made a few names for herself, like being the ifrst member two have not one, but two solo concerts. Then having her own Sub-label!

      Yes, things still look good for our Goddess ^^

      • “…most straight English comment…” I guess, a “Thank You” is at order. What drugs am I taking? good question, one that even I don’t know the response. Perhaps I’m a little optimistic, or I completely ignore the other possibility!

        Some of the people that I have talked to, share a similar vision, a resurgence that could eclipse the rest of the members. At her second solo concert, she stated her desire to expand “Yukirin World”, to hold a proper concert and her tour, hence I’m channelling all my best energy towards her and prayed for the prompt achievement of her goal. Clearly I’m delusional and certainly speculating far beyond my reach and comprehension.

        I’m still working my way towards the world as a competent writer, so I need to come clean with my some-what unpolished English, being earnest I’m trying to copy the British style of English, though so far unsuccessful. Grammar needs also many attentions, thus I try to the utmost of my ability to sound as a native speaker.

        I am certain that she’ll get an excellent position at the elections this year. In that regard all we can possibly do is to vote for her. Also I have been going to the temple and pray for great things to happen to our Goddess. Fair winds and following seas shall see her to shore and her head covered with laurel, I have no doubts she is a force to be reckoned with, even as Weekly Playboy magazine states “in crisis”.

  3. You called “Cross” with Yuko, Saya-nee and TakaMina overkill? Well reading the names anyone would call it unless… the performance is as flat as it was on the concert… -_- I expected more from Yuko aka from the ACE of AKB… TakaMina is getting old… when her next promotion happens she will be completely in the group named “staffu” (Like Sasshii…). Saya-nee? Uhm… she was good, but… There is this “but. And that’s a problem. If it was all NMB48 like… I don’t know much members from there but Maachun and… Keicchi maybe would work better with her. I think what I missed the most from bird was… Churi…

    I too like the face of Mayu’s. (even though I haven’t watched all of the performances…) Which Mayu’s you might ask? I’ll leave it to you to decide! (**)

    That quartet of MC’s was Call’ Heaven to you wasn’t it?

    Anyway… I’m glad that you are having fun with the transfers… I wish I could say the same, but… They broke the only ship I had in the 48’s family so…Just when I finally got into NMB48 they had to brake it… I think I snapped there… There will be permanent consequences. (‼)

    Alright, this will be all for now… if something you can ask… bYe


    • edit:
      player.removeterm “Bird”
      player.addterm “Cross”

    • About Cross, there is a reason I did not mention anything about the song. And I called it over-kill as a double meaning. You know that sometimes having too much of something is not good so having these three together one expects some kind of incompatibility, which is what happened here.

      The logical fact of it though, that it’s the three of them, is over-kill in a different (good) kind of way, which is what I went for here. No need for the negatives…^^

      Of course I would know what Mayu you were talking about 6^ How long have we known each other, two days?

      As for that MC, I wouldn’t go that far. If what I wrote was what actually happened, then maybe…

      And I do feel for you about your Yuihan.

      But it was your fault for trying to break up Sayacchu for her ^^ Even as hard as SayaMilky tries, that will never sail. One just looks at Sayanee in Sayacchu and the Sayanee in SayaMilky and the truth is plain as day.

      • … there will be consequences… That’s all I can say for now.

      • I would say that cross was good overall, at least for Sayanee as really she came away the best from it mainly thanks to what I saw as what might even be a bit of buthurt on the others front, especially Yuko(who I felt generally had a chip on her shoulder for this concert for whatever reason) and honestly it’s goinng to be tough when you put three people who are more used to leading units together, still I have to say that watching Sayanee there got me wondering why someone like her was not getting put where Paruru is and really for Sayanee that’s what I suppose she needs to get people thinking about…

        As for Rena/Yuki well how much teasing did we get without much happening, all those times together, Yuki doing ame no pianist (which Rena wrote about on her ameblog btw saying “Those 3’s Ame no Pianist felt very smooth.It was beautiful”) (also I have to point out that never though of her Natsu and Madoka together but wow did they work and look great as a trio!) and that MC, which kinda was Yuki/Rena in a way for it being subtle cuteness rather than full on, the way Rena was standing closer to Yuki, they way Rena seems to talk to Yuki compared to alot of other non SKE members, they way Yuki was looking at her with her “special” looks that only a few certain “special” members get,, yep it was all very Yuki/Rena :p

        And Maachun, so proud of my girl, seems as though she has gotten herself onto a sort of permanent MC bit in concerts when all the groups are together, OK it might not seem like a lot but it’s really a start for her and you know, small steps and all that. Plus she was in there with the big guns too and was totally fine with it and she played the crowd perfectly too (and didn’t she get some good reactions from them, too!) what a pro ❤

        As for the, well shuffles I guess, well they happen and honestly I'm fine with most of them, I mean all those going to from the Japanese sister groups are going to benefit from it and Sae and Mariya were doing sweet FA in China TBH so you might as well at least get them doing something at least some of the time (Sae especially is too good of an asset to waste) Akicha is slightly odder as she was busy with JKT but I wonder if they feel she has done her job over there now and want to bring her back a little into the AKB fold,

        As for Oba to KII, well that's an interesting one and I think that Oba will find it tough there but for all that I think she will learn a lot from SKE and it might be the thing to turn her rather stalling idol career around which is what I assume the plan is (even if perhaps it's a little late for that) as for Lemon to NMB well, If it stops her doing her whole F*****g fresh Lemon thing them its all worth it…..

        The one thing is will get mad at is if the are put in the SKE/NMB senbatsu for the next songs, Rie and Yui I was OK with because they were legit AKB senbatsu but there two really are not at all and for them to suddenly go into the sister group senbatsus will rub me the wrong way…

        And that Gingham check, it's really why I want Yuki to hold onto third this year as I would like to see those three together at least one more time, one regret I had was that we did not have enough time with Yuki, Yuko and Acchan as a trio and I don't want to be cut short on these three too…..

      • I also forgot to mention the way Yukirin says ‘Rena-chan’ >. <

        God! Just hearing it makes me all hot and bothered

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