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Gay Leptons, Decisions and Dorama



Sayonara Daisuki datta yo




Positron-chan: Oh, Hi there…

Electron-chan: Ahhh so bright!


Sefuri ILC High school

It’s been a while since I went out hunting for something to watch but I was running out of a queue of things to watch and then lovely pepelie posted some caps that had me all hot and bothered! To scratch that itch, I flipped the web as I usually do and I found more than I was looking for. In actuality I haven’t watched a yuri PV for some time now so this was quite great timing indeed.

I found three Music Videos two of which are PVs. The last one is…I have no idea what it’s supposed to be to tell you the truth! Is it a school science project? Is is one of Japanese Government’s unusual motivations for its citizens to go the science route? No idea! What I know is that there is yuri and that is all the knowledge i need to download that PV faster than one can click to play!


mvp1-02 mvp1-03
mvp1-04 mvp1-05
mvp1-07 mvp1-08
mvp1-09 mvp1-10
mvp1-11 mvp1-12
mvp1-14 mvp1-15
mvp1-16 mvp1-17
mvp1-18 mvp1-19
mvp1-21 mvp1-22
mvp1-23 mvp1-24
mvp1-25 mvp1-26
mvp1-27 mvp1-28
mvp1-30 mvp1-32mvp1-31
mvp1-34 mvp1-35

First up is the PV for KeraKera’s ‘Sayonara Daisuki datta yo’.  It stars none other than Kojima Fujiko and by the gods, how grown up she looks! I mean Jesus, it was only two or so years ago when she starred with Narumi Riko is Shodo Girls and I thought she was already at that time of life where she wouldn’t get any taller, at least not so significantly! My God, she looks like she took some steroids or something! Just…WOW!

Ahem, well, this PV is interesting and some may not think it yuri and say that I am going off the deep end because I am under the influence of goggles but seriously, I love stories like these. I love yuri so subtle that it usually puts off those who think yuri is all the visible food on the plate!

I am going to include the YT link but that one seems to have been cut. In the real PV (sorry I can’t upload it since I am over my bandwidth limit already) there is this drama segment at the beginning before the song starts and we see Girl A (not Fujiko) waiting for someone. She is holding those graduation sachets so it’s obviously one of those times. Dick walks up to her and asks her to walk with him home. Girl A turns him down as she says that she is waiting for Girl B (Fujiko) so she can’t! Dick walks off all sad and disappointed like a whipped puppy and since this is obviously the last day of school, there won’t be any chance of them meeting again (Prolly) and even if they do, this was obviously Dick asking Girl A out but she turned him down! Nope, I don’t see that meeting happening any time soon.

Okay, let’s take a breather here. We see later on, through tears and everything, that Girl A was in love with Dick. This being graduation, Dick getting the courage to ask her out like that, it was the perfect moment! Why did she turn him down!?! For her friendship promise?! Fuck that, if it were me, I would so ditch my so-called friend and take the chance that is sure not to happen again! I mean, hello! She could have apologised later, or sent Girl B a message telling her why she had to split but nope!

Now you tell me dear Readers, could you have done it?! Final day of high school, the guy you’ve had a crush on for God knows how long asks you out…Perfect chance! And you raffuse!?!

I am sorry but my yurified mind is working over-time here!

Girl B looks like a gentle person and she seems to have Girl a in her priorities she also seems to have known of Girl A’s feelings for Dick (during that classroom flashback?) so she could have understood. So why did Girl A turn down Dick?!

That is the question that placed this PV in my archive!

Also the fact too that Girl B was there for Girl A and tried her best to cheer her up and that it looked like a HAPPY END to me when they walked off in the night with hands tightly holding onto each other!

Yep! Here be that kind of yuri that could build up a debate to last a century, but not if I was the judge of that debate!

I have to say though that Girl A made the best decision. Girl B is sure to take great care of her and she seems smart and is beautiful and very gentle! And also she seems to really care for her so even if she doesn’t know what could’ve been with Dick, at least she knows what she is getting with Girl B!

Best choice!

But one that none of us would have made, just admit it guys!

And here is the PV


mvp2-02 mvp2-03
mvp2-04 mvp2-05
mvp2-06 mvp2-17
mvp2-08 mvp2-09
mvp2-12 mvp2-13
mvp2-11 mvp2-18
mvp2-14 mvp2-15
mvp2-23 mvp2-24
mvp2-26 mvp2-27
mvp2-16 mvp2-28
mvp2-30 mvp2-31
mvp2-33 mvp2-34
mvp2-35 mvp2-36
mvp2-37 mvp2-39
mvp2-41 mvp2-42
mvp2-44 mvp2-45

Next up is Monkey Magik’s ‘if’. Nope, sorry, has nothing to do with French Kiss!

Now here is a challenge! I had theories but I had to scrap them because that scene with the Father man-handling Honoka…

Oooh, that’s right guys! If you are thinking ‘I recognise her from somewhere’ you are absolutely right! That is the Miki Honoka who played Yuki in the Maria-sama ga Miteru LIVE movie! She is the one I would have expected to have changed so much since she was only like, 13 at the time but she hasn’t changed that much!

Japanese growth, how does it work?!

Any who, as I was saying, I had theories, one of which was that these two were best friends since childhood, always together, same class, same, clubs, same everything! But then one day Girl A (not Honoka) leaves and Girl B can’t handle the separation. She did everything to stop Girl A from moving but to no gain.

That made sense for a while but then I got wondering why her father was so pissed off at her to go so far as dragging her, probably off to her room and locking her up for prolly a couple of days! Something did not add up with that factor included.

Then there was that scene on the beach where Girl B totally breaks down! Friends just don’t break down like that just from moving! I mean I haven’t seen such a movie before. Not even the Nana’s in NANA got that bad!

Something else had to be up!

So I switched on my yuri brain, put on the glasses, dimmed the light and got to scrutinising that PV! The scene cuts were all over the place and it was hard to place the timelines but from what I gathered, these two were together, every where! Girl A had this look in some of the scenes that screamed secrets and then I got to wondering why I was ignoring the obvious. She so had to have had a crush on Girl B!

Girl B was those happy-go-luckys that we all know of and seemed like the harmless bundle of joy….That is until Girl A got moving then we saw her go all aggressive just like that! You know that they say about the nice ones!

And so, with the messed up cuts, I got to wondering still that what if that scene where Girl A takes the initiative to hold Girl B’s hand happened a while back! What if that was the beginning of a different kind of relationship between these two!

What if they got discovered and their parents couldn’t handle it anymore that Girl A’s parents decided to move?!

Amen to the power of will!


The PV



Hi, I’m Electron-chan

mvp3-02 mvp3-03

Ah, so ronary around here….

mvp3-04 mvp3-05

Hm? What’s with all the fuss?

mvp3-06 mvp3-07
mvp3-08 mvp3-09

Hi everyone, I’m Positron-chan.








Wha…?! Please don’t be cruel

mvp3-16 mvp3-17

Go me, you can do it!

mvp3-18 mvp3-19

Positron-chan: You wanted to talk to me about something…?

Electron-chan: I…um…that is…er…


Positron-chan: *Holds Electron-chan’s hand*

Electron-chan: *Squeal*


Electron-chan: Do you feel it to? The tinglies!

Positron-chan: That’s just Energy. Don’t worry, it can’t harm us.


L – Lesbian


C – Cock kinshii


Positron-chan: 愛LC – Love Lesbians (disregard) Cock!

mvp3-27 mvp3-26
mvp3-28 mvp3-29

Electron-chan: Wow! That’s so deep Pos-chan~

Positron-chan: *Te heh*

mvp3-30 mvp3-31
mvp3-32 mvp3-33
mvp3-36 mvp3-35

This isn’t actually a club activity. If you know what I mean…


Posi-chan and Ele-chan: Te-he, busted!


A reaction for tasting something for the first time?

More symbolism!

mvp3-40 mvp3-41
mvp3-42 mvp3-43

Just girls in love doing lovely thing…


Posi-chan is leaving!?!


Ele-chan: What U SAY?!!


<Insert mellow music>

mvp3-47 mvp3-48

Ele-chan: Not on my life she ain’t!


Everyone in school: Gay, Gay, gay

mvp3-50 mvp3-51
mvp3-52 mvp3-53

Posi-chan: Sorry Ele-chan. I was only messing!

Ele-chan: …what? Why?!


I just wanted to be sure that you…but now I see. Sorry!


Electron-chan: You idiot. After we did all that and this and that?


Positron-chan: I said I was sorry. I love you!

Electron-chan: I love you too. Even though you are an idiot!

Positron-chan: Hey!

Sorry, I just don’t know what this video was about so there!

Here be the PV

Author: Black Gekikara

Love, Eat and sleep Yuri Best Pal is DIVA (My PC) Hangouts is TEH INTERNETS Currently into Kashiwagi Yuki, Matsui Rena, Ogasawara Mayu, Miyawaki Sakura, Ji-yeon, NMB48 and sister groups, T-ara Totally love SG Horror movies

13 thoughts on “Gay Leptons, Decisions and Dorama

  1. Both PVs are soo~ cute ❤

  2. I really see what you mean by goggles now xD

    Your blog has taught me how to see through them.

    • Oh hello there penpalfriends ^^

      First thanks for following on tumblr and also for visiting my humble (?) blog -_^

      And I can’t believe that after all these years, finally, finally, the blog accomplishes its goal!

      *Wipes a tear*

      Thank you so much for that. You win best comment of the year already!

  3. Thank you for all these PVs ~
    The last one is just too cheesy. I like it ! xD
    (But why ILC is doing this kind of music video… Never mind, we appreciate !)

    Now, we need movies ! Tons of movies ! =D

  4. Btw, have you ever watched Ayumi Hamazaki’s “GREEN” PV ?
    I ve just remembered how this one just made me wanna shout : GAAAAYYYY !

  5. And I don’t know if you ve already watched this but recently, I found a korean short movie which, by the way, made feel pretty uncomfortable for some reasons. But if you didn’t watch it, maybe you should. =)
    Do you know “In my end is my beginning” from “Five Senses of Eros” ?

  6. You’re the owner of this blog after all =P

  7. I have been lurking through your blog and found this. XD Maan, さよなら大好きだったよ。。。 All the feels!

    Seriously though, the yuri is pretty subtle in that one but you made me see through my doubts. I like to think of it now as Girl A saying ‘goodbye’ as it were to her ‘first love’ and accepting the one twu wuv that’s been there all along. XD

    The ILC PV may have been the best video I have ever laid my eyes on this month. Lol.

    • ILC was pure brilliance.

      And as for Sayounara, I have to confess. Don’t know if you caught it but the girl isn’t Fujiko like I mentioned. She is Matsui Airi, a graduated member of Sakura Gakuin Idol group. You can’t blame me tho, they look really alike.

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