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Idoling!!! #989 – Yankee VS GAL!


idol989-49 idol989-54

WOW! It’s so on!

idol989-05 idol989-65

Yankee Soul, they haz it!

Now, there is a Yankee!

Yes, I am very well aware that there are a lot of things to talk about in THE fandom right now (a la Budokan) but since I’ve been working all day and haven’t had a chance to watch the stream, I can’t talk about that yet. So give me a moment to get something off my chest first because if I don’t, it will not leave me alone.

The latest episode of Idoling!!! That was just…I was about to say ‘Now why isn’t AKB doing something like this but then I remembered that AKBINGO episode where Takamina Yankee Team took on Yuko’s Team. That shit was so boring I even forgot which team was Red or white!

Actually for some reason this Idoling!!! episode wasn’t out there in terms of content because all they did, in a full hour special was just a few challenges like writing member’s names in cool-kanji! Despite that though, I somehow spent a whole two hours watching it and burst a few ribs too. Add in the spice of no-cuts (Most loved thing about Idoling!!!) this was a treat!

I mean have any of you even ever considered a Yankee and a GAL getting it on?! I am 95% sure the answer to that is a NO! Well, now you can go off and write fics or whatever about Yankee48 vs Gal48! Who knows, maybe even I will take adv of that!


idol989-02 idol989-03

Look at how frikkin fab they are swaggering onto that stage! Oh man, these guys sure know their stuff! I mean ca you imagine a better selection of Yankees? Well, maybe one person but she is just too over the top to be Yankee. More like a vengeful ghost maybe?

Dat uniform teasing some leg deliciousness! Oh Lord! Forget pants that AKB wore in that mentioned episode! Girls are meant to show off their legs and girl’ does these yankee uniforms do them justice or what?!! Just look at Hitomi’s squatting form there as a point!



Nao: Look at her. She’s so scared she’s shaking!


Bakarythm: Oi, Are you scared~


Even I am scared…


Yurika: You are only strong in arm-wrestl-


Chika: *Yanks Yurika by her collar…*

Yurika: …*Shuts the fuck up and grows totally still*

idol989-46 idol989-53

Everyone and their cat, including me and my cat

idol989-47 idol989-52

Ojima Chika

My Idoling!!! Oshi who dethroned Maipuru as my fav when she joined! I really, really love Ojima! I am rarely into strong girls, actually I don’t think I am that into strong girl as only girls I know who are strong (physically) are Sayanee and Chika…and that’s it?!

Her physique was put to the test by a certain girl who shan’t be mentioned (since she graduated) but I was so happy to see that Chika put those questions to rest when she challenged a certain girl to win back her title in that volleyball one on one match never to be forgotten!

Any way, the thing about Chika is that she looks soft but no one ever fucks with her! You can just tell that this is one monster cage you don’t want to rattle. I really tried to capture a frame of her looking actively menacing but all I got were smiles…DO NOT BE FOOLED by them smiles!

Ask Yurika, she knows first hand of what I am talking about!

Speaking of Yurika, she was really awesome in this episode and especially in THAT scene! I was so prepared for a Yankee vs GAL fight but then I was reminded that one of the opponents in Chika so of course the other would pee herself after calling it quits!

When CHika yanked Yurika by the shirt I so jumped up in my seat and screamed!

That was one glorious scene to remember.

idol989-66 idol989-21
idol989-37 idol989-63

Those glorious two-shots…eyegasm!


Wait, she’s supposed to be happy here?!

idol989-10 idol989-11
idol989-35 idol989-43idol989-54 idol989-56
idol989-58 idol989-68

Miyake Hitomi

Next up is sub-Boss who though she is all smiles most of the time, there is a reason she is in charge of the other two girls and why they do listen to her!

I mean the Yankee business is all about respect especially among those of the clan but that only means that whoever gets that amount of respect has to have earned it somehow. Let’s not even try to think of how she managed to earn Chika’s trust.

Look at how deceptively safe she seems when she pulls Yuna back, and thus denying her her escape to safety!

Damn, I wouldn’t wanna be these girls’ enemy.

idol989-07 idol989-18
idol989-19 idol989-23
idol989-28 idol989-33
idol989-38 idol989-36
idol989-39 idol989-40
idol989-34 idol989-65

Tamagawa Ramu

Lastly but not least, we have Ramuchan.

Let me just say this now – There are rumours about Ramuchan! So if you are living in Japan and are into Idoling!!! and happen to be thinking of going to meet them and handshake events, just a warning from your friendly neighbourhood to watch yourself while there, in her presence!

Just so you know, it’s for your own good!

But damn guyz if she ain’t great looking as a Yankee! She so has that spunk that all younglings have, as if she has something to prove. If this were a real gang, she so would be picking irrelevant fights in secret just to feed her ego!

Thank God though that Hitomi-Aneki is there to keep her in line. I have this vision where she would pick fights to blow off steam because she got scolded or because Chika-aneki doesn’t give her enough attention to her seductions.

HA! Did I just give myself an idea of a fic? We shall see, people, we shall see!


Ishida Karen


I’m sorry but I have no idea what to say right now…

Author: Black Gekikara

Love, Eat and sleep Yuri Best Pal is DIVA (My PC) Hangouts is TEH INTERNETS Currently into Kashiwagi Yuki, Matsui Rena, Ogasawara Mayu, Miyawaki Sakura, Ji-yeon, NMB48 and sister groups, T-ara Totally love SG Horror movies

2 thoughts on “Idoling!!! #989 – Yankee VS GAL!

  1. Time to get out that old broken record again and say about the dulness of AKB shows compared to things like this, I mean we have seem AKB do similar ideas to this and well make them so much more un-interesting

    Sure they are “Mainstream” where as Idoling are not and I understand that that can give Idoling more freedom but my argument would be why AKB or any of the other sister groups could not do this, I mean can you imagine NMB doing this, it would be amaze!!! But it would never happen…. Don’t they get it that we got to like a lot of the Kami AKB members because they did crazy stuff on places like AKBingo and other such shows, I mean you bond with girls who get wacked in the face by a ball or have to eat super spicy food or get covered in flour…..

    Bah that’s the problem with watching shows like these, makes me think about AKB programming ATM, like the show that replaced Shukan I think, or was it another I don’t know but all they did was sit in a F**king tent and read letters……WTH!

    Bah!!! I say, Bah to everything!!!!

    • Indeed. When Idoling!! made their appearence on that one episode of AKBINGO (Was it even AKBINGO yet?) they seemed so tame compared to the AKB then but now…


      These broken record and getting more broken by the second!

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