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AKB48 Mechaike Exam SP – Burn Baby Burn!



The Students…


The Principle…


The hell kinda School is this?!!

Oh but of course, this is AKB48! Duh!

I can’t believe this was 2 hours long! And adding in the fact that it was about something as boring (at least it’s supposed to be) as a test programme, it’s unbelievable that I have watched this already three times!

The one thing that I can’t seem to get out of my system so far is the fact that this special aired just when elections are around the corner! Now there is no denying that some, in fact most of the members will get some votes out of this but others, two in particular, I think will get a side-effect from this!

But before I jump to that, let’s get back to seeing that legendary entrance…


Is there any thing that doesn’t suit Mariko-sama? Really?!

mecha13-003 mecha13-005

Dat voice Mayuyu introduced herself in as a weird old-man. I think I…a little >.<

mecha13-010 mecha13-012

What has the Devil wrought?! Damn~

And I love those tiny teeth like a fetish!

mecha13-011 mecha13-007

Of course she will still be fashionable even like this!

And I have a feeling that if they had the idea, Mngt would so marry off these two –_-

Talk about obvious shipping!

mecha13-017 mecha13-018 mecha13-019

Mother of God! I can’t un-see >.<

LOL @ Sayanee going all ‘so embarrassing‘ but striking a cool pose!

And why am I getting strange visions when I look at that last cap?! I mean look at Sasshi’s…

Oh My God!

Damn you Japan and your strange hentai >.<

mecha13-022 mecha13-023 mecha13-024

If I didn’t read that Touhou Fan Fic, I would not have known who these three sisters were!

They probably made an appearance in Xena but I can’t remember correctly.

Their appearance alone is different from the premium members! These so-called next Gen have a loooong way to go!


NyanNyan, how in the name of…did you even think of that?!!

I am not sure of Brilliant or just not so intelligent…

mecha13-028 mecha13-029

The fire-catcher No.2!

Dumb or Brilliant?! Only time will tell I guess. Just a month and a few days to go!



I’m sorry, do I know you two? Oh wait…

That height! Those teeth! It can only be…

Sou-chan and Yuko!

I am not 100% sure if I preferred them to keep these costumes for the test or that I am happy they changed to the Seifuku?! I mean nothing beats a Seifuku, am I right?!

Kind of makes you wonder what the point was to have them wear this for like, the first 1% of the whole time! Oh well, I guess it would have been hard on poor NyanNyan with that thing of hers for a whole 2 hours! The girl could barely fit her ass on that chair!

Any way, moving on…



I’m gonna do this member to member and I don’t see a better way to start off than with the two girls who were hit right where it hurts. First up is Sashiko (Imma using Yukirin’s nick just cause)

Guy B: “I’m sorry but I thought you were in AKB48! Why are you in HKT?!”

Sashiko: “I was but the photos got out and I got burnt!”


That’s right bitch! I admit it on Live TV!



I’m so over that shit! Gimme ur best shot!

Not wise dear Sashiko, not wise…

mecha13-078 mecha13-079

When Guy A called her on one of the answers she got wrong, Sashiko almost broke! I nearly broke for her as I tried to tell her through the screen to keep her cool!


Guy A: You did that on purpose, didn’t you (Getting the answer wrong).

Sashiko: No I did not! I answered it seriously! Why do you have to say it like that?(Tots pissed off)


Guy A: To ho ho? So now you are looking down on people?

Sashiko: Now look here good sir, this and that are totally different-I mean this and that are-…


Guy A: I guess someone did not learn their lesson! (talks very loudly)

Sashiko: I..I’m sorry! You got me! I am very sorry!


Shit! I walked right into that one! This can’t have that big of an effect, right?



Sorry, I just could not resist >.<



Evil Miichan (Excellent!)

mecha13-083 mecha13-089

I am really loving how iconic Flying Get is becoming! I mean it already means a lot to me as that time Miracle Yukirin happened (The true God Slayer!) and though I shall never forget it, it is nice to see that it is getting to the levels of Aitakatta and hebirote!


Hnm…Miichan Ass!


Please just leave Yukirin alone to die in the BG!


Someone, save me T.T


Dignity? Fuck that…

I Fabulous!

I think Miichan apologised more times in this special than she did in that video!

The poor girl >.<


I was so happy that she was protected at least by Takamina and Yukirin…

That you whoever signed these seats, thank you!

Speaking of pans…



if (mayuki)


    found = true;

    System.out.print(“FUCK YEAH! DEM SMILES!”);




     found = false;



Not even Mayuyu is safe from the Black Magic!

mecha13-040 mecha13-067
mecha13-081 mecha13-116mecha13-101

Those close-ins >.<

The camera-man this time deserves a bonus!


mecha13-113 mecha13-044
mecha13-046 mecha13-047
mecha13-050 mecha13-088

Flying Get used as the battle theme of choice, sweet revenge, and…venting?

And Oh, Hi Acchan! I didn’t see you there ^^


mecha13-063 mecha13-065

Tomochin being all smiles and all around kawaii…


mecha13-104 mecha13-105

Tomochin giving all the fuck she can master!

Dear Tomochin, you shall be missed T.T


mecha13-071 mecha13-072

Sayanee being cool without even meaning to. She is just laughing but…

Ahhhhh You are out of place Sayanee. AKB ain’t cool enough for you >.<


mecha13-036 mecha13-041
mecha13-049 mecha13-052mecha13-058
mecha13-059 mecha13-073
mecha13-119 mecha13-110
mecha13-070 mecha13-102
mecha13-115 mecha13-118


All caps were so delicious! Look at the beauty, the cuteness…>.<


mecha13-099 mecha13-048
mecha13-057 mecha13-107
mecha13-109 mecha13-112
mecha13-122 mecha13-123







i see what you did there

DAT Product placement~ ^_____^

I mean they probably didn’t mean it but Kawaei was right at the very centre of the whole class, no, seriously! Two rows in front and back and two columns at either side!

Either way, here is you Baka Center – Which the test was all about!

Don’t be surprised when she gets to centre whatever senbatsu ranking class she is in come July/August!



According to the laws of equilibrium the Universe, if we have a Ba~ka  we also have to have…

The Brains of the lot!

Meet the most intelligent girl in the family!

And both are Next Gen/Team4 cancer/Unit/Team A buddies so all equations balance out almost to a perfect zero!


Are we done yet? I think so…Oh wait..just one thing…

mecha13-064 mecha13-095
mecha13-116 mecha13-117

No need to do a thing but stare…Just follow Kojiharu’s lead ^_^

Even I have but one thing to mention…Yukirin will never fail a question that has Mayuyu in it! She will get 2% perfect just for that one question even if she has to resort to Black Magic!


Any way, there you have it. The AKB48 Mechaike Special. Other bloggers probably have blogged about what actually went on in the tests and they most definitely have the results so if you are interested in those, go check them out ^^

I am beat.


Author: Black Gekikara

Love, Eat and sleep Yuri Best Pal is DIVA (My PC) Hangouts is TEH INTERNETS Currently into Kashiwagi Yuki, Matsui Rena, Ogasawara Mayu, Miyawaki Sakura, Ji-yeon, NMB48 and sister groups, T-ara Totally love SG Horror movies

5 thoughts on “AKB48 Mechaike Exam SP – Burn Baby Burn!

  1. Most other things were forgotten when you mentioned Yuki being “The true God Slayer!” yeah still (but not as much) butthurt about that, bah never mind I digress…..

    The show it’s self was good but this shows up the point that you made about the Next-gen , yeah this show rocked because it had that premium idol goodness on it and really it is still a level up from that chasing pack and also that they still cannot really “hang” with the big girls I mean look as Sasshi and Yuki they both got up there and fitted in to that mix (especially Sasshi I have to say) so much so that it’s hard to think they were not there from the start or close to it like many of the others, not that it’s easy of course (even the mighty Sayanee, while being cool, was not her usual self in the presence of giants, though the fact she was on her own there was no help I admit) but it’s what is needed to be done…..

  2. My first thoughts after I watched the whole thing: “…And I was so into this person for that long? Unbelievable…” I think I don’t have to explain myself for this one. If someone knows me they know what or rather who am I talking about. (hint: shepherd)

    Anyway I could totally understand Tomochin’s feelings… Kintaro is starting to get on my nerves as well… -_-

    Also Sasshii really should STFU! She got annoying over the years -_- She was better in the past… more lovable…

    But Lanturn was cute though… I mean Haruna 🙂

    And I have to agree with you that Saya-nee is too cool for AKB. Here’s the thing I discovered recently… NMB48 is way better than any of the other 48 group. (I know you already said this many times, but…)

    The most moe thing I found in this was when Mayuyu and Saya-nee dropped the pen and the eraser…

    • You already know my feelings for Sachiko, you know, having ded a whole post on her but I am actually getting to like her again these days since she’s cooled down a bit, well, a very tiny whiny bit…

      You also know my feelings on MB48 too so let’s stop that here…

      But I did laugh a little at how cramped Sayanee seemed. She thinks of respecting her Senpai and yet these natural cool effects of hers seem to slip a little bit ^ ^

      Okay, off to watch this week’s fill of NaMBa….

  3. can we get subtitle?

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