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Kinjirareta Futari [Yukirin/Nakayan]


kfb1-11 kfb1-12

‘Please don’t go. Don’t leave me alone”

“You are not alone. You still have Mayuyu”


Being Yukirin is suffering.

Seriously though, she is like, the only ‘Pure Breed’ of Team B left! Oh don’t frown, you know what I mean >_>

Any way, I am in a Yukirin and Team B mood with Elections round the corner and with Nakayan leaving, I felt a craving for my favourite Team of the 48 family so I decided to dig up all the videos and watch them this weekend.

What I did firs was to get those 80 and something Gigabytes of B3. They were done when I woke up this morning. Then went into my HDD collection and pulled out the Stage drive then went through it queuing up all B stages. Then I got out the DVDs because B1 and B2 were nowhere to be found as LODs. They only exists on DVDs, as far as I am aware anyway.

And so I am watching B1 on DVD and then Kinjirareta Futari hits!

Now let me get something first off my chest…


All done.

kfb1-01 kfb1-02
kfb1-06 kfb1-07
kfb1-09 kfb1-15
kfb1-10 kfb1-08
kfb1-13 kfb1-14


I remember watching this the first time and not digging this performance then because I was expecting Mayuki but I got Yukiyan instead!


But now though that I have grown up a little bit, I think I am anyway, I can’t help but wonder at how Yukirin hasn’t changed that much on the inside. Her voice >.<


And she and Nakayan were so complimentary it was scary! I mean,


Look at those feelings! One just has no choice but to feel the feelings in the song instead of hearing them being told! I actually started to feel like shipping, yes now when it’s already too late!

Too late…T.T

Oh Nakayan, how I regret not shipping you back in the day, how I regret…

But really, Yukirin was all over the place then. Interestingly, she and Mayuyu were not that close, in fact it looked like she was one of the members least close to Yukirin. Haachan/Yukirin, Nakayan/Yukirin, Yukirin/Mikachii and I even remember Yukrin/Matsuyuki…But no Mayuyu! Actually I don’t remember when Mayuki actually happened. I think I missed the Big Bang because they were suddenly everywhere!

Any who, re-watching this stage with all the original B left me feeling like crying. All those girls…gone!


Too many feels girl, too many feels…

kfb1-16 kfb1-17

“…Kiss me” – Nakayan

“I want to but these glasses…may I?” – Yukirin

Totally my favourite version of this song.

You know, I think I’m crazy because I find that some songs I don’t like them when they are performed by the originals but when they are by other members, I find myself not being able to resist. This is one example and the other is BII’s version of Nageki no Figure!

Any way, I better get back to remising.


Author: Black Gekikara

Love, Eat and sleep Yuri Best Pal is DIVA (My PC) Hangouts is TEH INTERNETS Currently into Kashiwagi Yuki, Matsui Rena, Ogasawara Mayu, Miyawaki Sakura, Ji-yeon, NMB48 and sister groups, T-ara Totally love SG Horror movies

8 thoughts on “Kinjirareta Futari [Yukirin/Nakayan]

  1. They definitely had something nice going on on stage in this song…

    Ah… Yuki would need so much YuiPower, but… When she’s together with someone they do nothing but messing around… Yuki please grow up now… please…

    PS: Damn, those glasses and the hairstyle is driving me wild! 😛

  2. But why are you saying you dont know where Mayuki came from? ‘A’
    They was always there!
    At the beginning of team B when Mayuyu broke his arm and was a time absent from stages,when she came back she said that was really happy to be back and be able to be on the same stage with Yukirin …
    In the tv show of team B Original has some scenes of Mayuki ..
    And there are also some interviews in which says that they are friends since the beginning of
    team B
    Of course they also have other close friends … as in the case of Yukirin has Haachan, Sae … Mayu has Lovetan ….

    I think some of the things that made ​​be a more intense bang of Mayuki was the fact that these girls have friends far away now .. I do not know for sure ..

    Well … see .. these OPVs have some Mayuki in the beginning of team B




    and then this site also have a few old photos of these two


    Sorry if at the moment I dont have at hand best sources,but Enjoy =D
    and with a little hope we hope Mayuki still remain strong ‘–‘

    • Yes, I know they were there in the beginning. Like how Yukirin said that the first time she saw Mayuyu at the train station when they first gathered and felt a feeling of responsibility towards Mayuyu.

      But all this information came after Mayuki went main stream. It was hidden from us until intensive research was done then the volcano that is Mayuki blew its head!

      From the media available back then it was very rare to see Mayuki, though it might have to do with the fact that they were not even considered as a ship then and everyone just over-looked them.

      Yes, they were there but so well hidden and the lack of LODs (to the rest of the world anyway) didn’t help. There wasn’t a lot of them too in AKB48+10 but to be truthful, I wasn’t looking for them while I watched that show. I don’t think anyone shipped them when it aired >.<

  3. And I can tell you one more thing?I also just started to like Kinjirareta Futari after watching Yukirin and Nakayan singing … something seemed to be right.
    It feels like finally someone succeed to convey the feelings of the song. =)

    • That’s what I just said LOL

      And I felt this way too about Mayuki’s Temo Demo no Namida.

      There is no denying that Yukirin and Mikachii were great and that they perfected that song but when Mayuki did it

      BUT then Mayuki did it and I finally felt the song!

  4. That song…when Yuko and Tomo~mi sang it, was, how to say this…fine. But Nakayan and Yukirin had a greater affinity. They were in sync all the way! Team B when it first assemble was a tight and very close group though of course there are people whom you get along better than others or you share more in common with. Yukirin spent most of her with other members than with Mayuyu. Bascially the Mayukirin pair became as such after the 200 shuffle when the greatest Tam B ever—according to me–was separated.
    When Mayuyu sang Temo demo no Namida with Yukirin, personally it was BAD and certainly one of the worst renditions I’ve heard. Black-chan “felt” the song because she was waiting for them to perform it together, hence she was predispose to that. Been there–with the Dakeshimeraretara shuffle unit of Yukirin X Acchan X Tomochin- and when you long for something and it happens then you see it above the freight. I still think Mayuyu’s best song so far to be Pajama Drive.

    Back to Kanjirareta Futari there is a shuffle with Yukirin and Erepyon which was also really good! I used to wonder how that song would sound with Yuko and Yukirin… There are songs that are better with shuffled units and those that the original is simply insurmountable e.g. Temo Demo no Namida. But the days of B3 are long gone and the simply marvellous Team B of ol’ is no more, only thing to do for us to reminisce of the days far left behind…Nakayan X Yukirin was certainly an awesome unit I found it almost at the same level of Yukirin X Mikachii. I think the aura of Team B was then the best and certainly Yukirin was complemented by Nakayan and Mikachii in those two iconic songs. That’s it! I found the reason I can’t stand Mayuyu!! YEAY! Now I can move forward!!!

  5. I agree with Mayuki version of Temodemo no Namida was not perfect, well how to say?You know this is not the kind of music that Mayu usually sing … and when she has to sing… she seems tense, out of sync .. and as the pressure to sing well is so big that she doesn’t seems feel what sings.
    While Yukirin was in your own ground, comfortable,Mayu was dealing with something that does not fit in her. So even though I as Mayuki shipper and was anxious for this performance, I admit that was not perfect.
    Maybe if Mayuyu had trained more .. I dunno .. could have been better..

    About Mayuki .. and no one shipped them at the beginning, I find it a bit by the fact that the management was not interested at the time to put them together .. then they didn’t explore it, and how Black said, fans also neglected that they were there, if you look there is evidence that Mayuki has existed for along time… but no one cared… I think the best example I have is RenAirin .. long before they burst into the heads of fans, they already existed. . but no one wanted to know … and then came a moment that for various reasons Wmatsui stayed away and people started to see RenAirin ..

    Maybe I’m saying shit .. but it is what I think ^^”

  6. And for me the best performance of Temodemo no Namida is still by Yukirin and Akicha. God was perfect this performance ♥ ♥ ♥

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