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Tagarin 01 – Prepare for Cuffs!


130413 Tagarin ep01 (Kashiwagi Yuki).mp4 - 00018
130413 Tagarin ep01 (Kashiwagi Yuki).mp4 - 00013 130413 Tagarin ep01 (Kashiwagi Yuki).mp4 - 00021130413 Tagarin ep01 (Kashiwagi Yuki).mp4 - 00031

Dat Police-girl Uniform! Dat Ponytail!


Episode 01 of Yukirin’s mini-drama Tagarin is out and about and I am so ready to go bad in hopes of being cuffed by her Awesomeness!

Speaking of titles, Tagarin? Bad Boys J? Why not just cut the crap and call them Yukirin and Dear J? They are obviously sinking their teeth into our girls’ skins!

Dat Yukirin in a Police uniform though >.< Oh Yukirin, Y U so hot? It was only five years ago that I gave absolutely no fucks about you, didn’t know you existed even and now I just can’t put any one else on your level.


For my first two Anniversaries with AKB, MaiMai (Oshima Mai) was my Oshii and when she left, the other Oshima took over as my favourite. That’s right, Yukirin did not even exist to me back then, can you like, believe it?!

But then I watched the very first AB48 tour where she filled in for Yuko.

Actually there is s little story about this. The reason I searched out this DVD was because I was in super lust with Yuko and after MaiMai left, I wanted to know way more about Yuko so I was looking for her and I got news of this tour. By this time, Yukirin was already out and about but again, she did not register on my radar at all.

So I watched the tour, only to find that Yuko was not in for the second day where she was subbed in by Yukirin. Note again, this concert took place before Team B actually debuted. They were still KKS but Yukirin was picked out among the stack. This was probably due to her well-known quality of memorizing dances the fastest.

That was my first real observing and meeting of Yukirin! I was simply blown away then! But the love for Yuko was still stronger. Having come a little bit late in the game, I debuted almost at the same time that B came official but as I said, I wasn’t into them. My eyes were all for the Oshimas!

From that concert I stated to notice Yukirin. I started to search her out. But there were huddles in my way because the early days Mayuyu and Ayarin were the stars of B and are the ones that were picked as the representatives of new B. Yes, the Yukirin dissing began since the dawn of time! Only her skills got her where she is and that is a point you all should take to heart!


It wasn’t long before I learned of AKB48+10! It was plain as day and night that she was the star of the B then. Cindy stood above her because she was an older Gen member previous of Team A transferred to be Captain of Team B but no one else, NO ONE ELSE stood above her. Obviously Mayuyu and/or Love-tan were intended to be the Centres of B but they were just still egg lings. Yukirin had all the capability but not the freedom. She was like a legendary weapon left to rust because no one would use it. But just like said weapon, her brilliance demanded attention from the masses and that is how she got there. She is the weapon that produces a great force not her wielder! I was just so blown away by her!

The fact that even MaiMai was impressed with her (You have to watch the first two RHs guys! Especially 2009) gave me the final push I needed! Finally it was like…

“Sorry Yuko, but I just found my true love. Let’s just be friends, okay?”

Then I started to see her everywhere!

She became my Goddess!

I am very well aware that she has flaws. I am not so blindly in lust with her. Interestingly, the flaws I and other fans see in her are different from the reasons why those that don’t like her, don’t like her. This just makes me love her more for her complexity and her flaws that make her stand away from the general masses. I mean she could fix them with a word from someone but no one says a thing to her and we like it that way. She is Yukirin because of both her flaws and brilliance.

Okay, I apologise for it seems this has turned into a Worship post but why the hell not? Everyday is Yukirin Day over here at Yuri-Goggles! I already said that.

But I will spare you so let’s get to Tagarin!


130413 Tagarin ep01 (Kashiwagi Yuki).mp4 - 00008
130413 Tagarin ep01 (Kashiwagi Yuki).mp4 - 00000 130413 Tagarin ep01 (Kashiwagi Yuki).mp4 - 00001
130413 Tagarin ep01 (Kashiwagi Yuki).mp4 - 00004 130413 Tagarin ep01 (Kashiwagi Yuki).mp4 - 00006
130413 Tagarin ep01 (Kashiwagi Yuki).mp4 - 00007 130413 Tagarin ep01 (Kashiwagi Yuki).mp4 - 00010
130413 Tagarin ep01 (Kashiwagi Yuki).mp4 - 00015 130413 Tagarin ep01 (Kashiwagi Yuki).mp4 - 00016
130413 Tagarin ep01 (Kashiwagi Yuki).mp4 - 00017 130413 Tagarin ep01 (Kashiwagi Yuki).mp4 - 00019
130413 Tagarin ep01 (Kashiwagi Yuki).mp4 - 00021 130413 Tagarin ep01 (Kashiwagi Yuki).mp4 - 00022
130413 Tagarin ep01 (Kashiwagi Yuki).mp4 - 00023 130413 Tagarin ep01 (Kashiwagi Yuki).mp4 - 00024
130413 Tagarin ep01 (Kashiwagi Yuki).mp4 - 00027 130413 Tagarin ep01 (Kashiwagi Yuki).mp4 - 00029

Yukirin plays Officer Ejima Chihiro and she works in Traffic! Her and three other female Officers were selected by their Boss as a kinda secret Team that solves the un-solvable, off the records of course. For some reason though they seek help from a Detective who is actually kind of interesting.

130413 Tagarin ep01 (Kashiwagi Yuki).mp4 - 00025
130413 Tagarin ep01 (Kashiwagi Yuki).mp4 - 00026
130413 Tagarin ep01 (Kashiwagi Yuki).mp4 - 00032
130413 Tagarin ep01 (Kashiwagi Yuki).mp4 - 00033
130413 Tagarin ep01 (Kashiwagi Yuki).mp4 - 00036
130413 Tagarin ep01 (Kashiwagi Yuki).mp4 - 00037
130413 Tagarin ep01 (Kashiwagi Yuki).mp4 - 00038
130413 Tagarin ep01 (Kashiwagi Yuki).mp4 - 00041

But you just showed interest in Yukirin like a second ago you little…


And Yukirin being Black there by pretending she didn’t know he would be interested in High School Girls while she was obviously using that as bait!

Oh Yukirin!

The episodes are only 4 minutes long so not much goes on. This first episode mostly introduces us to the characters and the first case of a supposed suicide that isn’t actually suicide which bring in our Tagarin Team (I am calling it that) that solves the un-solvable!

The case is about a High Scholar (?) who commits suicide after watching a cursed video(Presumably). I already know what caused her to kill herself though…

130413 Tagarin ep01 (Kashiwagi Yuki).mp4 - 00002

Dre Beats!

That there is the culprit! Case closed!

And that is all that happens in this first short episode!

More Police-girl Yukirin next episode!

To close things off…


Author: Black Gekikara

Love, Eat and sleep Yuri Best Pal is DIVA (My PC) Hangouts is TEH INTERNETS Currently into Kashiwagi Yuki, Matsui Rena, Ogasawara Mayu, Miyawaki Sakura, Ji-yeon, NMB48 and sister groups, T-ara Totally love SG Horror movies

5 thoughts on “Tagarin 01 – Prepare for Cuffs!

  1. This year sure is a heavenly time for Yukirin oshis that’s for sure…

  2. I’m wishing for a medical drama with Yukirin as a nurse or doctor!!! Lol The thing I regret the most of Tagarin is its length TOO SHORT!

    And so Black-chan, got into Yukirin in a similar way to mines…Interesting, sure we didn’t meet in an earlier life???

    See, I was right, this year is Yukirin’s year! We’re certainly poised for more of her enchanting persona for 2013!

  3. LOL was this post about Tagarin or is it a post of gushing over Yuki, not that I’m complaining I love a good Yuki gush, heck I’ve done enough of them myself to know what it’s like to go one one 😀

    enough about Yuki gushing for now, though I do want to respond to your comments on her (maybe you could start a post for that for when people just need to say how great she is, which I tend to do every now and again, you do to looking at this :p)

    For Tagarin, well despite the fact it’s only 4-5 mins long it’s was actually pretty good and of course I’m liking Yuki’s character (yeah there’s Oshi bias, deal with it!) especially the way she knows how to push that detectives buttons right away (would you expect less from the girl who was into being great at handshake events before it was popular to be so) possibly using her black powers……

    and yeah even if it does turn out to be not up to much we still get 4 mins of Yuki in that uniform to fall back on if all else fails! 😀

    • 2 seconds of Yukirin in police uniform is the same as 2 hours of Yukirin in a police uniform.

      Everything that has to do with Yukirin is equal and the same. I would ship a Yukirin/Paruru if it ever happened.

      That’s how much I love her.

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