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Maachun’s Birthday LOD


mb37 mb23

Riichun right in the presence of Sayanee (How tightly Maachun holds Riichan tho…>.<)

mb25 mb36

Milky-Mayu also in the presence of Sayanee


And of course Sayacchu doing the hand-thing which is a total killer-combo for me!

I think i have watched this LOD four times already in this weekend! Totally a first for me that’s for sure! This LOD, anything that could have made it better is if it was also the start of the original N3 we are waiting for for almost, actually I think it’s been a year!

Damn you management!

Any way…Maachun is a lovely person and while she is bro-some already usually, She was more so this day than I’ve seen her before. She was touching, hugging, leaning into other members as if it were their big day and not hers. But the one who stole the show was none other than Riichan this time!

I am hoping Sayanee stole the show during her 18th since that wasn’t filmed so I was not disturbed so by the lack of Sayacchu here. In fact their interactions seemed diluted somehow to their normal ways. I guess Sayanee was intending for Riichan to have her moment because this was her moment and if Sayacchu had gone full force, I am pretty sure Riichun would have been over-shadowed!

mb29 mb27

Maachun looked really happy and she should be because the members were really good to her especially Riichan. And she too in turn didn’t lose her ability to make others laugh/happy even though this was supposed to be her day. Case in point look at how happy Riichan and herself look there.

I really love Maachun guyz, I don’t even…

The reasons I used to have regrets for dumping Sayanee for her as my NMB-Oshii are dwindling to levels of none-existent. Since this was her birthday, two whole MCs were dedicated to her which shows how much loved she is, not only by members, and fans (even though they only seem to show it in stages not in voting, damn you!) but the staff too. The members were all in super high tension because of her and some (Riichan, Sayanee, Rikanyan and Yuppie) even went so far as to introduce themselves in super high tension too. I mean Riichan too! Even Sayanee was astounded because Riichan as we all know isn’t that type of person. It was the loudest I’ve ever heard her speak too!

Wow! Just…Wow

But the fun was not in the MCs alone. Even during performance love was floating around and I swear I could almost see its physical form (I kid,  I kid ^^).


mb21 mb35

Look at how close to gets to members! She’s like, buds with everyone!

mb22 mb28
mb30 mb29

Talking about Maachun, Akarin (The real Black Queen of NMB) tells is how fugly Maachun’s face is when Riichan says she loves her, or when she is scolding Riichan for something. Maachun is of course all smiles. It seems she doesn’t get angered easily. Even when she is at her limits and has to say something, she says it in a way that doesn’t come off as rude, or so I heard Kanakichi say once.

Here she doesn’t get angry even as a couple of talks about her were negative. But Milky comes to her rescue when she says that even though other say her face looks bad those times, she thinks Maachun is actually cute to her.

The caps are Maachun’s reaction to Milky’s fishing. That girl even fishes on land I swear!


Bitches please, Bow down before General Akarin!

Akarin really is black-hearted and I actually like that in her. That personality suits her better than Milky. Warukii just doesn’t cut it in the sense of blackness but more like in the sense of over-playfulness. I raffuse to use the s-word!


Then the legendary Milky-Riichan fight!

I mean, hello! These two are like, one of the main ships of NMB48 but here they were, Riichan not taking Milky’s shit nonsense this time around when Milky was trying to imply that Maachun loved her more.

Sayanee didn’t enter that battle because, well, she knows!

Riichan being on fire this day, I swear I am still shocked by this face-heel-turn from tsun to dere towards Maachun! What is going on? Did she finally get won over by the approaches? I understand her pain if that was the case because, well duh…

Any way Riichan possessively holds onto Maachun’s arm to show Milky who is getting out the winner in this one! Milky may have taken a few kisses from Maachun and Maachun may have, kinda, wanted to kiss her more but she loved Riichan!

And don’t Milky forget that! So there!



The moment that stole the whole show – Riichan’s letter to Maachun!

And she read it herself too!


Oh God, all the feels just washed over me again right now. I am so watching this again after I post this!


Look at how happy Maachun looks there! Can you, like, imagine it! Your crush, writing you a letter like that!


It was like a public confessions or something with all the members and the fans around! There is no way those were fake feelings because i9f they were, Riichan is in for a weird short life! Lying in front of 200 or so fans and members and staff and thousands of live-view watchers!


Besides, this is Riichan we are talking about here so I believe!


Here is Ripopo trying to apologise and swear on her life that there is nothing going on btn her and Maachun when Riichan says that she doesn’t like it when Maachun gets close to other members like Ripopo.


Then jelly Sayanee!

Just because she had agreed to let Riichan have her moment, it did not mean she could go all out! Not on her watch!

During the letter-reading, she was glaring daggers at Riichan’s back!

When Riichan finished and she embraced Maachun, they held it for too long, too long for Sayanee’s liking so she came to separate them. Only the two were so glued together that she failed.



Yes, Sayanee failed!

I can’t even describe to you guys what this LOD is doing to me right now >.<

This LOD is, this is…Oh…

Now then, simply pics won’t do so here is some gifs of the moments…

First up is of course Riichun


When Riichan announces that she has a letter for Maachun!


DAT Embrace after the confession

I know that feel Ripopo, I know that feel…


All the best stuff is in the BG. No wonder Yukirin doesn’t care for Centre.

And guyz, you have to watch this. The lyrics during this part, especially when Riichan points touches Maachun’s nose…



DAT Affection

Can I like, just die!

Can you imagine if it was Riichan who was the initiator?! No! I won’t go there, I just, I won’t!


Symbolism right there!

Maachun running to Riichan and squeezing her in her arms while Sayanee is K.O’d!

Ladies and Gentlmen, I love NMB48 so damn much!

But of course no LOD goes away without some Sayacchu…


Did Maachun, like, just lick Sayanee in the ass? >.<


What are you even…

Dear Ogasawara Mayu, NMB48, you are the best! And this LOD was too!

High FIVE!


Author: Black Gekikara

Love, Eat and sleep Yuri Best Pal is DIVA (My PC) Hangouts is TEH INTERNETS Currently into Kashiwagi Yuki, Matsui Rena, Ogasawara Mayu, Miyawaki Sakura, Ji-yeon, NMB48 and sister groups, T-ara Totally love SG Horror movies

8 thoughts on “Maachun’s Birthday LOD

  1. *pastes a note here before leaving*
    “I’ll be back…”

  2. i’d like to find it in youku so what lod is it? (i just need the date)

    ps: mayu-miyuki-sayaka the only threesome i ever shipped just became a foursome? no, i don’t want to go there. nope!

    • It’s 11th April 2013 (130411)

      As in shipping, in this case you just have to go square because leaving out Riichan when Maachun and Milky are involved would just be…wrong >.<

      I myself stop at two-some. I will never get threesomes. I just see those are orgies and I am not into orgies, yet…

  3. You know what this really got me thinking about, other than the awesomeness on NMB and of course the awesomeness of Maachun. Sayanee, Milky, Akarin (who is the most dangerous of all jailbait, even more so than Jurina IMO) Ricchan, Ripopo, Kiecchi, well basically anyone in NMB truth be told (seriously I just keep on discovering more of them I like!) and how awesome they all are with each other…..

    …. What it got me thinking about was the SKE shuffles and that poor old Team E did not get an original stage before a shuffle and that my fear is now for NMB and that it might be that none of these teams get one, it was bad enough seeing that E would not get one but if Team N didn’t get one, I would be seriously cut up about that (the same sort of thing I feel for M though I fear BII have no chance in hell)

    seriously Aki-P swallow your pride and hire some damn writers or something or Yoshimoto, ignore AKS and get it sorted yourself, this apparent stage N was getting is already a year overdue from what they said (if they even had anything when they announced a stage, I expect they didn’t and perhaps still don’t) this team deserves a stage!

    • Actually from some sources, the members were already trained for N3 and were almost ready to perform. The girls are ready but them damn management…Arg!

      I swear if AkiP makes another group without making new stages Imma gonna…Grrrrrrrrrrrr

      He should have stuck with three, or even four (But lets be honest here, HKT would have faced a challenge of success had it not been for the Sasshi thing). AKB on its own is still frikkin powerful with million sellers while sister groups struggle to get to 500K.

      Seriously, the sister groups thing should have been used as the KKS system where he gets to pick up new members for AKB48 from these KKS groups all over Japan!

      Just think of the awesomeness!

      But oh well….

      And for some reason, the fact that every other member of Team N is memorable and awesome, if they were to be shuffled to other teams I don’t mind it one bit. NMB48 is the only sister group whose Teams are both on my radar. If the members were to be moved around, nothing could make me raeg even a little, well I would be a little sad of not seeing Sayacchu nut then who would be taking over as the substitute for Milky and Sayanee in their absence?

      On the other hand, there are girls in other teams that I would like to see interact more with members from N so shuffles are very okay!

      God, I love NMB48, all three teams of them and I am now getting to know the KKS too.

      I confess that in AKB I am only interested in team B and a little of Team A now since Mayuyu moved there but that’s it! I have seen all B LOD available even the ones without Yukirin but I haven’t gotten through a K stage since 2009 and only watched around 3 A LODs in total!

      As for SKE48, I used to dig them (S) but now not so much. They are just washing away like sand on a beach. I tried to watch an HKT LOD (Sakura’s B-Day)

      I didn’t get through the first two songs!

      I have watched all NMB48 LODs on H!O!

      What do you think of that? LOL

  4. I already watched this LOD but read your post just make me want to watch again. Their performance never bored me although they perform same songs and although I only understand a little about japanese, their MC also awesome and make me laugh. NMB just awesome for me!!

    Btw, randomly browsing about NMB, and found out your blog. It’s so hard to find news about them frequently on English page. You had interesting post about NMB and I’m on the way read all of them. lol. But still, I can’t thinking to make shipping since for me they are to young and to ship a pair just…wrong.

    • Welcome and thanks for visiting LN.

      Yes, NMB are never boring even though they have performed the same two stages since their début!

      I do understand that shipping is not for everyone but if you are worried about ages, don’t be. They are adults. Maachun, Sayanee, Milky, Nana are all over 18 already!

      And others are High School girls too but a few so age shouldn’t be a problem ^^

      But like I said, I understand even if it’s not the age.

      • Nope, I never worried about their ages just all their face like around middle school kids although few of them already over 18. lol
        The most important for me is their music that I can enjoy and their performance. So far, NMB never disappointed me on that department.

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