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Fic – The Present [Maachun/Riichan]

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The Present

Black Gekikara

An NMB48 Ogasawara Mayu and Kondo Rina Fan Fic

We saw the letter from Riichan to Maachun on her birthday during the theatre performance.

Now here is the present you didn’t see.


I just had to do it!

I am still reeling from what happened on Maachun’s 19th B-Day! I can’t believe Riichan said that! Riichan is one who says what’s actually in her heart (if you remember the early days of Nadeshiko).

For her to actually come out and say that to Maachun, right in front of 300 give or take people and…And the staff let her read that letter too! I mean Maachun had another letter from her imouto, who by the way is almost like a clone of her. Just hearing the letter she wrote to her big sister you could just imagine Maachun writing it instead.

I want to visit the Ogasawara residence…

Any way, I am sure any other letter from a member would have been shafted for family, I mean hello! Nobody ain’t got time for that!

But they did for Riichan’s!

Then there was that fight! well, sort of fight! Okay, I was saving this for a dedicated post of that LOD but I have to mention this.

During the last MC, I am pretty sure there was a fight going on btn Riichan and Milky, yes Milky! They were fighting over Maachun’s affections towards them!

Can you like, say WHOA!!!!


But Riichan did not stap, yes did not STAP! there. She posted this on her Gugutasu (Google+).



I was then thinking to myself. This 180 Riichan has gone and flipped on us, I could so see it when her present to Maachun was actually what Maachun has wanted for some time now…


And so I frikkin wrote it!

So here it is…A Maachun/Riichan R18, That’s


Whatever you wanna call it!




Riichan’s Present

Ogasawara Mayu paused the intensive kissing to stare doubtfully into brown eyes that were only so long a distance away that she could count the gaps within their irises.

“A-Are you really sure about this Riichan?”

A frown was her first answer from the face of the girl currently under Mayu. The next was a mock glare.

“I swear Maachun, if you ask me that one more time I am getting out of this bed and out of this house right now!”

Maachun’s mouth dropped in shock as the doubt was wiped off her face.

“I was just…I mean this is…I did not expect this at all to be truthful. And you have already given me another present and that lovely letter so to get this too, it’s just…”

The sentence was left hanging. Riichan’s eyes soften. She shifted her right hand from Mayu’s back to her cheek. She caressed it softly.

“…Too much?”

Mayu avoided Rina’s eyes.

“Well, yeah…I mean not too much as in I don’t want this because I do. I do so much. I don’t think I’ve ever wanted anything as much.”

She looked intensely into Rina’s eyes to convey how strongly she felt about all this.

“Well then why waste time thinking about it?”

“But…why? I thought you did not actually like my advances?”

Rina raised an eyebrow at that.

“I believe I mentioned something about that in my letter.”

“Well, I…um…”

Maachun could not keep eye contact.

“You did not think I was serious…”

Another glare, this time half real, crossed Riichan’s face.

“Did you really mean it? When you said that you…”

Rina smiled at the embarrassed blush that covered Mayu’s face.

“I do love you Maachun. Do you really think we would be in this situation if I did not?”

Mayu did look. She plopped her body up on her arms and knees, which forced Riichan’s hand that had been holding her face to come away and be replaced in its previous position on her waste, opposite its twin. She saw the dishevelled state their clothes were in. Rina loved wearing skirts and the one she was in was ridden up hips, no thanks to Mayu’s earlier ministration no doubt. She couldn’t remember actually doing it but who else was there but her? The skirt, being mistreated as it had been, gave a glimpse of pure white silk. Mayu’s face grew red and she hastily moved her eyes upwards. Next was the well-toned stomach accentuated by an attractive belly button that was visible – Credit going to the blouse that had suffered the same treatment as its skirt companion.

Her eyes then moved upwards to rest on Rina’s well-defined and featured chest. Her eyes stayed on that part of Rina’s body much longer than necessary. After what seemed like a hard battle within herself, Mayu finally moved on until she came face to face with Rina once more. She found a smile waiting for her.

“Like what you see?”

Riichan teased with eyebrow moving up and down.

“Is that a tricky question?”

The smile disappeared once more.

“Are you going to be smart-ass all night?”

Maachun gulped. She smiled nervously at Rina.

“Sorry…It’s just that, what’s not to like? You are very Beautiful Riichan.”

She said it with such a straight face that Rina had to look away as a blush appeared on her cheeks.

“Well then, what are you waiting for? Enjoy your present before it expires.”

A smile like no other graced Mayu’s face at that as she looked down at Riichan like she was the best thing in the whole world.


Mayu said before she lowered herself down again, head only this time. She placed her lips on Rina’s at first lightly, simply caressing the soft pair of Rina’s with her own plump ones. She then flickered her tongue out and pressed gently at the line between Riichan’s lips. Riichan opened her mouth to let Maachun’s tongue in and then meet it with her own.

The two moaned almost at the same time at the strange yet very exciting feeling of their two tongues massaging each other. Riichan’s hand closed into fists taking handfuls of the cotton of Maachun’s top within them. Mayu’s right hand moved to Riichan’s hair and massaged it a few times before she stopped to hold Riichan’s temple and crush their lips closer together, harder.

The panting escalated, their breathing grew much heavier, more voluntary than involuntarily as they got passed the limits of normal air requirements. The kiss grew wetter, stronger and noisier until they were close to suffocation. Mayu pulled away and both took in much needed gulps of air through their mouths.

“Oh Riichan, I could kiss you all night long.”

Mayu gazed at Rina with eyes no longer filled with love but raw lust.

“Less talking, more proving your point…”

They both sounded like they were in the middle of a marathon.

“Right you are my love.”

Mayu dipped for a quick peck on Rina’s lips that produced a smacking sound when they pulled apart before she started kissing her way to Riichan’s cheek starting from the side of her mouth and ending on her left ear.

Rina’s eyes closed as she panted and her mouth opened to help her nose in taking in enough air into her over-worked lungs when Mayu started eating her ear, literally.

Maachun ran her tongue all over the outer edge of Riichan’s ear before she dipped it on the inside walls and started licking it like it was an ice-cream cone.

Riichan shuddered at the sensation of it all. It was so strange yet so addictively ticklish that she could only let Maachun do whatever she wished. Mayu then nibbled on the lobe before making her way back to Riichan’s lips.

They shared another passionate kiss that raised their temperatures another notch above the normal level that they were already on.

Mayu rested her forehead against Rina’s after they broke the kiss to stare into her eyes with unsteady focus. She massaged the now messy shoulder-length hair in her hand with her fingers then lowered her hand until her skin felt the pulse of life.

Not breaking eye contact yet, Mayu started moving again, downwards this time and came face to neck. She turned Riichan’s face a bit to the side then dipped in and such at the exposed opposite pulse. She felt Riichan’s throat work as she swallowed. Mayu smiled to herself as she sucked, then licked, then sucked and sucked her way down until she reached a barrier. She frowned then stopped to plop herself back up.

“What is it? Why did you stop?”

Riichan got the words out not without some difficulty, what, with the way she was panting hard and all…

“That blouse is in the way! It has got to go!”

And with that Maachun started un-buttoning the barricading blouse. Her hands virtually flew over the buttons and with Riichan lifting her back to help, it was on the floor in no time and Maachun was back at work. Continuing on from where she had left off, she kissed her way down to Riichan’s collar-bone, passed it and towards the beginning of the swell of flesh.

When her chin hit the beginning of the black bra, Mayu stopped. She drew her head back to fully admire the view. Her mouth watered as she took in the two raised forms of wonder.

Riichan watched Maachun watch her chest. She tried to hold in the annoyance at the stoppage of feelings. Her patience was not let run out though as soon hands were expertly un-hooking her bra at the front.

Mayu gasped at the same yet completely different view when the bra literally snapped apart and two mountains of flesh jiggled as if in happiness at finally being set free of their entrapment. Her mouth watered as she zooned in, as if by magic attraction, onto the light chocolate-coloured tips. The magic called to her as it enchanted her into leaning closer and closer to the delicious-looking tips. That theory turned into fact when her own senses of taste got to experience the sensation for themselves.


Riichan squeaked in surprise at the strangest and sharpest feeling she had felt in her life so far. Her hands gripped the bed sheets so tightly that had they been of poorer quality, they would be shreds now. Her chest rose on its own accord to get more of the sensations from the ministrations of her partner.

Mayu switched to the other attention-seeking globe of pink flesh and replaced her mouth with her hand and fingers, pinching, puling, twisting, because she only had one mouth. That one mouth was savouring the taste of the other breast. She ran her tongue in circles around the firm breast from the base towards the top until the tip of her tongue came to rest at the very peak of nerves. She pressed down.

Rina cried out in response.

Mayu pleased with the reaction took in as much of the top as she could into her mouth. She applied as much pleasure as she could then lifted her head. Firm flesh resisted her tug until she had only the hard nipple between her lips. She fought for it hard, trying to keep it in her mouth longer. She sucked on it hard and was rewarded with a jolt from her lover. That forced her lips to let go and Riichan’s body fell back down to the surface.

Riichan lay there, panting and eyes closed.

Seeing her like that, laid out like the most tempting dish in the whole universe, Mayu lost control. She reached for the red skirt then yanked it over and away from Riichan’s hips. That surprised her back to her senses but by the time she saw Mayu’s face, it was already too late.

She screamed!

Even still in her now no longer pure white silk panties, Riichan had definitely felt that. She was still feeling it…

Mayu kissing then licking then sucking…down there!

Riichan had never been touched there. Her first time and it was Maachun’s mouth. Riichan’s visions went completely blind as all her other senses were over-taken by one and one alone – touch. But even that was still too demanding of the body so all her other nerves shutdown but the one between her legs. The level of sensitivity going on down there would make even the most sophisticated college EMs.

Mayu’s face was pure ecstasy as she tasted the very core of Riichan. The incredibly intoxicating smell of her clouded over her senses and the very taste of her, completely took her over. She was at the point where everything simply blended together into a world of almost perfection. Something was standing in the way of complete happiness. Mayu did something about it.

Reaching forward, she hooked her fingers into the elastic borders and pulled the soiled silks out of the way. Her visions swan for a second before going blind with the view that greeted her at the apex of perfect thighs.

“Too beautiful…”

There was no time for amazement before Mayu dove right back in and started to worship and enjoy her gift. This time all dots connected and everything was as it was supposed to be when sensitive flesh of her lips touched thrice as sensitive flesh of Riichan’s lips… of the other kind.

It was not clear who was watering more but despite Mayu’s attempts are sipping up every little drop of warm liquid, the cotton under her chin was a patch of wetness none the less within the next couple of flicks, licks, sucks, presses, pushes and sipping.

The kinds of noises in the room at the moment would be alien to anyone who might have had the luck of being an audience.

Rina had both her hands in Mayu’s blob of hair. Her grip was strong enough to hurt but Mayu did not notice or did not care. Mayu’s own hands were holding onto Rina’s hips as if to hold her in place too as they both lost themselves in the strange world that they had only stipulated about until now.

Suddenly Riichan’s eyes snapped open. Her whole body went rigid. Her raised toes folded in on themselves. Her head snapped back as she raised her body in the air.

Riichan came undone, right in the unsuspecting mouth and then face of Maachun, for she had pulled back to save herself from choking to death because of the sudden liquid that had filled her mouth. Her face was sleek with the strange excretion that was neither urine due to its thick texture and from the unknown taste that was most definitely not urine. Maachun felt her underwear leak as well but she had not pissed herself so she was sure what she was tasting was not urine. As if she was hit by sudden thirst, Mayu dove right back in-between healthy thighs and commenced licking up every last drop of this strangely delicious nectar.

Riichan moaned is sweet pain. Her already normally sensitive skin was now so sensitive after that heavenly feeling that every time Maachun’s skin connected with her button she cried out as if she would break.

Riichan did break, again, a few moments after Maachun had commenced eating her out.

“So good…so, so good…”

Maachun was not stopping. She was simply addicted to the taste. She wanted more!


Riichan took things in her own hands as she pulled Mayu’s head away from her secret parts to make her stop. Well, it was now their secret!

“I’m, I’m sorry. Did I hurt you?”

Maachun struggled to bring herself back to the real world. Her eyes kept flickering between dream and reality as they focused and unfocused periodically.

“No, I’m not hurt. Well, not yet that is. I just can’t take any more!”


Maachun looked down to hide her emotions but her voice definitely sounded disappointed. Riichan smiled at that and lowered her hand to Mayu’s cheek and caressed it in soothing motions.

“I’ve never in my life felt anything like I just did, I do right now. That was…”

Riichan could not find the words. Mayu finally looked up and a contented smile broke out on her still wet face.

“Yeah…That was something alright. Oh Riichan, you taste so…”

She blushed and looked down again. Riichan just laughed at that.

“You don’t say…For a moment there I thought you were going to turn cannibal on me and actually eat me for real, not in the sense that you just did.”

She winked at Maachun, who blushed even deeper.

“Riichan! How…lewd…”

Riichan raised an eyebrow.

“I don’t want to hear that from someone who did what you just did.”

Today was not Mayu’s day of staying around the normal temperature. Riichan was not done yet.

“How did you know to do that anyway?”

“It’s…I…I don’t know…”

Riichan looked at her sceptically.

“You don’t know?”

“Well, I read some manga but I did not recall it clearly so I just went on instinct…”

Her voice died off near the end.

“Well, it was surprising but most definitely in a good way.”

Maachun’s face lit up like a bulb.

“Really? Was I good?”

Riichan smiled at her affectionately before she motioned for Mayu to crawl back up so their heads were level again. Riichan then gave Maachun a very passionate kiss that rendered her senseless once more. The broke off the kiss.

“Really. In fact I wouldn’t mind doing that again sometime soon…”

Riichan smiled and Maachun felt her muscles move from the close proximity they were in. The two were practically breathing in each other’s carbon-dioxide.

“Like, right now?”

Maachun grinned.

“Riichan rolled her eyes at the sex vixen.



“In your dreams.”

“You most definitely will! I am pretty sure I am going to be having dreams of you – this moment, for a few nights to come.”

“I feel jealous of my dream self already.”

The two held each other for a couple of moments in comfortable silence. Their hands started to move on their own as they felt each other’s curves. The tranquillity their bodies had been teased with for those quite moments were taken back as breathing grew huskier and the air heavier.

“I guess I should, you know, do you too?”

Riichan asked with shy eyes.

“Actually, I already…when you did…”

Maachun said sheepishly.

“But you…I…I didn’t do anything!”

Riichan was confused.

“You did not have to. Just the…taste of you, the feel of you…it was enough.”

Mayu looked sincere as she said that and Riichan’s face softened in affection.

“But that is not fair. I want to do something for you too.”

Mayu shook her head.

“You just gave me the best birthday present I could never ask for Riichan, yourself. I wouldn’t ask anything more.”

Riichan closed her eyes at that. She turned her head a little to the side so she could nuzzle Maachun cheek.

“I love you, you know…”

Maachun shivered at the way Riichan’s softly spoken words melted into her very being.

“But I am still going to do you too.”

She pulled Maachun’s face into another intense kiss.

“Happy birthday, Ogasawara Mayu.”

Then Riichan flipped them over so she was now on top.

It was her turn.



…The END…

Author: Black Gekikara

Love, Eat and sleep Yuri Best Pal is DIVA (My PC) Hangouts is TEH INTERNETS Currently into Kashiwagi Yuki, Matsui Rena, Ogasawara Mayu, Miyawaki Sakura, Ji-yeon, NMB48 and sister groups, T-ara Totally love SG Horror movies

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